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Modern Mediterranean Wedding & Photoshoot at Mövenpick, Cebu Philippines

The tranquil setting of modern white with splashes of blue and turquoise green swept me away. The entire place exuded relaxation and I felt so calm just stepping into the compound. The welcoming smiles of the beaming staff was the cherry on top of a wonderful stay! Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu is a five-star Mediterranean-inspired beachfront hotel located on the tropical island of Mactan in Cebu, Philippines. We were dropped off at the breezy lobby and the bellboy immediately attended to our luggage. We headed to the counter to check in and they served us refreshing drinks to cool ourselves down. The welcoming ambience of Mövenpick was very nice! On top of that, it was Chocolate Hour and we got to enjoy tasty chocolates!

Movenpick Cebu 8
Chocolate Hour happens everyday at 3-4pm!
Movenpick Cebu 6
What a pleasant surprise :)

A Dreamy & Romantic Getaway

In our deluxe room, the cool hues of the ocean remains to create a relaxing ambience for your stay. The soft sheets and comfortable bed will ensure you a good night’s rest. You might not even want to come out of bed!

The best breakfast with the best view ever.

The ocean front rooms comes with your own private balcony that overlook the vast ocean and skies. It is an incredible sight! The fantastic view makes it a perfect spot for morning breakfast over sunrise. At night, you can stargaze from your balcony as the entire sky is lit up in stars. The dreaminess of it all was perfect. I wish I could wake up to that every day! Movenpick Cebu 4 The toilet came with a tub and standing shower. All in blue it’s like you’re showering in the sea.

Stunning Modern Architecture

We did our wedding photo and video shoot at Mövenpick Cebu. It was fascinating as there were just so many beautiful spots to shoot at! Despite only opening at 4pm, Armie arranged access for us to shoot at Ibiza Beach Club, and I must say it’s one of the most beautiful places I have been to. Thanks Armie!  Watch our wedding video by Digital Eye Films filmed at Mövenpick Cebu.

Here are some of the beautiful shots captured by Shutterfairy at the stunning Ibiza Beach Club in Mövenpick Cebu. Shutterfairy 8 Shutterfairy 9 Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce1 Photo Credits: Shutterfairy

A Wedding to Remember

Mövenpick Cebu has several gorgeous wedding venues for you to consider. You can say your vows in the Gazebo facing the sea, surrounded by palm trees and seabreeze. What follows could be a romantic outdoor courtyard dinner or a glamourous ballroom dinner indoors. Alternatively, you can consider Ibiza Beach Club for the fresh and hip vibe that it brings. I would so have my wedding here if my family lived in the Philippines! Facing the sea, Ibiza Beach Club has a classy setting that is simply perfect for an intimate wedding dinner. Whichever location you choose within Mövenpick, you can be assured that your biggest day is going to be filled with so much beautiful memories.

My Favourites by Mövenpick Cebu

Wonderful Facilities & Activities

Apart from it’s gorgeous setting, I’m amazed at the suite of facilities and wide range of activities you can get at Mövenpick! Movenpick Cebu 38 Mövenpick’s pool is stunning and glows in a shade of blue at night. You can lay back and lounge in the pool chairs submerged in the water or you can enjoy the jets in the Jacuzzi area. The swaying palm trees literally brings the beach close to you. Mövenpick has a beautiful courtyard with lounge chairs facing the sea. If you are looking for more privacy, you can rent one of their private cabanas. Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce13 Shutterfairy Photography Matt & Joce10 Mövenpick also has a private white sand beach where you can suntan, chill and relax from dusk to dawn. You can also get a massage at Spa del Mar or at gazebo surrounded by fresh air and cooling breeze! Oh yes, they have free yoga classes too! If you are in the mood for cooking lessons or day visits, you can also sign up for them. Movenpick Cebu 9 Movenpick Cebu 10 If the lobby has too much action going on for you, head over to their executive lounge where there are rooms that overlook the lobby. Mövenpick has a game room where you can play pool, foosball and chess. Matt and I had a blast spending our evenings here, and one night we got so addicted to playing chess we requested for the restaurant to serve our pizzas at the chess table! Also, if you are a gym addict, you will be happy to hear they have a fitness centre equipped with the latest equipment. Movenpick Cebu 7

A Relaxing yet Hip & Lively Setting

I love how Mövenpick’s Mediterranean theme comes together so beautifully to put together modern serenity with hip, fresh and lively vibes! It is the perfect place for young couples to enjoy their honeymoon and celebrate their anniversaries at! Movenpick Cebu 20 Movenpick Cebu 21 Spend the day relaxing at the courtyard and beach, followed by a romantic stroll along the boardwalk, before heading over to Ibiza Beach Club, famous as a premier destination for a great lifestyle experience – food, drinks and entertainment. You name it, you got it! Even if you are not staying at Mövenpick, be sure to head to Ibiza for a great night out. Enjoy their churrasco – an exceptional culinary experience with 13 courses of meat and seafood, barbecued with Baleraic marinades and spices. End off the night enjoying the live performances and stargazing on their ocean nets.

Delicious Cuisine

Movenpick Cebu 16 Movenpick Cebu 17 Mövenpick has four restaurants delighting diners with a savoury menu of flavours inspired by the East and West. The breakfast buffet is a wonderful spread and you can be sure to eat to your heart’s content.

Warm Hospitality

The family of Mövenpick is wonderful and getting to meet them was a true blessing! Special thanks to Armie for introducing us to everyone! The managers are staff are warm, friendly and accommodating to us. Most of all, they are really passionate about making their guests comfortable and happy. We really appreciate their kind gestures in making our shoot and stay the best experience possible. It’s not often you a perfect match of a gorgeous location and heartwarming service, but at Mövenpick Cebu, we did. Thank you so much Armie (right) for your warm hospitality! We are so thankful to have met you this trip and so grateful that you went over and beyond to help make our wedding photoshoot a huge success! Without you, we would not have these beautiful video, photos and memories as our keepsakes. We made so many friends from your Mövenpick family this trip, and we enjoyed it so much. Stay cheerful and lovely, and see you the next time when I get back. Can’t wait!  For couples who are looking for a beautiful destination wedding venue, or a romantic and exciting honeymoon / getaway with fine hospitality, be sure to check out Mövenpick Cebu, for you can be assured of a wonderful time. If not Philippines, be sure to check out Mövenpick’s chain of hotels located around the world! What’s so special about Mövenpick is they have a unique thematic concept for every hotel, so the decor and settings will be designed to best bring out that theme. In Singapore, our Mövenpick in Sentosa was where I had my wedding tea ceremony. It has a heritage design with a relaxing spa ambience – simply stunning! Check out Mövenpick Cebu’s feature on Hour Philippines!

Movenpick Hotel
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