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11 Best Tea Brands in Singapore | Best of Food 2023

Just like coffee, there’s no perfect time to have a cup of freshly brewed tea. The aroma and fragrance of tea are enough to keep us swooning – teas are like a hug in a cup.  As Singaporeans, we are all probably aware of Teh-O and Teh Tarik and the goodness that comes in every sip. But there’s so much more to tea than those signature Singapore drinks. You can start by exploring the different tea brands and brews available in Singapore and then get the part-tea started! With an extensive variety of tea brands available in the market, which then is the best tea brand in Singapore? In our Best of Food series, we have curated the latest 11 Best Tea Brands in Singapore, providing quality recommendations to suit your cravings and budget. 

This post was last updated on 02 January 2023.

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11 Best Tea Brands in Singapore

1. T2 Tea, for holiday-inspired teas

T2 Tea, for holiday-inspired teas

Are you ready to to discover a new world of tea? T2 Tea, an Australian-born tea brand, is renowned for its quirky and imaginative assortment of teas that have captured the hearts of tea lovers all over the world with their incredibly delicious flavour combinations. Not only do we appreciate the unique tastes, but we also love the diversity of tea blends offered. Their bestselling black, herbal, fruit, and even tea lattes are just amazing. 

Check out some of their bestsellers below:

As much as we love T2 Tea’s best-sellers, this holiday season is all about their Christmas collection. Enjoy an array of holiday-inspired teas such as Christmas Breakfast ( sippable gingerbread!), Eggnog, Merry Mulled Cider, Clementine Drizzle Cake, and a whole lot more. Every sip tastes so festive, so we highly suggest that you get your stash ASAP and feel all Christmas-y early on.  If you ask us, hot tea is the best drink for a cold Christmas morning or if you’re in the warmer corners of the world, try their teas iced – Aussie style!

One-stop-shop for tea connoisseurs

On top of just selling tea, T2 Tea also offers colourful teaware sets and accessories to round out your everyday brewing needs. You may even share these goodies with your friends and family because they also sell gift bundles. A great gift idea is T2 Tea’s Advent Calendar where your loved one can try out 24 different teas (now at 30% off!). We also recommend getting one for yourself so you can go on an ultimate Christmas countdown with one tea bag per day! 

Do check out this link to see more Christmas gift suggestions from T2 Tea. They even have scented candles inspired by their holiday tea collection.

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2.  TWG Tea, for a massive collection of tea

TWG Tea Best Tea Brands Singapore
Source: TWG Tea

TWG Tea’s collection is probably one of the largest in the world, with over 800 selections from different tea-making countries worldwide. They offer limited edition teas and seasonal blends as well and are still continuing to innovate and expand their tea collection. Honestly, we are not so sure which one to check out first! We are positive, though, that TWG Tea’s Signature Singapore Breakfast Tea is an absolute must-try. With a unique natural blend of green tea, black tea, rich vanilla, and rare spices – this breakfast tea evokes the sophisticated harmony of Singapore through complex flavours. Really recommended!

If you’re a newbie in the fancy tea culture, TWG Tea understands that their massive selection of blends can be a tad overwhelming. So, to make life easier, TWG Tea has curated a special set of questions to find the most perfect tea for you. And while you’re at it, make sure to also try their tea-infused patisseries and savoury recipes! After all, you can never have too much tea!

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3. Pekoe and Imp, for single-origin full-leaf teas

Pekoe and Imp Best Tea Brands Singapore
Source: Pekoe and Imp

Marrying the concept of traditional tea ideas with modern practicalities, Pekoe and Imp curates a special collection of single-origin full-leaf teas for all tea lovers. Check out their wide array of green, white, yellow, and fermented teas, hong cha, and the crowd-favourite – oolong. Pekoe and Imp offers multiple varieties of The Dragon Tea, so it’s perfect for tea enthusiasts who want to explore more. But if you really want to step up your game, you can enrol in their tea workshops and avail one of their fine teaware sets for the ultimate experience. 

Also, if you’re a chocoholic as well, you’ll be pleased to know that Pekoe and Imp has collaborated with another local brand – Fossa Chocolate – to offer you the best of both worlds. Make sure that you don’t miss out on their specially concocted tea chocolates!

Flagwhite: 106 Jalan Jurong Kechil Singapore 598604
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4. Petale Tea, for premium tea blooms

Petale Tea Best Tea Brands Singapore
Source: Petale Tea

When it comes to beautiful flowering teas, Petale Tea is our top pick. Their blooming teas come in exquisite hand-sewn balls, made of organic Maofeng green tea and dried flowers such as jasmine, marigold, rose, lavender and lily. They are too pretty to sip! Moreover, these blooming teas are not all about aesthetics, they are known for their health benefits as well. That said, they make great gifts for your special someone or perhaps as a treat to pamper yourself.

Though Petale Tea is famous for its assortment of blooming teas, they also offer everyday teas and teaware sets for every tea connoisseur.

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5. Imperial Tea, for affordable tea

Imperial Tea Best Tea Brands Singapore
Source: Imperial Tea

With Imperial Tea, you can experience drinking a fine cup of tea at a much affordable price. Tea doesn’t have to be all fancy, and you can get your own box with 12 tea bags for as low as $5.99! Also, for your convenience, Imperial Tea has its own shop on your favourite online shopping platforms – Shopee, Lazada, and Qoo10, so purchasing your tea can be done in just seconds. Make sure to try their best-selling Pu’Er, Chrysanthemum, and Long Jing teas which are all from China. Or maybe check out their Asian Tea Collection for the finest tea from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan!

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6. The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., for a refined tea taste

The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Best Tea Brands Singapore
Source: The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

A heritage tea brand in Singapore, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co is home to one of the freshest teas in the world that are known for their consistency in quality, signature aroma, and refined taste. Their tea collection is pretty large with teas from all over the world, but what we especially like are the Earl Grey, Blissful Berries, and Longan Paradise variants. 

While their teas are already superb, it’s much better if you stop by Clipper Tea’s flagship tea bar in ION Orchard so you can enjoy their signature drinks with other tea-infused desserts and pastries. English scones, tea puffs and soft chiffon cakes paired with your favourite tea? It’s hard to say no!

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7. The Tea Story, for luxurious tea blends

The Tea Story Best Tea Brands Singapore
Source: The Tea Story

The Tea Story promises to revolutionize the tea industry and deliver an extraordinary tea experience for everyone. In line with that, they provide customers with the power to travel the world with their wonderful selection of luxurious tea blends. Dessert, Tropical, Chai, Exotic – they have all the finest tea blends to suit every palate! But what we really love is their Cocktail tea blends because finally, we can have a taste of sangria, mojito, and martini during early mornings without guilt. After consecutive days of drinking cocktail teas, maybe try their Wellness tea blends so that you can be more healthy.

Moreover, we love how The Tea Story packages their blends. With vivid colours and artsy designs in their tea tubes and gift sets, there are more reasons to purchase your tea from this brand. 

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Address: Oxley BizHub 1 65 Ubi Road 1, #02-53 Singapore 408729
Tel: +65 6909 5933
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8. ETTE Tea, for unique Asian tea blends

Source: ETTE Tea

We’d never thought that we will be seeing Pandan Chiffon, Ice Kacang, and Lychee Konnyaku as tea blends. But ETTE Tea wanted to offer more unique blends for tea lovers, so of course, we had to try! They even have Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice blends, which surprisingly agrees with our Southeast Asian tastebuds. We know you are curious about the taste as well, and there’s only one way for you to find out! If you’re a bit hesitant though, we suggest that you check out their Singapourien Assortiment tea sampler first, which basically encompasses all the must-try Singaporean flavours in this tea brand.

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Tel: +65 6908 5354
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9. Kittea, for cat-inspired gourmet tea blends

Source: Kittea

As seen in its name, Kittea is the ultimate tea brand for cat and tea lovers alike. They have all sorts of tea for every enthusiast and all of which are inspired by different feline breeds and personalities. To name a few, there’s The British Shorthair for Earl Grey, The Persian for peppermint tea, and The Ragdoll for camomile tea – we absolutely adore them! We also like how every tea comes in a very aesthetic tin can, making it the perfect gift for your favourite cat person. Maybe get the 6-tea set along with the cat glass mug with a fishie tea infuser?

Even if you’re not a cat lover yourself, we’d still suggest that you try out this tea brand since they use zero preservatives and artificial flavourings in all their blends. Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy amazingly delicious and healthy tea in every sip. Curiosity probably killed the cat, but curiosi-tea will surely not!

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10. A Tea Grain, for a taste of the Taiwanese tea culture

A Tea Grain
Source: A Tea Grain

If you’re a Boba tea enthusiast, then you’d probably love A Tea Grain as much as we do. Co-founded by a Singapore and Taiwanese duo, this tea brand aims to deliver the best of Taiwanese tea culture in a fresh design concept. That said, A Tea Grain offers the widest range of oolong and black teas – freshly handpicked from family-run farms in the mountains of Taiwan and then brewed in Singapore in small batches. And to enjoy their tea better, make sure that you slow down from your busy daily routine and allow your senses to immerse in the beauty of Taiwan’s tea.

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11. Craft Tea Fox, for matcha lovers

Craft Tea Fox
Source: Craft Tea Fox

We don’t really drink matcha in fancy teacups, but that doesn’t make it less of a tea than it truly is! And if you’re a matcha lover, you’re in a treat with Craft Tea Fox. This brand lets you enjoy great-tasting matcha and hojicha flown straight from Uji, Japan! What’s also great is that you can easily get your matcha fix as they come in large latte bottles. But if you want to experiment on your own, you can avail of their goods in powdered form.

Check out Craft Tea Box > 
Address: 24 Sin Ming Lane #03-99 Midview City Singapore 573970
Tel: +65 9668 8793
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