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7 Best Lo Hei in Singapore | Best of Lifestyle 2023

One of the highlights of the Chinese New Year, lo hei, is the act of tossing yusheng or Cantonese-style raw fish. This term is Cantonese for ‘tossing up’ and is with yusheng which is composed of raw fish strips, mixed vegetables, sauces, and other ingredients. This tradition is done with friends and family in the home or in restaurants to welcome the new year with prosperity and togetherness. With an extensive variety of lo hei restaurants in the market, which then is the best lo hei in Singapore? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 7 Best Lo Hei in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

This post was last updated on 16 March 2023.

Table of Contents:

  • Best Lo Hei Singapore
    1. Wan He Lou
    2. Famous Treasure
    3. Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant
    4. Cherry Garden
    5. Si Chuan Dou Hua (Beach Road)
    6. Hua Ting
    7. Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

7 Best Lo Hei Singapore

1. Wan He Lou

Wan He Lou Best Lo Hei Singapore
Wan He Lou – Best Lo Hei in Singapore

Affordable and delicious Chinese cuisine

Are you looking for traditional Chinese dishes that not only are delicious but also fit your budget? Then Wan He Lou should definitely be the place to go. Sitting in the heart of the famous Jalan Besar Heritage Trail, it is the ideal place to grab a bite while out and enjoying what the city has to offer. While in the restaurant, you should also try their famous and signature lobster porridge soup. This porridge is cooked in the Teochew style with a rich golden soup and is enhanced with lobster roe and a bright springy lobster. It is then topped with fresh spring onions and results in a comforting and refreshing dish.

Special yusheng for lo hei

For the lunar new year, we love that Wan He Lou releases a special menu with Treasures of the Sea Yusheng. This set features tender abalones alongside shredded carrots and green and white radishes as well as sesame seeds and crushed peanuts. It also has pepper and five-spice powder together with golden crackers and plum sauce. You can also order some of their other delicious dishes that range from vegetables to seafood to poultry. These dishes include the restaurant’s Crispy Lotus with Salted Egg, Crocodile Soup, and Salted Turnips Cod Fish, to name a few. Because of these dishes, you will definitely have a celebration to remember!

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📍 65 Maude Rd, Singapore 208347
📞 +65 8189 9755 | +65 6294 8057
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2. Famous Treasure

Famous Treasure Best Lo Hei Singapore
Famous Treasure – Lo Hei Singapore

Modern Nanyang cuisine with nostalgic flavours

Since opening in 2018, Famous Treasure has dedicated itself to serving mouth-watering Nanyang dishes with a modern flair. Their techniques result in dishes that combine nostalgic and modern flavours that will suit the discerning palate of any foodie. Some examples of their dishes include Peking Duck, Traditional Fish Head Curry in Claypot, and Wok-fried Squid with Cincalok and Lady’s Finger. The restaurant also features its rendition of lo hei through the Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng. This dish is composed of fresh salmon, assorted shredded vegetables, seasonings, and sauces. It is also ordered in advance and has two sizes that can serve 6 or 10 people which is more than enough for the lunar new year. 

In addition to their yusheng, Famous Treasure has a menu that is filled to the brim with delicious traditional dishes. From simple appetisers to filling main courses and delectable desserts, you will definitely leave the restaurant feeling full and satisfied. Furthermore, the restaurant offers live seafood dishes which include Boston lobster and Alaskan crab. These dishes are ordered in advance and can be cooked to your preferred style.

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📍 13 Stamford Rd, #02-28 Capitol Singapore, Singapore 178905
📞+65 6881 6668 | +65 97307548
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3. Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant

Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant Best Lo Hei Singapore
Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant – Best Lo Hei Singapore

Delicious meals with a relaxing ambience

Combining classic recipes with modern innovation, Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant is an ideal restaurant for dining with family and friends. Their decor and setting evoke a relaxing aura which improves their visitors’ dining experience. For lo hei, you can make a reservation and have them prepare traditional yusheng with fresh fish, vegetables, and seasonings. You can make your meal even more special by ordering the filling dishes from their special dim sum menu and set menu. Additionally, the restaurant has a private dining area which also comes with a bespoke menu. With their quality dishes, relaxing restaurant atmosphere, and attentive staff, it is no wonder why they are a popular spot for everyday meals and private dining.

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📍50 East Coast Road, Marine Parade Rd, Roxy Square, Singapore 428769
📞 +65 6340 5678
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4. Cherry Garden

Cherry Garden
Cherry Garden – Singapore Lo Hei

Quality fine dining in an elegant setting

Level up your lunar new year celebration when you get a table at Cherry Garden in Mandarin Oriental. This Chinese restaurant has an airy and wood-rich dining room that simply exudes elegance and regality. Moreover, they offer traditional Cantonese dishes such as congee and dim sum as well as novelty dishes like Sha Cha which is made from Australian beef. For the lunar new year, Cherry Garden brings customers its unique take on lo hei through special yusheng platters. Their guests can opt for the healthy and fruit-based Garden of Health Yu Sheng with fresh and refreshing ingredients or spoil themselves with the premium Triumph Yu Sheng with caviar and black truffle. Regardless of which yusheng you choose, your lo hei will definitely be a memorable welcome to the new year.

Check out Cherry Garden >

📍  5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Singapore 039797
📞 +65 6885 3500
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5. Si Chuan Dou Hua (Beach Road)

Si Chuan Dou Hua (Beach Road)
Si Chuan Dou Hua (Beach Road) – Best Lo Hei in Singapore

Award-winning decor and expertly made dishes

For a truly exquisite dining experience, you should definitely reserve a table at Si Chuan Dou Hua on Beach Road. Recognised for its award-winning decor, this restaurant features Asian artefacts, gold lattices, and an eye-catching oriental garden. In addition to the beautiful decor, this restaurant serves authentic Sichuan cuisine such as “Chong Qing” Diced Chicken. Additionally, they have a wide array of Cantonese delicacies and dim sum for customers to enjoy. In the lunar new year, you can make your lo hei even better with the special yusheng made by Si Chuan Dou Hua. This dish combines the restaurant’s signature “La Zi Ji” and smoked salmon which results in a mouth-watering dish that will definitely satisfy your tastebuds.

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📍7500 Beach Rd, Singapore 199591
📞 +65 3138 6711
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6. Hua Ting

Hua Ting
Hua Ting – Lo Hei Singapore

Traditional recipes with modern influences

The Hua Ting restaurant in the Millenium Hotel has been recognised by the Michelin Guide for its excellency since 1992. This recognition is due to their authentic Cantonese cuisine with refined flavours and superb service. While using classic recipes, the restaurant also prides itself in catering to the preferences of both old and new generations of customers. If you plan on having your lo hei in their restaurant, then be prepared to indulge in fresh vegetables, mouth-watering fish and seafood, and flavourful sauces. Additionally, you, your friends, and your family should try the restaurant’s timeless signature dishes, roasted meats, and home-crafted dim sum. 

Check out Hua Ting >

📍 Orchard Hotel Singapore, Level 2, 442 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238879
📞 +65 6739 6666
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7. Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant
Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant – Best Lo Hei in Singapore

A fine-dining Chinese restaurant on Orchard Road

Sitting inside the luxurious Marriott Hotel on Orchard Road is the renowned Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant. This restaurant serves classic Cantonese dishes made from only the freshest premium ingredients in the market as well as an array of wines. In addition to its spacious dining area, the restaurant also offers several private dining spaces for more intimate celebrations. To truly make your lunar new year celebration special, you can reserve the restaurant’s Grand Ballroom and order from their special set menu. For your lo hei, the restaurant’s yusheng not only has fresh vegetables and an assortment of seasonings but also lobster, salmon, scallops, tuna, and caviar. To complete the feast, guests can also try their Deep-fried Lobster with Champagne Honey Sauce and Roast Suckling Pig.

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📍 Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, 320 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238865
📞 +65 6831 4605
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