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10 Best Cooking Classes in Singapore

Have you ever looked at an enticing macro shot of food and thought to yourself, “If I can only make this myself, then I don’t have to drool over this photo!” I’ve been there, my friend. And that’s when I started to learn how to cook. It’s a life skill. Remember, you can’t always have someone else cook meals for you, and food deliveries aren’t that sustainable either, not to mention, expensive in the long run. Besides, perfecting your way around the kitchen can land you a professional career or a thriving food business if that’s your passion. After all, food is a non-negotiable necessity, so there’s always a market for it. In addition, it’s a fun hobby that you can engage into, to bond with your family and friends, or significant other.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced home cook looking to up your skill level, you can enroll in one of these best cooking classes in Singapore to experience a unique and exciting culinary journey.

Table of contents

  • Best Cooking Classes in Singapore
  1. ABC Cooking Studio
  2. Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School
  3. Commune Kitchen
  4. D’Open Kitchen
  5. Food Playground
  6. Gra Baking Academy
  7. Hungry Mummies
  8. JusBaking
  9. Kitchen Showdown
  10. Palate Sensations Culinary School

Best Cooking Classes in Singapore

1. ABC Cooking Studio, for authentic Japanese cuisine

Source: ABC Cooking Studio

From thick, rich, savoury ramen and crunchy, flavourful tempura to delicious and filling wagashi, who doesn’t love Japanese cuisine? Your dinner spread is a feast when it’s composed of all those lovely Japanese favourites! While Japanese cuisine boasts interesting depths of flavours, the dishes are usually easy to prepare and make, so they’re beginner friendly. If you want to learn how to cook authentic Japanese food, the mentors at the ABC Cooking Studio can help you achieve your goal.

Here, you’ll be able to replicate traditional Japanese recipes that were further elevated and developed by their professionals in Japan. You’ll therefore get to taste what a real Japanese food is.

By enrolling in their course, you’ll get access to their database of recipes, and more future releases that you can even use for your own food business. Their classes are flexible, and you can choose one that best fits your schedule, even if that means learning virtually at the comfort of your home. And no worries, they’ll have the ingredients delivered right at your doorstep!

As part of the course, you’ll also learn about the history of Japanese cuisine and their dining etiquette—perfect for when you’re planning to visit Japan in the future.

Check out ABC Cooking Studio > 
Address: 391A Orchard Road #03-12 Takashimaya S.C
Tel: +65 6694 6259
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2. Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School, for world-class gourmet dishes and pastries

Source: Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School

Those who are starting out on the road to becoming serious chefs in the future will get so much inspiration from Brettscheneider’s Baking & Cooking School’s creative cooking classes. You’ll be taught by Singapore’s leading chefs and cooks on how to come up with delicious, elegant looking plates.

Dean Brettschneider himself is a renowned global-based professional baker and pâtissier. He is an award-winning author of 12 cookbooks and is known for elevating traditional recipes with modern techniques and flavours. You’ll be able to take a peek into his creations if you’re into cakes and desserts when you join his program.

Their classes are highly specialised and focused so you can only pick ones that truly interest you.

Check out Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School > 
Address: 1 Greendale Avenue
Singapore 289495
Tel: +65 6463 5508
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3. Commune Kitchen, for perfecting traditional Chinese dumplings and Southeast Asian cuisine

Source: Commune Kitchen

Traditional Chinese dumplings like Xiao Long Bao require thoughtful attention and meticulous hands as they have very intricate details. A single mistake could make the dish go downhill. On the other hand, when you’ve mastered the skills and techniques, your dumplings will surely look and taste like a work of art. If you can munch on dumplings every single meal, then you’ll definitely love to sign up for one of the courses at Commune Kitchen. This school offers various classes that focus on this subject. And if you’ll be interested, you can also explore a wide range of Southeast Asian cuisines as they have classes for these too.

Check out Commune Kitchen >
Address: Level 3, Downtown Gallery
6A Shenton Way, Singapore
Tel: +65 88214805
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4. D’Open Kitchen, for Asian and Italian Cuisine

Source: D’Open Kitchen

We love Italy’s simple, fresh and clean flavours. Well, it’s home to our go-to Margherita pizza and favouite pasta dishes, so we definitely need to explore their cuisine. At D’Open Kitchen, you’ll learn how to make your own pasta from scratch and master your own artisan pizza. Now, this smells like the no-frills aglio olio shrimp pasta for relaxed dinners and laid-back pizza Saturdays!

And since we cannot take our roots for granted, it’s also worth learning our way around the Asian kitchen. At D’Open Kitchen, you’ll learn original recipes from Singapore, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and more.

Check out D’Open Kitchen >
Address: Anson Rd, 10 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Tel: +65 8228 6217
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5. Food Playground, for fun cultural cooking class

Source: Food Playground

Are you an expat living in Singapore or perhaps a traveller who came across this post because you want to learn more about the island before your visit? One of the best authentic cultural experiences in Singapore is to learn about our traditional cuisine. Food Playground’s signature cultural cooking class is best for expats and travellers. This fun course is award-winning. It has been ranked on Tripadvisor as the number one cooking class/workshop. Few years back, it’s been recognised as The Best Learning & Travel Experience at the 2013 Singapore Tourism Awards and the global winner for Best Use of Food/Beverage to Promote Cross-Cultural Understanding  at the 2018 FoodTrekking Awards by World Food Travel Association.

These are just a few from the several accolades and recognitions they’ve received for their flagship cultural cooking class. What we also find remarkable about Food Playground is that they help empower women in the local community by giving them fun and worthwhile jobs as speakers in their events and classes. These women have learned and mastered Singapore’s heritage cuisine, so learning from them as your instructors is truly an immersive local experience in the island.

Check out Food Playground >
Address: 24A Sago Street,
Singapore 059020
Tel: (65) 9452 3669
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6. Gra Baking Academy, for professional quality gourmet cakes and pastries

Source: Gra Baking Academy

If you wish to take your baking skills to the next level, head straight to Gra Baking Academy. In their classes, you’ll learn how to create gourmet cakes and pastries that would compete against featured desserts in your favourite five-star restaurants. The classes will surely ignite your passion for baking, and who knows, tomorrow, you’re the owner of one of the best-selling bakeshops downtown! Whether for home use or business, your refined baking skills will definitely be a well-sought asset.

But hey, who says baking is only meant for sweet treats? We can’t blame you though, it’s the flavour profile that comes to mind when we talk about baking. But there are couple of savoury dishes that you can whip up in the oven too. Think about soups, salmon, lasagna, and more! For those who aren’t into sweets, it’s still worth learning how to bake since you can come up with a hundred possibilities with just the savoury flavours alone.

Check out Gra Baking Academy >
Address: 780 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-06 Choon Kim House, Singapore 534649
Tel: +65 9186 7640
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7. Hungry Mummies, for family-focused, budget-friendly cooking

Source: Hungry Mummies

One of the challenges of running your own household is planning your weekly menu and making sure that everything included is delicious, nutritious, and easy on the budget at the same time. When you’re a mum, it’s also crucial to learn quick recipes since you need to juggle your work life and house chores altogether.

At Hungry Mummies, these things are the main focus of their cooking classes. They will teach you family-friendly, homey and hearty dishes that your husband and kids will love coming home to every day.

One of the unique courses they offer is the Cooking Lessons for Helpers. This course aims to help families provide quality training for their new helpers so that they can adapt the family’s cooking style, learn their favourite recipes, and overall, to ensure that they always cook quality meals that are nutritious, flavourful and satisfying for everyone. This is ideal if for a certain period you cannot attend to kitchen duties because of your busy schedule, and if you can’t take a time off either to intensively train your new helper on board. The course is especially useful if you will give birth in a few weeks’ time, and you want your helper to cook confinement meals for you.

By attending this class, your helpers can learn how to be more mindful of hygiene, food safety, shopping on a budget and more.

Check out Hungry Mummies >
Address: 58 Telok Blangah Heights, Singapore, 100058
Tel: +65 8860 0038
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8. JusBaking, for beginner-friendly baking classes

Source: JusBaking

Founder of JusBaking Justina Wang is a coach and recipe developer. Two of her recipes were featured in The Straits Times article on February 9, 2014. Would you also like to learn how to whip up baked goodies that deserve media attention? Then, it’s worth signing up to her courses. Because her classes are beginner-friendly, you can start without any prior experience and you can even arrange private class sessions for your kids to let them experience the joy of baking. Now, we can imagine the enticing aroma of freshly baked chocolate cookies enveloping the kitchen air!

JusBaking provides after-class support so they definitely have your back in case a few troubles come up.

Check out JusBaking >
Address: Rivervale Walk, Block 107, Singapore 540107
Tel: 9233 7935
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9. Kitchen Showdown, for fun culinary team building

Source: Kitchen Showdown

As the name implies, culinary team-building activities at the Kitchen Showdown are really fun showdowns perfect for family reunions and corporate team-building events. They feature exciting team challenges that will test everyone’s creativity, resourcefulness, cooperation, hard work and patience.

These will surely reveal experts in the kitchen and promising talents. Our favourite is their Mystery Box challenge that lets you experience how it feels like in the Masterchef Singapore kitchen, unboxing random ingredients and quickly brainstorming concepts for your original culinary creations. It’s definitely something that will squeeze out your creative juices!

Check out Kitchen Showdown >
Address: 75A Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088496
Tel: +65 81980873
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10. Palate Sensations Culinary School, for learning classic and modern culinary techniques

Source: Palate Sensations Culinary School

Instead of teaching their students how to replicate recipes, Palate Sensations focuses on teaching both classic and modern culinary techniques. This kind of cooking class hones you to become more inventive, so that your recipes are truly unique, elevated and original creations.

It’s perfect for those who wish to pursue their culinary dream, whether to build their own restaurant menu or author a unique cookbook or food blog. At Palate Sensations, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Asian and Western cuisines, plant-based cooking and more!

Check out Palate Sensations Culinary School >
Address: Chromos #01-03, 10 Biopolis Road, Singapore 138670
Tel: +65 6478 9746
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Which among these cooking classes are you most excited to try? I hope that we were able to help you discover the most interesting cooking class for you. Please also share this article with your family and friends who want to learn their way around the kitchen.