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8 Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Japan | Best of Travel 2023

Choosing a family-friendly hotel in Japan ensures that your entire clan can revel in the rich tapestry of Japanese culture and hospitality. These establishments cater to families with spacious accommodations, kid-friendly amenities, and even cultural activities that provide an immersive experience for all ages. Moreover, Japan’s family-friendly hotels offer peace of mind, making your trip comfortable and memorable, so you can focus on creating cherished moments together. With an extensive variety of family-friendly hotels in the market, which then is the best family-friendly hotel in Japan? In our Best of Travel series, we introduce the 8 Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Japan, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.


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Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Japan (Summary)

  1. Hotel Okura Kyoto
  2. Swissotel Nankai Osaka
  3. The Westin Osaka
  4. Hoshinoya Tokyo
  5. Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel
  6. Hotel Granvia Kyoto
  7. Hilton Tokyo
  8. Club Med Tomamu – Hokkaido

Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Japan

1. Hotel Okura Kyoto

Hotel Okura Kyoto - Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan
Hotel Okura Kyoto – Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan

Spacious comfort in the heart of tradition

Hotel Okura Kyoto offers an exceptional experience for families with its thoughtfully designed family rooms. Nestled in the heart of the city, these spacious and comfortable accommodations are situated on the 9th to 12th floors, providing a serene and picturesque backdrop of Higashiyama mountains and city streets. Each family room boasts a generous 44 square meters of space, ensuring ample room for up to three to four people. The inviting bedroom is furnished with large beds, providing a restful night’s sleep, while the well-appointed bathroom comes equipped with a range of amenities, from toiletries to bath salts.Β 

Additionally, the hotel provides bathrobes, nightclothes, and slippers, ensuring that every member of the family feels right at home. Hotel Okura Kyoto’s family rooms offer a perfect blend of Kyoto’s charm and modern comforts, creating a tranquil and welcoming space for sharing unforgettable moments with loved ones in this culturally rich city.

  • Family rooms provide views of the Higashiyama mountains and city streets
  • Combines tradition and modern comfort with a welcoming space for families
Check out Hotel Okura Kyoto >

πŸ“ Japan, γ€’604-8558 Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, ζ²³εŽŸη”ΊεΎ‘ζ± 
πŸ“ž +81 75-211-5111
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2. Swissotel Nankai Osaka

Swissotel Nankai Osaka - Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan
Swissotel Nankai Osaka – Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan

Tailored family amenities

Swissotel Nankai Osaka goes the extra mile to ensure that families have a truly memorable and stress-free stay in the heart of Namba, Osaka. The highlight of this family-centric haven is the HOPPL Kids’ Grand Room, a collaborative effort with premium Japanese children’s furniture company HOPPL. This dedicated space is designed to cater to the unique needs of families, offering a range of thoughtful amenities. These amenities include a kid’s bed and baby bed, as well as baby bath facilities and even a kiddie bike. Parents can relax with peace of mind, knowing their little ones are well taken care of, allowing for quality family time in this deluxe accommodation. It’s a space where children can play, bond, and dream while enjoying their very own kiddie-sized comforts, making Swissotel Nankai Osaka the perfect destination for a family vacation.

  • The hotel partners with HOPPL, a premium Japanese children’s furniture company
  • The HOPPL Kids’ Grand Room is designed to meet the unique needs of families
Check out Swissotel Nankai Osaka >

πŸ“ 5 Chome-1-60 Nanba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0076, Japan
πŸ“ž +81 6-6646-1111
βœ‰οΈ osaka@swissotel.com
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3. The Westin Osaka

The Westin Osaka - Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan
The Westin Osaka – Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan

Embrace Japanese tradition and luxury

The Westin Osaka, a renowned luxury hotel nestled in the heart of the vibrant city of Osaka, Japan, is an oasis of comfort and elegance. It is a place where modern sophistication seamlessly blends with the rich cultural traditions of Japan. One of the standout accommodations within this esteemed establishment is the Japanese Suite. The Japanese Suite is uniquely characterized by its five comfortable futon beds, offering a distinctive experience that allows guests to immerse themselves in the country’s age-old sleeping traditions. Each futon is designed to provide a peaceful night’s sleep, embodying the perfect balance of comfort and authenticity.

Contemporary luxury and amenities

In addition to the five futon beds, the Japanese Suite boasts a range of amenities designed to enhance the guest experience. These include a Hinoki wooden bathtub for a traditional and rejuvenating bathing experience, a bidet, and a hair dryer. Guests can also enjoy modern conveniences such as high-speed internet and a 32-inch LCD TV with cable/satellite channels, including CNN.Β 

For those looking to indulge in the culinary delights of Osaka, room service is available, and a well-equipped mini fridge ensures that refreshments are always at hand. The suite is also thoughtfully furnished with a writing/work desk and electrical outlet, catering to both business and leisure travellers.

  • The Japanese suite offers an authentic Japanese sleeping experience
  • Hinoki wooden bathtub for a traditional and rejuvenating bathing experience
Check out The Westin Osaka >

πŸ“ Japan, γ€’531-0076 Osaka, Kita Ward, Oyodonaka, 1 Chomeβˆ’1βˆ’20 新撅田シティ内
πŸ“ž +81 6-6440-1111
βœ‰οΈ information@westinosaka.com
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4. Hoshinoya Tokyo

Hoshinoya Tokyo - Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan
Hoshinoya Tokyo – Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan

Luxurious tranquillity

Hoshinoya Tokyo stands as a luminous gem in the bustling heart of Japan’s capital, offering a distinct and captivating blend of traditional Japanese elegance and contemporary luxury. This remarkable ryokan-style hotel, nestled amidst the towering skyscrapers of Tokyo’s Otemachi district, seamlessly marries the past with the present to create a one-of-a-kind urban sanctuary. Hoshinoya Tokyo redefines the concept of hospitality, providing guests with an authentic Japanese cultural experience, from its exquisite architectural design to its meticulous attention to detail.

Among the various exceptional room options at Hoshinoya Tokyo, the “Kiku” (Executive Triple) is a true embodiment of opulence and tranquillity. Kiku is a rare and spacious corner retreat, boasting an abundance of features that epitomize the hotel’s commitment to luxury and comfort.

A haven of spacious serenity and modern elegance

Upon entering a Kiku room, guests are welcomed by soft, natural sunlight streaming through traditional Japanese paper window screens. These south-facing corner rooms are designed to provide a serene ambience, offering respite from the bustling urban landscape just beyond. Kiku is notably larger than many other rooms at Hoshinoya Tokyo, ensuring that guests have plenty of space to unwind and rejuvenate.

Kiku rooms are thoughtfully furnished with a dining table, a small desk, and a generously sized sofa that invites relaxation, even to the extent of allowing guests to recline comfortably. The bathroom is equally indulgent, featuring a deep bathtub, perfect for a traditional Japanese soak, as well as a shower stall for those seeking a quick refreshment. Notably, the windows in the bathroom can be opened, allowing the cool Tokyo breezes to gently waft in, enhancing the overall sense of tranquillity.

Modern comfort meets traditional elegance

For those seeking a traditional Japanese sleeping experience, Kiku accommodates up to three Japanese futons, which can be elegantly laid out on the bed stand. These futons provide a unique and restful way to experience Japanese hospitality, and they’re just one of the many touches that make Kiku at Hoshinoya Tokyo an unforgettable destination.

Hoshinoya Tokyo’s Kiku room is not just a place to stay. It is an experience that immerses guests in the beauty and serenity of Japanese culture while providing the utmost in modern comfort. It is a choice that defines luxury and elegance in the heart of Tokyo. Please take note that only kids 12 years old and above are allowed in this executive suite.

  • Kiku is a rare and spacious corner retreat that embodies luxury and tranquillity
  • The room can accommodate up to three Japanese futons that can be laid out on the bedstand
Check out Hoshinoya Tokyo >

πŸ“ 1 Chome-9-1 Ōtemachi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan
πŸ“ž +81 50-3134-8091
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5. Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel

Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel - Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan
Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel – Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan

Unparalleled comfort and elegance

The Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel offers an exceptional room experience that sets it apart as one of the premier accommodations in Nagoya, Japan. With a focus on spaciousness, modernity, and luxurious design, each room is a haven of comfort and relaxation. From high-speed internet access to panoramic views of the city through large windows, guests can unwind in style. The hotel ensures that every room is equipped with essential amenities, including a hot water pot and an ironing board.Β 

What’s more, the inclusion of bidet toilets in every room adds a touch of convenience and sophistication. With no low-floored rooms, guests can revel in the elevated experience of staying on the 20th floor and above, providing a unique perspective of the bustling city below. Whether for business or leisure, the rooms at Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel promise a modern and spacious retreat for discerning travellers.

  • The hotel caters to both business and leisure travellers
Check out Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel >

πŸ“ 1 Chome-1-4 Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya,
Aichi 450-6002, Japan
πŸ“ž +81 52-584-1111
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6. Hotel Granvia Kyoto

Hotel Granvia Kyoto - Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan
Hotel Granvia Kyoto – Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan

Luxury, space, and comfort in the heart of Kyoto

Hotel Granvia Kyoto’s family rooms are designed to provide families with a comfortable and spacious retreat in the heart of Kyoto. These generously sized rooms, covering an area of 62 square meters, offer the perfect accommodation for larger families or groups, with the capacity to host up to five guests. Featuring four beds and one convertible bed, these rooms ensure that every family member has a cosy place to rest after a day of exploration. The panoramic view of the Higashiyama Mountains adds a touch of natural beauty to the room’s ambience.Β 

Additionally, the separate bath, toilet, and dressing area enhance convenience for families, and the inclusion of dual sinks in the bathroom ensures efficient use of the facilities. With a maximum occupancy of 5 people, Hotel Granvia Kyoto’s family rooms combine luxury and practicality, creating a memorable experience for families visiting this historic city.

  • Spacious accommodation perfect for larger families and groups
  • Guests can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Higashiyama Mountains
Check out Hotel Granvia Kyoto >

πŸ“ Japan, γ€’600-8216 Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward, Higashishiokojicho,
901, Kyoto Station Building, ε†…
πŸ“ž +81 75-344-8888
βœ‰οΈ hotel@granvia-kyoto.co.jp
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7. Hilton Tokyo

Hilton Tokyo - Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan
Hilton Tokyo – Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan

The perfect choice for a memorable family vacation

The Hilton Tokyo Hotel caters to families seeking a spacious and convenient lodging option with their well-appointed rooms. Designed with families in mind, these rooms offer ample space and comfort for parents and children to relax and unwind. Triple rooms typically feature a combination of a double bed and an additional single bed or rollaway bed, providing ample sleeping arrangements for the whole family. With modern amenities, such as an en-suite bathroom, in-room entertainment, and complimentary Wi-Fi, families can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable stay together. The hotel’s central location in Shinjuku makes it easy for families to explore Tokyo’s attractions and return to a welcoming and family-friendly environment at the end of the day. It is the perfect choice for a memorable family vacation in the heart of Tokyo.

  • Situated in the bustling Shinjuku district of Tokyo offers easy access to various locations
  • Family-friendly and welcoming environment
Check out Hilton Tokyo >

πŸ“ 6 Chome-6-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku City,
Tokyo 160-0023, Japan
πŸ“ž +81 3-3344-5111
βœ‰οΈ tokyo@hilton.com
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8. Club Med Tomamu – Hokkaido

Club Med Tomamu - Hokkaido - Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan
Club Med Tomamu – Hokkaido – Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Japan

Family-friendly comfort and space

The family rooms at Club Med Tomamu in Hokkaido offer a welcoming and comfortable haven for families seeking an unforgettable mountain resort experience. The thoughtfully designed spacious accommodations cater to the needs of families of various sizes, providing both parents and children the space and comfort they require. Family suites often feature a separate living area and bedroom, with the living space equipped with a sofa bed or additional beds to ensure a restful night’s sleep for all.Β 

With the beautiful Hokkaido landscape as your backdrop, Club Med Tomamu’s family rooms offer the perfect setting for a memorable family vacation in Japan.

  • Family rooms are equipped with amenities tailored to children’s needs
  • Access to excellent ski slopes and snowboarding areas
  • Childcare services and kids’ clubs ensure a fantastic experience for families
Check out Club Med Tomamu >

πŸ“ 2171-2 Nakatomamu, Shimukappu, Yufutsu District,
Hokkaido 079-2204, Japan
πŸ“ž +81 167-56-9800
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We hope that our guide on the 8 Best Family-Friendly in Japan has helped you to buy the best family-friendly hotel in Japan for your memorable family vacation. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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