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8 Best Sports Massage Services in Singapore | Best of Health 2023

Sports massage offers an effective solution for alleviating muscle discomfort, addressing persistent knots, and supporting recovery and rehabilitation efforts. Furthermore, it can serve as a valuable tool for injury prevention and enhancing athletic prowess. However, the advantages of sports massage extend beyond athletes, as anyone can enjoy its benefits. Sports massage involves a thorough manipulation of muscle tissue to reposition fibres and connective tissues while removing toxins. It also plays a role in maintenance, facilitating recovery, and consistent sessions can boost joint mobility and flexibility. With an extensive list of sports massage services, which then is the best in Singapore? In our Best of Health series, we introduce the 8 Best Sports Massage Services in Singapore, providing quality recommendations based on your budget and needs.Β 

Table of Contents

  1. Aylwin Sports Therapy
  2. Healing Touch Spa
  3. Health2U
  4. Heartland Rehab
  5. Physioactive
  6. Singapore Pain Solutions
  7. Singapore Physio
  8. UFIT

Best Sports Massage Services in Singapore

1. Aylwin Sports Therapy

Aylwin Sports Therapy - Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore
Aylwin Sports Therapy – Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore

Tailored massages addressing your unique needs

Founder Aylwin, who had a strong athletic background during his formative years, now aspires to make targeted physical therapy accessible to everyone. Aylwin Sports Therapy provides tailored massages to address your needs.Β  It is important to note that their skilled therapists begin with a comprehensive assessment of your condition before recommending a sports massage. This assessment includes inquiries about your medical history and any existing health concerns. Moreover, you will be asked to pinpoint the specific areas of your body where you experience chronic discomfort. Additionally, Aylwin’s therapists will guide you through various postures and stretches to evaluate your range of motion and flexibility.

  • Offers customised massages for issues like stiff necks from office work or sports injuries
  • Therapists perform a thorough assessment before recommending a sports massage
Check out Aylwin Sports Therapy >

πŸ“ 9 Scotts Road Scotts Medical Center #12-01
Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210
πŸ“ž+65 9380 1268

2. Healing Touch Spa

Healing Touch Spa - Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore
Healing Touch Spa – Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore

Award-winning massage service

If you are thinking about incorporating regular sports massages into your routine, you should definitely explore the deep-tissue massage option at Healing Touch Spa. Healing Touch Spa is known for its wide range of services, including relaxation massages, spa treatments, and facials. But today, we want to highlight their exceptional deep-tissue massage.

This award-winning massage therapy is particularly renowned for its effectiveness in relieving muscle pain and tension. Unlike other massages, the deep-tissue massage involves slower and more intense strokes, with a primary focus on those areas where you experience the most tension and discomfort. Moreover, you have the flexibility to choose the duration of your massage, making it suitable for all preferences and budgets.Β 

  • The spotlight is on their award-winning deep-tissue massage for its exceptional muscle pain and tension relief
  • Can choose the duration of your massage
  • Suitable for all preferences and budget
Check out Healing Touch Spa >

πŸ“ Yishun OCC Branch, 1 Orchid Club Rd, #01-33A Orchid Country Club,
Singapore 769162
πŸ“ž+65 6715 1515

3. Health2U

Health2U - Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore
Health2U – Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore

Comprehensive services for athletes and non-athletes

Health2U offers a comprehensive range of services that extend beyond sports massage, catering to a broader audience, including non-athletes. One of their noteworthy offerings is the Health2Mama arm, which specialises in providing physiotherapy and prenatal as well as postnatal massages. This specialised care is designed to support mothers dealing with issues like back pain and bodily discomfort resulting from the physical strains of childbirth. So, if you are a mother facing such challenges, do not hesitate to explore the services at Health2U. They recognise that the demands of childbirth can often be more taxing on the body than sports-related activities.

  • Offers a diverse range of services, not limited to sports massage
  • Health2Mama arm focuses on providing physiotherapy and specialised prenatal and postnatal massages
Check out Health2U >

πŸ“101B Telok Ayer Street, 03-01, Singapore, 068574
πŸ“ž+65 6255 5250

4. Heartland Rehab

Heartland Rehab - Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore
Heartland Rehab – Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore

Committed to elevating overall healthcare

Heartland Rehab comprises a dedicated team of allied health professionals committed to elevating healthcare standards through the promotion of mobility and exercise. Notably, their physiotherapists are all fully accredited by the Singapore Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC). Each physiotherapist possesses extensive expertise in sports, occupational, and spinal rehabilitation. While their primary focus is on physical therapy, they also provide sports massage services designed to alleviate muscle tension and enhance movement for various activities.

Furthermore, Heartland Rehab Sports Massage incorporates a range of therapeutic techniques. It includes trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, assisted stretching, and proprioceptive neural facilitation (PNF) stretching. Moreover, the therapists will tailor their approach, utilising one or a combination of these methods based on the specific requirements of your condition.

  • Physiotherapists are fully registered with the Singapore Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC)
  • Therapists customise treatment techniques based on individual condition needs
Check out Heartland Rehad >

πŸ“ 11 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-4454, Singapore 150011
πŸ“ž +65 94247154

5. Physioactive

Physioactive - Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore
Physioactive – Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore

Trusted physiotherapy provider

Physioactive, as featured in Shape Magazine, has been a trusted provider of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and clinical sports massage since 2006. They specialise in addressing a wide range of conditions and injuries, such as those affecting the neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees, and more. Physioactive offers a comprehensive array of services tailored to various situations and conditions. Whether you require sports rehabilitation or support for workplace health and ergonomics, their diverse therapy services are designed to optimise your body’s performance, regardless of the demands of your lifestyle.

  • Feature in Shape Magazine
  • Offers a wide range of services to cater to different situations and conditions
Check out Physioactive >

πŸ“ Orchard Branch at Camden Medical Centre #11-05,
Singapore 248649
πŸ“ž+65 6235 2647

6. Singapore Pain Solutions

Singapore Pain Solutions - Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore
Singapore Pain Solutions – Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore

Recognised as a premier destination for sports massages

Established in 2015 by two experienced chiropractors, Singapore Pain Solutions has earned a stellar reputation as a top destination for sports massages. While their primary expertise lies in chiropractic treatments, they excel in delivering deep-tissue sports massages catering to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals with physically demanding jobs. In addition to its chiropractic services, Singapore Pain Solutions offers exclusive service packages that combine chiropractic care with sports massages. These specialised treatments are designed to pinpoint and address specific problem areas, facilitating faster recovery from injuries, pain relief, and enhancements in posture and mobility. Upon request, they also provide comprehensive full-body sports massages.

It is worth noting that a thorough evaluation by one of their chiropractors is essential before choosing the most suitable package for your needs. Rest assured, they will guide you in selecting the optimal solution for your unique situation.

  • Founded in 2015 by two professional chiropractors
  • Specializes in deep tissue sports massages for athletes, gym-goers, and those with physically demanding jobs
  • Primary focus on chiropractic treatments
Check out Singapore Pain Solutions >

πŸ“116 Lavender Street Pek Chuan Building #01-02
Singapore 338730
πŸ“ž+65 6384 7385

7. Singapore Physio

Singapore Physio - Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore
Singapore Physio – Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore

Provides suitable massages for work-related stress

Singapore Physio’s Sports Massage is specifically tailored to address the needs of individuals dealing with work-related stress. The therapy incorporates a blend of Swedish, therapeutic, and sports oil massage techniques to effectively relieve these issues. If you find yourself experiencing neck or back pain, or any form of bodily discomfort due to the demands of your desk job, this sports massage is a beneficial solution for your recovery.

  • Massage therapy combines various techniques, including Swedish, healing, and sports oil massages
  • Massages are suitable for individuals suffering from work-related stress
Check out Singapore Physio >

πŸ“282B River Valley Rd, 238323
πŸ“ž+65 6887 4190


UFIT - Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore
UFIT – Best Sports Massage Service in Singapore

Perfect for those who are eager to embark on a fitness journey

Established in 2011, UFIT comprises a dedicated team of seasoned trainers, health coaches, therapists, and nutritionists. They specialise in tailoring programs and solutions to address your specific needs, whether they pertain to exercise, nutrition, or rehabilitation. When it comes to sports massage therapy, their approach includes a comprehensive assessment of your concerns and an objective analysis of your movement, pain, and overall function.Β 

What sets UFIT apart is their deep understanding of how athletes move, think, and train, as their trainers are also fitness enthusiasts. In addition to their personalised services, they offer cross-fit and group classes for those eager to embark on a fitness journey.

Your path to wellness with four convenient locations

For individuals unsure of where to begin, UFIT conveniently operates at four locations: Club Street, Orchard, One-North, and Bukit Timah. They also extend an invitation for a complimentary health consultation. This consultation allows you to pinpoint the root causes of your issues and determine whether sports massage is the right solution for your condition.

  • Offers tailored programs for exercise, nutrition, and rehabilitation
  • Cross-fit and group classes are available for those seeking comprehensive fitness options
Check out UFIT >

πŸ“21 Club St, #01-01, Singapore 069410
πŸ“ž +65 6225 5059

We hope that our guide on the 8 Best Sports Massage Services in Singapore has helped you pick the place for your massage needs. Also, please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful!

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