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Top 5 Digital Locks to Buy 2020 + Product Reviews

Long gone are the days when you fumble in your purse for your keys to your home. Now all you need is your pin or fingerprint to unlock your door (some even have facial recognition). You will find every smart modern home’s entrance powered by a digital lock. 

The types of digital locks include password, biometric (fingerprint), Bluetooth (using your mobile phone) or a card/RFID digital lock. Some digital locks have more than one of the above features. The cost of a digital lock starts from $200 and go up to $1,000, depending on the brand and features. With so many brands and models of digital locks in Singapore, and which should you buy? In our ‘The Top 5’ series, I will share with you the best digital locks to buy. 

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Best Digital Locks to Buy (Summary)

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Best Digital Locks to Buy

1. Samsung SHP-DR708 digital lock with Wi-Fi 

Samsung is one of the biggest names in electronic appliances from South Korea. No doubt they make digital locks that are reliable yet stylish. The Samsung SHP-DR708 is the latest digital lock. It is a SMART loT, WiFi digital door lock that comes with 5 different ways to unlock. I particularly love the push-pull function. Watch the video to see how it works! 

Why buy this digital lock: 

  • This model uses a smart bell that connects to your smartphone. When your family or friends ring the bell, you can unlock the door through your app, even if you are far away from home. 
  • You can know who is coming home in real-time (this is great to monitor your kid’s activity!)
  • You can set a duration password to enter and exit during a period (great for cleaners to come while you are away)
  • Issue single-use one-time passwords for convenient visitor access 
  • The anti-theft set up allows you to burglar-proof your home while you are away 
  • Stylish and sleek design fits any modern home 
  • Includes free installation when you purchase on Lazada
Check price on Lazada > 

Check out other push-pull models from Samsung with fingerprint recognition – Samsung SHP-DP727 and the Samsung SHP-DP738 

2. Yale YDM7116 Biometric Digital Door Lock

Yale is a household name when it comes to locks. My mother has been using Yale locks since the beginning of time. Being one of the oldest names in the lock industry, it has proven it’s reliability and durability over the years. Yet it does not stop innovating. Their digital locks have proven to be impressive and reliable. 

The Yale YDM7116 is a biometric digital door lock that can also be unlocked with a pin, RFID card, Bluetooth, a remote control, or a manual key. 

Why buy this digital lock: 

  • It comes with functions like automatic locking, break-in alarm.
  • The sleek matt black design of this model is stylish.
  • If you also want to lock your gate, check out this 2-in-1 bundle
  • When you buy on Lazada, you get free installation and a free door viewer that allows you to see who’s at the door, and unlock it with your phone even when you are not home. 
Check price on Lazada > 

3. Gateman GRAB100-FH Fingerprint Digital Door Lock 

Gateman is known to be the #1 digital lock brand in Korea. The best part about Gateman is its affordability. To buy a digital lock with fingerprint recognition, you will usually have to fork out close to $900. But for Gateman, you can look to pay under $400 for one yet still be assured of reliability. 

What I like most about the new Gateman GRAB100-FH is the quick pass fingerprint recognition. Instead of the usual top position, your fingerprint is scanned when you open the door handle, saving you time.

Why buy this digital lock: 

  • It has a double-hook mechanism to add strengthen security 
  • It has IPX4 class waterproofing and is resilient to UV
  • Smooth metal frame and soft lines give an elegant look  despite the affordable price 
  • Has two communication pack slots to enable you to use it with your video phone and smart home system 
  • The 3-minute lock function adds security if the pin code is entered wrongly for more than 5 times. This inhibits anyone from guessing your code 
  • Fire resistant 
Check price on Lazada > 

4. Schlage S-6800 Digital Door Lock 

Schlage is a trusted lock brand since 1920 from the USA. For over 90 years, Schlage has been creating the strongest security products for not only homes but also for commercial and institutional buildings. 

The Schlage S-6800 digital touchpad comes complete with the fingerprint reader that can store up to 100 fingerprints so you can possibly save all your fingers (if you’d like). 

Why buy this digital lock: 

  • Temporary codes can be created for your guests, cleaners or contractors. 
  • A built-in alarm can sense forced entry
  • An auto re-lock feature ensures that your door does not remain unlocked for too long.
  • The manual lock from the inside also makes it easy for you to exit in an emergency.  
Check price on Lazada > 

5. Philips EK9100 Digital Door Lock (Push-pull handle)

I really like Philips products, evident from my kettle and hairdryer. I find their electronics to be reliable and pleasant looking. I only recently found out that Philips is a Dutch company! 

The Philips EK9100 has a push-pull function, similar to that of the Samsung SHP-DR708 but comes at a slightly cheaper price. It has 100 fingerprint access, 100 RFID card access, and 10 user password access. 

Why buy this digital lock: 

  • Anti-theft alarm system
  • One-time pin system allows you to set up one-time codes for visitors
  • Other models such as the Philips EK6100 and Philips EK7300 are also good options to get
Check price on Lazada > 

Affordable Pick: Samsung SHS-1321 Rim Type Door Lock 

Let’s face it. Not all of us are willing to shell out close to $1,000 for a door lock. It admittedly is a huge jump from my regular lock-and-key approach. The Samsung SHS-1321 is a no-frills option that is value-for-money. 

You can unlock it using the number pad or RFID card/tag. I like the fact that it has an automatic locking function so it gets locked the moment your door is closed. It also has an intruder prevention feature with one touch of the home button, so if an intruder tries to open it from inside the house after breaking in, it will sound. 

Check price on Lazada > 

Financing your home purchases

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That’s our Top 5 Best Digital Locks for you to buy! I hope that it has helped you to find the best digital lock for your home. Check out our Buying guides below.

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