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10 Best Hair Dyes in Singapore | Best of Beauty 2021

Hair dye has been very popular not only because it allows youngsters and teens to be more fashionable following the latest trends, but also because it is very helpful for people who are trying either to cover their gray and white hair, or to restore their original hair color that has been damaged during their previous hairstyling processes. However, maintaining a good color is also a challenge as the hair grows 1/2 inch every month on average. With that condition, having a salon appointment every 4-6 weeks for hair coloring will surely cost you so to help you save up whilst keeping your hair beautiful, we have rounded up the best hair dyes that you can use at the comfort of your home. Check them out below!

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Best Hair Dyes in Singapore


Labeled as the new generation hair color kit, PHYTOCOLOR Hair Dye promises to keep your hair beautiful without harming your scalp as it carefully combines advanced technology with botanical pigments. Depending on your chosen shade, you will get to enjoy up to 74% botanical pigments which will provide not only an intense color but also a natural shine.

In addition to high concentrations of pigments, PHYTOCOLOR is also rich with jojoba, monoi oils elixir, epaline, and Juazeiro tree bark to keep your hair smooth whilst soothing your sensitive scalp at the same time. To further ensure that you will not feel any discomfort, this hair dye does not use any ammonia, parabens, resorcin, and PPD. To learn how to properly use the PHYTOCOLOR Hair Dye, you may watch the video below.

Why buy this hair dye:
  • It is formulated with botanical pigments
  • Gentle against the scalp
  • Keeps the hair healthy
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2. L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray

hair dye singapore - L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray

Best for a touch-up

Premature hair whitening or greying of hair is a very common problem, but thanks to L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray, you can now cover this up in just 3 seconds! This impressive product can give a perfectly blended coverage not only to people who have naturally black hair, but also to people who have brown and blonde hair as it is available in 5 shades.

Furthermore, L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch is a lightweight product hence there is no need to worry about any discomfort while using it. Once applied, it can last until you wash it off with your regular shampoo. Watch SmashinBeauty’s quick video review and demo application below to learn more.

Why buy this hair dye:

  • Blends in with all shades of hair
  • Lightweight formula
  • It comes in different colors
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3. Aprilskin Turn Up Color Cream

Aprilskin Turn Up Color Cream (1)

Wishing to have a colorful hair like your idol is now easier with Aprilskin Turn Up Color Cream. It is a Korean hair product that claims to provide long-lasting vibrant color without making you suffer from any damage as it is formulated with 5 botanical oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, camellia oil, jojoba seed oil, and evening primrose oil. With these fine components, you can also be assured that your hair will not dry out, instead, you will get a healthier-looking hair!

This hair dye is available in 7 pretty colors, but you may also mix and match to customize your own desired color. However, it is important to note that if you have naturally dark hair or you have not bleached your hair, the result may come very subtle. Watch Makeup Box try the Aprilskin Turn-Up Color Cream in Matt Avocado below.

Why buy this hair dye:
  • Temporary and bright colors
  • Hydrates and moisturizes your hair
  • Treats damaged hair
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4. Revlon ColorSilk Urban Style Hair Color 

Revlon ColorSilk Urban Style Hair Color (1)

Revlon is one of the trusted brands when it comes to beauty products and to cater to Asian hair, they came up with a new formula that is free of ammonia while blending keratin with silk amino acid. With this, Revlon ColorSilk Urban Style Hair Color is not only able to give you a long-lasting color, but it can also make your hair healthy, silky, and shiny.

This hair dye offers four shade options to choose from. Chestnut Mochi is highly recommended if you want to keep a more natural-looking, however, if you are looking to try a sophisticated and stylish look, you may consider Matcha Beige as it gives an ashy tone. For people who are very particular when it comes to matching their hair with their skin tone, Chocolate Raspberry shade would be the best choice as it can help to make the complexion brighter, while Caramel Custard is ideal for girls with tanned skin. Check out the video below to learn how to use this hair dye:

Why buy this hair dye:
  • It is formulated for Asian hair
  • It is blended with keratin and silk
  • Leaves your hair healthy and shiny
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5. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme

With triple protection, L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme has been living up to its name. It can help you cover up the gray or uneven strands whilst taking care of your hair as it uses Pro-Keratine complex, ceramide, and collagen. It also has a non-drip cream formula that makes hair coloring easier.

Excellence Creme is available in 44 shades from blonde, red, brown, and black. With this wide range of options, you can keep on exploring colors whilst being assured that your hair is protected before, during, and after coloring for up to eight weeks. For multiple usages and frequent root touchups, you may also check out L’Oreal Paris Excellence Double Tube Hair Dye Color. Watch Debasree Banerjee’s video tutorial on how to dye your hair at home below.

Why buy this hair dye:
  • Strengthens and protect your hair
  • It is formulated with keratin
  • Brings out the natural shine of your hair
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6. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Hair Color – Ash Shades

You have seen that L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme offers a wide range of shades, however, if you are looking for specific ash shades, the new L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Hair Color would be more suitable for you. This hair dye that is specially made for Asian with dark hairs offers intensely ash shades without losing the triple protection such as pre-colour treatment with Ceramide, color creme with Pro-Keratine, and conditioner with Collagen.

Apart from ensuring that your hair will stay strong and silky, L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Hair Color can also give you the sparkling visible color that you desire as it also uses Hi-Shine Complex and a blend of 3 high-intensity cool pigments. You can now achieve your dream Parisian look with pretty hair color from cool ash, nude beige, and iridescent shades.

Why buy this hair dye:
  • It is formulated for Asian hair
  • It offers triple protection
  • Gentle for your hair and scalp
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7. Mise en scene Hello Bubble Hair Dye: Black Pink Edition

Mise en scene Hello Bubble Hair Dye has been very popular not only because they have collaborated with one of the most popular K-pop girl groups, but also because they have given satisfying results. This hair dye is a self-dyeing hair cream that allows an easier hair coloring process. It is also ammonia-free so you can be safe from irritation, and it even comes with a secret magic oil to soften your hair!

In addition to having a wide range of 16 shade options that are fun to explore, we are also sure that you will love its sweet floral scent. Yes, you can say goodbye to your old stinking dye!  Watch the video below to learn more.

Why buy this hair dye:
  • Includes oils to shine and soften your hair
  • It offers a lovely floral scent
  • Sixteen shades to choose from
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8. Liese Creamy Bubble Color

Liese Bubble Cream Color

Popularly known for being a thick foaming dye that coats the hair fully, Liese Creamy Bubble Color will help you have your desired color without leaving your home. It offers 19 salon-inspired colors that are divided into Natural and Design series. The Natural Series has 7 classic natural shades of brown from soft to dark chocolate while the Design Series offers 12 unique vibrant shades from Pink, Purple, Beige, Navy, Greenish or Blueish Ash, and Black.

In addition to its wide range of options, this hair dye is also formulated with Lanolin acid that helps to protect your hair during the coloring process, which is as easy as shampooing your hair. There is no reason why you should be afraid to explore fun colors for your hair! Check out Clare Chia’s demo of Liese Bubble Cream Color in Mint Ash below:

Why buy this hair dye:
  • Thick dye with extensive coverage
  • Makes your hair softer and shinier
  • Low-smell formula
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9. Beautylabo Whip Hair

Beautylabo Whip Hair is well-known for its uniquely cute packaging which also serves as the mixer for dye. All you need to do is pour the Colorant and Developer, shake well, and you are ready to apply the rich whipped foam to your hair. You will not only get a vibrant color in a super-easy way, but your hair will also get hydrated and shiny as the dye contains moisturizing ingredients such as honey, rose water, and fruit extracts.

This promising hair dye comes in fun colors perfect for Asian hair. It won’t fade easily, however, it is important to note that the result may come darker or lighter depending on your current hair color. Additionally, it has a quite strong scent during the coloring process, but it will also go away as you rinse it off. Watch the video below to learn more.

Why buy this hair dye:
  • Non-drip dye with even coverage
  • It is formulated with moisturizing ingredients
  • It offers 18 shades to choose from
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10. Cielo Cream Hair Color

hair dye singapore cielo cream hair color

Offering an easy yet efficient solution for covering gray hair, it is no wonder why Cielo Cream Hair Color has become one of the most popular brands in Singapore when it comes to hair dye. All you have to do is simply press the lever to get the colorant and developer at the same time. Yes, pre-mixing is no longer required so you can say goodbye to messy applications! It even comes with a special comb brush to make the application of the non-drip cream easier.

Moreover, there is no need to worry if your hair will be dry as Cielo Cream Hair Color combines illuminating and nourishing ingredients to keep your hair smooth and shiny after coloring. You can even keep the remainder for touchups or the next application! Check out the video below.

Why buy this hair dye:
  • Simple application process
  • It can be used later for touch-ups
  • Ideal for concealing gray hairs
Check price on Shopee >

When you have colored hair, it’s best to use the right kind of shampoo, so you don’t end up washing the dye. Try out the Kérastase [Reflection Colour Protection Routine] Bain Chromatique Shampoo + Chromatique Conditioner for Coloured Hair.

I hope our list of best hair dyes has helped you to find a good pick for your hair! Please do share it with your friends and family too.

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