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Experience a 6-Day Hilltop Honeymoon Escapade at Cameron Highlands Resort (Complete Itinerary Included!)


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Home to rolling hills, tea plantations, strawberry farms, jungle trails, cascading waterfalls and flower gardens, it is no wonder why a honeymoon to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia is highly sought after. To top it off, Cameron Highlands enjoys a cooling and refreshing climate with a mean temperature of 18 °C and is home to many exciting hiking trails. Much of the highland’s character remains unchanged since its discovery and the beautiful town’s colonial history can be felt with its old-world English charm.

Our recent trip to Cameron Highlands led us to discover one of its iconic gems – the Cameron Highlands Resort. This 11- year-old property owned and managed by YTL Hotels is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, lush rolling hills, Tudor-style cottages and comes with a refreshing view of the 18-hole golf course. From the exterior alone, we can see why Cameron Highlands is commonly known as the ‘piece of England in Asia’. Read on to discover our complete 6-day honeymoon itinerary that you can enjoy at Cameron Highlands Resort. 

A Complete 6-Day Honeymoon Itinerary in Cameron Highlands Resort

Day 1: Enjoy the warm welcome at Cameron Highlands Resort

Check into the gorgeous Jim Thompson Suite
Photo via Kee Hua Chee

As you step into the resort, look forward to greetings from their courteous resort staff. They were all smiles the moment we entered the estate! The resort is an epitome of captivating interiors and nostalgic elegance, with fine old-school touches of England in its furnishing and decor. During our stay, we had the pleasure of staying at the Jim Thompson suite, the best accommodation that Cameron Highlands Resort has to offer. A spacious living area of 76 sqm brings you 2-bedrooms, one with a king four poster bed and one with twin beds. In addition, there is a living area furnished with comfortable settees and french doors open to the balcony with panoramic views of the golf course. The resort features 4 room categories for your stay – deluxe room, 2-bedroom suite, junior suite and the Jim Thompson suite, all of which feature an elegant colonial design that is comfortable and comes with a beautiful view of the golf course against a backdrop of lush forest and rolling hills.

Have lunch at the Jim Thompson Tea Room

After our check-in, we head down to the lobby lounge to the Jim Thompson Tea Room for lunch. This area exudes traditional elegance, warmth and charm, reminiscent of Jim Thompson’s legendary hospitality. We delighted ourselves with sandwiches, tea and lovely conversation. Here you can enjoy a variety of starters and classic dishes on the ala-carte menu, with tempting desserts for a sweet finish. We spent the lazy afternoon here relaxing over scones and cups of tea, which was very refreshing after a flight.

Light up the fireplace

Cameron Highlands Resort is all about preserving tradition with an elegant, modern touch. There is so much we loved about that. As evening approached, we were invited by the staff for their fireplace lighting ceremony – it is one of their favourite traditions that they offer to couples on special vacations, like your honeymoon. On our first evening, we lit up the entire fireplace! Later, we were served strawberry mocktails, and we sat on the couch and enjoyed the warmth of the fire, together with the friendly resort staff. They helped us to take a photo, and later gave us a framed copy as a souvenir when we were leaving. That moment was very intimate and set a warm and romantic mood for our honeymoon. It is definitely a special and unique experience that touches the heart.

Tuck into a delicious Hotpot at Gonbei

For dinner on our first day, the resort staff suggested we head over to Gonbei to enjoy a hearty meal that truly warms the heart. We later understood what he meant! During rainy days and cool weather, this semi-alfresco restaurant is the best spot to be. Nothing could be more ‘shiok’ than tucking into a hotpot during cool weather. We ordered a meat and seafood platter from the ala-carte menu and later head over to the buffet to top up the pot with our favourite vegetables, mushrooms and noodles. Desserts also awaited us on the buffet. The ingredients we tasted were freshly prepared, the meat was tender, and the broth that simmered over the stove was absolutely slurp-worthy. Needless to say, we had a great meal that night.

Day 2: Explore the highlands

Visit the famous BOH Tea Plantation

No trip to the highlands would be complete without a visit to the famous BOH tea plantation. On day 2, the resort arranged transport for us to visit the tea gardens. The view of the rolling tiled hills was astounding and made a beautiful backdrop for your photos. You can even take a short walk through the tiled plantation to smell and touch the leaves!

Built in 1929, BOH tea has grown to become one the top rated tea brands in Malaysia. On your honeymoon, be sure to take a day trip to visit the plantation and delve into the fascinating world of tea with an exclusive guided visit of the grounds. It is not to be missed. Our guide brought us around, first to the plantation where he shared with us the background of BOH and the different types of leaves that go into making teas. Following which, we headed to the factory to check out the tea-making process. We came out from it realizing that it is hard work and a long process behind the scenes that goes into making a cup of tea. 

Tea Appreciation Experience
Photo via Easyvoyage UK

We also had the pleasure of attending a private tea tasting session. After tasting brew from different types of tea leaves, we not only discovered the sublime sensory experience of tasting tea but also learned to appreciate the different aromas and subtle flavors to their lingering aftertaste that came from the different grades. Here was the start of our journey to becoming tea connoisseurs! On your visit, be sure to make a pitstop at the gift shop before heading to the alfresco cafe that overlooks the beautiful rolling hills. Take a seat and enjoy a breezy cup of tea with charming vistas of the plantation. We walked away from this tour with a newfound appreciation for tea and the loving hands that make it (and also bags of tea!).

Indulge in the Signature Picnic Experience
Photo via International Traveller

Shortly after, we had our breaths taken away by the Signature Picnic Experience prepared by Cameron Highlands Resort. Following the tour, our driver whisked us away to the opposite end of the plantation, a quiet spot perched atop a hill and overlooks the entire tea gardens. The atmosphere was quiet and serene and comes with romantic vibes totally unimaginable until you arrive.

Two kind waiters prepared the entire picnic set up for us during our tour and was waiting for us to arrive. The picnic set up was unbelievable and came complete with beautifully embodied cushions and picnic baskets. As we sat down on the comfortable picnic mat, the waiters served us glasses of refreshing fruit juice and started the courses going. It was a 5-course picnic meal that featured sandwiches, handmade wraps, chocolate strawberries and more. We were served throughout the picnic with service so professional we thought only was possible in a restaurant. We have never had a romantic couple experience quite like this. The Signature Picnic Experience was truly an unforgettable experience, perfect for special occasions like anniversaries or proposals! Also, this unique experience is exclusive only to guests of Cameron Highlands Resort.

Visit the gorgeous Lavender Garden or Butterfly Farm

After your signature picnic experience, continue your explorations by heading to the Lavender Gardens, where you can see a beautiful garden covered with purple haze lavender flowers. Apart from purple lavender, there are other florals that add to the brilliant and colourful extravaganza. Talk a leisure walk along the gardens and feel like you are in paradise. There is also a small cafe and souvenir shop here.

Photo via Elin Chow

If you are more into colourful butterflies than flowers, head to one of the oldest tourist attractions of Cameron Highlands – the Butterfly Farm. This location is an excellent spot for you to enjoy watching a variety of lovely butterfly species in a rainbow of colours, which includes Cheirotonus arnaudi, Odontolabis femoralis, and other major popular species. Nearby is also the Kea Farm, which you can also visit. There is also a small souvenir shop and cafe in the Butterfly Farm that you can grab light snacks and refreshments. 

Day 3: It’s time to get active

Awaken your senses with a morning hike
The start of the trail. Photo via Travel3Sixty

On Day 3, it’s time to get those muscles moving. The forests of Cameron Highlands are home to many exciting trails, exotic flora and fauna and even waterfalls awaiting your discovery. Not to mention, adventure too! With plenty of jungle walks of varying difficulty, there is something here for everyone.

Our guide, Madi. Photo via Travel3Sixty

Cameron Highlands Resort helped to arrange for us to discover the Jim Thompson Mystery Trail. American businessman, Jim Thompson, famed for his Thai silk brand and company had a love of nature and countryside. On Easter in 1967, he set out for a mid-afternoon stroll from his cottage and unfortunately was never seen again.

This delightful trail combines his passion and love for nature, with a touch of added mystery to it. Our guide, Madi, who is the resident naturalist of this trail, has been taking guests on treks for over 30 years! The trail begins at Parit Falls and continues into the forest, before ending at the cottage. Our guide introduced us the exotic species of flowers and mushrooms. The trek though at some parts were quite challenging, was one of the best treks I accomplished and once again, revitalized my love for hiking. We were sheltered from the sun rays by the forested canopy, and we enjoyed the cooling hike very much.

Challenge yourselves on the Moss Trail
Photo via thedustyroad

If you are up for a more challenging hike, take on the popular Moss trail in Brinchang Mossy Forest, one of the most popular hikes in Cameron Highlands. This trail is sometimes engulfed in thick fog and cold temperatures, making you feel as though you are no longer surrounded by the tropical climate of Southeast Asia. Home to exotic plants and animals, this trail is both steep and slippery so be sure to wear proper attire and shoes. It is also best to engage a tour guide rather than explore this trail on your own. Alternatively, you can visit the forest in a 4×4 jeep. You can check out Discover Camerons for their hiking tours.

Pick strawberries at the Big Red Strawberry Farm
Photo via Robyn around the World

It was always my dream to visit a strawberry farm, which explains my joy when we got to visit the Bed Red Strawberry Farm on our visit. Strawberry farms here thrive thanks to the highlands’ cool climate and fertile soil. The farm allowed for self-picking fresh from the plant pot. After picking, you will weigh the strawberries in your basket, and pay about S$5 for 500g. The farm also has a shop that features a variety of strawberry products, from sweets to jam, snacks and even plush toys. There is also a seated area where you can order strawberry ice cream and just chill.

Taste Fresh Honey from the Honey Bee Farm
Photo via KLIALIMO4U

After picking out strawberries, it’s time for some fresh honey! Head over to the Honey Bee Farm where they make delicious honey. There are three major bee farms here, Highlands Apiary Farm in Ringlet, Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm in Brinchang and Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm in Tringkap. All three are prime destinations for tourists.

Head home & enjoy a private barbecue dinner

One of the best things about Cameron Highlands Resort is that they craft and tailor many romantic dining experiences for couples to enjoy. After a long day, head back to the resort and enjoy the evening ambience over a barbercue feast. Satisfy your tummy with succulent seafood or tender meat, all cooked to perfection. Complete your meal with a crisp garden salad and refreshing platter of fruits. We’re certain your taste buds, like ours, will be delighted.

Day 4: Rejuvenate your Senses

Enjoy mornings with breakfast at The Dining Room
Photo via Kee Hua Chee

For breakfast each morning, we savoured a cascade-style breakfast featuring freshly baked pastries, fruit, yoghurt, cereals, eggs, pancakes and even traditional noodle dishes! Here, you are seated in a sun-filled dining hall that stares out into lush greenery. How refreshing! Come evening, candlelight softens the ambience here as chefs serve up colonial classics, western and local specialities, followed by sinful deserts. Do note that a proper smart-casual dress code is required in the evenings.

Pamper yourselves at Spa village
Photo via Kee Hua Chee

After exploring the highlands and hiking the trails, it is time to pamper yourselves at the Spa Village at Cameron Highlands Resort! This haven of rejuvenation is where you get all your tired and sore muscles soothed. Since we had 2 full days of activities, we were excited to get some much-needed relaxation. We signed up for a 2-hour session each.

I enjoyed the Fresh Strawberry Escapade which included a strawberry tea bath, strawberry body polish and a strawberry aroma massage – yes everything was strawberry themed! Matt enjoyed the Cameron’s Mint, which entailed a mint tea bath, a body scrub followed by a mint muscle relief body massage, and you guessed it right, everything was minty and fresh. We loved that all ingredients used on our bodies were natural and freshly prepared on the spot, with no chemicals or preservatives. After our relaxing soaks, we were ushered to a lounge area where our therapists placed hot bags atop our chest and stomach area to warm us up. I would recommend couples go for the 2-hour themed sessions, for they are incredibly relaxing. After our treatment, I felt I could go on another hike right away! Check out the spa menu here.


Go to the Night Market

Photo via Jettunnel

After a relaxing time, you can head out to the night markets of Brinchang and Tanah Rata. Open on weekends and public holidays, many stalls and peddlers gather here to set up stalls selling a variety of souvenirs, vegetables, fruits, snacks and more. The two markets are located in prime areas, the Kea Farm town (open from 8 am) and Brinchang town (open from 3 pm to late night).

Day 5-6: Relax before heading home

For your last 2 days at Cameron Highlands, we suggest you take it slow and really take time to enjoy the resort and its surroundings. Below are some suggestions on how you can occupy your time for the last moments of your trip!

Play a round of Golf
Photo via Vietnam Golf Tours

Situated directly opposite the resort is an 18-hole golf course. Measuring a total of 6,101 metres, Cameron Highlands Sultan Ahmad Shah Golf Club is the only golf course in Brinchang. Open to the public, you can head here to challenge yourself with the tricky greens and undulating fairways. Proper attire of collared t-shirt, pants, shorts or skirts and golf shoes are required on the course.

Visit Cactus Valley
Photo via Cavin Teo Blogspot

If you are up for more explorations, take a spontaneous visit to the cactus valley to visit cacti, some as old as 60 years! Here, you can learn all about these colourful spiky plants that come in different shapes and sizes. The farm also cultivates a range of flowers, apple trees and passion fruit plants.

Take a leisurely read at the Reading Room

Another favourite spot of ours in Cameron Highlands Resort is the reading room. This space is perfect for undisturbed reading and relaxing. Sit on their comfy sofas, surrounded by vintage furnishing and well-stocked bookshelves. The reading room definitely exudes peace and quiet which is perfect for reading.

Last minute shopping at the Jim Thompson Boutique

Before you head home, be sure to visit the resort’s Jim Thompson Boutique, where you can get souvenirs and high-quality gifts for your loved ones at home.

Wedding Events & Celebrations at Cameron Highlands Resort

Apart from being a honeymoon destination, Cameron Highlands Resort is also an ideal venue for a wedding celebration with old-world charm. With its lush surroundings, crisp highlands air and charming interiors, it serves as a special venue for your once-in-a-lifetime moment. With 8 function rooms ranging in size from 5 to 250 guests, the resort can accommodate both intimate and larger scale weddings. Couples seeking more unconventional settings can consider the in-house restaurants and spaces. The resort has a wedding team that can help you to craft your perfect celebration. 

Book direct with Cameron Highlands Resort and enjoy benefits such as a complimentary steamboat dinner for two*! Overnight stays from Sunday to Thursday will also enjoy a complimentary massage*! *T&Cs apply, please read here. Rooms start from MYR630++ per night.

If you are planning a vacation at Cameron Highlands Resort, book directly with YTL Hotels, for they feature exclusive book-direct deals and packages that you can enjoy. Click here to check it out.

All in all, the experience here that we had at Cameron Highlands Resort was just wonderful and inspiring. From the charming interiors to the astounding views and romantic activities, it definitely sparks an unforgettable experience for couples. Be sure to check out their Romantic Retreat package that starts from MYR 696++.

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