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MC2 Review: Smart Designer Blinds and Curtains in Singapore

When it comes to decorating your dream home, several elements contribute a noticeable impact on the look and feel of your space – one of which is natural light. Often left as an afterthought, blinds and curtains do influence the final outcome of a room’s interior design, primarily by controlling the amount of natural light that shines in.

Through the years, blinds and curtains have moved past providing mere functionality into becoming integral decor elements. Curtains come in a myriad of fabrics, density, patterns, trims, and colors. With the right combination of characteristics, curtains can add depth and drama to an otherwise plain-looking home. Blinds, on the other hand, are perfect for modern and minimalist homes featuring a clean, sleek feel.

Choosing the right blinds or curtains to complement your dream home can be tough though, especially with endless choices of fabrics and colours. We’ve been through that, having sieved through photo after photo on Pinterest and still having no clue on what to get for our new home! This is when mc.2 came in really handy, with a smart blind fashion gallery for inspiration, and professional consultants to assist on design elements. In this issue, let us share

5 reasons why you should engage mc.2 to install your blinds and curtains for your new home.

1. Furnish your home with the latest smart blinds and curtains from world-renowned premier brands

RENSON® Panovista mc2 Blinds
RENSON® Panovista

Step into the sphere of smart, modern living through innovative, energy-saving blinds and curtains. At the forefront of such cutting-edge technology are revered brands like Hunter Douglas, TOSO, Somfy, and many more. mc.2 is also the proud exclusive distributor of some of the world’s most renowned brands in Singapore, featuring acclaimed brands such as RENSON® and SQUID. The blinds, especially the ones from Hunter Douglas, were a touch of class, you’d have to experience it for yourself at mc.2’s gallery.

Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas ALUSTRA® Woven Textures® - mc2 Blinds Singapore
Hunter Douglas ALUSTRA® Woven Textures®

With 100 years of experience, Hunter Douglas prides itself as one of the most innovative when it comes to managing daily illumination. Blinds and shades invented are a combination of elegance, functionality and durability. One of their most notable innovations is the ALUSTRA® Woven Textures®, designed and custom-crafted in the U.S. with the highest of quality levels. These specialized fabrics are made with uniquely combined fibers and textures that offer exceptional light-filtering capabilities. The ALUSTRA® Woven Textures® shades come with Alexa-powered voice control functions. Imagine watching a blockbuster movie on your sofa and adjusting your shades simply by speaking to it without having to get up. You gotta love technology!

Hunter Douglas Luminette® Privacy Sheers mc2 Blinds Singapore
Hunter Douglas Luminette® Privacy Sheers

We just had to include another of Hunter Douglas’s product, which stood out with its innovative draperies. Sleek and modern, Luminette® Privacy Sheers provides the ethereal allure of sheer drapery panels alongside variable light control. The vertical rotating vanes allow for sunlight to illuminate your home at any angle you wish for, with its sheer fabric diffusing and dispersing the rays into soft, natural light.


TOSO Vertical Blinds - mc2 Curtains Singapore
TOSO Vertical Blinds

TOSO has been the world-leading brand in Japan for curtain tracks since 1949. With projects in 5-star hotels such as Shangri-La, Fullerton, Grand Hyatt, you can expect the highest of quality for your curtains. Perhaps model your dream home after the suites in the 5-star hotels and live the dream life everyday. Well after work that is.


RENSON® Fixscreen® 100 EVO Slim series - Blinds Singapore mc2
RENSON® Fixscreen® 100 EVO Slim series

RENSON’s partnership with mc.2 was announced recently in November 2018, with mc.2 being the exclusive partner to fabricate and install the highly in-demand RENSON® Fixscreen® 100 EVO Slim series. As a 4th generation Belgian family company, RENSON’s continual focus on innovation and quality has allowed them to cement their place as industry leaders.

2. Draw home decor inspiration from Singapore’s first smart blind fashion gallery

mc2 Smart Fashion Blinds and Curtains Gallery Singapore

In this digital era, shopping can be done in a couple of minutes on your smartphone or laptop. However, there are certain things that screens simply do not do justice to, such as blinds and curtains. When it comes to choosing the right blinds and curtains, it is not only important to see the actual product in person, but to feel the texture and spot the minor details or patterns that you may otherwise miss seeing online. With this in mind, mc.2 opened Singapore’s first ever smart blinds and curtains fashion gallery, tastefully designed to inspire homeowners.

At a whopping 4,200 square feet, homeowners can experience the different hues, textures, and functionalities of the vast array of products available – smart blinds, motorised curtains, floorings, marbles, wallpaper, and more. See the elegant marble island at the entrance? That could very well be your kitchen island! For families with kids and pets, be sure to check out mc.2’s child safe features with its cordless alternatives to motorised operation systems.

3. Experience elegance and convenience with the latest technology

mc2 motorised blinds inspiration singapore
mc.2 motorised blinds inspirations

Smart homes are trending, and so are smart, motorised blinds. Via reputable brands such as RENSON, ALTEX, Somfy, and more, one can now control blinds via mobile apps or even voice recognition through Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Way to impress your guests! On the practical side, this eliminates the need for cords, which pose as a safety risk to children and pets. No cords also means less clutter, which may complement a minimalist or modern theme well.

ALTEX Curtains Shaping Technology Singapore
ALTEX Curtains

Featuring Singapore’s first and only curtain shaping technology, mc.2’s curtains always maintain their pristine shape, no matter how much you play around with the curtains. Having gotten ALTEX curtains for our master bedroom and living room, we put the technology to the test, and the curtains always fall back neatly in place. Pretty impressive stuff, might we add.

4. Utilize your untapped spaces with ALTEX SecureZIP outdoor blinds

ALTEX SecureZIP Outdoor Blinds Singapore
ALTEX SecureZIP Outdoor Blinds

Homes in Singapore tend to be smaller, which may serve as a challenge to fit all your furniture in your living and dining room. mc.2’s ALTEX SecureZIP outdoor blinds help to extend your indoor floor area, by converting your outdoor balcony into a liveable indoor space. Your balcony can now be transformed into a dining area, thereby expanding your living room floor area.

If you are one to support local businesses, you’d be happy to know that ALTEX is a Singapore local brand. The ingenious ALTEX SecureZIP is its star product which shot to fame with over 10,000 panels installed island-wide, being featured in the local news and multiple magazines.

5. Seek design advice from mc.2’s professional consultants

mc2 Smart Blinds and Curtains Fashion Gallery Singapore

With the sheer number of options at mc.2’s showroom, homeowners might get overwhelmed. We certainly did feel so with the immense variety, and weren’t too sure on what to select to match our modern luxe theme. The consultants at mc.2 were professional and experienced, with Dylan recommending the respective blinds and curtains to suit our home. Sifting through tons of catalogues was no easy feat, and we highly recommend speaking to one of their consultants to assist you. On top of that, Dylan even went beyond his job scope by suggesting certain furniture that would better complement our chosen theme.

The plus side for mc.2 is its price transparency. You can expect to be billed the same be it through an interior designer, a contractor, or just by settling it on your own.

All in all, we found mc.2 great for its premier brands, smart innovative blinds and curtains, and professionalism through its consultants. If you are looking for quality or perhaps some inspiration for your new home, be sure to drop by their fashion gallery. We’re pretty sure you’ll leave with something positive.

Click here to check out the latest blinds and curtains technology by mc2!

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