Best Places to Buy Cars in Singapore
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9 Best Places to Buy Cars in Singapore for Ultimate Convenience | Best of Lifestyle 2023

Buying a new car is not an easy feat. It’s a huge investment so you need to consider a lot of things. Of course, you can’t spend your days hopping from one car dealer to another, just to find the perfect car model for you. Not practical at all! Instead, you can take your online shopping to the next level and get your desired vehicle from reputed car marketplace websites. Whether you’re looking for a new SUV car or a used one in Singapore (much cheaper!), you can now get them online. Specs and prices can be easily compared, too. To save you from fraud, we’ve done our research on the Best Places to Buy Cars in Singapore. Check them out! 

This article was last updated on 6 January 2023.

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Best Places to Buy Cars in Singapore 

1. sgCarMart

sgCarMart Best Places to Buy Cars in Singapore 

sgCarMart is one of the best places to buy your next car in Singapore. This site is the complete package for every vehicle need. And by everything, we really mean it. There’s a large selection of both new and old cars – you can even see used luxury cars in peak condition that are looking for their next owners. Rental cars are up for grabs, too! So if you need a temporary ride (wedding car, van or MPV rental, name it!) you can scan sgCarMart for a car that fits your taste and budget. 

Navigating through the website is easy peasy. While searching, you can filter the results by vehicle type, price range, depreciation value, and other important things that you need to consider when buying a new car. To further help you with your car quest, there are car reviews – both from consumers and editors – for you to check out. There’s even a forum where you can read the opinions of other customers and enthusiasts. 

We also like how sgCarMart is the simplest way to get the cheapest car insurance quote. Just fill out a short form and you’ll be able to save up to $600 on your car insurance. Quotes are free, too! Aside from scoring cheap insurance, you can also claim other benefits such as one-workday processing, claim, and refund support.

Shop at sgCarMart > 
Address: 61 Ubi Ave 2, Automobile Megamart #07-05/06 S(408898)
Tel: 6744 1514
Contact form

2. STCars

STCars Best Places to Buy Cars in Singapore 

If your goal is to buy and sell vehicles, STCars may be the best place for you. Not only can you get your next car here, but also sell your old one for less hassle. Seller anxiety can also be prevented since there is a section here for sure buyers. You just need to input your personal contact information and car details, and in less than 24 hours you will get multiple quotes from legit car traders. Or maybe you can have your used car auctioned. Yes, STCars (via Quotz system) conducts auctions daily to help sellers achieve up to $3000 above the trade-in offer price. Though note that you have to go to their office so your car can be properly inspected and professionally photographed. 

STCars also features many servicing and repair shops (and other car-centred businesses) on their site for your maximum convenience. All important details are neatly summarized – the address, official website, even the operating hours are mentioned, too. Truly, this is a one-stop site for car owners in Singapore.

Shop at STCars > 
Address: 61 Ubi Ave 2 #07-05/06 Automobile Megamart Singapore 408898
Tel: 6508 4266
Contact form


UCARS Best Places to Buy Cars in Singapore 

Only established in 2019, UCARS is one of the newest yet fastest growing online car marketplaces in Singapore. It is founded by a group of renowned car dealers and car-service providers so you know that they can be trusted. Online car shopping can be nerve-wracking as you can’t always personally check the unit you’re eyeing. But with the user-friendly digital platform of UCARS, anything is possible. You don’t even need to use your laptop as you can easily see car listings on their mobile app (available to both Android and iOs users!). 

Featuring RemoteView, car dealers can show their vehicle to potential buyers in real-time through scheduled video appointments. In that way, all queries can be properly addressed, providing great transparency between the seller and buyer. When it comes to brand new cars, this website is also a great place for you. From luxurious brands to more budget-friendly ones, UCARS has something to offer.

Shop at UCARS > 
Address: 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #06-14, Singapore 139951
Contact form

4. Carro 

Carro Best Places to Buy Cars in Singapore 

Find your dream car at the comfort of your home with Carro. Although what they sell are used cars, you are guaranteed to have peace of mind since Carro ensures that all their cars undergo a rigorous 150-point inspection. You can also test drive the car for three days, and return it for free so you can look for another that suits you better. If you have more questions, experts from Carro would gladly assist you. There’s also a blog for you to become more informed in any car-related news. They share car-buying tips, too! 

When you find yourself stuck in car trouble, don’t worry since Carro also offers a Care Workshop. Simply fill out a form and a team of experienced car mechanics will quickly get back to you with more details. This website promises a fully transparent, fair, and reliable car service that will leave you completely satisfied. Plus, there’s a 90-day warranty for all car parts and accessories when you purchase from them.

Shop at Carro > 
Address: CARRO Lounge 28 Sin Ming Lane, #01-134 Singapore, 573972
Tel: 6714 6652
WhatsApp: +65 9182 4761
Contact form

5. Motorist

Motorist Best Places to Buy Cars in Singapore 

A winner of the Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) Neo Startup Award in 2018, Motorist Singapore is another car marketplace for you to check out. Their top mission is to make your vehicle a smooth ride through smart solutions, so not only can you purchase through their website, but also on their very own app. Download it on your smartphones to easily get competitive car quotes – available for both Android and iOs. You’ll also see real-time traffic situations in your usual driving route, as well as audio alerts when approaching the cameras, with the Checkpoint and Co-driver features. Not to mention the personal concierge that can answer all your car-related queries.

If you don’t know much about cars, but always wanted to have one, Motorist is your lifesaver. This site will do all the paperwork for you! Once you send them the Sales and Purchase Agreement, you only need to sit back and they will handle the rest. Loans, insurance, payments, LTA ownership transfer – Motorist has your back. They help sellers, too!

Selling a scrap car can be quite difficult. But with Motorist, you can get the highest price for your car in just 24 hours! They have a network of almost 600 LTA-approved car dealer partners, so you will get a good deal. In addition, this website has a 4.9/5 rating on both Facebook and Google reviews. Hence, 100% trustworthy. 

Shop at Motorist > 
Address: 12 Tai Seng Link #06-02 Singapore 534233
Tel: 6589 8800 or 6428 6206
Contact form

6. OneShift


With more than 10 years of experience, OneShift by Carousell is certainly one of the most trusted car shopping platforms in Singapore. Whether you want to splurge on a brand-new luxury car, or just looking for a second-hand sedan, this site has thousands of cars for you to discover.  Motorcycles are available here, too! 

Not sure which one to buy at first? OneShift will make your life easier since you can shortlist your potential dream cars. They also recommend their favourites and sponsored models to help you further with your search. Moreover, this site looks for its top car picks annually and crown the best one as OneShift Car of the Year. Check out the latest winners here and maybe you’ll find the perfect car for you. 

The Car loan Calculator is another OneShift feature that we love. Really helpful when you found a new car but your budget is cut short. Not only can you get the lowest car loan interests (hassle-free applications!)  in Singapore, but you will also get much-needed help on your transaction paperwork. Thanks to the friendly and dedicated client success managers! 

Shop at OneShift > 
Tel: 6533 5878

7. Cycle & Carriage

Cycle & Carriage

Cycle & Carriage promise you exceptional journeys when you get your next car from them. They are one of the leading automotive groups in Southeast Asia, with top-notch sales in Singapore, Malaysia, and Myanmar. And did we mention that they already marked their 120th year in service? Yes, Cycle & Carriage is an esteemed, century-old company that has already made its name in the car dealing industry. 

This company is a proud distributor of many famous car manufacturers –  Mercedes-Benz, Kia, Mitsubishi, Citroen are just some of them. If you only want to lease a car, no problem at all!  Cycle & Carriage also offers a huge selection of vehicles and a wide range of services to suit your needs. 

Shop at Cycle & Carriage > 
Tel: +65 6471 911111
Contact form

8. Vincar


Next on our list is Vincar, Singapore’s premier car dealership and parallel importer since 1989. With more than 30 years of experience, this site now features a wide variety of vehicles for your lifestyle needs. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Honda are just a glimpse of the brands that they offer. 

If you hate to have the same exact thing as others do, then you’ll be happy to know that Vincar allows you to customise your new car the way you want it. Introducing the Vincar Bespoke, you can now have the car of your dream that will also match your budget. And if you’re looking for a more exotic car model, Vincar has a history of successful procurement of rare vehicles such as the MINI John Cooper Works GP and Mercedes-AMG E63 S Edition 1. In addition, this website is rated a perfect 5 star on Facebook so they are definitely worth checking out.

Shop at Vincar > 
WhatsApp: +65 9226 1119
Check showroom locations and phone numbers here.
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 9. Cars & Stars

Cars & Stars

Known as Singapore’s leading Parallel Import car dealer, Cars & Stars deserves a spot on our list for sure. They obtain cars directly from the country where they are originally manufactured, so you’ll be able to get your next car with the highest possible value and savings for it. Moreover, you will have the hardest time choosing from the many cars available – even the beautiful Mini Cooper Convertible is here! Also, make sure to tune into their site from time to time as they offer a lot of brand new car promotions with generous inclusions. Cheap car insurance quotes are available here, too! 

Cars & Stars also provide an excellent trade-in value in case you want to exchange your old car or a new one. Transactions are 100% transparent – no additional fees, fast customer service, and overall smooth experience. After all, they won’t be rated 5/5 on Facebook for nothing. 

Shop at Cars & Stars  > 
WhatsApp: +65 9847 1388
Showroom Address: 50 Ubi Avenue 3 Frontier, #01-01/02 Singapore 408866
Tel: (+65) 6585 5555
Contact form

We hope that our guide on the Best Places to Buy Cars in Singapore will help you find the best place for you to buy your dream car in Singapore. If you found this useful, please share it with your friends and family! 

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