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13 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones in Singapore | Best of Tech 2023

If you are an audiophile, then listening to music is probably a regular part of your daily routine. However, the experience is not so fulfilling when you often get too distracted. In that case, you may need to get a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to block out ambient noise so that you can fully immerse yourself in music. Noise-cancelling headphones are perfect for those who often travel or ride public transit as they could give you peace that you never thought you needed before. With an extensive variety of noise-cancelling headphones in Singapore, which then is the best pair of noise-cancelling headphones in Singapore? In our Best of Tech series, we have curated the latest 13 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones in Singapore, providing quality recommendations to suit your tech needs and budget.

This article was last updated on 5 June 2023.

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13 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones in Singapore

1. Razer Kraken V3 Pro

Razer Kraken V3 Pro Noise-Cancelling Headphones Singapore
Razer Kraken V3 Pro – Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones Singapore

A top-tier immersive audio experience

Razer remained one of the best brands for gaming and streaming, and with their recent Razer Kraken V3 Pro — they exceeded expectations. We love how this boasts of a clear and immersive audio experience that allows users to spend hours of play without any distractions (on the user and listener end). Furthermore, this also promotes seamless collaboration which can also help them leverage competitively and win more in games and in life.

Besides this, they also designed this with lightweight materials and plush memory foam ear cushions. You can now say goodbye to sore ears or discomfort since this feels like a cloud hugging your ears. Its pick-up pattern is unidirectional and this is also equipped with a detachable HyperClear SuperCardioid for improved sound. Since this is lighted with RGB, it can last you up from 10 to 44 hours. This is also compatible with different devices such as PC, laptops, mobile phones, Nintendo Switch, consoles, and others.

Why buy this: 
  • Up to 44 hours of non-stop listening
  • A clear and immersive audio experience
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Detachable HyperClear SuperCardioid
  • Compatible with many devices
Check prices on Razer, Shopee, and Lazada >

2. Razer Barracuda Pro

Razer Barracuda Pro Noise-Cancelling Headphone Singapore
Razer Barracuda Pro – Best Noise-Cancelling Headphone Singapore

Elevate usual gaming to pro

Equipped with the game-changing tech of today in terms of audio, Razer Barracuda Pro is truly one of the best in Singapore. This boasts an amazing sound that can elevate how you not only play but also how you connect with people around you. Moreover, we love that this is built with comfort in mind that alleviates the user from usual ear soreness through its oval ear cushions made with light and breathable materials. Its memory foam base can surely hold your ears comfortably in place and keep you focused from external distractions.

At the same time, this is also built with Razer™ HyperClear Super Wideband Mic that picks up sound unidirectional. You can also bring this with you anywhere at any time because of its Razer™ HyperSpeed Wireless Technology that keeps the connection from breaking and still consistent throughout. Compatible with many devices and equipment, this can also keep you company for up to 70 hours.

Why buy this: 
  • Razer™ HyperClear Super Wideband Mic
  • Razer™ HyperSpeed Wireless Technology
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Can last up to 70 hours
  • Comfortable because of Pressure-Relieving Memory Foam
Check prices on Razer, Shopee, and Lazada >

Other recommended Razer Barracuda products:

Razer Barracuda

Razer Barraccuda Noise Cancelling Headphones Singapore
Razer Barraccuda – Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Singapore
Value for money through impressive soundstage and durability

Enjoy an amazing dynamic soundstage that allows you to appreciate gaming with impressive clarity. You can hear each audio detail in crisp effect — perfect especially for an intense gaming experience. Moreover, this assures you a comfortable experience through its oval ear cups supported with high-quality memory foam. You can also adjust the headband to suit your head shape and ensure a snug fit to alleviate discomfort.

Light and durable, these headphones are made to last for quite some time and stay on top of their game despite daily use. No need to also worry about distractions since this comes with noise-isolating ear cups that create a barrier from the external environment which allows us to immerse ourselves fully in the game. Since this is also wireless, you can grab this anywhere you go and keep your gaming experience still the best.

Why buy this:
  • Weighs approximately 300 g
  • With noise-isolating ear cups
  • Comfortable and with an adjustable headband
  • High-quality audio
Check price on Razer and Shopee >

3. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Bose Noise Cancelling 700 Singapore
Bose Noise Cancelling 700 – Best Headphones Singapore

11 levels of active noise cancelling

The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 is simply within a class of its own. Its 11 levels of active noise cancelling are one of the industry’s best, so you can freely enjoy your favourite music and podcasts, as well as take videos and calls without distractions. The headphones can also pair with two devices at once, so you can quickly go from listening on your phone to taking a Zoom call on your laptop. 

Moreover, the headphones deliver up to 20 hours of wireless play on just a single charge, which is more than enough for an intercountry flight or a super long bus ride. If your headphones are running low on power, a quick 15-minute charge will provide you with additional 2 hours to keep your favourites playing all day long.

Premium design and comfort

What’s more, is that the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 looks as good as it sounds. The luxury is in the details, after all. The headphones’ ear cushions are made from plush protein leather for ultra-long listening sessions, while the earcups are tilted a few degrees to mirror the anatomy of the human head and ears. The sleek design also allows the headphones to fit comfortably on your head with a bonus of soft-silicone-covered foam for less listening fatigue.

Hands-free controls for seamless use 

We also love how these Bose headphones offer voice controls via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for the ultimate convenience. Other than switching to your preferred song, the voice assistant can also help you out with some of your daily activities like checking out the weather and getting directions. In fact, these Bose headphones also have a One-touch listen to Spotify feature where you can access your last session with just a single tap – really helpful if you are always on the go!

Why buy this: 
  • Up to 20 hours of non-stop listening
  • Voice controls via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Intuitive touch control on the ear pads 
  • Bluetooth connection within up to 30 feet
  • Can be paired with Bose soundbars for a different listening experience
Check price on Shopee, Lazada, and >

4. Sony WH-1000XM4

Sony WH-1000XM4 Singapore
Sony WH-1000XM4 – Best Headphones Singapore

Packed with smart features 

Voted as one of the best noise-cancelling headphones in 2021 by Techradar, the Sony WH-1000XM4 promises you a listening experience like no other. These headphones utilise an array of smart technologies so you can enjoy a seamless, hands-free listening experience wherever you go. For instance, its Speak-to-Chat feature automatically pauses your music after hearing you say “Excuse me”, allowing you to conduct a decent conversation with others. The headphones will let ambient sounds for a while, and once your chat is over, the music will immediately start playing again. 

If you want to hear your companion better, you may opt to remove the headphones. Its built-in sensors will detect the action and stop playing music to help save battery power. Furthermore, the Sony WH-1000XM4 also features an Adaptive Sound Control that automatically adjusts to whatever you do. The headphones can sense where you are and what you are currently doing, then adjusts the ambient sound settings for an ideal listening experience every time you have them on.

Optimised noise cancelling performance

Other than its impressive smart features, the noise-cancelling performance of the Sony WH-1000XM4 is very noteworthy. In fact, these headphones incorporate two technologies to make the experience even better. First, the Personal Noise-Canceling Optimizer tailors the sound specifically to your taste. Then, the Atmospheric-Pressure Optimizing which is specially designed for optimum sound at high altitudes – perfect if you often travel on air.

Why buy this:
  • Adaptive sound control
  • With super-soft, pressure-relieving ear pads for all-day comfort
  • Up to 30 hours of battery life
  • Fast charging – additional 5 hours for every 10-min charge
  • Hands-free controls via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Can be paired with 2 devices at the same time
Check price on Shopee, Lazada, and >

5. Razer Blackshark V2 Pro

Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Best Gaming Headphones Singapore
Razer Blackshark V2 Pro – Best Gaming Headphones Singapore

Bringing out your competitive edge

A powerful tool that will elevate your gaming performance, Razer Blackshark V2 Pro is here for you. This is packed with features that will impressively elevate your gameplay like never before. Equipped with THX Spatial Audio technology, these Blackshark V2 Pro headphones deliver a truly immersive sound experience. It also has built-in precise positional audio that allows you to accurately react swiftly and have the upper hand in competitive gameplay.

Furthermore, it also comes with a detachable Razer HyperClear Supercardioid microphone which transmits crystal clear to your teammates that ensure seamless communication over the internet. Compatible with many devices, you can pair it depending on what you’re using and not switch from one headphone to another.

Why buy this: 
  • Razer HyperClear Supercardioid microphone
  • THX Spatial Audio technology
  • An immersive experience in terms of gameplay
  • Enhanced call quality
  • Lightweight and padded for all-day comfort
Check price on Razer, Shopee, and Lazada >

6. Soundcore Life Q35

Soundcore Life Q35 Gaming Headphones Singapore
Soundcore Life Q35 – Best Gaming Headphones Singapore

Best for travel

If a whole day of battery life is still not enough for your daily listening activities, then the Soundcore Life Q35 is probably the best headphones for you. With its 40-hour battery life, for sure you will not be running out of power regardless of wherever you are. And in case you forget to prepare for the day, a quick 5-minute charge will provide you with additional 4 hours of listening! This ultra-long battery life is perfect for lengthy travels, so, fortunately, the headphones also come with a compact travel case to make your life easier. 

On top of the battery life, what we love about the Life Q35 is its NFC connection feature. If you are an Android user, you can connect your headphones ASAP by just tapping the left earcup with your phone! You can also use the tapping mode if you want to pause your audio for a while to converse with a friend or a stranger while on the go.

Why buy this: 
  • Multi-mode noise-cancelling for different scenarios
  • Can be paired with 2 devices at the same time
  • Customisable EQs for a more personalised experience
  • Enhanced call quality
  • Lightweight and padded for all-day comfort
Check price on Shopee, Lazada, and >

7. Skullcandy Crusher ANC

Skullcandy Crusher ANC Headphones for Gamers Singapore
Skullcandy Crusher ANC – Best Headphones for Gamers Singapore

Innovative technologies for the most immersive sound

When it comes to sound quality, we can only expect the best from the Skullcandy Crusher ANC. Deemed one of the most immersive headphones ever made, the Crusher ANC combines Adjustable Sensory Bass, Active Noise Cancellation, and Personal Sound in just one device for the best audio experience possible. You will not just be hearing sounds, you will feel them! 

Also, what’s great is that you can adjust the sounds based on your preference. You only need to take a real-time audio test on the Skullcandy app, then a Personal Sound profile will be custom-tuned to suit your unique hearing. The profile will then be stored on your headphones to optimize audio levels and next thing you know, you will hear layers in your music that you have never heard before.

Why buy this:
  • Up to 24 hours of battery life
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Adjustable sounds to suit your preference
  • Sleek and stylish design – available in Black and Deep Red
Check price on Shopee, Lazada, and >

8. Jabra Elite 85H

Jabra Elite 85H Headphone
Jabra Elite 85H – Best Headphone Singapore

Powerful battery life

Next on our list is the Jabra Elite 85H, stylish noise-cancelling headphones with up to 36 hours of battery power on a single charge. This impressive battery life allows you to power through the day with much ease, but in case you run low on power, a 15-min quick charging does the trick. Furthermore, we love how the headphones customise your music settings for a personalised audio experience, so you can enjoy exceptional music clarity wherever the day takes you.

Why buy this: 
  • Advanced call technology – 8 microphones for the best quality 
  • Personalised audio experience
  • Certified rain-resistant durability 
  • One-touch connection with digital assistants 
  • Stylish and sleek design
Check price on Shopee, Lazada, and >

9. Logitech G Pro

Logitech G Pro Headphone for Gamers Singapore
Logitech G Pro – Best Headphone for Gamers Singapore

Best for intense gaming

With its immersive high-quality audio, the Logitech G Pro is everything an ultimate gamer wants in headphones. You can hear every gun reloads and the footsteps of your in-game enemies, plus stay connected to your team with crystal-clear voice communications. And of course, as a gamer, you would want something that’s comfortable for endless hours of play. So, fortunately, the Logitech G Pro is built with memory foam and premium leatherette pads, providing you with comfort like no other.

Why buy this:
  • Passive noise cancelling
  • With a pro-grade detachable microphone
  • Built to last
  • Comfortable
Check price on Shopee, Lazada, and >

10. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 Noise Cancelling Headphones Singapore
Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 – Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Singapore

New Tri-Level Cancellation™

Audio-Technica has always been one of the top choices for leading artists worldwide, so of course, the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 simply does not disappoint. Delivering noise cancellation for up to a remarkable 95%, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in music in a peaceful environment. These headphones also feature the new Tri-Level Cancellation™ that provides users with three modes for the ideal listening experience. Mode 1 is best for aeroplane rides and daily commutes, Mode 2 is for crowded places, and lastly, Mode 3 is the perfect environment for study.

Why buy this:
  • Innovative noise-cancelling technologies for the best experience
  • Luxurious memory foam padding on headbands and earcups
  • Compatible with MP3, iPhone/smartphone, CD, DVD & in-flight entertainment
  • Fold-flat design for easy storage
Check price on Shopee, Lazada, and >

11. Sennheiser Momentum

Sennheiser Momentum
Sennheiser Momentum – Best Noise Cancelling Headphone Singapore

Premium sound

If you have the budget to splurge on noise-cancelling headphones for premium sound, consider getting the Sennheiser Momentum. Like the one from Audio Technica, these headphones offer three audio modes that are tailored to different environments, so you can enjoy your favourite tunes on your terms. We also like how these headphones have smart TILE technology for tracking purposes. That said, the only time you will ever feel lost is in the music!

Why buy this:
  • Transparent hearing technology 
  • Modern aesthetic design
  • Intuitive 3-button interface
  • Voice assistant compatible
Check price on Shopee, Lazada, and>

12. TaoTronics TT-BH085

TaoTronics TT-BH085 Headphones for Streamers Singapore
TaoTronics TT-BH085 – Best Headphones for Streamers Singapore

Most affordable

Oftentimes, superior sound quality comes at a price. But then, if you are looking for good noise-cancelling headphones at a lower price point, the TaoTronics TT-BH085 is your best bet. The sound is remarkably rich for its price and is even packed with active noise-cancelling technology that helps to make your listening experience tenfold better. The battery life can also last for up to 40 hours so overall, we must say that you can never go wrong with these headphones. 

Why buy this:
  • Fast charging and long battery life
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Clear call quality
  • Super lightweight for comfortable use
Check price on Shopee and Lazada >

13. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Headphones Singapore
Bose QuietComfort Earbuds – Best Headphones Singapore

Compact yet powerful 

If you are not a fan of bulky things on your ears, perhaps the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are the better option for you. Although small and designed for in-ear function, these earbuds pack 11 levels of active noise cancellation to enjoy lifelike audio like no other. The battery life is also great at 8 hours, which can be further extended to 20 hours when the earbuds are placed into their respective cases. 

Why buy this:
  • World-class Bose sound
  • Simple touch controls
  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • Sweat and weather-resistant
Check price on Shopee, Lazada, and >


Which is the best brand for noise-cancelling headphones in Singapore?

Already known for its world-class premium sound, Bose is one of the best brands for noise-cancelling headphones in Singapore.

Where to buy noise-cancelling headphones in Singapore?

You used to only be able to buy noise-cancelling headphones in Singapore in retail stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee and Lazada are my go-to’s for tech products. They are also great places to compare the price of noise-cancelling headphones in Singapore. 


We hope that our guide on the 13 Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones in Singapore will help you to buy the best noise-cancelling headphones in Singapore. Do also read our other buying guides too. Please do share this with your friends if you have found this useful. Do look forward to more buying guides that we will be releasing soon!

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