Best Dog Clothes and Apparel Shops in Singapore
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10 Best Dog Clothes and Apparel Shops in Singapore | Best of Pets 2023

With or without clothes, dogs always look adorable. But just like any other parent to their little girls and boys, fur parents also love to dress up their furry little babies – no matter what the occasion! However, we should keep in mind that dog clothes and apparel should always be comfortable for our pets. Luckily, there are now plenty of dog clothes and apparel shops in Singapore that showcases comfy and stylish outfits that will make our pets even more charming. From little tank tops to quirky costumes to cute raincoats, these shops have got everything for you and your dog! In our Best of Pets series, we have curated the latest 10 Best Dog Clothes and Apparel Shops in Singapore, providing quality recommendations to suit your pet needs and budget.

This post was last updated on 6 January 2023.

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10 Best Dog Clothes and Apparel Shops in Singapore

1. Vanilla Pup

Vanilla Pup Best Dog Clothes and Apparel Shops in Singapore
Source: Vanilla Pup

Launched by proud fur parents of a Westie, Vanilla Pup is the place to be for all pet owners in Singapore. It’s a one-stop-shop for all nasty-free pet needs, from food to hygiene stuff to clothes. And of course, pet owners should not be the only ones wearing stylish clothes, so Vanilla Pup ensures that every piece of dog apparel is aesthetically pleasing. We especially love their printed tee shirts and if you really love your pup, maybe you can find a shirt for you with matching prints. We also love the little nylon raincoats – perfect for sleeks pups under the rain! Just like regular human raincoats, they also block both wind and rain for the safety of our fur babies.

If your dog doesn’t appreciate clothes that much, bowties would be the better option. Fortunately, Vanilla Pup also offers a wide assortment of cute bowties for your doggo. There’s really a lot to choose from, so we suggest that you get a different one for every occasion.

Check out Vanilla Pup > 
Tel: +65 8784 7920
WhatsApp: +65 8784 7920
Facebook | Instagram

2. Good Dog People™

Good Dog People™ Best Dog Clothes and Apparel Shops in Singapore
Source: Good Dog People™

Other than simply dressing up for photo ops, pet owners also put their dogs in clothes for certain medical purposes like anxiety. So if ever you are looking for clothes that would somehow alleviate your dog’s anxiety, we suggest that you check out Good Dog People™. This shop always puts dogs, people, and the planet first, ensuring that the customers will receive responsible pet products that would be beneficial to everyone. Hence, rest assured that their Thunderbird anxiety vests will greatly help the overall wellbeing of your dog. These vests work by providing gentle, constant pressure to your pets, so it feels like they are always hugged by their humans for much-needed support.

Address: 240 MacPherson Road Singapore 348574 (Only appointments)
Tel: +65 3129 2266
Facebook | Instagram

3. CreatureLand

CreatureLand Best Dog Clothes and Apparel Shops in Singapore
Source: CreatureLand

When you choose CreatureLand for your dog’s apparel in Singapore, then you are in for a treat. Known for their unique fun designs, CreatureLand offers quirky printed tees and Disney-themed string cropped tops that look really great in toy dogs. Yes, dogs can wear cropped tops as well, which are perfect for hot summer days. If you are feeling extra, maybe you can pair the top with a very adorable sun visor for the ultimate summer ensemble. Your furry friend would be the most fashionable pup in town!

And if it’s the rainy season, no worries as CreatureLand also sells adorable little raincoats to protect your dog from getting drenched. We recommend this frog cape raincoat that can also double as a backup costume for Halloween.

Check out CreatureLand> 
Tel: +65 8890 5339
Facebook | Instagram

4. Inherent

Inherent Best Dog Clothes and Apparel Shops in Singapore
Source: Shopee

Forget that K-pop idol that you stan, because dog clothes from Inherent will transform your pet into a charismatic Korean idol, but one that has four legs and fur. Hailing from South Korea, Inherent focuses on thoughtfully designed pet products for your canine friend. We love how they offer pet clothes that are more minimalistic in design –  check out the Gelato sleeveless and sleeved clothes for instance. They are like basic pieces that you’d see on a human’s wardrobe! Moreover, the clothes are made from 100% cotton, so it’s really a win-win situation when it comes to both comfort and aesthetics.

Check out Inherent in Shopee > 

5. SingPet

SingPet Dog Clothes and Apparel Shops in Singapore
Source: SingPet

Just like having a newborn baby, owning a pet for the first time can be completely overwhelming. So, if you need assistance in purchasing your dog’s essentials, SingPet is a shop to consider. Their in-house specialists offer a bespoke shopping experience for every new fur parent, allowing you to find the best items possible for your pets. You can even get some discounts if you sign up for a membership in the SingPet Club! 

You will probably need all the discounts that you can get once you see their dog apparel – there are too many pretty pieces to choose from! We especially like the small dog hoodies and hoodie dresses, which can make your pup confidently strut on the streets. 

Check out SingPet > 
Address: 8D Dempsey Road #01-01, Dempsey Hill, Singapore 249672
Tel: +65 6509 4625
WhatsApp: +65 8700 0948

6. Bubbly Petz

Bubbly Petz Best Dog Clothes and Apparel Shops in Singapore
Source: Bubbly Petz

Another must-try dog clothes and apparel shop in Singapore is the Bubbly Petz. Although they are more commonly known for their grooming services, the dog clothes they offer are pretty amazing. What’s also great is that their pet products are all sourced ethically, which simply means that there are no nasty ingredients involved in the manufacturing process. Moreover, Bubbly Petz supports effortless styling by providing a wide range of dog capes with handprinted designs. Banana prints, polka dots, checkered – they have a great assortment of fun designs to suit every taste!

Check out Bubbly Petz > 
Address: 266 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427520
WhatsApp: +65 9656 3786
Facebook | Instagram
Contact form

7. Dress a Pet

Dress a Pet
Source: Dress a Pet

If you are looking for the perfect outfit to dress up your dog on photoshoot day, then Dress a Pet is the best shop for you. They have every pet costume we can think of, from animal overalls to fancy tuxedos to wizard robes! We also like how the owners are very kind and approachable – ordering online is made super easy even if they only have a Facebook page as of now. The prices are pretty reasonable as well!  Feel free to contact them via email or drop by their physical dog apparel shop at SCAPE, Singapore.

Check out Dress a Pet > 
Address: SCAPE 2 Orchard Link. #02-03 Singapore, Singapore 237978
Tel: +65 6636 7467

8. Little Cherry

Little Cherry
Source: Little Cherry

For more costume choices, check out Little Cherry, the home for cherry-picked quality pet products for pampered furkids. They have all sorts of clothes for your dog – PJs for a slumber party-themed photoshoot, a gentleman suit for classy gatherings, raincoats for damp days, and jumpsuits for a day out. But what we really like are their beautiful Asian cultural outfits, which ranges from Korean hanboks to Chinese Xue Hua Cheong Sam. It’s such a refreshing sight for little doggos to wear traditional clothing, so we are so excited to see our furbabies wearing them!

Check out Little Cherry > 
Tel: +65 9369 8412
Facebook | Instagram

9. PolyPet 

Source: PolyPet

An older pet shop in Singapore, PolyPet has certainly made its name in the pet care industry. Hence, you can only expect that the dog clothes and apparel that they offer are of excellent quality. Pets are essentially our family, so PolyPet provides them with clothes that look stunning for everyday use. Hoodies, summer shorts, and raglans – your furbaby would be amazing in all of them! Also, we love how PolyPet supports adoption, so they don’t sell any live animals in their physical shop. 

Check out PolyPet > 
Email: Blk 109 Clementi Street 11 #01-27/29 Singapore 120109
Tel: +65 6219 3394
WhatsApp: +65 9823 9155
Contact form

10. Junhonsion

Source: Shopee

Christmastime is fast approaching, and there’s no better way to prepare your furbaby than to get a Santa costume just for it. The costume is complete with a hat and a scarf – you only need to find some matching red boots to go with it. We can only imagine how your dog would look in Christmas-themed photoshoots, which would really earn you overflowing likes and hearts on social media. Not only that, but Junhonsion also offers simple puppy t-shirts, as well as toys and other knick-knacks to make your pet’s life happier.

Check out Junhonsion in Shopee > 


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