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8 Designer Furniture from Finn Avenue for Posh Interior Design Themes in Singapore

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Aristotle’s wise words aptly summarise the purpose of interior design, in which its intrinsic value lies not in a particular furniture’s beauty, price, or rarity, but how each furniture comes together to create a masterpiece. Add Finn Avenue’s designer furniture pieces to the equation, and you get a luxurious masterpiece of a dream home.

Boasting signature looks such as Upper East Side, Modern Chic, French Vintage and more, Finn Avenue carries an extensive variety of designer furniture for varying interior themes. With its tagline “Luxury for a Steal”, rest assured that you won’t be burning a hole in your pocket when furnishing your lavish home. From streamlined minimalist to over-the-top Hollywood glam, here are 8 designer furniture pieces that we curated for posh, upscale living.

8 Designer Furniture for Posh, Luxurious Interior Designs


Often associated with the minimalist style, a modern interior design makes use of crisp straight lines, stylish furniture, and limited colours. However, the primary materials used are what set the two apart. While minimalist rooms may include the usage of natural wood with a dull finish, modern spaces call for more metals and reflective surfaces.

finn avenue black marble lamp
Matthieu-Duo Black Marble Blocks Table Lamp on our bedside table against a black marble feature wall

We pursued the modern luxe theme for our new home, adding luxurious aspects like precious stones and metals to the typical modern fare. Marble and gold-associated furniture are critical to the look we wanted to achieve, in which Finn Avenue boasts plenty of exquisite designs.

Our Modern Pick: Matthieu-Duo Black Marble Blocks Table Lamp

Modern themes usually stick to black, white, and greys with a dash of gold, silver, or bronze as highlights. This sophisticated black marble lamp with gold fittings satisfies the colour palette as well as the required lustrous lines that define the modern interior design. The gorgeous black marble completes the opulent look in our master bedroom; a steal for its price.

interior design singapore Finn Avenue

Our Modern Pick: Atlas White & Gold Marble Coffee Table

Now that we have some black marble, how about the classic white marble and gold? One of Finn Avenue’s best sellers, the Atlas coffee table features white natural Italian Volakas marble resting on polished gold steel legs. Be sure to grab this stunning piece of furniture when it is in stock, and match the coffee table with Finn Avenue’s Duchess of Chesterfield Sofa for the sweeping look.


industrial home interior design

The unfinished finished look captures the gist of industrial particulars. Metal, wood, brick, and concrete are defining materials while exposed beams and ductwork are common options. The industrial theme draws inspiration from a warehouse with its rawness and usage of worn textures, calling for functional furniture with heavy-duty looks and dull finishes. While Finn Avenue specializes in luxurious designer furniture, they also have accessories that fit the industrial style with a modern touch.

Our Industrial Pick: The Grand Station Gear Wall Clock

In line with the appeal of industrial design, this unique wall clock will fit right into the room with its exposed inner mechanism and dull metal-like finish.The mechanical look of the exposed gears adds a delightful industrial touch to your living quarters.


minimalist home interior design

At the heart of minimalistic interior design lies simplicity. Defined by clean lines, neutral tones, and airy flow, minimalist homes have been trending in Singapore. The “less is more” mindset maximises the limited spaces most HDBs and apartments have. Minimalism can create a visual illusion and make the room looks more spacious than it actually is.

Our Minimalist Pick: Manhattan Grids Sectional Sofa

Offering a clean, simple, yet luxurious look, the Manhattan Grids Sectional Sofa fits right in with a minimalistic home. To prevent the room from looking too homogeneous and boring, mix up the textures with a fluffy throw and velvet cushions. This will help to create contrast and more textural interest.

Hollywood Glam

hollywood glam homes

At the other end of the spectrum, where minimalism is but a faint dot in the distance, we have Hollywood Glamour. Also known as Hollywood Regency, this is inspired by the dawn of Hollywood’s golden age, around the late 1920s to ‘30s. This theme is all about being luxurious, over-the-top, and extravagant.

Expect ultra rich tufted upholstery, expensive fabrics, and flamboyant colours in this concept. Victorian vibe and antiques are also mainstays in this style. Mirrored-furniture and mirrors are also appropriate here, which Finn Avenue has an abundance of.

Our Hollywood Glam Pick: Countess II Blue Chesterfield Sofa

The colour of royal blood, as they say, is blue. This tufted vintage 3-seater sofa is covered in luscious blue velvet with deep buttons and  an alluring gold trim. You’ll feel like Hollywood royalty while lounging here with your friends and family sipping champagne. For added measure, you can flaunt some faux fur rugs or velvet pillows to amp up the charisma of this setup.

Our Hollywood Glam Pick: Philippe Black Gold Mirrored Console Table

Hollywood Glam is known for its designer style aesthetic. This fully handcrafted table with hand-cut mirrors is a perfect fit for the colour scheme of the picture above. Aside from its moisture-resistance characteristic; its black matte base and angled legs give off a nice sophisticated finish.


rustic home

Raw, natural, and lived-in – these are the words that best describe a rustic interior style. It draws inspiration from classic country log cabins with solid, unpolished wood, distressed leather, and natural fabric like cotton and hemp. Wicker baskets, woven chairs, and indoor plants are also typical in this vogue.

Rustic interiors make full use of natural materials – wood and stone, coupled with massive furniture and earthy decor. A rustic home provides a unique combination of comfort, peace and harmony.

Our Rustic Pick: Yorkshire Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Rustic vibe is rich with a warm, wooden colour palette that exudes the ambiance of a home sweet home. This Yorkshire Leather Chesterfield Sofa is made of Top Grain Indian Buffalo Hides with medium firmness. It is ideal for cabin-styled interior or classic country the same as the above image.

French Chic

french county home

Unlike the previous interior designs, French country interiors are a rarity in Singapore. This style is defined by carved wooden furniture, down-to-earth fabric, floral and plaid patterns, and an overall farmhouse feels with touches of old-world luxury in the form of muted gold elements. With Singapore’s high-rise apartments, it can be quite challenging to put in so much wood, stone, or brick to pull off this beauty – though, not impossible!

The heart of this appearance is casual elegance which can be easily transposed into a modern Singaporean home via definitive pieces. Think of soft and warm tones, a classic chandelier, curvy wooden chairs, floral wallpaper, and gold picture frames. You can infuse these intricate points to establish French country, as long as the specifics are there.

Our French Chic Pick: Fayette Chesterfield 3-Seater Sofa

This Fayette Chesterfield sofa with highlights of gold embellishment on the throw pillows will add contrast to your French style interior. As a 3-seater couch, it gives comfort and enough space for visitors who seek warm welcome – just like what French country design aims. What we love most about it is its fabric, 100% Beige polyester with higher dirt resistance.


bohemian home

Most people would see disarray in a Bohemian-style room, but there really is order to this chaos. The Bohemian theme gives the most freedom when it comes to decorating as it allows the fusion of different ideas and eras however it pleases you. A great way to display collections and artworks from your travels around the world.

It can be quite tricky to pull off the harmony that separates a Bohemian look from just a messy space. If you’d like something easier with more breathing space, you can opt for a beach boho style, which draws inspiration from beachfront villas with a predominantly white colour palette and touches of blue and green. This colorful gold-trimmed glass tray from the Finn Avenue dining ware collection is reminiscent of seashells, which suits the beach boho style perfectly.

Our Bohemian Pick: Modern Tessellation Grey Blue Rug

This Turkish Rug with modern tessellation patterns adds another dimension to the overall look of a room. Its unique prints create a sense of aged beauty, with its blue vibrance giving off a cool yet welcoming ambiance. Featuring 100% soft olefin and high pile, the rug is even softer to the touch.


vintage home singapore

Romantic and noble with a cosy mood, vintage interiors exude elegance and warmth at the same time. Furniture and accessories should be intricate, not gaudy. Carved, aged wood is the key factor, with antiques fitting right in. Colors are somewhat restrained, with muted earthy tones as the norm.

Putting together a vintage theme is not as easy as putting antiques in a room. A keen eye for an enduring style is needed to pick out the right furniture for a vintage-themed room. Integrating vintage components such as Victorian era patterns is an excellent way to do this. One tip is to stick to a specific era, or at least decades close to each other for a more cohesive look.

Our Vintage Pick: Nolie & Finn: Fairy Place II King Louis XVI Chair

This majestic armchair is made with hand-carved French beech wood coated in a black antiqued finish. Inspired by Greek and Roman classicism, the King Louis XVI chair features Black Jacquard woven fabric with embroidered birds and trees on the rear back rest. The seat is also upholstered with premium Italian cowhide leather. Along the trim, traditional copper-gold nail head trim is hand-applied for that extra luxurious touch.

Finn Avenue prides itself in offering luxurious designer furniture and accessories at a steal, allowing more people the opportunity to create magazine-worthy looks for their dream homes without bursting their budget.

If you are currently hunting for great deals on contemporary pieces, we suggest heading down to their showroom to experience the look and quality of their products in person. They generally carry designer furniture of the latest trends, and we’re pretty sure that you will find something that you love at their showroom. Good luck building your dream home!

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