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9 Best Escape Rooms in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle

Are you curious about what kind of adventure escape rooms bring to Singapore?

Adventure is right around the corner. You do not need to book a flight going someplace exotic for you to have an adventure. It isn’t also just adrenaline rushes caused by outdoor activities like free-falling, surfing, and extreme sports. Challenge your mind with an adventure that you just couldn’t resist.

There are nine escape rooms made available for Singapore locals to try, even amidst the pandemic. Organize a get-together with your equally adventurous friends and find out which of these escape rooms rattled your brains the most.

Table of Contents

Best Escape Rooms in Singapore
  1. Amazing Chambers Singapura
  2. Captivate Escape Rooms
  3. Lockdown Escape
  4. Lost SG
  5. The Escape Artist
  6. The Escape Hunt
  7. Trapped SG
  8. V-Room
  9. Xcape

Best Escape Rooms in Singapore

1. Amazing Chambers Singapura

amazing chambers singapura escape room singapore
Image Source: HSEU

If you’re looking for an educational yet entertaining escape room to try, Amazing Chambers Singapura is the right pick for you. They have escape games that are immersive and interactive so players can learn more about Singapore’s history and culture through storytelling.

Included in the lineup of games are the following: Princess Radin Mas Ayu, a game about the Javanese princess whose father was kidnapped; Sisters’ Islands, a game about the legend of sisters Minah and Linah who was kidnapped one day and the inexplicable emergence of two sister islands; Sang Nila Utama and The Lost Crown, a game about a Srivijayan Prince from Palembang who was believed to have founded the kingdom of Singapura; 1603 -Changi Naval Battle, a game about the Dutch and Portugese battle at the Johor River; and Leftenan Adnan – The Battle of Bukit Chandu, a game about the Royal Malay Regiment’s affairs during the Battle of Pasir Panjang in World War II.

Location: Gedung Kuning (73 Sultan Gate, Singapore)
Price info: Peak: $38.90, Off Peak: $34.90
Telephone: +65 6906 3271

Check out Amazing Chamber Singapura’s website >

2. Captivate Escape Rooms

Captivate Escape Rooms singapore

Located in Dhoby Ghaut, this 5-star escape room accommodates both kids and kids-at-heart. Each escape room has professionally designed puzzles powered by advanced escape room technology that will urge you to think hard.

The rooms here include The Hitman, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), Murder on the Singapore Express, Prestige (Movie Magic), and Alien vs. Human. All of these are exciting escape rooms to try out!

Location: Singapore Shopping Center (190 Clemenceau Avenue, #06-28, Singapore)
Price info: Peak: $28, Off Peak: $23
Telephone: +65 6837 0870

Check out Captivate Escape Rooms’s website >

3. Lockdown Escape

Lockdown Escape rooms singapore
Image Source: Shout SG

Lockdown Escape has a lot of games to offer. They hold their games online, so they like to change it up a bit and excite customers with fresh ideas and games. Current games include Bearcraft: Dream World, a game where you are stuck in the world of Minecraft; Bears of Justice, where you can outwit a super villain who planted a bomb in a nuclear facility; Bearry Potter and the Secret Doors, where you find out what happened to the missing legendary Quidditch player Jordan Whittaker and stumble upon the labyrinth of Secret Doors; and Lockdown VR: Kidnapped!, where you and your friends were kidnapped after hitchhiking.

Location: Orchard Gateway (277 Orchard Rd, #02-02, Singapore)
Price info: Peak: $25, Off Peak: $22
Telephone: +65 6677 8478

Check out Lockdown Escape’s website >

4. Lost SG

lost escape room singapore
Image Source: Lost SG

By adding a virtual reality touch to the fun that escape rooms already have, Lost brings realistic scenes to life. The tech-powered escape rooms include Alcatraz, where you can find your way out of the American maximum-security prison island; Aokigahara, where you can get lost in the Japanese suicide forest that is linked with demons and other supernatural beings; Castiglione, where you can go treasure hunting for the missing 12 zodiac head statues in the Imperial Summer Palace; Exodus, where you can cross the Red Sea as an attempt to flee from Egypt; and Mausoleum, where you can escape the Terracotta Army world heritage site after getting lost.

Find your way out of these escape rooms as a fun-filled activity for you and your friends.

Location: Peace Centre (1 Sophia Road, #03-01/02/03, Singapore)
Price info: Peak: $27.90, Off Peak: $21.90
Telephone: +65 6717 1688

Check out Lost SG’s website >

5. The Escape Artist

The Escape Artist
Image Source: TripAdvisor

The Escape Artist prides itself in being the pioneer of real-life escape rooms in the country. Immerse yourself in the fun trials that are embedded in each escape room including those of Count Dracula, Flash Point, Last Light, and Zombie Apocalypse Outpost in the Harborfront Outlet; and Pangaea: The Lost Forest, Escape Room: Trials of Tartarus, and Dr. Frank in the Enchanted Manor Outlet in Joo Chiat.

From time to time, they also hold virtual escape games for escape artists at home.

Location: Harborfront Outlet: Telok Blangah House (52 Telok Blangah Rd, #01-01, Singapore); Joo Chiat Outlet: Enchanted Manor (310 Joo Chiat Road)
Price info: Peak: $25, Off Peak: $20
Telephone: Harborfront: +65 6646 0357, Joo Chiat: +65 8696 7416

Check out The Escape Artist’s Website >

6. The Escape Hunt

the escape hunt
Image Source: Life Is Outside

The experience that The Escape Hunt brings to Singapore is a fresh take on a mini theme park where you and your friends can play detective to cases from a hundred years ago. Solve the mysteries of The Secret Assignment, The Whitechapel Murderer, and the Mystery of the 27 Club quickly until time runs out.

Location: Concorde Hotel (100 Orchard Rd, Singapore)
Price info: ranges from $28 to $38, depending on how many you are in your group
Telephone: +65 6100 0828

Check out The Escape Hunt’s website >

7. Trapped SG

Image Source: Aspirant SG

Experience a night of the Purge at Trapped SG. Bring along up to nine friends to tackle and solve puzzles made by your abductors in just 60 minutes before they lose their patience.

You may also try Tekong Army Bunk and watch ghost stories unfold before your very eyes, or the Mental Ward where you experience what it is like to be in a haunted mental facility.

Check out Trapped SG’s website >

8. V-Room

v-room escape rooms
Image Source: Expat Choice

V-Room is a virtual arcade that has a variety of amenities including escape rooms, shooting games, and music games. Experience escape rooms virtually through the multiplayer game San & Dan: Floaty Flatmates. Survive the apocalypse along with your friends as you run away from hungry sharks. Another game is Arizona Sunshine; fight off hordes of zombies as you shoot them one by one.

There are still lots of games that await you in V-Room aside from these two.

Location: Orchard Gateway (277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway, #02-02, Singapore)
Price info: Peak: $15, Off Peak: $12
Telephone: +65 6677 8478

Check out V-Room’s website >

9. Xcape

xcape escape rooms
Image Source: Xcape SG

Xcape is “the first, the largest, and the best real room escape game provider in Singapore”. Investigate your way out of story plots in these exciting escape games.

These games include Busan Express, where everybody around you are zombies and you have to escape to Busan’s quarantine facilities; Azkaban, where an evil demon stole one of the Divine Artifacts in this wizard school and you have to stop him from getting the others; Shutter Island, where there is a mad doctor you have to escape from; The Morgue, where you find your way out of the spookiest place inside the hospital; and Annabelle, where you escape the haunted doll.

Location: Bugis Village (161 Rochor Rd, Bugis Village, Singapore)
Price info: ranges from $22 to $32, depending on which escape room you want
Telephone: +65 6908 1918

Check out Xcape’s website >


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Did this list make you want to book an escape room, pronto? Head over with your friends and family to your favorite escape room in Singapore and spend the day figuring out a way to get out of there. Enjoy!