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10 Best Computer Monitors in Singapore | Best of Tech 2023

Computer monitors have a variety of resolutions, sizes and prices for different needs. For example, gaming monitors require a higher resolution for good quality images and a high refresh rate for minimal lagging. Those created for design work harness high resolution and specific features to optimise colour and brightness. With an extensive variety of computer monitors available in the market, which then is the best computer monitor in Singapore? In our Best of Tech series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Computer Monitors in Singapore, providing quality recommendations to suit your gaming needs and budget. 

This article was last updated on 6 January 2023.

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Best Computer Monitors in Singapore

1. BenQ GW2785TC

best monitor singapore
Source: Shopee

Great for working from home

A worthwhile computer monitor for your home office, the BenQ GW2785TC can help you get your work done and be comfortable while doing it. The ergonomic design and slim bezels of the frame make it easy to adjust to your preferred position. You can tilt, swivel and pivot the screen, as well as set its height. To help make video calls and meetings sound clearer, the monitor has a noise-cancelling microphone that can filter ambient noise. This feature is especially useful when you do not have noise-cancelling earbuds or headphones at hand. It also has two stereos with a Dialogue Mode for enhanced vocal sound clarity. Furthermore, the monitor can be connected to a laptop or a multi-monitor system through its USB Type-C or HDMI cord.

Dedicated working modes and eye protection

The BenQ GW2785TC has been made with modes dedicated to performing certain tasks. One of these modes is the Coding Mode which makes colours more vibrant. This mode aims to improve coding efficiency by making it easy to find errors and inconsistencies. Other modes include the Reading and ePaper Modes that enables additional radiation filters for reduced damage to your eyes while reading for long periods. Additionally, the ePaper Mode simulates an e-book for a better reading experience.

Another of the features that we love about this monitor is the eye protection systems that it uses. These systems include the TÜV Rheinland-certified flicker-free technology used when making the monitor. Another is the intelligent lighting that automatically adjusts to the room’s brightness. Meanwhile, the Low Blue Light technology removes blue light in addition to filtering harmful radiation. This system is essential because it protects your eyes while also maintaining image quality. Additionally, the monitor has a Colour Weakness Mode for those that have difficulty in seeing certain colours.

Why buy this:
  • Made with an ergonomic design with flexible positioning
  • Equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone
  • Have several modes dedicated to specific tasks
  • Uses several eye protection systems
  • Has a monitor setting for people with weaknesses in seeing certain colours
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2. LG 32GP850

best monitor singapore
Source: Shopee

An ideal monitor for both gaming and work

Whether you plan on using it for working or gaming, the LG 32GP850 promises to deliver excellent visuals that will improve your experience. Equipped with Nano IPS display, this monitor can give you a 1ms response time (GtG) in addition to a 165Hz screen refresh rate. This makes the display clearer by reducing motion blur and ghosting. The Nano IPS, together with the 32” QHD screen and HDR10, can produce vivid colours that form dynamic images. It also uses a Black Stabilizer® that improves the separation between darker colours and textures. Additionally, the structure of the monitor’s frame allows it to be repositioned easily and get it ready for use. 

This LG monitor also comes with several systems that make playing games on it an immersive experience. Being both NVIDIA®-tested and G-SYNC®-verified, you can be sure that it can show the latest games in the best quality possible. Moreover, it has AMD FreeSyncTM Premium that helps provide a more fluid movement at high resolution. With these features in place, you can enjoy playing games with less screen tearing and stuttering. Another of its features is the Dynamic Action Sync®, which minimizes input lag to keep pace with your response times. Moreover, it has a Crosshair® feature that enhances the centre display for better accuracy in-game.

Why buy this:
  • Suitable for both work and games
  • Enables fast response time alongside fast screen refresh rate
  • Produces rich colours and high-resolution images
  • It is both NVIDIA-tested and G-SYNC®-verified
  • Equipped with several features for a better gaming experience
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3. BenQ EW3280U

best monitor singapore
Source: Shopee

Binge watch and work with amazing visuals

With its 32” immersive display, the BenQ EW3280U offers immersive display and sound for your setup. The 4K display works together with HDRi technology to give you cinematic visuals as well as superb colour accuracy. The unique Brightness Intelligence Plus technology also helps your viewing experience by automatically readjusting brightness based on ambient light. Together with BenQ’s eye-care technology, you can use the monitor longer while minimizing the damage to your eyes. 

This monitor has not only an impressive display, but also it has a great built-in treVolo sound system that can support it. The loud 2.1 channel speakers are accompanied by a 5W subwoofer that produces a rich array of sounds alongside excellent bass. Furthermore, it has five sound modes for different uses that include playing games, talking in calls or meetings, watching movies, and listening to music. For accessing the settings, you can use its remorse or the 5-key navigator and adjust the volume with the volume wheel. 

Why buy this:
  • Uses 4K display alongside HDRi technology 
  • Has integrated eye protection technology
  • Equipped with a high-quality audio system
  • Produces sound with clarity and superb bass
  • Has several sound modes for different uses
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4. ASUS ROG Swift PG32UQ

best monitor singapore
Source: Shopee

Suitable for both your desktop and console

From a brand known for making gaming-geared hardware, the ASUS ROG Swift PG32UQ is a must-have if you want an immersive gaming environment. The 32” screen has a 4K UHD display with NVIDIA® G-SYNC® that ensures excellent visuals for both PCs and the latest consoles. With the variable refresh rate alongside the screen refresh rate of up to 144Hz, you can experience gameplay free from tearing and motion blur. Furthermore, the DisplayHDRTM 600, 98% DCI P3, and Quantum Dot technology significantly improve colour contrast and accuracy. Aside from gaming use, the impressive display, low latency, and extensive connectivity options make it suitable for use with video editing software. We also like that it has several eye protection systems in place for prolonged use. The flicker-free and ultra-low blue light technologies used for this monitor also allow you to use it for extended periods. 

Why buy this:
  • Excellent image contrast and colour quality
  • Has high screen refresh rate and decreased latency
  • Can also be used for tasks that need high-quality visuals
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5. Acer Predator X38 S UltraWide QHD E2E

best monitor singapore
Source: Shopee

For gamers that want to see everything on screen better

From Acer’s gaming lineup, the Predator X38 S UltraWide QHD E2E offers a bigger screen with visuals that pull you in. With a 2300R curved 38” screen, it delivers an ultra-wide 4K QHD display that uses fast crystal liquid technology in addition to a wide colour gamut. Furthermore, it has an impressive screen refresh rate of up to 175Hz as well as the NVIDIA® G-SYNC® ULTIMATE. The combination of these systems makes sure that your work or game has a fluid and unbroken display regardless of the selected display quality. There are also several HDMI and USB ports available for connecting the monitor to other devices. Additionally, this monitor allows users access to the NVIDIA® Latency Tracker that assesses your response time and the synergy between your hardware. 

Why buy this:
  • Large screen for better viewing
  • Exceptional systems for keeping display fluid and unbroken
  • Has several ports for connectivity
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Source: Shopee

Wide display for fast-paced games

Perform better in games and at work with the MSI MPG ARTYMIS 343CQR. The 1000R curvature of this monitor is designed to match the human eye to allow users to see the entire screen easier without turning their heads too much. Its screen has UWQHD resolution as well as HDR400 to give realistic visuals with great colour accuracy. Additionally, having a response time of 1ms and a screen refresh rate of 165Hz, you can play fast-paced games better and react faster. The various connectivity options for this monitor not only makes it great for games but also for professional use. It can connect to multiple devices as well as act as a mobile projector for phones whenever necessary.

Why buy this:
  • Has a widescreen with a realistic display
  • Low latency with fluid imagery
  • Can be used with multiple devices and as a mobile projector
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7. Dell S3221QS Curved 4K UHD Monitor

Dell S3221QS Curved 4K UHD Monitor
Source: Shopee

Designed for ease of use and comfort

Make working from home easier with the Dell S3221QS Curved 4K UHD Monitor. It has a sleek, modern design with slim bezels that gives it an elegant look in addition to maximised screen space. With 4K UHD resolution alongside HDR support, you can enjoy every detail of what is on your screen. Moreover, it has a wide colour coverage that allows you to see colours on the screen with greater depth and in various shades. The 1800R curved screen also remains stable after adjusting the height and tilt of the screen based on your preference. Additionally, this monitor also uses flicker-free technology and also has the ComfortView feature that reduces blue light.  

Why buy this:
  • Sleek frame design with high-contrast visuals
  • Mounted on a highly stable base
  • Uses several eye protection systems
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8. Dell UltraSharp U2720Q

Dell UltraSharp U2720Q
Source: Shopee

Best for use with editing software

Make editing art or videos easier when you use the Dell UltraSharp U2720Q. This 27” screen has 4K UHD resolution with 163ppi pixel density which shows details clearly. Additionally, it has a wide colour coverage with 95% DCI P3 as well as a colour depth of approximately 1.07 billion colours. These colour systems give you realistic colours with clear separations and details. To make using it more comfortable, it remains stable after being repositioned and even when pivoted at 90° to get a vertical screen. The monitor also provides access to the Dell Display Manager’s Easy Access feature that helps you manage multiple applications at the same time. The display manager also works in setups with more than one monitor.

Why buy this:
  • Has a 4K UHD display
  • Shows a wide array of colours with high accuracy and separation
  • Equipped with software that helps in multitasking
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9. Xiaomi Mi 23.8” 1C Monitor

Xiaomi Mi 23.8” 1C Monitor
Source: Shopee

Highly affordable and great for basic setups

If you are looking for a budget-friendly monitor that can also perform well, then the Xiaomi Mi 23.8” 1C Monitor is the right one for you. The slim frame measures around 7.3mm which save space on your desk and allow the placement of other items, such as lamps, notepads, and other computer hardware. The frame also holds the IPS hard screen with an impressive viewing angle of 178° that shows the high definition colours and images. Furthermore, it has a low blue light mode that lets you comfortably work longer while also reducing eye stress.

Why buy this:
  • Very slim and space-saving design
  • Highly affordable with decent specs
  • Has a low blue light mode for eye protection
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10. ASUS ZenScreen MB16ACV Portable USB Monitor

ASUS ZenScreen MB16ACV Portable USB Monitor
Source: Shopee

For people that like working on the go

If you plan on working while on a trip and need an extra monitor, then the ASUS ZenScreen MB16ACV Portable USB Monitor is a monitor that is worthy to consider. It has an anti-glare, IPS display that shows images clearly with accurate colours. Weighing less than a kilogram, this thin and sleek monitor can be easily stored in your luggage or travel bag. When you need to use the monitor, it can be connected to another device using a USB Type-C cord that handles power in addition to the video feed. Additionally, it has a fold-out kickstand to prop the monitor up as well as the ability to tilt the monitor to ensure comfortable viewing. 

Why buy this:
  • Has a lightweight and thin design
  • Easily stored when not in use
  • Can be connected to other devices with a USB Type-C cord
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If you are looking for a full computer solution, check out the HP All-in-One 24-f0155d / Intel® Core™ i5-9400T / 8 GB Memory / 512 GB SSD Storage / Win 10. 

We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Computer Monitors in Singapore will help you to buy the best computer monitor in Singapore. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this along with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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