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Best Mummy Group Buys, WhatsApp and Telegram Groups in Singapore

If you had to be budget-conscious when it was just the two of you as a married couple, it’s even more crucial now to be wise with your spending, now that you have a baby already. At times, you’ll get surprise expenses here and there. Sometimes, it seems as if you can’t save anything anymore. If you’re not careful on budgeting, it’s easy to lose track and get overwhelmed.

In Singapore, mums have found a clever way to get huge deals and discounts for quality babycare products. It’s called group buys. This is a common concept in the island. A group buy is basically a group of several people who come together to buy a particular product in bulk so that each of them could get it in a discounted price. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the interesting group buys you can join as well as some of the brands and products that many mums rave about.

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TWV Family Telegram Group

TWV Family Telegram Group

The Wedding Vow family has an exclusive telegram group of our own too. Whether you’re new here or have been a loyal reader for a while, you can join our group to purchase items at a discounted price.

For our exclusive discounts, you can get them here.

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Breastfeeding and pumping

Pumpables Breast Pump Group Buy

Gone were the days when hospital-grade pumps were super heavy and bulky there’s no chance you’ll consider bringing one to work. Pumpables’ Super Genie Hospital Grade Breast Pump only weighs around 1.2 kg—that’s even a bit lighter than most laptops people carry around on their backs. If you’ll be pumping more than twice per day, getting this hospital-grade pump will come in handy as its robust design features high suction power as well as faster, more flexible speeds. Meanwhile, mums who are planning to mix-feed or breastfeed directly most of the time might not need a hospital-grade breast pump and could ideally opt for a portable pump instead. For example, the Genie Plus Portable Breast Pump conveniently fits your palm—it’s as heavy as most smartphones, so you can use it anytime, anywhere!

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Founded by a working mum herself, Babyexpress aims to bring highly portable breast pumps to the market to provide mums with ease, comfort and convenience while checking off their day’s must-do list with higher efficiency. Their line of electric breast pumps includes the Be Mini, Be Mine and Be Free. All these have been cleverly designed to be lightweight, portable and capable of hands-free operation, so mums can get on their day while pumping. These pumps last for up to two hours of use after every charge and they’re easy to operate with just a push of button. Not to mention these come in sweet, adorable light pink colour that’s a favourite among many young mums.

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Sunmum Breastmilk Storage Bags Group Buy

Because we care so much about our precious one’s delicate tummy, it is important to find a practical and convenient way of safely storing your expressed breastmilk. So be sure to stock up on these Sunmum breastmilk storage bags to keep your milk supply tightly sealed and stored. These storage bags are made of food-grade plastic resin. Each has been sterilised to ensure that no harmful contaminants get into the milk. The easy-open zip, stand-up pouch design enables you to pour out the content fast and easy, making this ideal to bring on travels.

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Clookies Lactation Cookies Group Buy

Is there any other yummier, more exciting idea of boosting our milk supply than to sink our teeth into these tempting, scrumptious sweet delights from Clookies? Whether you’re in the mood for Nutella Lactation Brownies, Nutella Oreo Brownies or Brookies, you’ll get 20% discount on any of the available brownie flavours by joining this group buy.  

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Silverette Nursing Cups Group Buy

Quick trivia: Did you know that silver has a natural ability to heal cuts, wounds, cracks, soreness and infections? It’s no surprise then that some Italian licensed silversmiths came up with these ingeniously designed Silverette cups that effectively soothes sore, cracked nipples. If you’re dealing with these issues, this Silverette cups are a gift and a must-include in your mummy duties arsenal.

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Going out

Ergobaby carrier and Skip Hop Group Buy

Some of the non-negotiable baby gear include a durable and ergonomically designed baby carrier as well as a robust and secure baby stroller. These items can be pricey, but by joining a group buy, you can avail big savings. Grab some Ergobaby and Skip Hop deals by participating on this group buy.

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Snuggle Hunny Group Buy

A lot of mums are head over heels in love with the Australian brand Snuggle Hunny’s gorgeous, high-quality swaddles, cot and bassinet covers, and milestone cards. Whether you’re looking to buy several of these for your baby’s newborn or milestone shoot or for everyday use, it’s definitely worth every purchase.

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Carter’s baby clothes Group Buy

Carter’s has an adorable collection of cute and comfy baby clothes for both baby girls and baby boys. Their collection is quite extensive—from onesies to sleepwear to swimwear, you can find items in a variety of colours, prints, and designs for your little one.  

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Pee-Ka-Poo Diapers Group Buy

Pee-Ka-Poo is a concept created by two Singaporean dads who wanted to come up with premium-quality yet budget-friendly diapers that can prevent leakage and irritation for more comfortable nights, not just for baby but for the whole family as well. Diapers can take up a large chunk of your budget for baby essentials but these are non-negotiable anyway so why not buy in bulk to save more and ensure you’re well-stocked all the time?

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Postpartum essentials for mum

Envy Her Shapewear Group Buy

Shapewears are useful for postnatal recovery, so be sure to shop around for quality options specially designed for your size, body and needs. Envy Her curates some of the best shapewears trusted by mums.

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Confinement food

Zuo Yue Food Group Buy

Zuo Yue Food’s confinement menu is not just appetising at a glance—the dishes pack great depth of flavours, proving us that they believe taste is king.  So, the meals are not only health-friendly, they’re also uniquely delicious that even those who aren’t mums yet love to have their confinement food delivered at their doorstep! We also appreciate how they serve generous portions. And so, it’s a feast for both the tastebuds and the tummy. To start, try their bestselling sesame oil chicken and vinegar pork trotters.

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Stay tuned about the upcoming group buys to get huge deals on interesting brands and products by joining Mum4Mum. This group posts constant updates about group buys you might be interested in.

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The Dinky Shop

For your mid-afternoon cravings, ditch fastfood and switch instead to healthier snack choices that are equally tasty, at the same time, good for the body. At The Dinky Shop, you’ll find these lovely Korean Fruit Chips and Organic Rice Balls to munch on. They also sell other baby stuff such as wipes and diapers.

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Which among these group buys are you excited to join in? We’d love to know! Also, please don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends who might be looking for quality deals too.