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11 Best Multivitamins in the Philippines | Best of Health 2022

The most effective and established ways for lowering the risk and transmission of coronavirus disease are social distancing and regular handwashing. However, taking vitamins and supplements may also help your body increase immunity and mount an immune response to infections. With an extensive brand of multivitamins in the market, which then is the best in the Philippines? In our Best of Health series, we introduce the 11 Best Multivitamins in the Philippines, providing quality recommendations based on your budget and needs. 

This article was last updated on 16 January 2022.

Table of contents 

  • Best Multivitamins in the Philippines (Summary)
    1. Age-adjusted formula for healthy ageing: Centrum Silver Adults 50+
      • Use the code TWVEC for existing customers to get 10% off and TWVNC for new customers to get a $5 discount
    1. With 25 nutrients and antioxidants for overall health benefits: Centrum Advance Multivitamins + Minerals
    2. Best for boosting energy and immunity: Enervon Multivitamins
    3. Anti-stress formula with skin-repairing and immunity building nutrients: Stresstabs Multivitamins + Iron
    4. Neurogen-E
    5. Conzace Multivitamins
    6. Best for athletes and trainers: MuscleTech Platinum
    7. Berocca Orange Energy Vitamins Effervescent
    8. HealthFusion Multivites for Adults and Kids
    9. Great value for money: Kirkland Signature Daily Multi 500 Tablets Vitamins & Minerals
    10. Nature’s Way Alive! Max 6 Daily Multivitamin 

11 Best Multivitamins in the Philippines

1. Centrum Silver Adults 50+

E Vitamins Centrum Silver Adults 50+ - Best Multivitamins in the Philippines

Image Source: E Vitamins

Age-adjusted formula for healthy ageing

As we grow older, our body changes along with our age. But that does not necessarily mean that we should slow down, we just need to make sure that the nutrients we get are in line with the requirements for our ageing body. And that is where the Centrum Silver Adults 50+ comes in. Specially crafted for adults aged 50 years old and beyond, Centrum ensures that you age healthily and gracefully. The multivitamin comes as smooth-coated tablets, so they are quite easy to swallow even if you experience throat issues. However, if you have pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension or are pregnant, it is always better if you consult with your doctor before you decide to take the multivitamins.

Packed with all the essential nutrients

The Centrum Silver Adults 50+ is made with high-quality ingredients to help promote heart health, support brain function and maintain healthy eyes in older adults. It even contains Centrum’s highest level of vitamin D3, which is the preferred form of Vitamin D in supporting strong and healthy bones. So overall, the multivitamins target common issues in ageing adults, keeping their health and wellness in check. 

Why buy this: 
  • Verified non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Contains more than 12 essential daily vitamins, 13 minerals and nutrients
  • Easy to swallow
  • Iron-free multivitamins
  • Available in two sizes
E Vitamins promo code:

Use the code TWVEC for existing customers to get 10% off and TWVNC for new customers to get a $5 discount
Promo is redeemable with a minimum spend of $45 USD for TWVEC and $30 USD for TWVNC

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2. Centrum Advance Multivitamins + Minerals

centrum advance multivitamins philippines
Image Source: Lazada

Centrum’s products, known for their iconic tagline “from A to Zinc,” seek to help adults and children obtain the nutrients they need every day. They take pride in having a nearly complete formulation of all vitamins and minerals that are considered to be essential for a range of health benefits. If you want something to take once a day, Centrum Advance Multivitamins is the tablet for you. It packs a lot of punch into a single medium-sized tablet that is easy to swallow with no harsh aftertaste. Best of all, it’s accessible at most supermarkets and pharmacy stores!

With 25 nutrients and antioxidants for overall health benefits

Centrum Advance is a daily multivitamin in the Philippines that has been specifically developed to provide a comprehensive mix of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help protect your entire body. It incorporates cutting-edge nutritional science to support your health, protect your heart, eyes, immune system, and much more. Furthermore, it is said to be suitable for active men and women under the age of 50, with the product having 10 Immunity-boosting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to supposedly promote healthy immune function, as well as vitamins A, C, and biotin to help maintain healthy eyes and skin. It also contains B group vitamins, which are said to help with energy production.

Despite being high in nutrients, Centrum tablets are relatively mild with lower dosages of ingredients, so there’s no need to worry about overloading. With the low amounts of a-z components, you will not notice much of a difference after taking them regularly, and they will not affect your everyday lifestyle. Overall, this multivitamin brand is good for general immunity, especially during a pandemic.

Why buy this:
  • Packed with A-Z nutrients
  • Widely available at supermarkets and drugstores
  • With up-to-date nutritional science to support your health
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3. Enervon Multivitamins

enervon multivitamins philippines
Image Source: Shopee

Best for boosting energy and immunity

Enervon is a popular multivitamin brand in the Philippines that contains Vitamin C for boosted immunity and Vitamin B for increased energy. It can also be used to address vitamin B complex and vitamin C deficiencies. The tabs supply your body with essential vitamins when it is difficult to meet the body’s requirements due to insufficient food intake or poor diet, which is common among working people. So, if you want to boost your energy and immunity, you should certainly consider taking Enervon daily.

On top of that, understanding the contents of this supplement actually helps you save some cash and gives good value for money. Since this is a multivitamin, it is far less pricey than getting a single supplement containing only Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, or Calcium. Enervon provides all of these nutritional supplements at a low price point to give you more energy and immunity so you can perform the things you need to do every day!

Why buy this:
  • Affordable
  • Can help with vitamin C and B complex deficiencies
  • Helps promote increased energy
  • Widely available at supermarkets and drugstores
  • One of the most popular multivitamin brands
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4. Stresstabs Multivitamins + Iron

stresstabs multivitamins philippines
Image Source: Shopee

Anti-stress formula with skin-repairing and immunity building nutrients

Stresstabs is definitely the best multivitamin for you if you’re currently on WFH and always stay up late at night. The supplements are high-potency B-complex vitamin formulations that help restore what stress has taken away. It may also boost your energy levels and help you to accomplish tasks that stress might otherwise stop you from doing. Additionally, it promises to help you deal with stressful situations more efficiently!

Even better, Stresstabs is intended to give long-lasting continuous energy. Rather than giving an energy boost like other multivitamins, these tablets give essential minerals to help your body naturally battle against physical stress. In fact, many consumers claim that it provides them with the energy they need and improves their memory retention! Plus, skin-repairing elements such as iron can help your skin appear better even under extreme stress.

Why buy this:
  • Helps strengthen immunity and fight the stress effects
  • Widely available at supermarkets and drugstores
  • Can help replenish the skin
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5. Neurogen-E Multivitamins

neurogen e multivitamin philippines
Image Source: Unilab Philippines

If you need supplements for your B-vitamins and vitamin E needs, look no further than Neurogen-E. Neurogen-E is a multivitamin combining Vitamin B-Complex and Vitamin E that promotes healthy nerves and relieves the symptoms of nerve damage like tusok-tusok, ngalay, and manhid to make your nervous system healthy. Compared to other OTC products, each Neurogen-E caplet contains 5x more Vitamin B12, 3x more Vitamin B1. It’s a good thing since with all of the perks B-complex vitamins give, taking them is a no-brainer because they can help you step up your game every day!

Why buy this:
  • Helps promote healthy nerves
  • Can provide relief against nerve damage symptoms
  • With 5x more B12 and 3x more B1 vs. major OTC brands
  • Also used for treatments against B-complex deficiencies
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6. Conzace Multivitamins

conzace multivitamin philippines
Image Source: Unilab Philippines

Skincare should also be an essential part of your overall health regimen, and you can actually look healthy and youthful by ensuring that you take enough vitamins! Conzace Multivitamins not only improve your immunity but also make you look fresher. It has the highest levels of zinc, vitamins A, C, and E, and it has been proven to boost immunity by 140 percent while maintaining skin and hair in perfect condition. In fact, several people claim that taking these vitamins has helped them minimize acne outbreaks! So, if you want a multivitamin that will help you strengthen your immune system while avoiding maskne breakouts during the pandemic, Conzace is the best choice.

Why buy this:
  • Specially formulated to give you healthy hair and skin
  • Can strengthen the immune system by 140% vs. no supplementation
Check price on Shopee >

7. MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamins

muscletech platinum multivitamin philippines
Image Source: Shopee

Best for athletes and trainers

Physical activity and exercise could be effective treatment techniques for improving general health, and when combined with daily vitamin intake, they can be even more beneficial. If you regularly go out and exercise, we recommend MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamins, since this vitamin is developed to promote overall health in athletes. Intense trainers like you may lose essential nutrients as a result of your training, so these caps offer the most important micronutrients to promote overall health and physical performance. Vitamins A, C, D, E, and B are included and digestive enzymes and essential amino acids. Overall, it’s a very comprehensive supplement for physically active folks!

Why buy this:
  • High-potency vitamins & minerals
  • Scientifically designed for physically active individuals
  • Supports a strong health foundation for optimal performance
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8. Berocca Orange Energy Vitamins Effervescent

berocca orange effervescent
Image Source: Shopee

Taking tablets or pills regularly can become boring and repetitive, but Berocca spiced things up by creating vitamins in juice form. Berocca Energy Vitamins Effervescent is an energy supplement that can help you overcome struggles in your everyday life and provide you with a consistent supply of energy throughout the day. These tabs are high in vitamins and minerals, including B1 and B2 to help in energy release, B12 to help with fatigue and exhaustion, and Vitamin C and Zinc to help strengthen the immune system and keep you in prime shape every day. Simply drop a tablet into a bottle or glass of water, wait for it to fizz, and enjoy!

Why buy this:
  • Sugar and caffeine-free
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Packed with 11 vitamins and minerals
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9. HealthFusion Multivites for Adults and Kids

healthfusion multivites
Image Source: Shopee

While many young children (and adults) despise taking vitamins and prescriptions, the Healthfusion Multivites is a delicious alternative to conventional difficult-to-swallow pills. It’s marketed in the Philippines as
a delicious multivitamin gummy that combines essential minerals and natural fruit flavors. Moreover, this comprehensive multivitamin is formulated specifically for children and contains vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12, B5, folic acid, iodine, zinc, and biotin. With these fruity gummies, you can truly have a fun and delightful way of keeping your family healthy!

Why buy this:
  • The most complete gummy multivitamin in the country
  • FDA-Certified, GMP & ISO approved
  • Halal, gluten-free and vegan-friendly
  • No use of artificial color, flavor, or sweetener
  • Suitable for adults and kids
Check price on Shopee >

10. Kirkland Signature Daily Multi 500 Tablets Vitamins & Minerals

kirkland daily multi
Image Source: Shopee

Great value for money

Kirkland Signature Daily Multi is carefully formulated to provide a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals to help fill nutrient gaps when you can’t consume a proper amount of food to meet the recommended daily intake. It includes calcium and vitamin D to strengthen bones and teeth, lutein for eye health, vitamin E for antioxidant activity, and many other nutrients. We highly recommend getting this product if you want to save some cash and avoid the trouble of running to the drugstore regularly to replenish your vitamin supply. Each bottle has 500 tablets (approximately P3 per piece) which can last you months!

Why buy this:
  • Value size; perfect for families
  • Provides a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals
  • Scientifically formulated for overall good health
Check price on Shopee >

11. Nature’s Way Alive! Max 6 Daily Multivitamin 

natures way alive max 6
Image Source: Shopee

If you’ve been taking vitamins for a long time, it might be time to switch to food-based supplements. Nature’s Way Alive! Max6 Potency Multivitamin is the ultimate nutritional energy source, containing a wide assortment of daily essentials, whole food concentrates, phytonutrients, and antioxidants to nourish, protect, and energize your body. Every serving claims to provide natural energy from vitamins and minerals for your overall wellness. However, “food-based” does not imply that you are consuming the equivalent of fresh fruit and vegetables. Nature’s Way produces these formulations by combining concentrated and dehydrated fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. As a result, they deliver nutrients that are as close to their natural state as possible!

Why buy this: 
  • Ultra-potency multivitamin for daily energy metabolism
  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
Check price on Shopee >


We hope that our guide on the 11 Best Multivitamins in the Philippines has helped you pick the best supplement for your health and diet needs. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful!

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