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Best Confinement Nanny in Singapore You Should Hire | Best of Baby 2024

A confinement nanny in Singapore is like a superhero for new moms and their babies! Do you know how superheroes help people when they need it the most? That is exactly what a confinement nanny does. The nanny stays with the family for a while, usually about a month or so, to help care for the new baby and the mom. She can prepare healthy meals, clean, and teach the mom how to care for her baby. It is a very important job because she helps the family adjust to their new life with a little one. With an extensive variety of confinement nanny in the market, which then are the best confinement nanny in Singapore? In our Best of Baby series, we introduce the 8 Best Confinement Nanny in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

Best Confinement Nanny in Singapore

1. Confinement Angels

Confinement Angels - confinement nanny sg

The gold standard in confinement care

When it comes to embarking on the incredible journey of parenthood, there is no room for compromise. That’s where Confinement Angels steps in, providing you the best in class experience throughout your maternity journey. Boasting an extensive clientele of celebrities and influencers, you know that you are in for an awesome experience when you engage with them.

Each of their confinement nannies boasts an extensive wealth of knowledge in childcare and modern best practices. In fact, they are the first agency in Singapore who has an in-house training centre applying a modern medicine-aligned Training Syllabus of 88 hours. This comprehensive training encompasses a wide range of essential skills, from breastfeeding support and impeccable hygiene practices to baby safety protocols and preparation of confinement meals. When training is completed, a stringent audit will be done and only those who passed the audit will be deployed for assignment in Singapore. With all these, Confinement Angels ensures they can provide you with nothing but the very best during this precious time in your life.

Comprehensive mother and infant care 

What’s more, their team of trained nannies is dedicated to providing a wide range of essential services, catering to every aspect of the postnatal experience. From breastfeeding assistance to providing baby advice to handling basic domestic chores and managing baby and mom’s laundry, Confinement Angels has you covered. They go above and beyond, providing round-the-clock baby care, and ensuring your little one receives the attention they deserve. Additionally, their expertise extends to the preparation of nourishing confinement meals and herbal tonics, soothing confinement herbal baths, and even baby bath and hygiene routines. 

With a commitment to quality and ongoing dedicated support, Confinement Angels ensures a smooth and drama-free confinement period, unlike the uncertainties that can come with freelance nannies, making them a trusted partner for new parents seeking exceptional confinement experience.

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2. PEM Confinement Nanny Agency

PEM Confinement Nanny Agency
PEM Confinement Nanny Agency

Offers lots of special services catered for you

PEM is a company that helps new parents have a great start with their babies. They offer lots of special services for you. Experience the amazing joy of being a new parent with the support of PEM Confinement Nanny Agency, a company known for its great nanny services in Singapore. They can help you care for your baby and advise you on recovering after giving birth. These range from expert newborn care and insightful postnatal recovery guidance to preparing nutritious and tantalising confinement meals. Their nannies are very professional and have a lot of experience, mixing old ways of doing things with new ideas. With PEM, your time after giving birth will be a special and wonderful time to be healthy and happy.

Check out PEM Confinement Nanny Agency >

3. Caregiver Asia

Caregiver Asia
Caregiver Asia

Turn busy days to calm and rest bonding with your baby

Caregiver Asia provides special services to help new parents and their precious newborn babies. Becoming a parent in a big city like Singapore can be overwhelming. But Caregiver Asia they have everything you need to make this time happy and peaceful. Their confinement nannies are experts and know how to care for newborn babies. They give important advice on how moms can recover after giving birth and even prepare special meals that are good for moms during this time. Caregiver Asia has a big network of caregivers, and they combine the best of old traditions and new ways of doing things. Working with them can turn the busy days of being a new parent into a time of calm, rest, and strong bonding with your baby.

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4. Thomson Parentcraft Centre

Thomson Parentcraft Centre
Thomson Parentcraft Centre – Best of Singapore’s Confinement Nanny

From the trusted medical centre 

Thomson Parentcraft Centre is a helpful place that will make becoming a parent a great experience for you and your baby. They’re the best partner you can have in Singapore to help you along your journey as a new mom. They will help you feel happy and take great care of you and your baby. They are part of Thomson Medical Centre and have great experts there. The Parentcraft Centre epitomises expertise, offering various essential services, from confinement nanny services and lactation consultations to educational parenting workshops.

Check out Thompson Parentcraft Center >

5. STAR Confinement Nanny Private Limited

STAR Confinement Nanny Private Limited
STAR Confinement Nanny Private Limited – Best Confinement Nanny Singapore

Professional and caring company

STAR Confinement Nanny is a professional and caring company. They create a safe and happy environment for moms and babies. Enjoy the wonderful experience of being a new parent with STAR Confinement Nanny, Singapore’s most trusted nanny service. Their nannies are trained to care for new moms and babies all day and night. Each nanny is trained to pamper new mothers and their newborns with exquisite 24/7 support, including nutritious meal preparation, baby care education, breastfeeding guidance, and maternal health recovery. They also care a lot about the mental health of moms. STAR Confinement Nanny is a top choice for moms who want amazing support during this special time.

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6. New Life Confinement Nanny

New Life Confinement Nanny
New Life Confinement Nanny – Best of Singapore’s Confinement Nanny

Comes with an herbal bath for both mums and babies

New Life Confinement Nanny makes the time after giving birth a peaceful, healing, and empowering experience for moms and their babies. Experience the happiness of a calm and relaxing time after giving birth with New Life Confinement Nanny. They are the best service in Singapore and take good care of moms and babies. New Life combines old traditions with new ways of doing things, providing many helpful services. They offer comprehensive services such as nourishing confinement meals, baby care, maternal health support and even confinement herbal baths.

Check out New Life Confinement Nanny >

7. NannySOS

NannySOS – Best Confinement Nanny Singapore

Mix of modern and traditional care ways

NannySOS is a good choice if you want help with your newborn in Singapore. NannySOS is a leading confinement nanny in Singapore that will help you with your postnatal period. They have a mix of modern and traditional ways to care for you and your baby. Their trained helpers are dedicated to making your life easier and helping you enjoy being a new parent. They will do everything possible to ensure you both feel healthy and happy. NannySOS look after you personally and give you good advice for caring for your baby. Additionally, they will help you with important things like feeding and ensuring you get enough rest. They even offer special massages and support for breastfeeding. You can feel safe choosing NannySOS because they’ll take good care of you during this special time.

Check out NannySOS >

8. Gladys Care 1987

Gladys Care 1987
Gladys Care 1987 – Best of Singapore’s Confinement Nanny

Experienced and long-time doing the service for mums and babies

Need help with your new baby? Gladys Care 1987 is here for you! They offer lots of great services to help moms and babies during the time right after the baby is born. Their experienced caregivers will care for you and your baby, ensuring you have everything you need to recover and bond with your new little one. They have been doing this for over thirty years and have many happy families using their services. They have amazing nannies who can help care for your baby and even cook you nutritious meals

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Why should you hire a confinement nanny?

9 months of pregnancy is a long tiring, and energy-consuming period for you as a mom. And after giving birth, you’ll have two main things to care for: your baby and your recovery. Aside from that, many other household chores are required to be done. You will have truckloads to learn, especially if this is your first pregnancy. Note that the postnatal period can be stressful if you do not handle it. 

Benefits of hiring from a confinement nanny service company

When you have a new baby in Singapore, hiring a confinement nanny can be helpful. You can get one from a company that trains them well. They will ensure your baby is cared for and help you get better with healthy food by doing chores around the house. Most importantly, they can teach you how to care for your new baby and breastfeed.

Importance of Me Time

Another essential thing that most mums do not realise is that they need some “Me Time” after giving birth. This is necessary to help you recover mentally and cope with the stress. With a confinement nanny, you can set aside time after breastfeeding your baby. Take a warm bath or a special postnatal massage to help you recover. By giving yourself some time to relax, you will be better able to care for your baby with a fresh and relaxed mind.


We hope that this 8 Best Confinement Nanny in Singapore You Should Hire has helped you find the best confinement lady in Singapore. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. 

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