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Simmons Mattress Review: 6 Reasons to Get Restful Sleep with Simmons

We all suffer from some form of sleep deprivation. Our hectic work and social lives have reduced our sleeping hours to sometimes a mere 4-5 hours when the recommended duration is 7-9 hours. According to a study by SingHealth Polyclinics, 4 in 10 people suffer from a lack of sleep on weekdays! In fact, Singaporeans sleep the least, even less compared to people in Japan and Hong Kong. Due to sleep deprivation, we often feel restless when we wake up, rather than recharged. We are guilty of relying on that morning coffee to jerk us into our daily routine.

When searching for a new mattress for our new home, we found a simple way to solve restlessness. One that was right under our nose! Instead of struggling to find more hours of sleep, solving restlessness can be as natural as getting better quality sleep. Sleeping on a good quality mattress that suits your sleeping posture can contribute greatly to a deeper, more restful sleep. Even if you were to sleep for shorter hours on a suitable mattress, you might feel more refreshed than if you were to sleep on one that does not suit you. We placed a lot of effort to find our dream mattress, and we found Simmons to be a great one-stop for all your sleep needs. In this issue, let us share with you our experience with Simmons and 6 reasons why you probably will want a Simmons mattress for yourselves.

6 Reasons to Get Restful Sleep with a Simmons Mattress

1. Sleep as soundly as you would in a 5-star luxury hotel

Simmons Mattress - Beautyrest Marina Bay Suite

When the world’s best 5-star hotels use a particular brand, you can be assured that it is top-of-the-line. I vividly remember our trip to Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa in Kota Kinabalu, where we had some of our most restful nights of sleep. On top of the impeccable service and majestic infinity pools, the Simmons mattresses were merely on point. Soft with a luxurious plush pillow top, yet firm and providing just the right amount of support.

On top of Shangri-La, Simmons proudly provides a heavenly sleeping experience to guests of 5-star hotels such as the Marriott International (operator of luxury chains like W Hotels, St. Regis, and Westin Hotels & Resorts), Resorts World Sentosa, The Fullerton Bay, Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands®, and many more. 9 out of 10 prestigious hotels in Singapore use Simmons mattresses, giving testimony to Simmons’ distinguished quality standard. We’ve checked it out, the list of hotels is really long..

2. Find the perfect mattress with your preferred firmness

Having over 148 years of heritage to understand its customers and perfect the sleep technology, Simmons currently has 2 major product series to suit the needs of the modern day customer – the Beautyrest® series and BackCare® series; each series features mattresses with different firmness, all specially catered to meet your preferences. I personally experience some form of lower backache, especially after a day long of sports, hence the BackCare series sounded pretty appealing.

BackCare® Series, for better support for your back

Simmons Mattress - BackCare Luxury

If you often wake up with aching muscles and back pain, it is likely that your mattress is not giving you sufficient back support. The Simmons BackCare® series uses a variety of foams that range from Aircool™ Memory Foam, Cold Foam, to fused latex and memory foam to provide ideal support and comfort. Selected models in the BackCare® series are created using the revolutionary e-Ion Crystal™ Technology, which features negative-ion fibres emitting negative ions for enhancement benefits, and far-infrared rays which promotes blood circulation and boosts metabolism. Simmons’ e-ion crystal mattress series has also been classified as a “Class 1 Medical Device” in Japan.

The Simmons BackCare® Luxury mattress was probably the highlight of our trip to the Simmons flagship store at Capitol Piazza. It definitely surpassed my expectations, featuring medium firmness and a super pillow top sleep surface finish, which is a pillow pad that is loftier and plusher than others. This addition exudes opulence through its collection of high-quality materials such as wool, latex, and memory foam.

Beautyrest® Series, for quality undisturbed sleep

Simmons Mattress - Beautyrest® Marina Bay Suite

The Beautyrest® series is Simmons’ first mattress line, celebrating 90 years of bringing wonderful sleep in 2017. Did you know that a person tosses and turns around 40-60 times each night? When sleeping with your partner, this number can increase due to your partner’s movements. Simmons’ Pocketed Coil® design, which is used in Beautyrest® and all other mattress series, mitigates this by minimizing motion transfer. High carbon steel springs are pre-compressed and placed in durable, non-allergenic fabric encasements. This allows the Pocketed Coil® springs to adjust individually to the weight and contour of your body, and since adjacent springs are not tied together, voila, there is no chain reaction or movement when you toss and turn at night.

Moreover, these pocketed oils are solely manufactured by Simmons with their very own machines and technology, thereby ensuring high quality and standards. Pocketed coils may be a norm in the bedding industry, but most are manufactured by OEM machines and supplied to many different brands. 

If you are looking for a firm mattress, the Beautyrest® Marina Bay Suite mattress comes highly recommended by Simmons. It features the Simmons Pocketed Coil® and a pillow-top sleep surface finish to provide added comfort, support, and luxury. Sleeping at home will now feel like sleeping soundly at the luxurious Marina Bay Suite!

3. Experience luxury and privacy when choosing your dream mattress

Simmons Flagship Gallery Capitol Piazza

Simmons spared no expenses when it came to their flagship store at Capitol Piazza. We were treated with a bespoke, personalised experience via a luxurious lifestyle showroom concept. High ceilings, elegant chandeliers and exquisite art pieces exuded luxury while each mattress of different series was displayed tastefully, making the shopping experience a thoroughly enjoyable one. The charming decor (especially the feature walls and rugs) even gave us some food for thought for our own home decor.

Simmons Mattress - Capitol Piazza Flagship Store

Often, we tend to lie down for a couple of seconds when trying out a mattress, then hop on to the next to see which is most comfortable. In fact, to accurately gauge a mattress’ comfort level, one should lie on it for a few minutes in your most common sleeping position with your sleeping partner beside you for the best experience. Tossing and turning are encouraged to see how your movement may affect your other partner. So yes, don’t be shy, try curling up if that is your sleeping position! This methodological approach adopted by the sales staff at Simmons greatly helped us to identify a suitable Simmons mattress. The sales staff also recommended trying a maximum of 3 mattresses at a time, ideally each with a different level of firmness.

We started by trying out the BackCare® Luxury first which provided medium firmness, then the Beautyrest® Silver Celestine Clouds for the softer mattress. Eventually, we ended up fancying the medium firmness of the BackCare® Luxury, which more than surpassed our expectations of a dream mattress.

4. Sleep more comfortably with Simmons’ cool mattresses

Simmons Cool Mattress - Restorative Benefits of a Good Night Rest

The Beautyrest® Black

Singapore sits on the tropical belt, which makes it hot and humid throughout the year. If you like to save the environment (and your electrical costs) by not cranking up the air conditioner, a mattress that can keep you cool while you sleep would be warmly welcomed. Warmly.. the irony.

The Beautyrest® Black, a top-of-the-line series for Simmons, features Micro Diamond™ Infused AirCool® Memory Foam that draws on diamonds’ conductive properties to help remove heat away from your body, leaving you with a cool, comfortable sleep. It also contains a layer of latex with gel, which is an antimicrobial, natural foam layer that promotes superior air circulation. The Beautyrest® Black also features a Beautyrest® Mist Foam comes with a moisture control function wherein it releases or absorbs moisture to maintain a constant humidity level.

Another Simmons mattress that keeps you fresh throughout the night is the Simmons Beautyrest® Reef Water Suite. It features CoolMax Fabric, which dissipates heat and provides consistent comfort while you sleep.

5. Maximize sleep comfort with Simmons pocketed coil pillows

Simmons Pillow Sleep

Pillows usually take a backseat when considering sleep comfort. I’d admit that I have always thought that the mattress is way more important, and have always stuck to cheap pillows, changing them every half year. But boy, does a good pillow change the game entirely!

A good pillow assists to keep your upper spine aligned and maintains your spine’s natural S-shape. You may suffer from muscle strain, cramps or neck aches and stiffness if your pillow is too soft or not at the correct height to provide proper support for your neck. Abnormal neck positions during sleep narrow your windpipe and obstruct breathing, which could be the source of snoring. All these discomforts are likely to disrupt your sleep, resulting in fatigue, lower productivity, and poor mood throughout the day.

Simmons® Beautyrest® NeckCare Pillow

Simmons NeckCare Pillows 2018

When it comes to pillows, we think of polyester, cotton, memory foam, goose feather, microbead and more. But have you heard of pocketed coil pillows? Yes, they exist, and they are top of the line! Simmons Beautyrest® NeckCare Pillow is the first pocketed coil pillow in the bedding industry with the following features:

  • Sixty pocketed coils can be adjusted instantly to your unique build and any sleeping position, supporting your head and neck for perfect spinal alignment
  • Air pockets help to maintain a comfortable temperature for peaceful sleep
  • Encased in 100% premium cotton twill
  • Non-allergenic
  • Bacteria-free
  • Available in four levels of firmness

The four levels of firmness of the Beautyrest® NeckCare Pillow are: NeckCare 1 is soft, NeckCare 2 medium, NeckCare 3 is firm, and NeckCare 4 is ultra firm. We personally recommend either NeckCare 2 or 3, 3 if you prefer a firmer, higher pillow. We chose NeckCare 2 by the way, it was way too comfy at the showroom. As pillow preference varies for individuals, it would be best to head down to the showrooms to try it for yourselves.

Simmons® Beautyrest® NextGen Pillow

Simmons Beautyrest NextGen Memory Foam Pillows

We definitely got excited with the pocketed coil NeckCare pillows above. But if you are a fan of memory foam pillows, this would probably be heaven for you. The Simmons® Beautyrest® NextGen Pillow features:

  • A combination of pocketed coils and memory foam that moulds to the shape of your head and neck
  • Certified ergonomic design assists in properly aligning your neck and spine
  • Heat sensitive, adapts to your movements and provide continuous support and relief to your neck and muscles
  • Encased in 100% premium cotton twill
  • Non-allergenic
  • Available in three levels of firmness

6. Keep your kids safe with Simmons AllergyCare™

Simmons Kids Mattress - AllergyCare

Aligned with Simmon’s goal of providing quality sleep to customers of all ages, the brand also offers a line of mattresses specifically designed for children. The Simmons BackCare® Kids mattress is treated with AllergyCare™, an anti-allergen and anti-microbial preservative that protects against microbes and dust mites and designed to last perpetually. AllergyCare™ is completely safe for your child as it is non-pesticide based. An additional anti-microbial treatment eliminates entire colonies of bacteria and fungus.

“Accidents” on the mattresses do happen every now and then. Trip down to memory lane.. Well, the good news is that every single Simmons BackCare® Kids mattress is covered with MoistureBan™ which repels liquid while still providing the ultimate comfort in a breathable and durable fabric. Any types of water or oil spills will easily roll off the fabric without seeping into the fibres, keeping your child’s mattress dry and hygienic at all times. Both BackCare® Kids 1 and BackCare® Kids 2 are designed with RiteHeight™, so no matter what kind of bed your child has – be it bunk, day, trundle beds, boxspring, or bedframe, there is a Simmons mattress that will fit right in!

If you are looking to stop the reliance on caffeine in the morning and live life fully charged instead, head down to the flagship store at Simmons Gallery Capitol Piazza and seek out your dream mattress. The Simmons Gallery Capitol Piazza is open from 10:30AM – 9:00PM.

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