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23 Best Water Heaters in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

After a long day at work, nothing feels quite as rewarding as standing under a hot shower or a warm soak in the bathtub. Needless to say, the water heater is an essential appliance for the modern home. But how exactly does it work? How do I go about buying a water heater in Singapore? This comprehensive guide will share all that you need to know when it comes to buying a heater for your home. To put it simply, water heaters work in one of two ways. Either they keep stored hot water in a tank, or they heat the water as it leaves the tap. Each has its pros and cons. In this Best of Home series, we introduce a comprehensive guide covering the 23 Best Water Heaters in Singapore, with recommendations based on your needs and budget.

This article is part of our Home Buying Guides series. Click here to read more Buying Guides


This article is part of our Best of Home series. Click here to read more Best of Home articles.

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This article was last updated on 5 January 2023. 

2023 Water Heater Singapore Guide

Table of Contents: 

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Quick Tips on Buying a Water Heater in Singapore

If you don’t have time to read through this entire guide, this section serves as a quick summary for you. Do check out the next section where we share a summary of the best water heater brands in Singapore and the models to buy. 

  • Type of water heaters
    • The first step is to decide which type of water heater to buy. There are two types, storage water heaters, and instant water heaters.
  • Amount of space available
    • You will want to consider your space available. Do you have a space to place a tank? If your space is limited, an instant water heater will be best. 
  • Capacity
    • How much hot water do you need for your household? Storage water heaters can hold quite a fair amount of water, but it is a limited supply. If you have a huge household and wish to take back-to-back showers, instant water heaters might be a better option because it will not run out. 
  • Lifestyle and preferences
    • If you wish to take showers with strong water pressure, a storage heater would be more suited. Also if your bathroom aesthetics matter, a storage unit can be concealed. Note that if you want hot water in your basins, kitchen sinks and more, only a storage heater can do that. 
  • Budget
    • Storage water heaters may cost more upfront to purchase and install, but they last longer (10 years or more) than instant water heaters (5 to 7 years) and they can service multiple bathrooms. Depending on the number of bathrooms you want to install, your cost between the two options can even out to be about the same ($500 – $600 per home for 2 bathrooms). But if you are on a tight budget, instant water heaters have lower-end models that cost less than $100
    • I suggest buying the best model you can afford, for this is an item that you will want to last the years. 
    • The cost of a storage heater will start from $200 and go upwards to $500 or more, depending on the model and capacity. An instant heater is cheaper and you can get a good unit from $100 – $200. The cost of installation is separate from the unit purchase. Note that a storage heater can service multiple bathrooms whereas an instant heater can only service one. 
    • The cost of installation will average from $80 to $200, depending on the complexity. Make sure to find a reliable plumber/handyman to help you with the installation. Do not attempt to do it yourself. 
  • Brand
    • Buy your water heaters from a reputable brand. The top 3 brands in Singapore are Ariston, Rheem, and Joven. 707, Champs, Rubine, and Rinnai are also considered good brands. 

Savings Tip:

Make sure to apply for a credit card that will give you rebates so you have extra savings.
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Best Water Heater Brands in Singapore

You will not go wrong choosing to buy from these brands below.

The well-known brands for water heaters are: 

  • Ariston: Reputable brand from Italy 
  • Rheem: USA brand with a Singapore manufacturing company 
  • Joven: Well-established brand from Malaysia since 1983

Other notable brands include:

Water Heater Installer

Water Heater City Singapore

Water Heater Singapore - Best Water Heaters in Singapore

If you are looking to install a water heater, be sure to get a professional to settle this without any glitches. With great reviews on Google, Water Heater City provides one of the top water heater installation expert services in Singapore. This company has established a reputation over the years for providing excellent service, a competent and professional team, and outstanding customer service. 

They have over a decade of industry expertise and offer one-stop supply and installation services for instant water heaters and storage water heaters at competitive prices. Moreover, they carry major water heater brands such as Joven, Ariston, Rheem, Champs, and Rubine, all of which boast excellent quality as well.

Excellent customer service

Water Heater City is well-known for providing exceptional customer service. From the moment you enquire up to the end of the installation, you will be well-served by their friendly customer service staff and skilled repair crew. As they have been in this industry for a long time, their technicians are very knowledgeable about your water heater concerns. They are very responsive and are able to send a technician to you on short notice.

No hidden fees

Finding a good service might be stressful, especially if there are additional expenses that exceed your budget. Water Heater City takes pride in providing transparent pricing, so you will not have to worry about going over the budget. When you get an estimate for your water heater installation needs, you will get accurate, clear pricing and know precisely what you are paying for.

If you want any further details, you may contact them at +65 8241 0032 via WhatsApp. 

Why hire them:
  • Great Google reviews
  • Competitive and transparent pricing
  • Experienced technicians specialising in water heater installation services
  • Prompt and excellent service
Check out Water Heater City >
Website: https://www.waterheatercity.com/
Address: 1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07D, Singapore 169201
Contact: +65 8241 0032 (WhatsApp) | +65 6797 8775 (Phone)
Email: enquiry@waterheatercity.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waterheatercity/

23 Best Water Heaters in Singapore (Summary) 

Best Instant Water Heaters in Singapore

instant water heater singapore

  1. Top Pick: Rubine Instant Water Heater with Rain Shower Set RWH-3388
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  2. Award-winning smart water heater: Trentios IntelliHeat Smart Instant Water Heater – Zenith T1
  3.  Ariston Aures Luxury ST33 Instant Water Heater with Constant Temperature
  4. If I’m on a budget: Panasonic DH-3RL1 Electric Home Shower, or
  5. Champs Tiger Instant Water Heater
  6. Ariston RT33 Aures Round Luxury Instant Water Heater, or
  7. Toshiba DSK33ES5SB Instant
  8. Colour option: 707 Princeton Instant
  9. If I want a rainshower option: Rubine Instant Water Heater RWH-2388BHP (I use this in my own home), or
  10. Ariston SMC33 Aures Instant, or 
  11. Aerogaz Water Heater Rain Shower Set, or 
  12. Joven SB11 Instant with Rain Shower 

Best Storage Water Heater in Singapore

Xwell Cube - Product

  1. Top Pick: XWELL Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heater Series
  2. Rubine MATRIX Storage Water Heater
  3. Ariston Andris LUX30 30 Litres Storage Water Heater
  4. If I’m on a budget: Rheem EHG 50 Litres Storage Water Heater (Rheem has an EHG series of water heaters from 30 – 100 litres that are very affordable)
  5. Smallest capacity: Ariston Andris LUX 15 Litres, or
  6. Champs A15 Pro 15 Litres (suitable for 1 bathroom)
  7. Big capacity for big household: Rheem EHG 100 Litres Storage Water Heater
  8. For vertical storage: Rheem Vertical 65SVP10S 38 Litres Storage Water Heater
  9. Stylish: Ariston Andris Slim 30 Litres (also available in 20 Litres)
  10. Smart: Ariston Andris2 Top 30 Litres Wi-Fi Enabled Storage Water Heater, or 
  11. Trentios IntelliHeat Smart Instant Water Heater (able to track your water and electricity usage) 

Types of Water Heaters

Instant water heater

water heater installed in bathroom

Like its name, an instant water heater heats water at the point of time you need it. There is no tank to hold the water. The water instead is heated as it flows through the unit’s heat exchanger. It is usually installed in the bathroom and you can see the unit just next to the shower system. It is best used as a single-point heater (one for each bathroom) and can only heat up the water to your shower (not the sink). 

Instant water heaters are more energy-efficient as it offers on-demand heating. However, there are also pros and cons of this model, with water pressure and aesthetics being the main concerns. 


  • Relatively inexpensive to install. You can buy and install one for less than $200.
  • On-demand water heating, so you do not need to worry about hot water running out
  • Energy is only used when the heater is being run 
  • Compact and does not take up much space (compared to a storage tank)
  • The water might not be as hot 
  • Easy to install, maintain and replace 


  • Only able to power a single shower
  • The unit is installed in the toilet and will affect the aesthetic of your toilet. You will see that luxury hotels do not have instant water heaters placed next to their shower. That being said, there are nice-looking water heaters in Singapore like Ariston (Rinnai and Toshiba). But if you want inbuilt water fixtures, it is unlikely you will go with the instant heater. 
  • Water pressure is lower due to the flow restrictive that allows the water to be heated as it passes through the heater. Though some instant water heaters in Singapore come with a “boost” function, it is not very effective and usually noisy. An instant heater is unlikely to be able to power rain showers.
  • Water temperatures are inconsistent, as it is dependent on the flow rate. That being said the Rubine Instant Water Heater with Rain Shower Set RWH-3388 and Ariston Aures Luxury ST33 is said to not have this problem
  • Usually only able to power hand showers due to limited flow rate. That being said, I use the Rinnai and one model comes with a rain shower extension. It works relatively well though the rain shower is not very strong it has good coverage and is sufficient for home use. 

Recommended Instant Water Heater in Singapore:

Rubine Instant Water Heater with Rain Shower Set RWH-3388

rubine instant water heater

Instant and effective water heater with rainshower

The Rubine BOW Rain series offers a minimalist design that blends in with any bathroom style. Both matte black and classic white versions of the RWH-3388 instant heater are sleek and slim, which takes up little space in your bathroom if space is a concern. We personally have this water heater installed in our bathroom, and I thoroughly enjoy the rainshower experience.

What’s great about the Rubine RWH-3388 is that it offers a variety of water pressure and functions. It comes with an overhead rain shower that perfectly mimics the feel of raindrops, a hand shower with five settings for different water pressures, and a tri-way diverter that provides hot water to the overhead shower, hand shower, and the spout.

Cost-effective and powerful

What we love about the Rubine RWH-3388 is how both its rain and hand showers are designed to be water-saving, and its heater unit reduces up to 55% of energy cost. The inverter DC pump can boost the water pressure despite fluctuations in water flow, and the UK technology heating element (UL-approved standard) heats up water quickly and efficiently.

Safe and quiet

Moreover, the independent thermo cut-out and safety thermostat of RWH-3388 prevents the water from overheating to scalding temperatures, keeping you safe from any accidental burns. Lastly, the low noise inverter DC pump operates quietly at <45db, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful showering experience. 

Why buy this:
  • Sleek & slim minimalist design
  • Water-saving overhead rain shower & hand shower with 5 different water pressures
  • 55% reduction in energy cost
  • Very efficient heating element and anti-scalding protection
  • 1-year warranty for parts & 5-year warranty for the heating element and inner tank
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Trentios IntelliHeat Smart Instant Water Heater – Zenith T1

Trentios IntelliHeat Smart Instant Water Heater

Award-winning smart water heater

If you are one who likes to be at the forefront of technological advancements, you should definitely try smart showering. Featuring as a smart water heater, the Trentios IntelliHeat Zenith T1 allows users to track water and electricity usage while showering. Moreover, it has also won the Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) – a benchmark of good design and quality.

Tracks water and electricity usage

With IntelliHeat, you can constantly keep your water and electricity consumption in check. Its Interactive Touchscreen Interface feature displays water consumption as you shower. You can also toggle to see the water temperature and electricity consumption to help you ensure efficiency.

Sleek design with quick heating and maximum water efficiency

IntelliHeat is thoughtfully constructed with a double-heating element that heats up water twice faster compared with normal water heaters in Singapore with a single element. Despite the quicker heating function, this does not consume more electricity. 

Water efficiency is great as well, with a proprietary showerhead design maximising the spray area with optimal water pressure. Moreover, it features a slim and sleek design which makes it perfect for the modern bathrooms of today.

On top of being approved by Singapore Safety Mark, the IntelliHeat is equipped with an Anti-Scald Protection mechanism that prevents water from going beyond the optimal temperature of 55 degrees Celsius. This product comes with a 10-year warranty on the heating element.

Why buy this:
  • Slim, sleek, and sophisticated design
  • Maximum water efficiency with proprietary showerhead design
  • Double heating element to heat up water twice as fast
  • 10-year warranty on the heating element
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Ariston Aures Luxury ST33 Instant Water Heater with Constant Temperature 

Ariston Aures Luxury ST33 Instant Water Heater with Constant Temperature 

Why buy this:
  • Ariston is one of the top brands from Italy. Their water heaters are known for their sleek design and efficiency
  • Most instant water heaters might face inconsistent temperature problems, but the Ariston Ares Luxury promise to bring you instant heating and constant temperature
  • Anti-scalding system brings you total safety and peace of mind
  • Its soft-touch interface and nifty functions allow to memorise up to 3 shower profiles
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Storage water heater

storage water heater singapore

This is the traditional type of water heater that typically looks like a cylindrical tank (though there are more modern shapes and designs now). The water in the tank is kept at a constant temperature. The storage heater releases hot water from the top of the tank, and cold water enters from the bottom of the tank to be heated again. This means that you will always have hot water anytime you need it. 

A storage water heater is useful to supply hot water to the entire house (whereas instant can only supply hot water to 1 shower outlet). If you want hot water in your sinks and kitchen basin, you need a storage heater. It is generally a more reliable option in terms of water flow and consistent temperature. That said, it does have its pros and cons, of which a more complex installation is of concern.


  • A storage tank can supply hot water to the entire house (not just bathrooms, but also your basins and the kitchen sink) 
  • Consistent temperature 
  • Can be placed out of sight 
  • Allows a high-pressure flow of up to 10 litres per minute
  • Can power any type of shower, from rain showers to massage jets to bathtubs
  • Longer life expectancy (10 years or more) 


  • The tank is bulky and takes up space
  • Slightly more troublesome and more difficult to install compared to an instant heater 
  • Higher cost (but can serve more than one toilet) 
  • Limited supply – make sure to choose the right tank capacity for your household
  • Take up a fair bit of energy (gas/electricity) as it heats up the entire tank

Recommended Storage Water Heater in Singapore:

Xwell Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters

Rheem Singapore - Best Water Heaters in Singapore

Designed to improve the quality of your shower

Are you someone who enjoys a relaxing experience of a hot and soothing shower? Be it for chilly mornings or after a long, tiring day, a hot shower definitely feels like a huge relief as it helps to flush out the toxins that got trapped in your skin all day and also alleviates the muscle tension in your body. With Rheem’s Xwell Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters’ extensive range of features, you can elevate the quality of your showers.

Rheem’s Xwell Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters are fitted with an exclusive RheemFoam™ insulation, a high-density and top-grade polyurethane foam that provides 16% more heat retention. This means that water remains hot for a longer amount of time in the inner tank, leading to reduced heating cycles. They are also equipped with the RheemHot+™ Diffuser which regulates the incoming flow of water into the tank so that heating is optimised, resulting in 45% more hot water for your hot showers. With less waiting time and more hot water, your showers will be much more enjoyable, be it on a rushed morning or on a tiring night after a busy day.

Safe for the entire family

While taking hot showers is a relaxing and comfortable experience, there may be the fear of scalding especially if you have children or elderlies at home. With Rheem, you can enjoy your warm showers and baths with peace of mind. The Xwell Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters are equipped with a RheemSafety feature that automatically stops the heating process once the temperature of the water reaches a predefined temperature. This way, you and your loved ones can shower in ultimate comfort without having to worry about anyone getting scalded by hot water

Built to last 

Naturally, when buying home appliances, you would want to invest in something that is durable and reliable. Rheem’s Xwell Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters do not disappoint in this aspect. They are built with a RheemHD+™ sacrificial anode rod that is placed inside the water heater tank. The sacrificial anode rod allows aggressive water to attack the anode rod before the walls of the inner tank, so if corrosion were to happen, it would occur on the anode first. This is a good thing because anode rods are much easier to replace as opposed to a leaking tank! 

Moreover, the inner walls of Rheem’s Xwell Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters are coated with a RheemGlas™ virtuous enamel glass lining coating to provide added protection against corrosion. With both the sacrificial anode rod and durable glass lining coating in place, you and your family can enjoy years of relaxing, rejuvenating and revitalising warm showers.

A perfect fit for Singapore homes

On top of all these innovative and advanced features, these storage water heaters look sleek, stylish and sophisticated, making them perfect for many homes in Singapore. Apart from their minimalist aesthetic, they are also small and compact, which allows them to fit even in the tightest ceiling spaces. Ultimately, it is undeniable that Rheem’s Xwell Classic Plus Electric Storage Water Heaters are a great blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Why buy storage water heaters from Rheem:
  • Sleek and sophisticated curved design with glossy and matte finishing
  • Outfitted with a RheemHot™ Diffuser for hotter and longer showers
  • RheemGlas™ virtuous glass lining coating on an inner tank for added protection against corrosion
  • Better heat retention and shorter heating cycles with RheemFoam™
  • Equipped with RheemHD+™ sacrificial anode rod that provides additional protection against corrosion in the inner tank 
  • Outfitted with a durable and long-lasting Incoloy heating element for faster heating time

On the other hand, if you are looking for something even more compact to fit your home, you may want to consider Rheem’s Prestige Range of Electric Instant Water Heaters. Innovative and futuristically designed, these instant water heaters have a replaceable stainless-steel heating chamber and a replaceable Incoloy heating element that makes maintenance and repairs fuss-free. 

With the Prestige Range of Electric Instant Water Heaters, you can also enjoy instantaneous hot water for your showers. Its temperature accuracy technology ensures that you can enjoy your showers without any fluctuations in temperature and with its inbuilt safety software, you can enjoy your showers without the fear of overheating or scalding occurring. On top of these essential features, Rheem’s Prestige Range of Electric Instant Water Heaters come with shower heads that have different spray options, allowing you to enjoy a variety of options, guaranteeing you the best hot shower experience.

Why buy instant water heaters from Rheem:
  • High-performing and durable water heaters for an instantaneous hot water experience
  • Equipped with a built-in smart safety software to prevent overheating and scalding
  • Equipped with a dynamic heating system to enjoy hot showers without temperature fluctuations
  • Offers different shower head spray options to cater to varying preferences
  • Futuristic, minimalist and timeless aesthetic design fit for modern homes
  • Outfitted with a replaceable stainless-steel heating chamber that is more resistant to rust and can withstand hard water, making it more durable and long-lasting 
Check out Rheem Singapore >


Rubine MATRIX Storage Water Heater

rubine matrix storage water heater

Energy-efficient next-gen electric water heater

Aiming to indulge every household in the aqua lifestyle, the Rubine MATRIX Storage Water Heater is a must-have for every home in Singapore. It combines a futuristic diamond-facet design and eco-friendly smart technology in one innovative water heater. The design is modern, making it easy to match your home’s interiors. We especially like how this storage water heater is available in beautiful black and white designs!

The Rubine Matrix comes with an innovative built-in Fairwater sleeve. It is highly efficient, allowing you to get 20% more hot water output rate. Also, this storage water heater is heavily insulated with thick polyurethane foam (27mm) for low thermal losses. This means that you can save up to 30% more energy

Enhanced lifespan

Some lower-quality water heaters can face corrosion issues, but this one is coated with a thicker titanium enamel, ensuring that it will last you for decades. Moreover, the tank comes in a single-welded design so it can perform best even under high temperature and pressure conditions. Overall, the Rubine Matrix is manufactured with only premium materials, guaranteeing superior quality for long-term usage.

SGS-approved antibacterial efficacy

Furthermore, the water inlet of this heater is certified by SGS as anti-bacterial material, so disease-causing microorganisms are kept at bay. The sapphire enamelling heating element comes with a 5-year warranty while the inner water tank comes with a 7-year warranty.

Why buy this:
  • Single-welded inner storage tank design
  • With a fairwater sleeve for more hot water output
  • Sapphire enamelling heating element
  • Withstands high temperature and pressure conditions
  • Available in 15L and 30L
Check price on Rubine >

Ariston Andris LUX30 30 Litres Storage Water Heater

bathroom singapore

  • Ariston is one of the top brands of water heaters in Singapore. Hailed from Italy, their water heaters are known for their sleek design and efficiency
  • The Andrix Lux is a combination of Italian elegance and efficiency. You get function and style in one product. 
  • Made with super-ecologic insulation materials and energy can be better conserved through its improved titanium-enamel tank. 
  • Its shell technology – a perfect balance of geometry and assembly – promises intuitive design and enduring performance. 
  • Its strong resistance to pressure and corrosion makes it a permanent fixture in the house.
Check price on Shopee >
Check price on Lazada >

Get the right capacity for your household needs

When choosing a storage heater, make sure to get the right capacity for your household. Alternatively, you can choose a smaller capacity but avoid taking back-to-back showers. A bigger capacity will take up more energy to heat. An 8 -10-minute shower will take about 60 – 70 litres of water on average with a medium-flow showerhead. As a guide, you will pick the capacity depending on the number of people in your household. 

  • 1 person: >30 litres
  • 2 – 3 persons: 30 – 40 litres 
  • 4 – 5 people: 40 – 50  litres 
  • 5 people or more: >50 litres

Storage vs Instant Water Heater: Which should I choose? 

I have both a storage water heater and an instant water heater installed in my home. 

My two main bathrooms are powered by the storage heater (this was done during my home renovation so it was easy to conceal). My spare bathroom uses an instant heater (I had this done after I moved in). They both work equally as well, each with its own advantages. 

Choosing between storage or an instant heater to power your home is dependent on your needs and lifestyle preferences.

Lifestyle preferences

  • If you want hot water in your basins and kitchen sink, only a storage heater is able to do that.
  • If your bathroom aesthetics are of concern, and you prefer built-in water fixtures, you should opt for the storage unit.
  • For very hot showers, powerful rain showers, or soaking in the bathtub, an instant heater will not be suitable as the water flow and pressure is limited.
  • But if you are simple, and just want something that is easy to install and works alright, you can opt for an instant heater.
  • It also depends on whether you are staying in a house or a flat. If you are staying in a 2-storey house you might opt to do both – a storage heater for the top floor bathrooms and an instant heater for the spare bathroom, like what J Babies did.

Cost-wise, if you are buying a water heater for a new home (2 bathrooms), it will work out to be pretty much the same cost (about $500 – $600) for the purchase of the unit and installation.

You can refer to this summary table for the list of pros and cons between storage and instant heater. 

Type of water heatersStorageInstant
  • Can supply the entire house
  • Can power any type of shower
  • Consistent temperature
  • Can be hidden in the ceiling or in a cabinet
  • Allows high-pressure flow
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Limited water supply
  • Cheaper upfront cost
  • On-demand heating
  • Energy-efficient
  • Compact size
  • Easy to maintain, install, replace
  • Endless water supply
  • Bulky
  • More complex installation
  • Higher upfront cost 
  • Limited supply
  • More energy usage
  • Can only power 1 shower, not the sink
  • Temperature/flow can be inconsistent
  • Low water pressure
  • Can only power hand showers

FAQs & Installation

How much is it to install a water heater in Singapore? 

The cost of installation of an instant water heater will average between $80 to $150. 

What does the installation require? 

You will require both a water point and an electrical point for the instant heater to work. 

Where do I install my water heater? 

For an instant heater, it will be installed in the bathroom next to your shower. It will be connected to water and electricity points. As it is compact, it can fit in almost any bathroom. 

rainshower and heater

A water storage heater, on the other hand, is bulky and heavy. You can install it in the bathroom ceiling and have a false ceiling to cover it from sight. 

For HDB Built-to-order flats, usually have a designated place for the storage water heater. 

How long will the installation take? 

Generally, instant water heaters are easier to install than storage water heaters. When I installed my instant heater in our third bathroom, it took less than an hour. The handyman simply fixed the heater and shower on the wall. He then connected the electrical point via the ceiling so the switch for the heater could be placed outside the toilet. 

For a storage heater, the installation will take longer as the handyman will need to connect the heater to 2 or more bathrooms, which means that the water pipes will have to be connected between the bathrooms. The storage heater also usually requires a bracket to hold it up (if it is not standing). This process might take several hours. 

Replacing an old heater would be more straightforward as the connections are already there. 

Can I install my own water heater?

Unless you are an experienced plumber, the answer is no. Installing a water heater requires proper expertise and experience. A heater involves both water and electricity, which can be unsafe if not properly installed. Always seek a highly-trained plumber or handyman to install your heater. 

How is a water heater installed? 

I will usually leave it to my professional plumber, but if you are curious, here are the steps to install a heater.

  1. Turn off electrical power
  2. Remove old heater (if doing a replacement) 
  3. Disconnect supply cables and pipes
  4. Position new heater to match the water inlet
  5. Screw holes to hold up the heater
  6. Position and fix the heater on the wall, and connect it to the water inlet 
  7. Connect the electric supply and water supply to the new heater (if first time installation, this needs to be set up) 
  8. Check that it is filled with water, and switch on the power
  9. Test out the heater and check for any leakages

How long does a water heater last? 

The life expectancy of an instant heater is about 5 to 7 years. For a storage heater, it should last about 10 years or more. Getting it properly installed will ensure that your heater lasts long. 

For proper maintenance, flush the storage heater every 5 years. For instant water heaters in Singapore, check the wiring every 3 – 5 years. 

When do I need to replace my water heater? 

If your heater has turned yellow on the outside, or if you find problems with it, you can either get it repaired or replaced. 

Below are some common problems that you may face with old water heaters in Singapore: 

  • Inconsistent water temperature: If the temperature of the water is inconsistent, there might be an issue with the thermostat. Do check with a plumber on this issue and do not try dismantling it yourself to check. 
  • Weird noises: If your heater is making weird noises, it might be cause for concern. This might be due to sediments building up over the years. This will cause the heater to be inefficient and take more energy to heat the water. 
  • Water leakage: If your heater is leakage, this might be due to cracks or loosened water piping. Do check with a plumber. 
  • Rusty: If the water coming out from your heater is brown or weirdly coloured, this could be a sign of rustiness inside the heater. Water heaters in Singapore are generally noncorrosive, but overtime can deteriorate. If you find that the water is murky, do replace your heater. 

Should I replace my water heater? 

For an instant heater, if it is past its life expectancy and has issues, I suggest getting it replaced as an instant heater might cost the equivalent to repair. 

For your storage heater, it depends on the problem as the cost will be higher. 

A replacement job will cost about $80 – $100 and might be more during weekends. 

A repair job will cost about $30 – $50 for transport and service fees. Depending on the severity of your problem and the materials required for repair, the cost will differ. If you choose not to repair, you will incur the transport and service fee. Usually, if you choose to repair, the transport and service fee will either be waived or subsidized into your total cost. 

Where to buy a water heater in Singapore?

You used to only be able to buy a water heater in Singapore from stores, but now you can purchase them online for the ultimate convenience and even enjoy discounted prices! Shopee and Lazada are my go-to for shopping electronics. If you prefer to see the water heaters in-person, you can always pop by any of the consumer electronics stores like Best Denki, Courts, Harvey Norman and Gain City near you to check it out before purchasing online. 

How to finance your home purchase?

If you would like to take up a loan for your home purchases, consider a personal loan, as renovation loans do not give you the cash upfront. You can find the best personal loan suitable for you on Singsaver. 


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