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Little One’s Haven: Best Baby Stores in Singapore

After giving birth, whether you are a first-time parent or not, your shopping list will surely get longer than usual as you get focused on providing everything your baby needs. From baby bottles, cots, carriers, and diapers, to products that can help the baby’s growth and development, it is important to find the best deals. Although that sounds quite challenging, there is no need to worry as there are baby stores that can make your shopping spree easier! We have rounded up the Best Baby Stores in Singapore that are not only offer quality products but also easily accessible from online marketplaces like Shopee.

Best Baby Stores in Singapore

1. Infantino

Logo Image Source: Infantino – Best Baby Stores in Singapore

Infantino Enterprise is one of the most trusted places to go for high-quality and reasonably-priced infant products. Apart from being the brand owner of Bonbijou, they are also the official sole distributor of Munchkin and Galt products in Singapore.

In 27 years, Infantino has proven that their products for healthcare & wellness, as well as educational toys & baby equipment, are helpful for bringing families closer. They received multiple awards and acknowledgments such as Singapore Excellence Award in 2014, Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise in 2015, and Singapore Prestige Class Awards in 2016 and 2017!

What we love about Infantino:
  • Offers a wide range of baby products designed to support various aspects of a baby’s development
  •  Innovative and user-friendly designs
  • Reasonably-priced infant products

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2. Infantree

best baby stores in Singapore
Logo Image Source: Infantree – Best Baby Stores Singapore

With the aim of building a fruitful connection between suppliers and customers in Southeast Asia, Infantree was established in 2001. They offer a fun collection of toys and juvenile products from popular international brands such as Tomy Disney, Britax, The First Years, and more.

In addition to helping children learn in a fun way with their product offerings, Infantree is also committed to providing great support for its customers.

What we love about Infantree:
  • Popular international brands
  • Fun collections of toys
  • Provides great support to customers
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3. MellowBaby Stores Singapore

Logo Image Source: Mellow – Best Baby Store in Singapore

Absolutely gorgeous, modern, and affordable baby bibs and accessories

“Mellow” means pleasantly smooth or soft; free from harshness. Founded by a mum of two young boys, Mellow seeks to make accessories with beautiful, modern designs both affordable and accessible. All about tasteful designs and soft colours, their products are made only from the highest quality and softest materials.

We even received a Mellow newborn girl gift set from our close friends before writing this! I absolutely love how pretty and modern-looking the designs and colours are. We can attest to the softness of the muslin wraps. They definitely make for lovely photos for our baby girl’s IG account!

Extensive range of adorable baby bibs, accessories, and products

Accentuating our little one’s purity, Mellow meticulously selects softer colours for their collections, allowing every moment to be picture-perfect. They make an extensive range of bibs, ranging from baby bibs, dribble bibs, and feeding bibs, to silicone bibs.

Moreover, as their online store focuses on the early years of a child, Mellow also specially curates fashion wear, books, toys, and decorations suitable for young children. We especially love their book collection – full of colours and fun illustrations to interact with your baby.

If you ever need to get a baby hamper for your mummy friends, do also check out their lovely gift sets. We found them beautifully packaged and highly customisable with a handwritten note!

What we love about Mellow:
  • Made of the highest quality and softest materials
  • Collections of baby products in softer colours
  • Modern designs that are affordable
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4. Shopee

best baby stores Singapore
Logo Image Source: Shopee – Best Baby Store Singapore

Shopee, as we all know, is a popular e-commerce platform renowned for its extensive product selection. You will also find a wide selection of quality baby essentials for your little one’s physical and mental development. Just basically every baby must-haves! And not only do we appreciate the diverse selection of local and international brands, but you can also find your much-needed products with promotions and discounts almost every month. It offers an easy, secure, and engaging online shopping experience that is enjoyed by millions of people daily. With a wide product assortment, consumers can find everything they need at competitive prices from the comfort of their homes.

Raising children in this day and age comes with its blessings and struggles. We know that pricing on baby essential products is skyrocketing and it can get overwhelming. Now is the best time to stock up on all those baby essentials with  Shopee’s Mega Online Baby Fair (MOBF), where prices are lower than ever! The sale is happening now till 21 February 2023.

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Overall, we think that shopping for baby supplies on Shopee is always a joyful experience because we only find the best deals from the best brands!

Here are our top picks for MOBF:

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5. Agape Babies

Agape Babies
Logo Image Source: Agape Babies – Best Baby Stores in Singapore

Beyond mere shopping, Agape Babies offers an immersive experience steeped in love and care. Radiating a harmonious blend of sophistication and warmth, this haven also presents an extraordinary selection of meticulously sourced products, catering to the needs of both novice and seasoned parents. From plush organic bedding to innovative strollers that glide with elegance, each item exemplifies Agape Babies’ unwavering commitment to quality and style.

With an unwavering dedication to nurturing the journey of parenthood, Agape Babies also stands as a pinnacle of exquisite taste and unparalleled service in the realm of baby stores in Singapore. Embark on a captivating exploration of their offerings and allow the enchantment of parenthood to unfold amidst the finest essentials at Agape Babies.

What we love about Agape Babies:
  • Best and safest products for your little one
  • Comprehensive selection of baby and maternity products
  • Products from premium and authentic brands
Shop Agape Babies >

6. Bumwear

best baby store
Logo Image Source: Bumwear – Best Baby Stores Singapore

Embark on an exceptional parenting journey with Bumwear, the epitome of individuality among baby stores in Singapore. As you enter their captivating world, you’re embraced by a harmonious fusion of color and innovation that distinguishes this store. With an unparalleled dedication to eco-consciousness, Bumwear also seamlessly blends sustainability with style, presenting a wide array of cloth diapering solutions that redefine modern parenting.

Immerse yourself in their captivating catalog, where you’ll uncover a curated selection of thoughtfully chosen essentials that embody both practicality and design. From enchanting prints that ignite joy to scientifically proven functionality, Bumwear also creates an experience that perfectly encompasses the essence of responsible parenting.

What we love about Bumwear:
  • Managed by 8 mothers
  • Over 700 trusted products
  • Commitment to sustainability
Shop Bumwear >

7 . First Few Years

The First Years
Logo Image Source: The First Years – Best Baby Store in Singapore

Step into the realm of parenthood with First Few Years, an exquisite haven nestled within the tapestry of baby stores in Singapore. Every collection of First Few Years also whispers tales of expertise, offering a meticulously curated collection that seamlessly blends innovation, safety, and style.

From the gentlest swaddles that cocoon newborns in comfort to the cutting-edge strollers that navigate urban landscapes with grace, their offerings also reflect an unparalleled commitment to excellence.

What we love about First Few Years:
  • Typically carry products from reputable and trusted brands known for their quality and safety
  • Organic baby clothing and accessories
Shop First Few Years >

8. Home and Baby

best baby stores
Logo Image Source: Home and Baby – Best Baby Store Singapore

Indulge in the essence of refined parenting at Home and Baby. With a blend of sophistication and heart, Home and Baby curates an exquisite selection that embodies the art of nurturing. As you explore their curated collection, you’ll find a collection of expertly sourced essentials that cater to every nuance of parenthood, from timeless cribs that cradle dreams to eco-conscious toys that awaken young minds.

Their shop serves as a testament to their commitment to providing not just products, but a curated experience—where each piece narrates a story of quality, care, and comfort.

What we love about Home & Baby:
  • Wide collection of your favourite baby brands
  • Offers products for beautifying homes
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9. motherswork

Logo Image Source: motherswork – Best Baby Stores in Singapore

xperience the pinnacle of parenthood’s finest offerings at motherswork, the epitome of excellence among baby stores in Singapore. With a legacy that intertwines experience and innovation, motherswork stands as a beacon of support and inspiration for discerning parents. Our shop offers a carefully curated selection, reflecting our profound understanding of what modern families truly need.

Discover ingenious strollers that seamlessly meld style and functionality, ensuring your little ones journey in comfort and ease. Our ethically sourced nursery decor transforms spaces into havens, where peaceful slumbers and delightful play unfold. At motherswork, we are more than just a store; we are a guiding light through the intricate tapestry of parenthood.

What we love about motherswork:
  • Wide selection of maternity, baby, and child-related products
  • Numerous awards
  • Actively engage with the parenting community
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10. Posh Baby Shop – Baby Stores Singapore

baby store
Logo Image Source: Posh Baby Shop – Best Baby Stores Singapore

At Posh Baby Shop, they are dedicated to providing innovative products that enhance your parenting journey. From nursing accessories and feeding equipment to healthy baby food such as porridge, snacks, and juices, they curate our selection to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

In addition, their collection includes booster seats, hopping toys, and gentle skincare products, ensuring that every aspect of your child’s well-being is given the utmost attention. True enough, Posh Baby Shop transforms essential parenting items into true works of art.

What we love about Posh Baby:
  • Multiple loyal members
  • Innovative products
Shop Posh Baby Shop >

11. Pupsik Studio

Pupsik Studio
Logo Image Source: Pupsik – Best Baby Store in Singapore

Step into their store and discover a world of meticulously curated treasures that embody the very essence of nurturing with panache. With an impeccable blend of expertise and passion, Pupsik Studio also creates an experience that transcends mere shopping, offering a voyage into the very soul of contemporary parenting.

Every product is a masterpiece, exemplifying a commitment to quality and innovation that resonates with both novice and veteran parents alike. From the cosiest swaddles that capture newborns in luxurious comfort to trendsetting baby gear that expertly navigates the vibrant urban landscape, each item reflects unparalleled ingenuity and refinement.

What we love about Pupsik:
  • Products from well-known and trusted brands
  • Great customer service and a great shopping experience
  • Homemade products supporting small businesses
Shop Pupsik Studio >

12. Vitakids

baby stores Singapore
Logo Image Source: Vitakids – Best Baby Store Singapore

Vitakid boasts that their meticulously curated collection effortlessly blends expertise with innovation, embodying the fundamental essence of nurturing care and precision. We appreciate that they also offer a delightful collection of thoughtfully sourced products that cater to every aspect of modern parenting.

Furthermore from nourishing organic options that promote your child’s holistic well-being to sleek, trendsetting gear that stylishly navigates family life, Vitakids embodies both quality and functionality. Amidst the vast array of baby stores in Singapore, they also radiate as a shining example of exquisite essentials and unparalleled support for parents.

What we love about Vitakids:
  • Carry more than 100 brands
  • Staff also with Science and Nutrition backgrounds
  • Over 3,000 products to cater to both infants’ and adults’ needs
Shop Vitakids >

13. Mothercare – Baby Stores Singapore

Logo Image Source: Mothercare – Best Baby Stores in Singapore

Experience the extraordinary journey of parenthood with Mothercare, a renowned sanctuary among baby stores in Singapore. From the moment you step into their world, you will be immersed in a chorus of excellence and nurturing care that echoes through their meticulously curated collection. Mothercare’s rich heritage seamlessly combines expertise with innovation, offering a diverse range of products that cater to every aspect of modern parenting. From gentle and soothing baby skincare that cocoon delicate skin in luxurious comfort to trendsetting strollers that redefine urban mobility, Mothercare indeed embodies both quality and style.

Beyond being just a store, Mothercare is an invaluable companion for parents, exemplifying a steadfast commitment to providing nothing less than the best for your precious little ones. Amidst the vast array of baby stores in Singapore, Mothercare radiates as a guiding light, offering exquisite essentials and unparalleled support for your unique parenting journey.

What we love about Mothercare:
  • Over 50 years in the industry
  • Staff that can provide expert guidance
  • Variety of items, including everyday necessities among others
Shop Mothercare >

FAQ: Baby Stores in Singapore

Where to go baby shopping in Singapore

There are plenty of online baby stores with toys, clothing, and more to choose from, and Shopee is a great place to browse many different sites. You can compare products and find deals in one place which is very convenient!


These baby stores in Singapore offer a comprehensive range of baby products, from essentials to unique finds, ensuring you have access to everything you need to care for your little one. Considering factors such as product variety, quality, and convenience, we hope that our guide on the Best Baby Stores in Singapore has helped you to find the best store for your baby. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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