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9 Best Villas in Chiang Mai | Best of Travel 2023

If you like the idea of a villa holiday in a spectacular city rich in history and photographic temples, then there is no better way to spend it in Chiang Mai. Set in the mountainous region of Thailand lies this breathtaking city well known for its misty mountains and colourful hill tribes. No wonder travellers from around the world and locals visit this place for a memorable vacation in Chiang Mai’s extensive selection of swoon-worthy villas. With a wide variety of villas in the market, which then is the best villa in Chiang Mai? Our Best of Travel series introduces the 9 Best Villas in Chiang Mai, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

Table of Contents

Best Villas in Chiang Mai

  1. Immensely massive lakeside villa for a huge group of family or friends: Villa Cha Cha Moon
  2. Conveniently located near the airport: Sclass Villa
  3. A peaceful atmosphere to delight and restore you: Panviman Chiang Mai Spa Resort
  4. Your home away from home: Tolani Southgate Villa Chiang Mai
  5. Experience living like royalty with endless relaxation: Centara Khum Phaya Resort and Spa
  6. A peaceful place in the woods: Vana Som Villa
  7. A resort that showcases the provincial beauty of Chiang Mai: Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai
  8. The villa of great pleasure: Villa Mahabhirom
  9. A place for spiritual reconnection: Thantara Resort Chiang Mai

9 Best Villas in Chiang Mai

1. Villa Cha Cha Moon

Villa Cha Cha Moon - Best Villas in Chiang Mai

Immensely massive lakeside villa for a huge group of family or friends

One thing is for sure: Villa Cha Cha Moon is massive. Staying here feels like living in a mansion! We never expected it to be this big, so you can only imagine our faces when we first arrived at the gargantuan villa. It was one of those rare moments when the actual property is way bigger than it seems in the photos. The living room alone was enormous (just look at our little Ally looking smaller than she really is), not to mention the 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, 5 dining areas, 2 bar areas, 6-car garage, a fitness centre, a movie theatre, and a huge swimming pool. It has everything you dream of when travelling as a group! 

Of course, exploring the villa took the longest time. But after checking out everything, we must say that our favourite room would be the master bathroom. Gosh, it was so huge that it was the size of a luxury hotel suite. Furnishings were top-of-the-line, plus, we got to enjoy various types of body foam from The Body Shop. We also got to experience soaking under the best rainshowers ever! The master bedroom was massive as well, even the 65″ LG TV with Netflix looked so small in that room. For those who miss the gym while on vacation, the villa has you covered. It is just a bonus that the gym looks out at sweeping views of rice fields and the sacred mountain of Doi Suthep. Definitely a great motivation to exercise! 

Villa Cha Cha Moon is actually a villa complex that can accommodate up to 38 adventurous travellers in its 3 unique and fully independent properties. Aside from the main Lakeside Villa that we stayed in, there is also a 4-bedroom Garden House and a 1-bedroom Riverside Lanna House.

Great for families 

Given its size, Villa Cha Cha Moon is perfect for the entire family, perhaps even up to your extended family or even friends you consider as family. Everyone can hang out in the villa’s spacious media room which is almost like a cinema, thanks to its 150″ 4K screen and Denon AMOS 13.4.2 DOLBY surround sound multiple speaker systems. For those who love the great outdoors, there is a lake right in the middle of the villa complex. Our little ones (and even us adults!) loved walking around in the massive, massive compound. They even have 6 bicycles for guests to cycle around.

What’s also special is that Villa Cha Cha Moon has its very own resident animals – 2 dogs and 2 cats – which are simply adorable and tame. Your kids will love them for sure! 

Unparalleled care from the owner himself

Behind this massive villa is its dedicated staff, which truly made our stay wonderful. They offer pre-stocking and one-time free grocery shopping for guests, so the villa staff can head out to buy groceries (anything you want – even beers, wines, and spirits!) and prepare everything before you arrive. We also appreciate how the owner, Steve, was there himself to take care of us. He prepared all the luxurious body foams from The Body Shop, and even hosted us to a dinner of authentic Northern Thai cuisine. The food was really delicious, though mostly spicy. Feel free to let Steve know if you cannot take spicy food. 

Delicious Northern Thai spread

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Villa Cha Cha Moon, and we highly recommend anyone with a large group of family or friends to stay here for at least a couple of nights. The entire experience is incredible, we promise!

Check out Villa Cha Cha Moon >

2. Sclass Villa

Conveniently located near the airport 

If you are looking for a villa that would save you the trouble at the tail end of your Chiang Mai trip, SClass Villa would be a great option for you. Located 5 minutes away from the airport, the convenience it offers is unbeatable. The villa is also near some of Chiang Mai’s trendiest dining spots, which include Chom Cafe and Restaurant, Khaomao-Khaofang Imaginary Jungle, and DU Chiang Mai. The perfect spot for foodies! 

Home away from home

Aside from its location, what we loved about SClass Villa was how it was really homey. The villa is modern-looking and fitted with lush furnishings and comfortable conveniences which will truly remind you of home. Even the outside of the villa looked beautiful for a group shot. 

Little Ally roaming around the outer grounds of the villa

Moreover, SClass Villa is situated amidst the tranquillity of trees and nature – a perfect sanctuary for relaxation. There are quite a lot of spots for relaxing with your party; alfresco living areas, huge and comfy couches, and even the mini dining area by the pool. 

Relax further in one of SClass Villa’s spacious bedrooms. They are really spacious because the owner even managed to add two comfy mattresses for both of our babies to sleep on. We appreciated it a lot and you can see that our baby Aaron did, too! In total, SClass Villa has 3 bedrooms spread across 2 levels, making it perfect for families or a large group of friends. Honestly, with its size and amenities, I must say that it is really a great value for your money.

Baby Aaron enjoying the comfy beds

Now that I have thought about it, we were able to relax to the fullest because Sclass Villa was gated. The owner provided us with a key to control the opening of gates, which was really great for security. There are also CCTVs and smoke and security alarms for our complete peace of mind during our stay at the villa. Of course, all these will not be possible without the assistance of our kindest host, Lily, and her mum. We truly appreciate our stay!

Check out Sclass Villa >

3. Panviman Chiang Mai Spa Resort

Panviman Chiang Mai Spa Resort - Best Villa in Chiang Mai
Panviman Chiang Mai Spa Resort – Best Villa in Chiang Mai

A peaceful atmosphere to delight and restore you

Are you looking for a quiet place to relax and appreciate the greenery mountains, then this resort is ideal for you. Nestled in the high hills of northern Thailand and surrounded by tropical forest lies this hidden gem, Panviman Chiang Mai Spa Resort. This elegant resort lands on our top list because of its peaceful atmosphere where you can set aside your life’s worries. It offers a 2-storey outdoor swimming pool, a luxury spa, and a restaurant with a lovely view of a misty mountain

Furthermore, Panviman Chiang Mai Spa Resort features many villas boasting Thailand’s impeccable modern architecture. Depending on your preference, you can choose a villa with either a jacuzzi, outdoor pool or family villa ideal for 4 or more persons. All villas include a balcony day bed, plasma tv, mini bar and coffee-making facilities, full set of bathroom amenities and more. 

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4. Tolani Southgate Villa Chiang Mai

Tolani Southgate Villa Chiang Mai - Best Villa in Chiang Mai
Tolani Southgate Villa Chiang Mai – Best Villa in Chiang Mai

Your home away from home

Tolani Southgate Villa Chiang Mai is your home away from home. Committed to ensuring that guests will have a memorable stay, this resort is artfully designed for your ultimate comfort. Located in the heart of Chiang Mai, Tolani Southgate Villa Chiang Mai is a kilometre away from Nong Buak Hard Public Park and Chedi Luang Temple and 2 km away from Chiang Mai international airport

Experience a luxurious and extraordinary stay

The resort boasts three extravagant villas with 6 private rooms each and a private outdoor pool. Each villa’s packed with a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room area, and an outdoor terrace for relaxation. Moreover, for a convenient way of exploring Chiang Mai, Tolani Southgate Villa Chiang Mai provides guests with a free bicycle rental. What we absolutely love about this villa is they offer guests a private chef for an evening barbeque party. On-site butlers are also available allowing guests to experience a luxurious and extraordinary stay.

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5. Centara Khum Phaya Resort and Spa

Centara Khum Phaya Resort and Spa - Best Villa in Chiang Mai
Centara Khum Phaya Resort and Spa – Best Villa in Chiang Mai

Experience living like royalty with endless relaxation

To the Thais, a pointed roof signifies a house of royalty. Centra Khum Phaya Resort and Spa offers their guest endless relaxation and the experience of living like a king. The resort’s interior with detailed carvings is made from an 80-year-old teak beam reflecting Thailand’s rich heritage. Wrapped by Chiang Mai’s tropical greenery, Centara Khum Phaya features 85 luxurious rooms and villas. A place where you can relax after a day of exploration in Chiang Mai. 

Satisfies your luxurious lifestyle

The resort offers two types of villas depending on the number of guests staying. Lanna Villa is perfect for couples who are on a honeymoon vacation. The villa includes warm teak furnishing paired with cream shades, a stunning garden view, and a jacuzzi in the bathroom. If you are a family who is in dire of a holiday vacation, the Royal Lanna Pool Villa is excellent for you. The villa is a peaceful cocoon snuggled in the lush scenery. Measuring 365 sqm, the room is painted with elegant cream hues matched with rich wood and dabbled with sophisticated touches of gold. 

What differentiates this from Lanna Villa is its 58 sqm private pool and river view that will surely satisfy your luxurious lifestyle. Additionally, you can indulge your palette with the authentic Thai cuisine in Kham Saen restaurant and be pampered at Spa Cenvaree for your ultimate relaxation. 

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6. Vana Som Villa

Vana Som Villa - Best Villa in Chiang Mai
Vana Som Villa – Best Villa in Chiang Mai

A peaceful place in the woods

Villas should always make you feel like you are at home but take out the stress of reality. Vana Som Villa means “a peaceful place in the woods” and is Thailand’s classic retreat house. The Smart Traveller of National Geographic Traveller UK featured this villa as one of the four places to stay in October 2018. What’s impressive about Vana Som is it’s the only independent villa in Chiang Mai on the list. The villa is well-known for its warm style that makes its guests feel at home. Vana Som Villa features 2 units with a total of 6 bedrooms that can generously accommodate a large group. 

Exceptional guest services

Guests have options to eat at the cafe right at the resort villa or use the resort’s villa service to have their groceries delivered to their room for cooking. The only downside of the villa is the location as it is a few kilometres away from Chiang Mai’s international airport and night bazaars. However, guests can avail of Vana Som Villa’s transportation services to help them get where want to go in Chiang Mai.

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7. Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai - Best Villa in Chiang Mai
Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai – Best Villa in Chiang Mai

A resort that showcases the provincial beauty of Chiang Mai

We have been to different hotels and resorts around the world. But none showcases the provincial beauty of one’s countryside like Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai. The resort is snuggled in the emerald rice fields of Chiang Mai where you can unwind and experience the magnificence of Thailand. Guests have accommodation options whether they want to stay in a pavilion, villa or residence each boasting the fascinating architectural artistry of Thailand. The rooms feature a luxurious design and an outdoor living space with a view of rice paddies. 

This resort is a perfect hideaway if you are longing for a quiet and healing vacation. Free bicycles are also provided as a convenient way to explore Chiang Mai. Moreover, other facilities you can fancy are the tennis court, yoga and cooking classes and more. For dining options, guests can dine at the Italian cuisine al-fresco restaurant while appreciating the rice field and distant view of Doi Suthep.

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8. Villa Mahabhirom

Villa Mahabhirom - Best Villa in Chiang Mai
Villa Mahabhirom – Best Villa in Chiang Mai

The villa of great pleasure

Experience the grandeur lifestyle of Thai royalty with this 100-year-old modernised authentic resort. Translated as the villa of great pleasure in Thai, Villa Mahabhirom started with the simple idea of creating a place where families and friends can stay. The resort features a spacious outdoor swimming pool and a lush garden for your ultimate relaxation. All guest villas include a private balcony with a garden view, a luxurious Italian marble bathroom with a vintage free-standing tub and more. To add more, Villa Mahabhirom offers diverse dining options from authentic Thai cuisine to international dishes to satiate your hungry palate. 

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9. Thantara Resort Chiang Mai

Thantara Resort Chiang Mai - Best Villa in Chiang Mai
Thantara Resort Chiang Mai – Best Villa in Chiang Mai

A place for spiritual reconnection

Thantara Resort Chiang Mai is a 5-star hotel located just 5.9 kilometres away from Chiang Mai bus station. If you are looking for a place for spiritual reconnection, then this place is perfect for you. One of the resort’s exquisite villas is the sanctuary villa which features a gorgeous garden and mountain view terrace. Also, the room is packed with sunbeds with poolside tables, free rental bicycles and more. 

To add more, the master bedroom is built with a large mirror to let the guests take in the stunning sight of the resort. Guests can relish a choice of continental or à la carte breakfast at the Thann Restaurant with a 360˚ panoramic view of rice paddies and Chiang Mai’s local village. Whatever occasion you want to celebrate, Thantara Resort got you covered. From weddings to debuts, or conferences, the resort will meet your standards and surely feel the warmth of Thai hospitality.

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We hope our guide on the 9 Best Villas in Chiang Mai has helped you look for the best villa in Chiang Mai for your next family vacation. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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