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10 Best Kitchen & Home Appliances Store in Singapore | Best of Home 2023

Cleaning the house and preparing meals can be difficult at times. This is especially true if you do not have the time or the right equipment. The emergence of modern appliances for cleaning, cooking, and comfortable living has significantly improved life at home. However, choosing the right appliances can be difficult because of the number of brands and models available on the market. In our Best of Home series, we have researched and listed the 10 Best Kitchen & Home Appliances Store in Singapore, providing quality recommendations to suit your home needs and your budget. 

This article is part of our Home Buying Guides series. Click here to read more Buying Guides. 


This article is part of our Best of Home series. Click here to read more Best of Home articles.

This article was last updated on 21 September 2023.

Table of Contents:
  1. Beko
  2. KITH by CASA
  3. Megafurniture
  4. EuropAce
  5. Tefal
  6. Leifheit
  7. Toyomi
  8. Ricmas 
  9. Grunn
  10. IUIGA

10 Best Kitchen & Home Appliances Stores in Singapore

1. Beko 

Best Kitchen & Home Appliances Store in Singapore - Beko

One of the largest home appliance brands in Europe available in Singapore 

Beko, a renowned international distributor of kitchen and home appliances, has firmly established itself as one of Europe’s leading brands in household appliances. With a global presence spanning over 130 countries, including Singapore, Beko has become synonymous with reliability, innovation, and a commitment to social responsibility. At the forefront of Beko’s offerings lie their exceptional range of large household appliances, commonly referred to as white goods, which encompass essential items such as washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators. So, if you are looking for new appliances to add to your home, our top recommendations would be Beko‚Äôs newest Dishwasher (DVN04X20W), Front Load Washing Machine (WTE12746X0), and Hybrid Dryer (B5T4923RW).

Beko - Best Kitchen & Home Appliances Store in Singapore

Impressive Beko technology for sustainability 

Perhaps the reason for Beko‚Äôs continuous success is its strong emphasis on nurturing a healthier generation and prioritising environmental preservation. Through relentless innovation and thoughtful product development, Beko integrates advanced technologies and sustainable practices to enhance the lives of customers while minimising their ecological footprint. A prime example of this dedication can be seen in their latest range of hybrid dryers, featuring the groundbreaking RapiDry‚ĄĘ technology. This innovative feature empowers users to choose between rapid drying or utilizing drying energy efficiently, providing flexibility and energy savings.

Moreover, Beko’s washing machines showcase their commitment to sustainability with the AutoDose technology. This intelligent feature ensures detergent and water conservation by automatically dispensing the exact amount of liquid detergent and softener needed for each wash, hence minimising waste. With AutoDose, all you have to do is fill the washing machine, and it takes care of the rest! Beko’s washing machines also incorporate the powerful SteamCure technology, utilising the benefits of steam for efficient and effective washing results. Through the seamless integration of these innovative features, Beko clearly demonstrates its unwavering commitment to producing eco-friendly appliances without sacrificing performance and convenience.

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KITH - Best Kitchen & Home Appliances Store in Singapore

Strikes the balance between innovation and functionality 

KITH by CASA is all about innovation. So if you have limited space in your kitchen, then they might just be the perfect store where you can purchase your kitchen appliances. What they sell are unique, space-friendly appliances that you are less likely to find anywhere else. For instance, they have the KITH Smokeless BBQ Grill SBG-KS-B1, a best-seller that brings the joy of a Korean BBQ session right to your home, without any bothersome smoke. Thanks to its ingenious grill pan design, this kitchen appliance ensures easy handling and cleaning, making your BBQ experience hassle-free.

Innovative kitchen appliances for your daily cooking needs 

If you are seeking an appliance that can handle your daily cooking needs, the KITH 17-in-1 Multifunctional Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer MPA-B6L-BK is the perfect solution. With an impressive repertoire of 17 cooking menus and functions, this appliance may very well be the only one you will need in your kitchen. Whether you are just starting out in building your home or someone with limited counter space, this innovative appliance from KITH by CASA is truly exceptional. From crafting comforting soups to saut√©ing vegetables to air frying flavourful chicken wings, the possibilities are endless. You can even create mouthwatering desserts like yoghurt! In keeping with KITH’s commitment to innovation, this cooker has been cleverly designed to be storage-friendly as well. Despite its capacity of up to 6L, the various parts can be neatly stacked inside, ensuring convenient storage that will not clutter your kitchen.

For whipping up tasty desserts, do also check out the KITH The Ultimate Hand Blender HB-BSC-PRO. This remarkable kitchen companion goes beyond basic whipping tasks for your cake frosting, offering various attachments for blending and food processing needs. Truly a powerhouse in the kitchen!

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Use promo code TWV30 to get 30% off KITH Small Domestic Appliances 

  • ¬†(exclude accessories)
Check out KITH by CASA >

3. Megafurniture

Megafurniture Best Kitchen & Home Appliances Store Singapore
Source: Megafurniture

Featuring an extensive selection of furniture, Megafurniture has what you need to decorate your home whichever way you like. Their store offers furniture for your living room to bedroom, and even for your office and outdoor areas. Pick whichever items you need and design your living space to your heart’s content!

If you are looking for functional and decorative kitchen appliances, Megafurniture has just what you need. From small coffee machines to large refrigerators, their retro-styled kitchen appliances are some of their best selling products. These items are a must-have if you are going for that cosy old-school kitchen look.

For orders above $150, they offer free shipping to your office or your home. Also, they have a 24-day return policy for all purchases. You only need to return the item that is in good condition for a full refund of your purchase. There is also the option to exchange your returned product for another.

Megafurniture promo code:
Use coupon code TWV25 to get $25 off storewide
(minimum spend of $500)
Check out Megafurniture >
Website: https://megafurniture.sg/collections/kitchen-appliances
Address: Check locations and contact details here
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4. EuropAce

EuropAce Best Kitchen & Home Appliances Store Singapore
Source: EuropAce

Established in 1992, EuropAce has been one of the leading home appliance distributors in Singapore. From major appliances to water heaters, they have established partnerships with multiple manufacturing companies over the years. With more than 50 product lines and over 300 different models, you get to choose from one of the largest collections of home & kitchen appliances around. 

For your kitchen, some of their best selling items include their wine bottle cooler and food mixer. Whether your wines are sparkling or full red, this cooler can keep your wines chilled with its 33 bottle capacity. Meanwhile, you can fit their food mixer with accessories such as meat grinders and pasta makers for all of your cooking needs.

If you need something to keep your home cool, EuropAce also has a selection of air-cons, air coolers, and fans. Their best selling air-con bundle comes with a fan and a robotic vacuum cleaner. Also, the bundle includes free installation to your home!

EuropAce promo code:
  • Use promo code¬†TWV10 for 10% off all storewide products.
Check out EuropAce >
Website: https://www.europace.com.sg/
Address: 10 Changi South Street 3, #06-01, Singapore 486147
Tel.: Check contact details here
Check out EuropAce Singapore’s Official Shopee Store >

5. Tefal 

Tefal Best Kitchen & Home Appliances Store Singapore
Source: Tefal

Known for their cooking and kitchen wares, Tefal is a familiar household brand for kitchen items. In over 60 years of business, they have become one of the leading manufacturers of non-stick and iron cookware, and food and drink preparation items. Aside from cookware, Tefal also manufactures home and kitchen appliances. From rice cookers to electric pressure cookers, they have everything you need to prepare the meals you want at home. 

Other than cookware and kitchen appliances, there are also home appliances available for purchase. For cleaning, there are cordless vacuums and vacuums with canister bags. Meanwhile, their fans and air purifiers can help make your home more comfortable for the family.

Check out Tefal >
Check out in Shopee >
Check out Tefal Singapore’s Official Shopee Store >
Website: https://www.tefal.com.sg/
Address: 40 Jln Pemimpin, #03 05A, Singapore 577185
Tel.: +65 6550 8990

6. Leifheit

Source: Leifheit

Leifheit has an assortment of products to choose from that can give your house a modern style. They showcase items that are simple and functional. From cleaning to food preparation, Leifheit has what you need. Their website also has some helpful articles for living and cleaning.

Leifheit’s smart kitchen line features items that help make cooking easier and more enjoyable. This product line includes proline burners, spice grinders, and piping bags. Meanwhile, their Soehnle series aims to help you shape your lifestyle by making your house more comfortable. These items include weighing scales for your body or your kitchen and air purifiers.

With orders above $150, you can enjoy their free shipping service. Otherwise, there is a delivery fee of $10 or you can opt to claim your purchases from their service centre. You also have the option to exchange your unused or brand new items within 3 days of purchase and delivery.

Leifheit promo code:
  • Use promo code¬†TWVxLeifheit¬†for 10% off storewide.
Check out Leifheit >
Website: https://leifheit.sg/
Address: 152 Paya Lebar Rd, #01-01, Singapore 409020
Tel.: +65 6289 6515
Contact form

7. Toyomi

Source: Toyomi

With their competitive prices and modern design, Toyomi’s appliances is a known household brand. They sell appliances both for home use and also for travelling. Available in numerous outlets, you can easily find any of their products in your nearest department store and major electronics supplier. 

Toyomi has several models of kitchen appliances on hand that can help you prepare and serve meals for your family and guests. One of their featured appliances is a borosilicate glass pot. With its 1.8-litre capacity, the pot can be used to serve soup or tea. Also, you are eligible for their free shipping service with minimum spending of $70.

Toyomi promo code:
  • Use promo code WEDDINGVOW10¬†for 10% off storewide.
Check out Toyomi >
Website: https://toyomi.com.sg/
Address: 459 Р461 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389420
Tel.: +65 6748 5845
Contact form

8. Ricmas

Source: Ricmas

If you love coffee and are looking for high-quality equipment, Ricmas has the perfect selection for you. The Ricmas brand has partnered itself with companies known for manufacturing coffee machines and carrying an array of high-quality coffee beans. As a distributor of JURA products, they have maintained a presence in Singapore for over 20 years.

From small machines for home use to large machines for cafes, you can find these all in their service centres and online stores. You can buy appliances and coffee beans separately, but there are also bundle packages that cost less than individual items. Aside from the coffee machine, the bundles include coffee beans and glass sets. Despite being a foreign brand, the company honours international purchases and also provide warranty service to broken items.

Ricmas promo code:
  • For registered users, use promo code¬†TWV¬†for 5% off all coffee machines and storewide products.
Check out Ricmas >
Website: https://ricmas.com/
Address: 25 International Business Park Rd, #01-01/10 German Centre, Singapore 609916
Tel.: +65 6562 8853
Contact form

9. Grunn

Source: Grunn

Originally a Germany-based company, Grunn has established a foothold in the appliance market in Singapore. Since their founding in 2008, they have continuously produced appliances designed to make household care easier. They have released products that focus on cleaning such as vibration mops and vacuum cleaners. 

To help you clean, you can order one of their robotic vacuum cleaners. Equipped with a gyroscope, it can effectively map and navigate its surroundings while planning the most efficient way to vacuum and mop. Also, you can view the vacuum’s path and control its movement through a customized app. Aside from cleaning equipment, there are also kitchen appliances available for purchase.

Grunn promo code:
  • Use promo code¬†TWV10¬†for 10% off with a minimum spend of $100.
Check out Grunn >
Website: https://grunn.sg/
Address: 7 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #03-54 Northspring Bizhub, Singapore 768162
Tel.: +65 6848 9290
Contact form


IUIGA Best Kitchen & Home Appliances Store Singapore
Source: DealStreetAsia

With their minimalist design and fantastic deals, IUIGA is your one-stop-shop for your home needs. Directly from manufacturers, they reduce the price of their products by eliminating the need for distributors and retailers. They carry items from trusted manufacturers to ensure that you get quality products. 

IUIGA’s wide array of products has everything you need for your home. Their selection of kitchen items includes kitchen racks, knife sets, air fryers, and many more! One of their best selling items is their Mini Juice Extractor. Featuring a spout that pours juice directly into your glass, it is designed to maximize juice output while minimizing clean up.

If you order from their online store, your items will be delivered within the next working day. Also, enjoy free shipping upon spending over $88. Should you be unsatisfied with their product, they have a 30-day return policy that you can use to refund and gain store credits. Previously featured in our dream home furnishing article, their furniture is also something to consider for your interior design needs. 

Check out IUIGA >
Website: https://www.iuiga.com/
Address: Check locations and contact details here

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