Best Stores for Zip Blinds and Zip Trak Singapore
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7 Best Stores for Zip Blinds & Ziptrak in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

Zip blinds are becoming more popular for both commercial and residential purposes in Singapore. As an upgrade from the traditional rolling type, zip blinds come with a sleek modern look and are fully motorised for convenient use. Moreover, they are proven to be more resilient even to harsh weather conditions – perfect for making outdoor patios and balconies more ā€˜livableā€™. Another outdoor blind we love is Ziptrak, a trusted Australian brand with 30 years of experience in the market. Ziptrak combines high quality and affordability, making them one of the must-have blinds in Singapore. Curious to try zip blinds now? Worry no more! Weā€™ve done our research and shortlisted the 7Ā Best Stores for Zip Blinds & Ziptrak in Singapore, so you can enjoy durable outdoor blinds that are great value for your money. Letā€™s check them out!

This article is part of our Home Buying Guides series. Click here to read more Buying Guides.Ā 


This article is part of our Best of Home series. Click here to read more Best of Home articles.

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This post was last updated on 18 January 2023.

Table of contentsĀ 

7 Best Stores for Zip Blinds & Ziptrak in Singapore

1. ShadeSpace

ShadeSpace - Best Stores for Zip Blinds & Ziptrak in Singapore

Always putting customers firstĀ 

With a dedication to revolutionalising every Singaporeanā€™s window furnishing buying experience, ShadeSpace is always on the lookout for ever-innovative methods that put customers first. In fact, during the pandemic, they helped customers shop safely in the comfort of their homes with Singaporeā€™s first-ever mobile showroom service.Ā 

Moreover, they have recently opened the doors to their physical showroom, which is more like an experiential centre for their customers. You may visit the showroom to see their products in greater detail and even better, get the chance to experience using them in actual scenarios. For instance, you may experience using blackout curtains in a blackout room or zip blinds in weather simulators. These experiences will help customers understand the benefits of their products better and make more informed decisions. You may consult with ShadeSpaceā€™s professional team of experienced curtain connoisseurs if you have more questions. Their over 10 years of combined experience in the window furnishings industry allow them to provide you with the best service possible. You may check the reviews on their Facebook and Google to know more.

Extensive selection of choicesĀ 

Whatā€™s also amazing about ShadeSpace is that it is currently the only zip blind store in Singapore that carries 3 separate, reputable international zip blind brands. If you are looking for a zip blind system that could handle the harshest of Singaporeā€™s weather, ShadeSpace carries Zipscreenā„¢, an award-winning brand from Australia that allows families to enjoy their balconies regardless of the weather. ShadeSpace also offers the state-of-the-art ZipBlindā„¢ which has an in-built LED bar system, as well as the Japanese-crafted ShyzipĀ® which is perfect for a minimalist home. You will have a lot of options to choose from, and of course, their expert staff can help you understand each system and help you choose the best one for your home.

Award-winning outdoor blinds from Australia –Ā  Zipscreenā„¢

Additionally, ShadeSpace offers a premium selection of curtains, blinds, pergolas, iGlass, and invisible grilles to cater to all your window furnishing needs.

Check out ShadeSpace >Ā 
Rating:Ā 4.9 rating from 82 Google reviews
Address:Ā 33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-22 Vertex, Singapore 408868
Tel:Ā +65 9816 8847
Contact Form
FacebookĀ |Ā Instagram

2. Mc2 Zip BlindsĀ 

Mc2 Zip Blinds Best Stores for Zip Blinds & Zip Trak in Singapore
Source: Mc2 Zip Blinds

Deemed as one of the leading suppliers of high-quality curtains and blinds in Singapore, mc.2 Zip Blinds is a one-stop window solution shop for all your needs, be it for outdoor or indoor purposes. They offer roller blinds, Venetian blinds, rainbow blinds, day and night curtains, and of course, the first homegrown smart zip blinds in the country. For more variety, mc.2 features an extensive selection of fabrics, colours and designs, so you will find something to aesthetically complement your home. At the same time, the latest smart blind technologies for modern living. Also, they have an in-house team of specialists to help you with every purchase.Ā 

Check out their zip blinds here or book an appointment for more questions. We highly recommend ALTEXā„¢ Solar and RensonĀ® Solar for your window solution needs.

ALTEXā„¢ Solar

ALTEX Solar - Best Store for Zip Blind and Ziptrak in Singapore
ALTEX Solar – Best Store for Zip Blind and Ziptrak in Singapore

Cost-efficient solar-powered blind

We all know that Singaporeā€™s hot and humid weather can be exhausting physically, especially during the summer season. Introducing Mc2ā€™s solar-powered blind to protect you from Singaporeā€™s hot climate, ALTEX Solar. Saving energy has never been this convenient, youā€™ll only need to charge it in the sun, and it will effectively work its magic. Moreover, it can easily be controlled with a remote controller or your mobile phone. ALTEX Solar features a timer that can be set to allow the blind rolls at any of your preferred times of the day. Whether you live in a landed house, condominium or apartment, this will fit perfectly to your windows protecting you from the harmful UV rays of the sun, rain, insects and more.Ā 

RensonĀ® Solar

RensonĀ® Solar - Best Store for Zip Blinds & Ziptrak in Singapore
RensonĀ® Solar – Best Store for Zip Blinds & Ziptrak in Singapore

Innovative and sustainable

Mc2 is one of Singaporeā€™s top choices when it comes to smart curtains and blind needs. Why? Because they always bring the latest innovation and sustainability which makes people choose them more than others. They strive to be the best at revolutionising regular items to make you live comfortably. Just like RensonĀ® Solar, a solar-powered blind to make your daily life comfortable. Crafted from Belgium, you can finally say goodbye to your long wires that easily trip us when not seen as RensonĀ® Solar is fully powered by the sun.Ā 

As the newest blind technology in Singapore, this offers complete customization to fit your preferences. Furthermore, this is not only perfect to keep us from the hot and humid weather of Singapore but also in the rising cost of electricity nowadays. The use of this solar-powered blind reduces the use of air-conditioning by blocking heat at the hottest times of the day.Ā 

Check out Mc2 Zip Blinds >Ā 
Rating: 4.6 rating from 151 Google reviews
Address: 33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-28 Vertex, Singapore 408868
Tel: +65 6634 7333
Facebook | Instagram

3. The Curtain Boutique

The Curtain Boutique Best Stores for Zip Blinds & Zip Trak in Singapore
Source: The Curtain Boutique

For authentic ZiptrakĀ® from Australia, The Curtain Boutique is the place for you. This shop aims to provide the best quality products at the most affordable price, so itā€™s no surprise that they have ZiptrakĀ® on their catalogue. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, ZiptrakĀ® is famous worldwide for its many benefits. ZiptrakĀ® uses a spring balance system, so there wonā€™t be any dangerous cords and rusty cables within your reach. It is also one of the toughest zip blinds in the market, as tested and proven by the University of Adelaide, with a wind-carrying capacity of up to 139km/h. Plus, it is a perfect fit for any type of balcony. Click here if you want to know more about ZiptrakĀ®.

The Curtain Boutique offers Free no-obligation on-site measurements to ensure that your window furnishing solutions are tailored specially for your home. You no longer have to worry about getting your measurements wrong – their dedicated team of professionals will make sure of that. The Curtain Boutique has assisted tens and thousands of Singaporeans islandwide and was awarded the Most Promising Brand award at Singapore Prestige Awards 2019, so be sure to consider them for your zip blinds needs.

Check out The Curtain Boutique >Ā 
WhatsApp: +65 8688 8813
Contact form
Facebook | Instagram

4. A&S Lighting and Curtains Gallery

A&S Lighting and Curtains GalleryBest Stores for Zip Blinds & Zip Trak in Singapore
Source: A&S Lighting and Curtains Gallery

Launched by a team of electricians in 2010, the A&S Lighting and Curtains Gallery is now one of the most trusted zip blinds and Ziptrak providers by Singaporeans building their dream homes. As seen in the companyā€™s name, they provide lighting fixtures, curtains, even wallpapers and fans. A perfect shop to get all your stuff for a home renovation! For Ziptrak that suits your space well, do not hesitate to contact their team of home specialists.Ā 

This company initially started as a small, humble unit along Joo Chiat Place, but now they are booming with customers in their nine-thousand feet main showroom. They also have branches on both East and West sides of sunny Singapore so youā€™ll find them very accessible.

Check out A&S Lighting and Curtain GalleryĀ 
Rating: 4.5 rating from 13 Google reviews
Tel: +65 6346 2516/2517
Contact form
Facebook | Instagram

5. SofthomeĀ 

Source: Softhome

Mr Quak Yong Shek created Softhome with the goal to help customers create their ideal interior space with good quality soft furnishings at an affordable price. From enquiry to quotation and bespoke recommendation to installation, rest assured that the Softhome team has your back. Their friendly and prompt customer service is highly commendable as well. Check out some of their reviews here.

Softhome offers a comprehensive range of window furnishings for all sorts of budget. This includes the strong and popular track-guided blind system from Australia, the Ziptrak. Apart from Australia, materials and products are sourced globally from Japan, the US, South Korea, Turkey, and Belgium – to name a few.

Check out Softhome >Ā 
Rating: 4.9 rating from 57 Google reviews
Address: 48 Tannery Lane #04-00, S347795, Tailoo Building
Tel: +65 9221 9632
Contact form
Facebook | Instagram

6. Hong Ming Group

Hong Ming Group
Source: Hong Ming Group

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Hong Ming Group is one of the most trusted stores for zip blinds in Singapore. Although the company initially started in Malaysia, they now have three retail branches in Singapore, plus offices, warehouses, and a cleaning service team. Since Hong Ming already has decades of experience, it is not surprising that they have provided services to big and reputed institutions such as the Ministry of Health Singapore, the National University of Singapore, and more.Ā 

Hong Ming is known for its wide range of customised products and services that customers can rely on. Sewing, manufacturing, and installation are mostly done by their in-house experts to ensure quality, though they also outsource products internationally, like the Ziptrak from Australia. If you are still not set on what you actually want for your windows at home, you can avail of their free on-site consultations or start reading on their very own blog first.Ā 

Check out Hong Ming Group >Ā 
Tel: +65 9794 6060
Contact form

7. J&S Design

J&S Design
Source: J&S Design

J&S Design aims to deliver the finest workmanship with the finest quality products to every customer. With over 35 years of professional service, this family-owned company prioritises top-notch service above anything – thanks to their homegrown team of experts. What makes them one of the best is their flexibility in addressing customersā€™ demands, as they create and deliver custom-made design solutions that fit your budget and home interiors. They also have a large catalogue of all the latest trends in quality window coverings, including authentic Ziptrak from Australia.Ā 

Moreover, J&S Design is well-reviewed for its speedy deliveries and installation and prompt, concierge-level customer service. Check out more of their reviews here.

Check out J&S Design >Ā 
Address: 68 Orchard Road #04-07 Plaza Singapura Singapore, Singapore 238839

Tel: +65 6334 3933
Facebook | Instagram


What is Ziptrak?

Originally from Australia, Ziptrak is a type of outdoor blind that features a unique spring-balanced system, making it super easy to pull up and down when needed. Ziptrak transforms your outdoor space (i.e. patio or balcony) into a more useful space. Say, a cosy al fresco dining room, kidsā€™ play area, mini gym, or productivity zone – itā€™s up to you.Ā 

What are the advantages of using Ziptrak in Singapore?Ā 

The main advantage of Ziptrak blinds is strength. The fabric does not sag or rust and is proven to withstand static wind with a speed up 260 km/h, which can be useful in the varying weather conditions of Singapore.Ā Moreover, Ziptrak is user-friendly and fully motorised. You can open or close the blinds in seconds, and access them using your phone as well.Ā  Thus, a great addition to your smart home. A manual version (spring-operated) is available, too. But unlike other manual blinds, Ziptrak smoothly glides on your window without the need to fiddle with cords, cranks, and batteries.

Ziptrak is also great for aesthetic purposes. The simple, modern design is not too obtrusive but is enough to make a certain room look clean and sophisticated. Moreover, Ziptrak can be opened and closed at any height, letting you enjoy the Singapore landscape anytime you want. We also like how Ziptrak can be easily customised to the width of your space. Whether you have a small balcony or an office in a high-rise building, Ziptrak can be useful to you.

Above anything else, safety comes first. Especially when you have children at home or when you live on upper building floors. Luckily, manual Ziptrak comes with a child safety latch to make sure that they won’t fall. They also have double side locks to ensure security in harsh weather conditions. Also, Ziptrak can help protect your family from insects, rain, and UV rays while enjoying a breath of fresh air in your outdoor space.

How much does Ziptrak cost in Singapore?

The prices of Ziptrak depend on where you purchase them. Check out the stores that we have featured and request a quote based on the dimensions of your space.


I hope our zip blinds and Ziptrak article has helped you to find the best store for zip blinds and Ziptrak in Singapore. If youā€™ve found this useful, please do share it with your family and friends, thank you! Also, check out other related reads below.

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