Best Lighting Shops in Singapore
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Best Lighting Shops in Singapore for your Home Reno (2024)

Lighting may not often come to mind when you think of home renovation and decor. But it is, in fact, one of the most vital elements in creating the ambience for your home. Whether you are looking to create a space that is stylish or cosy, the lights you pick can make a world of difference. To make your lights shopping easier, we have shortlisted the Best Lighting Shops in Singapore where you can be spoilt for choice.

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“Lights are important in creating the mood and ambience you seek for your home. In this issue, we bring you the best lighting shops in Singapore.”

Best Lighting Shops in Singapore

1. Lightcraft

Lightcraft - Best Lighting Shops in Singapore (2024 Edition)

Innovative lighting solutions since 1977

When it comes to your lighting needs at home, you can never go wrong with choosing Lightcraft. Since 1977, the company has consistently delivered high-quality indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, showcasing a diverse range that includes LED Downlights, Track Spots, Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights, LED Strips, Suspension Luminaires, as well as Custom and Bespoke Lighting options. Furthermore, as the sole distributor for esteemed brands such as UNILAMP (Thailand), OPPLE (China), REELTECH (Korea), LIVAL (Finland), and ENDO (Japan), Lightcraft Singapore has established itself as a trailblazer in the lighting industry, underscoring their commitment to quality and innovation. Their collaborative approach with interior designers, architects, and lighting consultants extends beyond homes, contributing to successful commercial and architectural projects across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and India.

Reliable service from start to finish

The best thing about Lightcraft is that they handle projects well from start to finish. Each project is meticulously handled, beginning with a comprehensive lighting consultation to deeply understand your space’s unique needs. Should you desire a bespoke touch, their custom lighting division excels in crafting tailor-made fittings based on your desired design and specifications, in collaboration with interior designers and architects. Once the details are ironed out, timely delivery and installation follow suit – and all at affordable prices too!

Moreover, Lightcraft’s commitment does not end with purchase and installation. They go way beyond, offering reliable after-sales support to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and provide lasting value. To know more about their reliable services, read through the testimonials on their Facebook and Google pages. 

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2. Regal Lighting Gallery

Regal Lighting Gallery

Where Illumination Meets Expertise

Picking the perfect ceiling fan can feel like navigating a labyrinth, especially for first-time homeowners. Enter Regal Lighting Gallery, your beacon of guidance amidst the fan frenzy. Nestled within their showroom’s embrace are over 30 exquisite ceiling fans, an expansive array of choices that cater to every taste and preference. Prices, starting from a wallet-friendly $138, ensure there’s something for every budget.

At Regal Lighting Gallery, their dedicated staff members are like seasoned maestros, conducting harmonious symphonies of suggestions tailored to your budget, style, and requirements. Established in 2016, this bastion of illumination serves up more than just ceiling fans – they are purveyors of affordable LED lighting solutions and sanitary fixtures too. Their newly expanded showroom showcases modern bathroom and kitchen fixtures from esteemed brands like AER, Rubine, Aalto, Nobel, Baron, and Hera.

With an unwavering commitment to integrity, honesty, and unwavering service, Regal Lighting Gallery nurtures lasting relationships with their patrons. Their continuous product innovation reflects their dedication to enhancing every shopping experience, ensuring you’re not only well-lit but also well-informed. Looking to brighten up your new abode with a touch of expertise? The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Regal Lighting Gallery’s showroom are your guiding stars.

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3. Light Makers Singapore

Light Makers Singapore

Curate Your Light Story

Lights aren’t just accessories; they’re the storytellers of your space. Light Makers Singapore knows this art intimately, breathing life into your home’s narrative through their customized luminaries. With their expertise, those ubiquitous “Ikea lights” comments will be a thing of the past. Imagine relishing the moment when you reveal that your captivating chandelier or pendant light was crafted to your vision, exclusively yours in the entire city-state.

Picture this: you share a reference image from Pinterest or Instagram, and the wizards at Light Makers Singapore weave it into reality. From meticulous technical drawings to the final artistic crescendo, their craftsmanship shines. Roaming through their online treasure trove is like wandering through a gallery of contemporary illuminations. For a modern yet moody ambiance, their collection offers seamless integration with your aesthetic, accentuating elements like black marble, gold fittings, and dark herringbone wood.

Treat your living room like a canvas and explore their floor lamps for a statement masterpiece. Intrigued by architectural ingenuity? Delve into their Designer Inspired category for a selection that rivals renowned designers. When size is on your side, embrace the grandeur of a chandelier that punctuates your space with elegance.

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Brilliance in Every Detail

A constellation of accolades adorns, where a 4.8-star Google rating shines alongside glowing recommendations from renovation forums. Renowned as a beacon for quality and value,’s reputation traverses word of mouth and online forums alike. This lighting destination epitomizes transparency, displaying pricing details on their website and offering wholesale rates for LED lights.

Boasting a stellar 5.0-star rating from 785 reviews,’s stars align with Googlers’ commendations. Earning trust through impeccable service, they provide a 1-year warranty for products and free delivery for orders exceeding $100. Their commitment extends to hassle-free electrical installation services, crafting an all-encompassing solution for your illumination needs.

Navigate your illumination journey seamlessly by charting your course to, where quality and convenience converge.

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5. Philips Lighting

Philips Lighting

Illuminating Innovation

When the spotlight turns to lighting in Singapore, the name Philips effortlessly emerges. Their sprawling Toa Payoh showroom is a testament to their prominence, showcasing an array that captures the essence of brilliance. Among their stellar offerings stands the Philips Hue personal wireless lighting system. This technological marvel empowers you to orchestrate your home’s ambience through your mobile device, a symphony of control that reflects your mood.

While customization might not be their primary focus, Philips Lighting does offer an unrivaled selection of consumer electronics. Their reputation for quality precedes them, and the brand’s legacy ensures that it remains a cornerstone of exceptional lighting solutions.

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6. Home First


Where Warmth Meets Expertise

Home First, a family-run haven, beckons with its 4.6-star Google rating and a perfect 5 on Facebook, a testament to their patient and helpful service. A beacon within the lighting landscape, Home First delights with an expansive range, from ceiling lights to LED bulbs, and a wealth of options in between. Among the 12 brands of ceiling fans they carry, prices are transparently displayed on their website.

Their commitment to service extends to free delivery for orders surpassing $250, an embodiment of their dedication to illuminating your home with a touch of warmth.

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7. Horizon Lights

Horizon Lights

Modern Brilliance Within Reach

For those seeking affordability without compromising on style, Horizon Lights emerges as a beacon of contemporary illumination. Garnering praise for their products and honesty, their dedication to quality shines through. A satisfied customer attests to the seamless experience, emphasizing the helpfulness of the staff and the quality of their products. While the delivery period might be longer due to overseas shipping, the outcome is well worth the wait.

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8. Three Cubes Singapore

Three Cubes Singapore

Guiding Light for Newbies

In a labyrinth of lighting choices, Three Cubes Singapore emerges as a guiding star for those new to the realm of illumination. Backed by endorsements from MoneySmart and Honeycombers, this veteran presence since 2012 is a treasure trove of insights. With an interactive blog that illuminates the path to making informed choices, Three Cubes Singapore is more than a store; it’s an education hub for homeowners.

Their showcase includes leading brands like Dalen and Crestar, embodying the nexus of quality and innovation. Amidst a sea of reviews, accolades shower upon their attentive and professional service. If you’re seeking a cost-effective and intelligent lighting solution, Three Cubes Singapore is poised to illuminate your journey.

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