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11 Best Treadmills in the Philippines | Best of Lifestyle 2023

As new COVID-19 cases continue to emerge, gyms and fitness centers will remain temporarily closed. This has created a high demand for home workout equipment like treadmills, so you should strongly consider purchasing one now while you are in self-quarantine. With an extensive selection of treadmills in the market, which then is the best in the Philippines? In our Best of Lifestyle series, we introduce the 11 Best Treadmills in the Philippines, providing quality recommendations based on your budget and needs.

This article was last updated on 10 January 2023.

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11 Best Treadmills in the Philippines

1. Smart Treadmill T900C

Smart Treadmill T900C

Source: Decathlon PH

Complete cardio companion

Get your cardio habits going with the Smart Treadmill T900C. For high-intensity running, this treadmill runs up to 18 km per hour with a maximum incline of 10°. With 32 pre-set workouts, it can adjust its profile, duration, speed and incline just for you. What’s more is that it houses side speakers, a 3.5 mm cable jack, a USB port, and a tablet holder for all your technological needs. You can even use apps like the Domyos E-connected for recording and tracking your runs and Kinomap for realistic simulations.

The features on the T900C are not just all about fun and games. It is built in with a heart rate monitor and intuitive console to inform you of everything from your average speed to the calories you burned. While a powerhouse with 1.5 HP, this machine can stay as quiet as 52 dB at 10 km per hour making it one of the quietest in the Domyos line. Despite all the features, what we love most about the T900C is its compact design allowing for easy folding and storage. 

Why buy this:
  • Maximum speed of 18 km per hour and maximum incline of 10°
  • 50 cm by 143 cm for running long strides
  • 32 workouts with pre-set goals (adjusts profile, duration, speed, and incline)
  • Compatible with Domyos E-connected and Kinomap apps
  • Intuitive and informative console with heart rate monitor
Check price on Decathlon PH >

2. OVICX X3 PLUS Treadmill

ovicx x3 plus treadmill philippines
Image Source: Lazada

A powerful treadmill designed for home use

The OVICX X3 Plus is a home-use electric treadmill in the Philippines with a compact frame and folding design. It’s not a commercial-grade machine, but it has fairly awesome properties that are as powerful as a high-graded one. The OVICX X3 is powered by an electric motor with a top speed of 3.0 MPH. It’s designed to withstand prolonged workouts and has its own internal cooling system. Plus, the motor itself doesn’t generate too much noise and is definitely quieter than the motor of a gym-grade treadmill. 

This treadmill also includes a one-button control console with 13 pre-set programs. If one of the programs is selected, the machine will auto-adjust the pace based on the program’s layout. It is also Bluetooth-enabled and works well with the FitShow app. We also like how the treadmill is pre-assembled. All you have to do is unpack it, unfold it, secure the upright bars and console into their proper positions, then plug it in! Although it is not the most affordable treadmill and lacks an incline function, it is an excellent device that provides good value for money.

Why buy this:
  • Sturdy construction; can support users up to 264 lbs (120 kg)
  • Compact and folding design
  • Has 13 pre-set workout programs
  • With air cushion shock absorption technology
  • Features a noise reduction motor
Check price on Lazada >

3. Trax Ultra Slim Runner Treadmill

trax ultra slim runner treadmill philippines
Image Source: Lazada

Sleek, slim, and compact

The Trax Ultra Slim Runner maintains the sleek quality of ultra-slim treadmills that can be conveniently safely stored in most spaces, but with a maximum speed range of up to 12 kph so you can run faster and maximize your performance. It has built-in hydraulics that allows it to rise from a flat position to a ready-to-use position in seconds. Furthermore, it has a Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to your workout music while running. It also features a grip pulse that monitors your heart rate and assists you in sticking to your target training range.

The delicate and firm structure of the Ultra Slim Runner is what we like best about it. It is the first all-aluminum alloy treadmill, so it’s totally lightweight, flexible, and precise. And since it is compact, it can be readily slid beneath a bed or sofa without exerting too much effort. Basically, you can use this treadmill to achieve your fitness goal safely and smartly!

Why buy this:
  • Ready-to-use in seconds 
  • Can be easily stored
  • With built-in USB port to charge electronic devices
  • Can track your heart rate with the handgrip pulse 
  • Has an integrated Bluetooth speaker
  • Powerful enough with low energy consumption
Check price on Lazada >

4. Circle Fitness M7 Treadmill

circle fitness m7 treadmill philippines
Image Source: Chris Sports

Best value for money

When purchasing any piece of home fitness equipment, your budget is likely to be the most essential thing. If you want a treadmill that will last, you should spend at least a hundred thousand pesos since they provide more stability, stronger motors, and more exercising options. In this light, the Circle Fitness M7 treadmill is a modern-styled and professionally crafted treadmill made with high-grade, quality components.

This Circle Fitness treadmill is rigorously tested from concept to manufacturing to ensure reliable commercial performance and has achieved the highest international quality standards certifications. Its features are intended for any fitness facility, commercial gym, or home gym, so getting this one will help you save money in the long run, since the overall cost of annual gym membership fees, gas get to and from, and other expenses can be hefty.

Combination of performance, durability, and comfort

Even better, the M7 treadmill is a one-of-a-kind package of performance, durability, comfort, and use. This commercial-grade treadmill features a 5.0 HP motor and a weight capacity of 500 pounds, making it suitable for any sort of cardio or strength training. It also includes 20 preset workout programs. It also has rollers for convenient storage after you’re done working out. We also like how low-maintenance it is since it comes with a lubricant-infused running belt that can last up to 25,000 miles (46, 233.6km). Overall, if you want to invest in gym-quality training equipment, this treadmill is the best of the best.

Why buy this:
  • Full commercial-grade treadmill
  • Contact and wireless heart-rate monitoring
  • More than 20 exercise programs and integrated 2-speed personal fan
  • Intuitive 16″ LED console with reading rack/tablet holder
  • Easy-access speed and elevation paddle shifters allow users to quickly adjust speed and incline
  • Premium lubricant-infused running belt for long-lasting and low-maintenance reliability 
Check price on Chris Sports >
View product on Circle Fitness >

5. NordicTrack T10.0 Treadmill

nordictrack t10.0 treadmills philippines
Image Source: Chris Sports

If you’re looking for a go-to machine for both casual runners looking to improve their fitness and burn a few calories and professional runners who train daily and participate in events, the NordicTrack T10.0 is the top pick. It is a full-sized, mid-range general-purpose treadmill aimed at almost everyone and anybody who wishes to train on a treadmill. In terms of performance, the T10.0 provides more than enough to satisfy anyone, even the most avid runners. The 3.0 horsepower drive motor is silent and powerful enough to move the running belt to its fastest speed of 22kph (13.6mph) with the deck elevated to the maximum 12% incline. So, if you’re willing to spend a premium for something likely to meet your fitness needs, this treadmill is well worth it.

Why buy this:
  • With the integrated tablet holder and built-in sound system
  • Innovative SpaceSaver® technology with EasyLift™ Assist
  • Can adjust your incline between 0 and 12 percent 
  • Has dual auto breeze workout fans
  • Features 20 workout apps
Check price on Chris Sports >

6. Trax Runner 2.2 Treadmill 

trax runner 2.2 treadmills philippines
Image Source: Chris Sports

Powerful treadmill for long runs

This treadmill can keep up with you whether you’re training for a race or endurance. Packed with excellent treadmill features, the Trax Runner 2.2 Treadmill is a perfect choice for your endurance training and cardio workout. 

The Trax Runner 2.2 has a powerful 2.0 HP motor that is excellent for long-distance runs. It also features an adjustable inclination to help you increase your strength and speed. With the 7″ TFT display and FitShow App, you can track almost everything (speed, time, distance, calories, body fat, pulse, and more)! Although this model is not as compact as the Trax Ultra Slim editions, it is still very easy to store and move because it has built-in transport wheels for quick and easy transfer or storage. Overall, the Trax Runner 2.2 is a good treadmill that can help you cover more distance and beat your personal best.

Why buy this:
  • Easy to store and move
  • Adjustable incline to improve strength and speed
  • With run and fitness tracker
  • Has built-in speakers for workout music
  • DC 2.0 HP motor for long runs
Check price on Chris Sports >

7. Horizon Omega Z Treadmill

horizon omega z treadmills philippines
Image Source: Johnson Fitness

Minimalist design features

The Omega Z treadmill is a stylish series available in the Philippines for dedicated runners, with sharp aesthetics and Pulse Train programming to provide intensive workouts and better cardiovascular performance. Its minimalistic design incorporates clean lines, basic shapes, and an open frame to create an appealingly simple look that can suit almost any living space.

Horizon Fitness Omega Z treadmill is a fantastic piece of workout equipment in terms of functionality. It features display apps that are compatible with the 3.0 HP Johnson Drive System. The 1.6mm belt allows you to run comfortably while also boosting your exercise experience. Furthermore, the cushioning technology reduces joint tension, minimizing shock and impact. But what we enjoy best about this visually appealing treadmill is that it delivers a noise-free and stress-free workout, making it completely environmentally friendly equipment. So, if you want a treadmill that is not only functional but also stylish, this is the one for you.

Why buy this:
  • A simple aesthetic that fits virtually any living space
  • One-touch run control
  • Forward-leaning frame design for hard sprints
  • With contact grips for quick, accurate heart rate feedback
  • Have integrated wheels for smooth-rolling portability
  • Connects accessories like heart rate straps and syncs workout data with fitness apps
Check price on Johnson Fitness and Wellness >

8. Kemilng K578 Multi-Functional Foldable Fitness Treadmill 

kemilng k578
Image Source: Shopee

Jinhua Lingdong Sports Goods Co., LTD, popularly known as the Kemilng brand, is a professional fitness equipment manufacturer based in Yiwu, China, the world’s largest distribution hub for small commodities. Since 2014, they have specialized in the production of home treadmills and workout equipment. Now, the brand is also producing other kinds of indoor fitness equipment such as massage guns and exercise bikes.

The multifunctionality of the KEMILNG K578 treadmill is most likely its selling feature. When you buy this equipment, it will automatically come with dumbbells, a supine stand, and a massage machine. Thus, this treadmill can assist you not only with running exercises but also with some simple arm and body training! Also, given the low price point, its DC 3.0HP motor power with a speed range of 0.8 to 16km/h is already a strong feature. So, if you’re looking for uncommon brands with amazing features, this treadmill is already a solid one.

Why buy this:
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • 5” LCD Screen to display data (calories, speed, time, distance, heart rate)
  • Can be inclined (0-15%)
  • Equipped with a dumbbell, supine stand, massage machine
  • Has high quality running belt for comfortable running experience
Check price on Shopee >
Check price on Lazada >

9. Xiaomi WalkingPad R1s Foldable Treadmill Running Walking 2in1

xiaomi walkingpad r1s
Image Source: Shopee

One machine for dual-use

The Xiaomi R1s come in two unique features. The traditional form is a treadmill, which can help with your daily running demands, and the armrests can be stored downwards to become a more space-saving walking machine. As traditional treadmills are bulky and take up extra room, the WalkingPad R1s features an innovative dual folding mechanism that allows the deck and handles to be quickly folded up for compact and convenient storage.

WalkingPad R1s’ durability and stability are greatly improved through the use of an aluminum alloy frame. Xiaomi improved the motor’s power (compared to old WalkingPad models) while also reducing the noise level. Additionally, the EVA cushioning lessens the pressure on your knees, and the anti-slip running belt improves your grip. Keep in mind that because this was initially designed as a walking treadmill, the speed range is limited to 0.5-10km/h. So, if you’re looking for a piece of workout equipment to help you burn calories regularly, this is the one for you.

Why buy this:
  • Space-saver design; can be stored standing upright
  • 2-in-1 walking and running machine
  • Can be controlled via app, remote, and foot control speed
  • Brushless motor to reduce noise
  • Foldable up to 180 degrees
  • Easy to operate
Check price on Shopee >

10. 2.5HP Electric Treadmill

2.5hp electric lazada
Image Source: Lazada

Top-selling treadmill on Lazada

If you have a low weekly mileage or are simply a walker/light jogger, a less pricey treadmill around P10,000 might do. This machine has gotten positive feedback from consumers on Lazada for being a low-cost treadmill that performs effectively. It has a 2HP motor, a shock-absorbing running belt, and a folding body for convenient storage and saving space. In all honesty, this isn’t one of the most phenomenal fitness equipment on the market, but it does satisfy the demands of budget-conscious shoppers. After all, this electric treadmill is durable and flexible equipment that won’t break the bank, making it one of our top budget-friendly treadmills in the Philippines.

Why buy this:
  • Affordable
  • 2.5 horsepower electric treadmill with shock absorber system
  • Can be folded for saving space
  • Has spring system to reduce the impact of your knees 
  • With wheels for ease of movement
Check price on Lazada >

11. Yeesall Multifunctional Home Treadmill

yeesall multifunctional
Image Source: Lazada

The Yeesall Multifunctional Home Treadmill is another pick on our list of the best budget treadmills in the Philippines. If you want to start your fitness adventure but are on a tight budget, this manual treadmill is one of the ideal options. It is also foldable, making it ideal for people with limited space. With its small track size, this treadmill can be utilized by people weighing up to 330 pounds. Even better, you can always go at your own pace since it’s non-motorized. Although it does not have pre-programmed workouts, it does include a small screen on which you can monitor your time, speed, and distance.

Why buy this:
  • Most affordable option
  • Has a multi-function LED dashboard for tracking progress
  • Allows multi-level manual adjustment of the slope
  • Easy to store and move
  • Allows 4 exercise methods: running, twisting, sit-ups, rope exercise
Check price on Lazada >


We hope that our guide on the 11 Best Treadmills in the Philippines has helped you pick the best treadmill for your home fitness needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful!

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