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12 Best Chinese New Year (CNY) Hampers and Gift Sets for 2023 in Singapore

The Chinese New Year is a cultural and historical event. As a result, this festive occasion is celebrated as a time of generosity. For this reason, it has been a tradition to give gifts to Chinese families and friends. But with an extensive variety of new year gift sets and hampers in the market, which then is the best CNY hamper and gift set in Singapore? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 12 Best CNY Hampers and Gift Sets in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

This article was last updated on 19 January 2023.

Table of Contents

  • Best Chinese New Year CNY Hampers and Gift Sets
  1. Chinese New Year Hampers from BearloonSG
  2. SunnyHills
  3. Simply Hamper CNY Hampers
  4. Eu Yan Sang Abalone Gift Set
  5. Goji Berry Snow Fungus Bird’s Nest
  6. Fortune Gift Hamper from Noel Gifts
  7. Chocoelf CNY Special Chocolate Mahjong Box
  8. All Things Delicious CNY Gift Baskets
  9. Janice Wong CNY Hamper Tea Time
  10. Hummings Auspicious Bundle Gift Hamper
  11. Noel Gifts Evergreen Blessings CNY Hamper Gift
  12. Kinohimitsu Abalone in Braised Sauce

Best CNY Hamper and Gift Set in Singapore

1. Chinese New Year Hampers from BearloonSG

BearloonSG - Best Chinese New Year (CNY) Hampers and Gift Sets for 2023 in Singapore

Extensive variety of gift options to choose from

A one-stop gift shop for all your gifting needs, BearloonSG offers balloons, floral gifts, and trendy and modern-looking hampers for various occasions. You will have lots of choices for Chinese New Year, but what we especially love is their abalone hampers. Abalone is commonly associated with wealth and good luck, so gifting a hamper with abalone means that you are wishing the receiver a prosperous year ahead. You may consider gifting their 3D Fortune Cat Hamper, which comes with a  Japanese Breed Tiger King Yoshihama Abalone, a Cai Shen Ye Plush, and even a Fortune Cat balloon to wish your loved ones (or bosses and colleagues too!) great wealth and abundance throughout the year. You may also get abalone hampers with a Lucky Rabbit or a Cai Shen Ye balloon.

Flowers such as Willow and Orchids are also great for Chinese New Year, especially when you are planning to send out gifts to a lot of people. Willow symbolises the coming of Spring with growth and prosperity while Orchids represent wealth and fertility. As such, BearloonSG offers pink and red prosperity willows (with flowers that could last for up to a year!), and Phalaenopsis, a Butterfly orchid that is said to bring happiness, vitality, and longevity. Really beautiful! 

Personalisation options

Aside from the wide variety of choices, what we love the most about BearloonSG is how they incorporate personalisation into all of their products. You can even add some LED lights on your hampers! Personalised gifts are always more memorable and heartfelt. Moreover,BearloonSG has a quick turnaround time even for personalised gifts and they’re able to prepare your order in just a day. Best of all, they can deliver it on the same day, and for free, too! 

Check out BearloonSG >
 BearloonSG | +65 8383 3104
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2. SunnyHills

Sunnyhills - Best Chinese New Year 2023 Goodies in Singapore

100% all-natural ingredients

Committed to only using all-natural and fresh ingredients, SunnyHills is not just your ordinary bakery where you can buy your CNY faves. They source their pineapples directly from responsible farmers in Taiwan and ensure that the pineapples are organic and non-genetically modified. This results in pineapple cakes that are oh so delicious that you can savour every bite! They do the same for their other best-selling CNY goodies; Kougyoku apples for their apple cakes come from Aomori Ken, Japan while D24 Durians for their durian treats are from Pahang, Malaysia. True enough, they are the definition of a Farm-Bakery-Store concept.

Having such high-quality ingredients is already a plus, yet SunnyHills sets the bar even higher by having a baker slash founder with over 60 years of professional baking experience. They also constantly work with award-winning chefs such as chef Danny Ho (aka China’s Durian Prince) and Kanjiro Mochizuki. With all these, you will know for sure why they say that their cakes taste like sunshine. 

Best for gifts

SunnyHills offer your usual CNY favourites, but if you ask us, we highly recommend that you purchase their gift sets. Not only are they perfect gifts for your loved ones, they are also your best bets in having a taste of their best sellers. Not to mention the packaging that looks so elegant too! This Lucky No 8 CNY Gift Set is actually one of our favourites because it is a gift filled with blessings of abundance and prosperity. The pineapple cakes are heavenly – no wonder why SunnyHills is usually called the #1 Pineapple Cake manufacturer in the world. Do also check out their tea & coffee sets, which will perfectly match your CNY 2023 goodies for sure!

For offline purchases, SunnyHills will also be available exclusively at Fairprice Finest this CNY 2023. Do visit there (or their other stores) if you are looking for tasty CNY goodies made from high-quality and natural ingredients. And if you do buy, SunnyHills will also have lucky draws to win 4 return tickets (worth $2,150) to Taipei on the premium Starlux Airlines.

Check out SunnyHills > 

3. Simply Hamper CNY Hampers

CNY Hampers
Best CNY Hamper Singapore – Simply Hamper

Simply Hamper has a wide selection of gift sets and hampers suitable for all occasions. However, we particularly loved their CNY hamper special sets.  What’s even better is that you won’t have a problem finding a gift hamper that perfectly fits your budget, because these CNY hampers come in a variety of price ranges. From the budget-friendly options, we love the Snack 1 Joyful Reunion hamper, which includes treats like shrimp rolls and pineapple tarts to ring in the new year with joy and luck. The bundle includes a personalised gift card and is available for as low as $88, making it an ideal gift for loved ones.

If you haven’t been able to come up with an idea for what to give for this year’s Chinese New Year, don’t worry; Simple Hamper’s angpaos are a much simpler alternative. Along with any hamper purchase, you can get a $10 voucher and a set of designer angpaos (for free while supplies last). There is nothing we like more than this gorgeous angpaos and we think they are perfect for giving too.  As well as that, there are many ongoing promotions on their website that are well-timed for Chinese New Year this year, so be sure to check them all out on their website to see what’s on offer.

Why buy this:
  • Special CNY gifts that come in budget-friendly options
  • Includes premium treats
  • Also comes with a personalised gift card
Check price on Simply Hamper >

4. Eu Yan Sang Abalone Gift Set – CNY Hamper

abalone gift sets
Eu Yan Sang Abalone Gift Set – Best CNY Hamper in Singapore

Abalone, often known as a sea snail, symbolises good fortune. In fact, this seafood is a must-have item for Chinese New Year, as well as a delicacy present at family dinners. Start the new year right with this Eu Yun Sang Abalone Gift Set that features premium-grade abalones and superior broth. Moreover, we find it amazing how there are no artificial colourings and preservatives in this sumptuous set! Indeed, the recipient will undeniably have the best gastronomical satisfaction when celebrating the Lunar New Year. In particular, the Eu Yan Sang Signature Premium Scallop Fish Maw Soup’s recipe is specially formulated by a chef. On that note, the recipient should expect nothing less than heavenly taste when getting this Abalone Gift Set for the Chinese New Year!

Why buy this:
  • First grade abalone
  • No preservatives and artificial colourings
  • Heavenly taste
Check price on Shopee >

5. Eu Yan Sang Goji Berry Snow Fungus Bird’s Nest

Best CNY Hamper Singapore
Eu Yan Sang Goji Berry Snow Fungus Bird’s Nest – Best CNY Hampers Singapore

This Lunar New Year gift takes pride in its sweet taste and neutral taste – neither too cooling nor heavy. What is more, we find it remarkable how this Eu Yan Sang Goji Berry Snow Fungus Bird’s Nest is suitable for all ages, even for new mothers and recovering patients! Not to mention the use of Goji Berry has been well-acknowledged for over 2000 years. Given that, if you decide to give this as a gift, you will welcome the new beginning ahead while still embracing traditions. On another note, Snow Fungus is considered an essential herb utilised by Chinese nobility and royalty as a longevity tonic. Indeed, you will be giving a gastronomical delight that helps make the skin glow if you decide to go for Eu Yan Sang’s Goji Berry Snow Fungus Bird’s Nest as a CNY gift.

Why buy this:
  • 100% natural
  • Makes the skin glow
  • No artificial flavours
Check price on Shopee >

6. Fortune Gift Hamper from Noel Gifts 

CNY Hamper
Fortune Gift Hamper from Noel Gifts – Best CNY Hampers in Singapore

Noel Gifts is truly a one-stop-shop for your holiday gift shopping — particularly for the Lunar New Year! Another great Chinese New Year gift set they offer is their Fortune Gift Hamper. We like how this heartwarming Chinese New Year present unfolds a pleasant delight to the recipients. To illustrate, this product has a stunning golden shimmer on the outside and stylish Kumquat patterns on the inside. Furthermore, this hamper is a bundle of Fortune Razor Clams, Fried Fish Maw, Fatt Choy, and Bamboo House Mango Jelly. Plus, this product also includes Best Bird’s Nest with White Fungus, American Ginseng & Rock Sugar. Additionally, customers get Fortune Abalone Sauce, Sanwa Dried Fish Fillet, Camel Salted Cashew Nuts, and Wang San Yang Chinese Tea. Indeed, Conveying your wishes for prosperity is made elegant and convenient with Noel Gifts’ Fortune Gift Hamper!

Why buy this:
  • Unfolds a pleasant delight
  • Elegant and convenient
  • Stunning packaging
Check price on Shopee > | Lazada >

7. CHOCOELF CNY SPECIAL Chocolate Mahjong Box

Chocolate Mahjong Box
Best CNY Hamper and Gift Set Singapore – Chocoelf CNY Special Chocolate Mahjong Box

Chocolates are associated with well-wishes of a rich and sweet life. Moreover, Mahjong is a traditional activity that allows friends and family to bond for long hours. Not to mention this is the perfect game to play and welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year! On that note, you will not go wrong in getting this CHOCOELF CNY SPECIAL Chocolate Mahjong Box as a festive gift. Additionally, we admire how these pralines are moulded to resemble Mahjong tiles flawlessly. In particular, the pieces are made with delectable dark chocolate and enclosed with vanilla white chocolate. Indeed, this Mahjong box certainly makes for a decadent and festive gift perfect for the Chinese New Year!

Why buy this:
  • Will bring joy to the recipient’s home
  • Perfect Chinese New Year Gift for Mahjong players
  • Guaranteed flavourful
Check price on Shopee >

8. All Things Delicious CNY Hamper Gift Baskets

gift baskets
All Things Delicious CNY Hamper Gift Baskets – Best CNY Hamper and Gift Set in Singapore

Nothing beats a good bundle of goodies for the new year, and All Things Delicious has one for you. It certainly lives up to its name since this beautifully put-together gift basket includes their beloved cookies, little cake, organic tea, and mandarin oranges-literally all delicious stuff.  Also, we liked how they were presented in a natural wicker basket with a blessing (“fortune” or “good luck”). So with this gift set, your loved ones can definitely usher in a brand new year of abundance and prosperity!

Why buy this:
  • Treats are customisable
  • Includes a lot of premium goodies
Check price on All Things Delicious >

9. Janice Wong CNY Hamper Tea Time

CNY Hamper tea
Janice Wong CNY Hamper Tea Time – Best CNY Hamper Singapore

Know somebody who’s a caffeine junkie? Then you can send them a box for Chinese New Year! Janice Wong’s CNY Tea Time Hamper includes pineapple balls, coconut curry bars, and coffee drip bags. They are sure to enjoy these treats, especially during afternoon catch-ups! Additionally, the packaging is absolutely beautiful, so those with exquisite taste will surely appreciate this gift.

Why buy this:
  • Perfect for caffeine lovers
  • Exquisite packaging
Check price on Janice Wong >

10. Hummings Auspicious Bundle Gift Hamper

Humming Bundle Gift
Hummings Auspicious Bundle Gift Hamper – Best CNY Hamper in Singapore

Another CNY hamper that we like is the Chinese New Year Auspicious Bundle from Hummings. It is also packed with lots of treats suitable for the holiday like abalones, abalone sauce, tea, gummies, dried fruits, and more! What’s more, the hamper comes in eye-catching designs that are guaranteed to suit the festive occasion. And with so many items included in a single gift set, we think this one gives great value for your money.

Why buy this:
  • Eye-catching package design
  • Great value for money
Check price on Hummings >

11. Noel Gifts Evergreen Blessings CNY Hamper Royalty

best CNY Hamper
Noel Gifts Evergreen Blessings CNY Hamper Royalty – Best CNY Hamper and Gift Set Singapore

You can certainly make your loved ones feel like royalty with this Royalty CNY Hamper from Noel Gifts. The gift set stands magnificently tall and grand, with delicious abalones and a bottle or two of liquor each will promise your recipients a roaring good time. And among many treats included in the bundle, Eiffel Tower Courriere French Brandy XO is sure to stand out!

Why buy this:
  • Includes premium liquors
  • Loaded with delicious goodies
Check price on Shopee >

12. Kinohimitsu Abalone in Braised Sauce 

Kinohimitsu Abalone in Braised Sauce – Best CNY Hampers and Gift Sets Singapore

We like how this best-selling Imperial Braised Japanese Abalone from Kinohimitsu uses only outstanding quality Japanese Abalone. What is more, this makes a wonderful and flavourful gift during the festive Lunar celebration. Additionally, the secret sauce promises to wow the recipient’s palates as it is made with old hens stewed for 72 hours. Given that, you can expect nothing short of an aromatic and sweet present for CNY. Indeed, buying this Abalone in Braised Sauce is a great way to send Chinese New Year greetings to family, friends, and business colleagues!

Why buy this:
  • Flavourful gift
  • Juicy and tender texture of Abalone
  • Premium quality is guaranteed
Check price on Shopee > | Lazada >

Chinese New Year is indeed a festive spring celebration. But more importantly, this event is commemorated to honour ancestors, family households, and divine deities. So giving new year presents in the form of hampers will show your heartfelt well-wishes during this holiday. With that said, we hope that our guide on the 12 Best Chinese New Year (CNY) Hampers and Gift Sets for 2023 in Singapore has helped you to buy the best new year gift set and hamper in Singapore for your joyous Chinese New Year celebration. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.

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