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Smile brightly with confidence on your big day with clear aligners from TrioClear™

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we are pretty sure you will want your pictures and videos to look picture-perfect! Some brides and grooms may worry that wearing aligners will make their photos look not as nice, but with TrioClear, the results are almost invisible with a true clear appearance

Clear aligners for maximized invisibility, perfect for your wedding shots

This clear aligner utilizes TrioDim Force™ technology, which minimizes the need for bumps or attachments and instead makes use of small indents inside the aligners. With this, your aligner truly becomes unnoticeable as it does not stain easily as it requires more frequent changes of your aligners, making it perfect for your wedding.

trioclear clear aligner

Super clear appearance of TrioClear™ aligners, literally invisible in wedding photos

TrioClear™ also takes comfort and safety seriously, not just aesthetic outcomes. You definitely do not want to be feeling uncomfortable during your big day! With the new 3-Step Aligner Technology, your customized TrioClear™ aligner will come in sets of three to offer different levels of thickness: soft, medium, and hard

Basically, you start with the thinnest one (soft; 0.5mm) and ease your way into the adjustment process. This way, you feel less pressure as your teeth undergo each stage of movement. And since this process entails changing into new aligners more frequently (3-9 days), you do not have to worry about bacterial buildup or staining. 

trioclear wedding

Building the brightest smile for your big day

What we like about TrioClear is that it helps provide you with a bright smile for your wedding, making your photos and videos look even more beautiful. Supported by Modern Dental, a global dental prosthetic device provider, and trusted by many professional dentists, TrioClear™ offers tailored services in over 25 countries. It’s no surprise that TrioClear™ is now one of the leading brands as every aligner that they produce is custom-made, tailored carefully to meet their patients’ needs. This is why TrioClear™ gives good results without sacrificing comfort. 

What’s also great about TrioClear™ is that it can solve a wide array of dental issues. Another defining feature of TrioClear™ is how it is made to partially fit over your gums, which is done to make sure that it can also protect your gums and not just your teeth.

Smart, convenient, and accommodating

If you are unfamiliar with clear aligners or invisible braces, you can sign up for their free smile assessments. Should you be skeptical about how a clear aligner can solve your dental issues, you can also get a 3D simulation of your treatment plan through consulting one of the TrioClear affiliated clinics. You can preview how your teeth will be moved throughout the process, how long it will take, how much it will cost, and how the final result will look. Your dentist can further explain the process, and adjustments can easily be made if required.

After consultation and simulation, the production of your customized aligners via high-end 3D printing and molding will ensue. You will receive your customized TrioClear™ aligner set with an inclusive sleek black case. Treatment will be monitored regularly by your dentist, and once you are done, you can maintain your beautiful smile with the Ecodont™ Retainers.

trioclear aligner case

Sturdy TrioClear™ aligner case for hygiene and convenience

For each treatment plan, prices and duration will vary, which is why their free consultation and 3D simulation are very convenient — you can gauge your needs without costing yourself a single cent! If you are planning on perfecting your smile before an important event such as your dream wedding, it is important to start the treatment right away as you plan for your wedding. This way, you can have the brightest smile in your pre-wedding photos and at the actual ceremony!

Why TrioClear:
  • Relatively more affordable than other invisible braces yet highly efficient ($3,500 – $4,500, as compared to market price range of around $6,000 – $8,000)*
  • Perfect for providing a gorgeous smile for your wedding day 
  • TrioDim Force™ for better invisibility and less probability of staining
  • Tailored to fit each customer perfectly for maximum comfort
  • 3-Step Aligner Technology for comfortable transition and prevention of bacteria buildup
  • Free assessment and 3D treatment plan simulation

*depends on the complexity of your case

TrioClear promo code:

Quote promo code TCWedding to the customer representative after submitting the free assessment to get:

  1. An exclusive TrioClear treatment price of $3,500 – $6,000, 
  2. Consultation fee of $280 inclusive of x-rays and 3D scan credited back when you commence treatment
  3. A FREE BlancOne Click Teeth Whitening Service (worth approx $600) if you confirm to commence treatment
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