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Confinement Angels: Reliable Nannies for a Complete Peace of Mind

Confinement period is never easy. Other than the fact that your body is still recovering from the painful parts of childbirth, the confinement period is also the time when you slowly adjust to the life of being a mum. This means juggling changing diapers, breastfeeding, baby essentials shopping – all while taking care of your health! We may call mums modern superheroes, but it does not hurt to get a little bit of help to make your life much easier. And if help is what you need, then there’s no better way to go than getting a reliable confinement nanny from Confinement Angels

Highly trained nannies from one of Singapore’s leading agencies

Confinement Angels is one of Singapore’s leading confinement nanny agencies and is home to a team of trained and reliable nannies to bring new parents peace of mind as they begin a new chapter in their lives. All their confinement nannies have undergone a professional 88-hour in-house training on breastfeeding support, correct hygiene methods, baby safety practices and confinement diet planning. The selection process of their nannies is also very meticulous. On top of the rigorous training, the nannies must pass an interview, aptitude test, and audit just to make sure that they can provide the highest quality of services needed in a confinement nanny. 

Employed confinement nannies also attend refresher sessions on a regular basis to guarantee that their skills and knowledge are up-to-date. As a new parent, you might have plenty of burning questions on parenthood, so, fortunately, their expert nannies are gladly at your service. You may even treat them like your very own Auntie!

Confinement Angels with Mediacorp artiste Joanne Peh

Confinement Angels with Mediacorp artiste Joanne Peh

Health assurance

These days, health is more crucial than ever. So to give every parent peace of mind, all nannies in Confinement Angels are required to go through annual check-ups and blood tests just to ensure that they are free from infectious diseases that can be harmful not only to your newborn but also to the mums and dads. Medical checkups such as Chest X-Ray, Urine tests, Hepatitis B and HIV tests are also administered before employment, so rest assured that nannies in the Confinement Angels team are in good health.

Helping with domestic chores and taking care of your baby

Confinement Angels go above and beyond to bring you only the best, which you can see in the range of services they offer. The assigned nanny will also help with basic domestic chores at home. These include cleaning up after meals, sweeping and mopping the floors at least twice a week, as well as doing the laundry for both mummy and baby. Your little one’s clothes and blankets will be hand-washed to ensure that they are handled gently. 

To keep you refreshed and relaxed at all times, the nanny may also prepare confinement bathing herbs by Maternity Angels for you to wash on. 

Moreover, the confinement nanny will assist you in breastfeeding and basically in any way to help you nurse your newborn. To them, your baby comes first over anything else. After all, they will not be called the Celebrity’s Choice for nothing! Confinement Angels boasts an extensive clientele of celebrities and influencers, and you may check on their testimonials here to learn more about the exceptional service they offer.

Confinement Angel


Delicious and nutritious confinement meals for better recovery

A confinement period checklist could be really long, but one of the most important things to consider is to eat nutritious meals. During childbirth, a huge amount of blood and nutrients is lost, so if not replenished properly, it can take a toll on the mum’s health in the long run. Fortunately, the nannies from Confinement Angels can prepare delicious home-cooked confinement meals that you will surely love. With their years of experience, they can prepare a great variety of dishes to suit your taste. You may even suggest food that you are currently craving! As long as it is healthy, that is.

Maternity Angel


But then, if you really want to elevate your confinement period, Confinement Angels also has a partner company, Maternity Angels, that offers a 5-star confinement food experience for new mums. At Maternity Angels, renowned chefs transform traditional confinement ingredients into international dishes that focus on recovery, lactation and all-around wellness. However, you won’t even know that these meals are actually for the confinement period since every single one of them is presented like a priceless work of art. Head over to their website to know more about their amazingly pretty, tasty, and healthy dishes!

Maternity angels - Best Confinement Food Services in Singapore


Overall, having a reliable nanny from Confinement Angels will help you and your partner a lot in getting the knack of parenthood. At the same time, this ensures that your confinement period will be nothing but comfortable. Their nannies are truly angels and heaven-sent! So, if you are still looking for a sign to hire a confinement nanny from Confinement Angels – this is it

Note: Your assigned nanny will arrive at your home regardless of when your delivery date is. As long as you book for one, a confinement nanny is guaranteed to arrive no matter what happens. Furthermore, if you do not like the service of the nanny, Confinement Angels will provide you with a replacement nanny for free.

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