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15 Best Juicers in Australia for Healthy Drinking | Best of Home 2023

With the market saturated with junk and fast food, healthy eating has been making a comeback. What better way to get back into nutrition than with refreshing juices? Make the most out of your fruits and vegetables by getting yourself your own juicer. With an extensive variety of juicers in the market, which then is the best juicer in Australia? In our Best of Home series, we introduce the 15 Best Juicers in Australia, providing quality recommendations based on your lifestyle and budget needs.

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This article was last updated on 03 January 2023.

Table of Contents

  • Best Juicers in Australia
    1. Torus Echo
    2. Torus Solo
    3. ADVWIN Cold Press Juicer
    4. Breville the Juice FountainĀ® Cold Plus Juicer
    5. Kuvings C7000 Professional Cold Press Juicer
    6. Omega J8228C Cold Press Juicer
    7. Breville the Juice FountainĀ® Cold XL
    8. MOD Cold Press Juicer
    9. Hurom H200 Cold Press Juicer
    10. Breville the Big Squeezeā„¢ Juicer
    11. Hurom H-AA Slow Cold Press Juicer
    12. Breville The Juice FountainĀ® Max Juicer
    13. BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press Juicer
    14. Russell Hobbs Luxe Cold Press Slow Juicer
    15. MIUI Slow Juicer FFX

Best Juicers in Australia

1. Torus Echo

Torus Echo
Torus Echo – Best Juicers in Australia

Revolutionary Dual Auger System for high-yield juicing

Combining the best of a vertical and horizontal auger in one powerful slow juicer, the Torus Echo promises you the most delicious and nutritious juices whenever you need them. And since this juicer boasts a unique dual-chamber system, everything that goes inside is squeezed twice, ensuring that no juice is wasted.

The juicer comes with both hard and soft produce end-cap attachments, allowing you to further maximise juice yield. The hard produce attachment delivers up to 60% more celery or carrot juice than other machines. Celery sticks can be fed without preparation into the juicer because there is no basket sieve to get clogged with fibres. The generous 50mm feed means less cutting of produce is required, which is really helpful when you need a quick juice fix.Ā 

So, if you love to drink veggie juices for a healthier life, the Torus Echo is definitely one of your best buys. Additionally, this juicer runs at 2 speeds Ā (60RPM and 45RPM) for extra slow, slow juicing, ensuring that your juice is prepared with maximum nutrition yet minimal oxidation. Considering all these innovative features, we are not surprised that the Torus was awarded the Product Review Australia Best Juicer Award for 2022.

Easy to clean and versatile

As stated above, unlike other juicer designs, the award-winning Torus Echo has no basket sieve with multiple holes to trap fibre, so cleaning is quick and easy. The juicer has aĀ  choice ofĀ  3 easy-to-clean mini-tongue sieves that allow users to vary the thickness of juice, using vegetable, fruit or even wheatgrass and herbs. The Torus Echo can also make jams and frozen fruit ice creams and nut milk, making it really versatile and perfect for your kitchen.

Check out the video below to know more about this very reliable juicer:

Why buy this:Ā 
  • High-yield cold press juicerĀ 
  • Super quiet motor 55dB (when not under load)
  • Runs at 2 speeds: 60RPM and 45RPM
  • Easy to clean, BPA-free parts
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Award-winning appliance

Torus promo code:

Use the code TWV10 on Torus’ website for 10% offĀ  their Torus Echo

2. Torus Solo

Torus Solo
Torus Solo – Juicers Australia

Premium performance in a compact, affordable juicer

Compact, simple, yet all-around versatile – the mighty Torus Solo is your perfect companion for a healthier life. This juicer only requires a single attachment for all the produce you might use, so is simplicity itself to work with. Alongside ease of use, the Solo design offers high-yield,Ā  healthy, cold-pressed juice. You can juice your celery without preparation,Ā  hassle-free! Insert your fruit or veggies via a generous 5cm chute – with little cutting required – and the Solo does all the work for you, ejecting unnecessary strings and pulp from produce without clogging.Ā 

In addition to healthy fruit and vegetable drinks, the Torus Solo also makes nut milk and frozen fruit ā€˜nice creamā€™, making it a really versatile and high-performing juicer. It can even juice wheatgrass and herbs! The best part is, these impressive features come at a very competitive price!Ā 

Safe, durable and easy to clean

The Torus Soloā€™s motor has built-in overload protection and also cuts out after 20 minutes of use avoiding overheating. These safety features help keep your juicer intact for years to come.

Additionally, since the juicer only has a single attachment with a minimised strainer, a brief rinse is all that is required for the quickest of cleans to refresh the whole machine. The minimal number of components make set-up, assembly and disassembly quick and easy. To find outĀ  more about this compact and robust juicer, check out the video below:

Why buy this:
  • Small footprint – easily fits on most counters
  • Highly versatile, high-yield juicer
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Easy to clean, BPA-free parts
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • From the award-winning Torus brand

Torus promo code:

Use the code TWV10 on Torus’ website for 10% offĀ  their Torus Solo

3. ADVWIN Cold Press Juicer

ADVWIN Cold Press Juicer
ADVWIN Cold Press – Best Juicers Australia

Juice ingredients fast and efficiently

Looking to get the most out of the ingredients you plan to juice? Then the ADVWIN Cold Press Juicer will definitely be worth every penny. Designed with a wide juicer mouth, you can save time on cutting up ingredients and make sure that all the juice goes into the juicer. Moreover, it is fitted with a 600W motor that operates quietly in either of the available speed settings. The first speed on the dial is great for fruits such as oranges, apples, and grapes. Meanwhile, the second speed setting for this juicer is ideal for juicing carrots, beets, celery, and other hard ingredients. With these speed settings, you can have delicious juice within seconds. Additionally, it is fitted with a 1.5L pulp container alongside the 500mL juice cup.

Fewer spills and easy cleanup

When it comes to making food and drinks, cleaning up can sometimes be a challenge. To address this, the ADVWIN Cold Press Juicer has an anti-drip design that not only makes juice flow smoothly but also minimises the hassle of wiping juice from the counter. It also has a safety lock arm that makes sure the lid and the ingredients are secure. In addition to this feature, the bottom of the juicer has non-slip rubber feet that provide stability during continuous operation. Furthermore, it is designed with an overload protection system that automatically shuts off the juicer if it overheats.Ā 

Why buy this:
  • Equipped with a strong but quiet motor
  • Great for juicing fruits as well as carrots, beets, and other hard ingredients
  • Has a wider mouth for fitting large ingredients
  • Designed to be stable and minimise spills
  • Made with an overload protection system
Check prices onĀ Amazon.auĀ andĀ eBayĀ >

4. Breville the Juice FountainĀ® Cold Plus Juicer

Breville the Juice FountainĀ® Cold Plus Juicer
Breville Cold Plus Juicer – Cold Juicer Australia

Keeping it cool and refreshing

Breville the Juice FountainĀ® Cold Plus is a 1200-watt juicer that can keep temperature transfer to a mere 1Ā°C. With Brevilleā€™s Cold Spin Technology, Italian mesh filters prevent its cutting discs from heating up when juices start flowing through. When done juicing, you can store all the contents into the 2L jug with a sealing lid. This will keep the juice nice and fresh for three days when kept in your fridge.

Clean and efficient from the chute to the nozzle

Skip the hassle of chopping up your fruits and vegetables. Just shoot them straight into the Juice FountainĀ® Cold Plusā€™ 88 mm extra-wide chute, and let the juicer do its thing. Notice the design helps you fit it nicely in your kitchen countertop with the pulp bin tucked nicely behind the base. After churning up the juices, you can squeeze everything through the custom-designed juice nozzle. Just invert the nozzle when you are done and enjoy your drink without the mess.

Why buy this:
  • 88 mm extra-wide chute for whole fruits and vegetables
  • Cold Spin Technology minimizes heat build-up to up to only 1Ā°C
  • 2L jug comes with a sealing lid for 3-day storage in the fridge
  • Pulp bin placed behind product base for a space-saving design
  • Custom-designed juice nozzle for mess-free juicing
Check prices onĀ AmazonĀ and eBay >

5. Kuvings C7000 Professional Cold Press Juicer

Kuvings C7000 Professional Cold Press Juicer
Kuvings C7000 – Professional Juicer Australia

A juicer for all occasions

From juices to sorbets to smoothies, the Kuvings C7000 Professional Cold Press Juicer is a 3-in-1 multi juicer that can make it all for you. With its Juice Module Comprising System, you can expect well-balanced juices with the right extraction of both fruit flesh and juice. Just pop in the whole fruit in the 76 mm wide feeding tube and watch the process happen through the translucent hopper.Ā 

Top-grade materials

What makes the C7000 multi-purpose is its various Ultem strainers. Even its juicing screw is made of the same material and built ready to turn more pulp into juices. Whatā€™s more, its juicing bowl makes assembling, disassembling, and cleaning much more convenient. The Smart Cap, along with the rotating cleaning brush, offers the same with added grip in its upgraded design. Additionally, the Tritan components make for an eco-friendly and BPA-free extracting container.

All systems checked

Not only does the C7000 come with its own cooling and safety-lock systems, but it was also designed to stay quiet as possible. Running at 50 rotations per minute, this juicer comes with a special deceleration motor making for less noise and vibration. Enjoy hassle-free juicing with this complete package from Kuvings.

Why buy this:
  • 3-in-1 multi juicer for juices, sorbets, and smoothies
  • Juice Module Compressing System (JMCS) for balanced extraction
  • Juicing screw and bowl make for easier assembly, disassembly, and cleaning
  • Quality components made of Ultem and Tritan material
  • Special deceleration motor for less noise and vibrationĀ 
Check prices onĀ Amazon and eBay >

6. Omega J8228C Cold Press Juicer

Omega J8228C Cold Press Juicer
Omega J8228C – Best Cold Juicers in Australia

Get those nutrients in

Running at 80 RPM with a single auger, the Omega J8228C Cold Press Juicer is a horizontal juicer made for leafy greens and celery. Despite that in mind, this juicer has all the parts necessary to churn everything from nut milk to frozen fruit sorbets to baby food. Thanks to the Omega Nutrition System, it can create all these with maximum efficiency. Pack that in with a 20-year warranty Omega Power motor for dual-stage juicing, and you will have nutritious dishes for days. Just choose any of the 3 adjustable pressure settings, and let it juice.Ā 

Less heat, less noise, less waste

The J8228C keeps the juicing process with as little heat and oxidation as possible by running at low speeds, which also keeps noise levels down. Moreover, you can save on those dollars with this juicerā€™s capacity to maximize what it squeezes out. Top that off with an automatic pulp ejection feature, and there goes all the hassle.

Why buy this:
  • Omega Nutrition System for maximum efficiency in creating all-natural dishes
  • Omega Power dual-stage juicing system comes with a 20-year motor warranty
  • 3 adjustable pressure settings for everything from hard to soft ingredients
  • Minimizes heat build-up, oxidation, noise, and waste for more bang for your buck
  • Automatic pulp ejection for easy cleaning
Check prices onĀ AmazonĀ andĀ eBay >

7. Breville the Juice FountainĀ® Cold XL

Breville the Juice FountainĀ® Cold XL
Breville the Juice FountainĀ® Cold XL – Juicer Australia

More juice to satisfy your cravings

Make enough healthy juice for the family when you use the Breville the Juice FountainĀ® Cold XL. Sporting an extra wide 88 mm feed chute, it saves you the hassle of chopping ingredients into smaller bits before juicing. Meanwhile, its 2L juice container lets you make more juice to drink now or store for later. After placing the ingredients, you can use the dial to select which speed the 1200W motor will operate. At its fastest setting, it can work to extract juice 5x faster in comparison to slow-press juicers. In addition to the powerful fast setting, the motor also uses noise reduction technology for its quiet mode which reduces mechanical noise by up to 40%. This juicer also has Cold Spin Technologyā„¢ that guides juice and ingredients to the stainless steel cutting disc. Around the disc is a mesh filter that works to ensure that temperature increase remains negligible.Ā 

Why buy this:
  • Equipped with a large 2L juice container
  • Fitted with a strong motor that can extract 5x faster than slow-press juicers
  • Has a setting for reduced mechanical noise
Check prices onĀ Amazon.auĀ andĀ eBayĀ >

8. MOD Cold Press Juicer

MOD Cold Press Juicer
MOD Cold Press Juicer – Juicers in Australia

If you are down to get green and healthy, then the MOD Cold Press Juicer from Australia is here to extract all the nutrients you need from celeries, beetroots, and other produce. Pop your choice ingredients in the wide-mouth chute and let the 240-watt motor do the juicing for as fast as 65 RPM and as quiet as 50 decibels. After the process, you can effortlessly clean the BPA-free machine with its custom scrubbing brush. With 5-year parts and a 20-year motor warranty, this Cold Press Juicer shows why it is awarded by ProductReview.com.au as ā€œJuicer of the Yearā€ since 2017.

Why buy this:
  • Multi-function, low-noise operation for everything from nut milk to sorbets
  • Wide-mouth chute for all your whole nutritious ingredients
  • Easy cleaning with its free custom scrubbing brush
Check price on MOD Appliances >

9. Hurom H200 Cold Press Juicer

Hurom H200 Cold Press Juicer
Hurom H200 – Best Juicer Australia

The successor of the H100, the Hurom H200 Cold Press Juicer is a total upgrade worthy of the Kitchen Innovation Award in 2020. It has a simplified strainer and drum design for easier assembly, disassembly, and cleaning. The ā€˜Trimming Wingsā€™ processes ingredients for hassle-free preparation. You can expect high yield thanks to the H200ā€™s slow rotating screw, and the built-in 7-degree tilted chamber makes sure every drop of juice is thoroughly poured out. Whether you go for titanium silver or matte black, this juicer makes for one classy choice.

Why buy this:
  • Simplified strainer and drum design for easier cleaning, assembling, and disassembling
  • ā€˜Trimming Wingsā€™ feature cuts, adjusts, and processes ingredients for you
  • 7-degree tilted chamber for thorough pouring to the last drop
Check price on eBay >

10. Breville the Big Squeezeā„¢ Juicer

Breville the Big Squeezeā„¢ Juicer
Breville the Big Squeezeā„¢ Juicer – Juicers in Australia

Keep slow and steady with Breville the Big Squeezeā„¢ Juicer to get the most nutrients and fiber from your juices. Whether wheatgrass or small berries, its Big Squeeze Technology makes this juicer one powerful compression juicer. With the largest feed chute in the slow juicer market, the Big Squeezeā„¢ can still churn up those huge fruits and veggies with ultra-low noise levels. On top of all that, what we love most about this juicer is its spout plug. With it, you can not only marry flavours for the perfect texture before it leaves the machine, but it can also clean it all up easily thanks to its quick rinse technology.Ā 

Why buy this:
  • Big Squeeze Technology for high juice yield
  • Largest on-market feed chute for slow juicers
  • Spout plug pre-mixes juice and allows quick cleaningĀ 
Check prices onĀ Amazon andĀ eBay >

11. Hurom H-AA Slow Cold Press Juicer

Hurom H-AA Slow Cold Press Juicer
Hurom H-AA Slow Cold Press Juicer – Best Cold Juicers Australia

The Hurom H-AA Slow Cold Press Juicer has a build thatā€™s not only stylish but also functional. Its shape makes it easier to move around and its components are made of tough ABS and Ultem plastic. On the inside, its auger delivers natural-tasting juice thanks to its Slow Squeeze Technology with 43 RPM giving you that hand-squeezed taste. Moreover, its two strainers come with a control level for just the right amount of pulp you want. These components showcase its Alpha technology that allows the H-AA to churn out nuts, tofu, and even ice cream. On top of that, its inner spinning brush unclogs the juicer to keep it running clean and efficient.

Why buy this:
  • Sleek and functional design made of tough ABS plastic
  • Ultem auger and strainer for fresh-tasting juice with the right amount of pulp
  • Compact parts, no sharp blades, and inner spinning brush for easy cleaning
  • Slow Squeeze Technology gives you that naturally squeezed taste
  • Built-in cooling system, heat vents, and safety sensors
Check price on eBay >

12. Breville The Juice FountainĀ® Max JuicerĀ 

Breville The Juice FountainĀ® Max Juicer
Breville The Juice FountainĀ® Max Juicer – Juicers in Australia

Get ready for a beast in the kitchen with Breville The Juice FountainĀ® Max. Drop whole apples and oranges down the 84 mm-wide feed chute. Then, let the Italian stainless steel titanium micromesh filter provide you juice with up to 20% more vitamins and minerals than other juicers. Whatā€™s great about this 900-watt machine is that it is also pretty easy to clean. With a custom-designed juice nozzle and a scrubbing brush, you can keep juicing again and again. You can even prevent messes with the built-in froth separator before the juice even fills up your glass.

Why buy this:
  • Scrubbing brush, custom juice nozzle, and built-in froth separator for easy cleaning
  • Extraction system provides juice with up to 20% more vitamins and minerals
  • Extra-wide 84 mm feed chute for whole large fruits
Check prices onĀ AmazonĀ and eBay >

13. BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press Juicer

BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press Juicer
BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press Juicer – Best Juicers Australia

For those on a budget, the BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press Juicer is an entry-level extractor that can speak to your wallets. Compact and lightweight, this juicer is perfect for anyone on the go in Australia. Store it easily on your kitchen countertop and operate juicing and cleaning at the touch of a button. With the pulp adjustment nozzle, this juice extractor can churn up a wide range of produce from soft citrus fruits to fibrous greens. Thanks to its Ultem Tough Auger and Squeezing Screw and BPA-free Tritan Juicing Screen, you can get all the nutrition from your ingredients with as little froth for a smooth, refreshing drink.

Why buy this:
  • Budget-friendly, compact, and lightweight entry-level juicer
  • Tamper and cleaning brush with easy lock release for cleaning in minutes
  • Pulp adjustment nozzle provides different extraction pressures from 0 to 5Ā 
  • Ultem and BPA-free Tritan components
Check prices onĀ Amazon andĀ eBay >

14. Russell Hobbs Luxe Cold Press Slow Juicer

Russell Hobbs Luxe Cold Press Slow Juicer
Russell Hobbs Luxe Cold Press – Slow Juicer Australia

Fresh and healthy juice in minutes

Enjoy a tall glass of fresh juice with the help of the Russell Hobbs Luxe Cold Press Slow Juicer. Through its gentle, low-speed juicing system, it maximises the extraction of juice to get the most out of your ingredients. Moreover, the slow juicing method also makes sure that the juice is packed with vitamins and nutrients. Furthermore, its 1L juice container lets you make more servings that you can drink immediately or store for later.Ā 

Versatile and easy to maintain

In addition to being an efficient juicer, you can also switch around its filters to have your preferred style of juice. With its fine filter, you can get smooth juice with minimal pulp while its coarse filter gives you thick, cafe-style juices. Additionally, it has a filter that can be used to make frozen treats such as thick, sorbet-styled fruit drinks. Once you are done using the juicer, you can remove the filters and containers to wash them with the cleaning brush that the juicer comes with. Several of its parts are also dishwasher-safe to save you time and energy when it comes to cleaning up.

Why buy this:
  • Fully and efficiently juices ingredients
  • Comes with multiple filters and accessories
  • Great for making various juices from smooth drinks to frozen treats
Check prices onĀ Amazon.auĀ andĀ eBayĀ >

15. MIUI Slow Juicer FFX

MIUI Slow Juicer FFX
MIUI Slow Juicer FFX – Best Juicers in Australia

Affordable and easy to use

For a juicer that will satisfy your healthy beverage needs, the MIUI Slow Juicer FFX is not only great for juice-making but also affordable to boot! While this juicer is comprised of several parts, it has been designed to make assembly possible within 5 seconds. It squeezes ingredients in the mixing cup at a slow 50 rpm to better preserve nutrients as well as retain their flavours. The slight tilt at the bottom of the mixing cup also lets you get the most juice out of its contents without needing to tilt the juicer itself. Additionally, it has an exceptionally durable filter that can handle the corrosive nature of acidic ingredients. During warmer days, you can also try to use this juicer with its integral filter to make a variety of ice cream flavours. When you are done, it can be easily disassembled for fast and easy cleaning.

Why buy this:
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Designed to get the most out of the ingredients
  • Fitted with a durable filter with sufficient corrosion-resistance
  • Can also be used to make ice cream
Check prices onĀ Amazon.auĀ andĀ eBayĀ >

We hope that our guide on the 15 Best Juicers in Australia has helped you to buy the best juice in Australia for healthy drinking. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful.


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