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Ergonomic Excellence: Best Standing Desks in Malaysia

If your work leads you to have a sedentary lifestyle, then it’s time to consider getting a standing desk. Research says that sitting more than 8 hours per day can increase the risk of premature death or the chance of getting chronic disease by up to 20%. With an adjustable height feature, a standing desk can help you combine sitting and standing for the sake of your health. The use of a standing desk can also help to ease muscle discomfort, improve body posture, and keep you focused and energized throughout the day. With an extensive variety of standing desks available in the market, which then is the best standing desk in Malaysia? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we have curated the latest 9 Best Standing Desks in Malaysia, providing quality recommendations to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Best Standing Desk in Malaysia

1. Evis Smart Desk

office table
Evis Smart Desk – Best Standing Desks in Malaysia

Ergonomic standing desk with smart features

Specially designed to make both standing and sitting a natural part of your day, the EVIS Smart Desk completely reinvents your workspace. EVIS Smart Desk isn’t just a conventional height adjustable sit-stand desk, but an ergonomic smart desk that comes with smart features, allowing you to reap various health benefits. Furthermore, its desktop materials are made of superior quality, with a solid frame capable of supporting up to 150kg.

Seamless height adjustability

Adjustable from 660-13100 mm, the Evis Smart Desk features a simple yet classic hand control, programmable buttons to save four preset heights, and is equipped with a three-digit display. Since there is no preset height built into the table, you can fine-tune the height to suit your sitting position and standing position. Whenever you want to adjust the table, simply press the preset number and you are ready to go in seconds.

Moreover, the EVIS lifting columns and gear motors are specifically designed for use in ergonomic desks and work tables, allowing fast, smooth, and quiet adjustment of built-in spindles through the use of external limit switches.

Enhanced anti-collision technology and built-in wireless charger

Another thing that’s great about the Evis Smart Desk is that you no longer have to worry about tangled cables with its built-in Qi wireless mobile charger and advanced cable box that will keep your desk looking tidy and clean. In addition, the anti-collision technology ensures that the desk’s height transition is halted if it collides with something. Desk size is customisable as well, with a 3-year warranty.

What we love about Evis Smart Desk:
  • Electric height adjustable from 660 – 1310mm and fully customizable desktop size
  • Rapid built-in wireless mobile charger
  • Advanced cable management solutions to declutter your workspace

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2. Woody Lab Teak

best standing desk in Malaysia
Photography: Woody Lab – Best Standing Desks Malaysia

Incredibly durable

Because solid wood of high quality weighs a lot, it is frequently incredibly durable. A classic solid wood standing desk from Woody Lab boasts stunning patterns and unmatched toughness. Due to its durability and weight, this desk is powered by a dual-motor system that can lift up to 100 kg. This powerlifter, on the other hand, is deafeningly quiet. During height adjustments, this system produces a barely audible 45dB, reducing audible distractions so you can focus on the important work. The best feature is the programmable single-tap height adjustments, which allow you to determine your preferred height and sit or stand at various heights with just one tap.

What we love about Woody Lab:
  • Lifts up to 100 kg
  • Child lock features
  • Silent powerlifter
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3. Armaggeddon Automatic T1 Gaming Table

gaming table
Photography: Armaggeddon – Best Standing Desk in Malaysia

Best standing desk for gaming

Not just working, gaming is also an activity that requires you to sit for a whole day, even without you realizing it. If you’re a passionate gamer who wants to improve your gaming comfort, the Armaggeddon Automatic T1 Gaming Table is the one you should go for. With the height adjustment feature from its dual-motor system, you can adjust your desk to your most suitable height, as well as play games in a standing position to reduce your muscle discomfort.

With a size of 120x60cm, the desktop is wide enough for your whole computer system, even if you use 2 monitor gaming setup. Besides that, its curved design means you can comfortably take a closer look at the monitor without needing to lean forward. Plus, there’s a cable hole that helps to keep your desk free from tangles.

What we love about this standing desk in Malaysia:
  • Ultra-smooth dual motor system
  • Curved desktop design
  • Cable hole and 4 memory presets
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4. Lannco Standing Desk

best standing desk
Photography: Lannco – Best Standing Desk Malaysia

Modern minimalist standing desk with a wooden desktop

Another good standing desk in Malaysia worth considering is the Lannco Standing Desk. Featuring a wooden desktop and holeless column design, this desk complements a modern minimalist design while still providing a decent size of the desktop. Furthermore, it uses a dual-motor system that enables a faster and more stable height adjustment, making only 45dB of noise that won’t disturb anyone in the office. The height can reach as low as 58cm or as high as 123cm and has 3 memory presets, perfect for you who prefer using a lower chair.

What we love about Lannco standing desks:
  • Wooden desktop and metal frame
  • 3 memory presets
  • Dual motor system enables a faster height transition
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5. Balak’s Meja Soul

standing desks in Malaysia
Photography: Balak’s – Best Standing Desks in Malaysia

Affordable and eco-friendly

Balak’s Meja Soul is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood slab tables made from a single dried log, made possible by the seamless integration of several slabs. It simply means that it is less expensive than the standard option while increasing durability by preventing dramatic bending. Additionally, you have the option of a motorized or hand-crank version, both of which proudly preserve and exhibit the distinct and unmistakable beauty of wood as it ages gracefully with use and time!

What we love about this standing desk:
  • Made from 100% solid wood sourced in Asia
  • 4 customizable height presets
  • Dual-motor system and 100kg load capacity
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6. Tyyli You Raise Me Up

standing desks
Photography: Tyyli – Best Standing Desks Malaysia

Eliminates clutter in your workspace

What’s great about the Tyyli You Raise Me Up is the unique combination of the power track and cable net, which cleans up all the usual wire clutter. The aforementioned power track can be used with 5 adapters simultaneously and comes standard with 2 universal adapters. Even if you have 5 devices plugged in, the cable net will assist you in cleaning up and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing work environment! Other noteworthy features we like include programmable height settings, a streamlined design with an ergonomic curve-in, and dual motors for quick and stable movement.

What we love about TYYLI You Raise Me Up:
  • Up to 5 plugs at the same time
  • Streamlined design with ergonomic curve-in
  • Dual motors for fast & stable motion
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7. Loctek GD101 Stable X-Frame Ergonomic Desk

ergonomic desk
Product Image Source: Loctek – Best Standing Desk in Malaysia

Most ergonomic standing desk

With a price that won’t break the bank, Loctek GD101 has one of the best ergonomic designs of the rest. You can expect a lot of add-ons that are already included without additional price, like a headphone hook, cup holder, cable management grommet, and a controller rack in case you’re playing games with consoles. But what we really like is the additional monitor desk, allowing you to see the monitor at eye level, which provides a lot of health benefits like reducing shoulder discomfort and eye strain.

Despite its lower price point, this standing desk from Malaysia still looks premium, especially with a smooth carbon fibre surface that looks modern. Its only drawback is the manual height adjustment with its X-Frame design. However, that also means you can avoid a wobbling desk that is caused by non-level ground.

What we love about this ergonomic desk in Malaysia:
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple add-ons for various needs
  • Smooth surface
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8. Take A Seat Orion Standing Desk

smart standing desk
Photography: Take A Seat – Best Standing Desk Malaysia

Perfect for an active work lifestyle

This ORION electric standing desk is one of the most popular desks in Malaysia because it is beautiful while also offering smooth and powerful height adjustments. It also has four programmable memory presets and improved anti-collision technology for a quiet and safe standing experience. Overall, we believe it is appropriate for any office environment and the ideal solution to a modern, active work lifestyle. Not only do we think so, but so does everyone who has purchased and left a perfect 5-star rating on Shopee!

What we love about Orion standing desk:
  • Single motor technology with powerful yet smooth height adjustments
  • Has an LCD screen that displays the current table height
  • Features 4 preset heights set via memory setting
  • Anti-collision system
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9. Flexispot Quick-Assembled EC9

study table
Photography: Flexispot – Best Standing Desks in Malaysia

Easy to assemble and disassemble

If you want a more flexible standing desk that can easily be moved, the Flexispot Quick-Assembled EC9 is your best pick. It’s easy to assemble in just 5 minutes by simply inserting the lifting columns into the built-in crossbeam and attaching the feet, even without a single drop of sweat. But its easy assembling design doesn’t mean it’s not stable, this desk is still one of the most stable desks you can find! Plus, it also has an automatic height transition system that lets you adjust the height with only a touch of a button.

However, It’s important to note that the 73cm lowest height means that this desk is better for those who prefer sitting in a higher chair.

What we love about Flexispot:
  • 5 minutes assembling
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Automatic height transition
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FAQ: Best Standing Desk in Malaysia

Which is the best brand for standing desks in Malaysia?

When it comes to buying a standing desk, careful consideration is very important. Don’t look just at the design, the sturdiness, stability, as well as innovative features that might add a bit of comfort to you are also important to consider. For the best, we recommend checking standing desks from brands like Lannco and Evis.

Where to buy a standing desk in Malaysia?

You used to only be able to buy a standing desk in Malaysia in retail stores, but now you can purchase it online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Lazada and Shopee are my go-to for home furniture products. It is also a great place to compare the price of standing desks in Malaysia.


These standing desks seamlessly combine ergonomic design with functionality, providing you with the flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing while working. By considering factors such as adjustability, stability, and budget, we hope that our guide on the 9 Best Standing Desks in Malaysia will help you to buy the best standing desk for a more effective work setup for you. Please do share this with your friends if you have found this useful.

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