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10 Best Places for your Wedding Invitations in Singapore

A wedding invitation is like a reflection of an upcoming occasion. It tells people important information like what they need to know and what to expect on your big day. Here at TWV, we want you to have the finest wedding invitation that is well-suited to the theme of your special day, so we compiled this list of the 10 Best Places for your Wedding Invitation in Singapore. Enjoy planning your big day to the fullest!

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W for Wedding


W for Wedding believes in helping brides and grooms achieve their ideal wedding day. Featuring a wide variety of products and services from unique wedding invitation cards, intricate wedding favours to floral decor, props and many more, you are bound to find something perfect for your wedding.

(4) W for Weddings Logo
1 North Bridge Road #01-42, Singapore S179094
+65 9673 1199 | +65 9234 9635

10 Best Places for your Wedding Invitations in Singapore

10. Craft Inc., for Beautifully Eccentric Invites

(10) Craft Inc
Photo Credits: Crafts Inc.

Craft Inc. believes that imagination is free, so they allow you to imagine whatever invitation concept it is that you like as they work on your thoughts and create amazing designs out of it. Let them make your big day extra special with their personalized hand-crafted designs.

(10) Craft Inc Logo
Delfi Orchard, 402 Orchard Road, Unit No. 02-16
+65 6734 1811
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9. Elixr, for Exceptional Cards

(9) Elixr wedding invitation singapore
Photo Credits: Singapore Brides

Blow your mind with the creations of this incredible graphic design studio located in Singapore. Elixr , founded in October 2009, can easily inspire you by the way they conceptualize your love story in paper.  They also use beautiful paper stationery that you will surely love.

(9) Elixr Logo
267 Tembeling Road, Singapore 423739

8. Luxe Wedding Cards, for Fine and Elegant Pieces

(8) Luxe Wedding Cards wedding invitations singapore
Photo Credits: The Cashmere Gypsy

Luxe Wedding Cards Singapore knows the importance of helping you make your dream wedding come true. They also believe that the best invitations for your big day should reflect upon you and your partner’s love story. Here, they will be able to give you postcard style invites that are surely beyond your expectations.

(8) Luxe Wedding Cards Logo
+65 9006 8540
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7. Happy Hands Project, for Bespoke Hand-lettered Wedding Logos

(7) Happy Hands Project best wedding invitations singapore
Photo Credits: Happy Hands Project

Pauline, the calligrapher and letterer behind Happy Hands Project, is very passionate about lettering. She has been interested in arts since childhood. She took up a degree in Fine Arts to develop her skills, but for some reason, she didn’t pursue it then. However, while preparing for her own wedding she was reintroduced to calligraphy.  She taught herself modern calligraphy and is now making a living out of her passion. Check out Happy Hands Project for beautiful calligraphy and lettering. They also offer workshops for those who wish to try DIY invitations. In addition to that, they also do custom-made, hand-lettered logos for weddings.

(7) Happy Hands Project Logo
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6. HelloAm

(6) HelloAm wedding invitation card singapore
Photo Credits: HelloAm

Another place to check for amazing wedding invites is HelloAm. Made with unique designs, their invitations can be tweak, depending upon how you want it to look like. They can help you conceptualize your own designs, in your own way. HelloAm was founded by the very creative mind of Daphne Chan, an art director turned creative entrepreneur. She named her business after her little girl whom she draws inspiration from to create more lovely designs.

(6) HelloAm Logo
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Pearlyn and Paper


Wedding invitations create the first impression for all your guests, wouldn’t you want to get them all excited for the wedding? Meet¬†Pearlyn, the lady behind Pearlyn and Paper, a brilliant wedding invitation designer. Looking for something romantic and artsy? She’s got it covered, using watercolour, ink, and prints to produce a unique piece of invitation best suited for your desired theme.

(2) Pearlyn and Paper Logo
Barcelona, 08015 Barcelona, Spain
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5. Paper Bound Love

(5) Paper Bound Love wedding invitation singapore
Photo Credits: Paper Bound Love

Khin’s love for illustrations and weddings led to the birth of Paper Bound Love. It all began when she designed her own wedding stationery. Since then, she never stopped creating beautiful designs. Specializing in map invites, she can easily make beautiful wedding stationery and invitations. She currently lives with her husband Mitch and a cat named Panda in Adelaide, Australia.

(5) Paper Bound Love
0422 100 274
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4. Paper Tiger Press

(4) Paper Tiger Press
Photo Credits: Invitation Crush

If you are looking for letterpresses that are carefully placed in prime and luxurious stationery, you have come to the right place. Paper Tiger Press is the first specialized letterpress studio in Singapore. While they take pride in their bespoke designs, they also carry Ready-to-Write stationery that is perfect for all types of occasions. All their invitations are meticulously designed and made with the highest quality of papers by professional designers in Singapore.

(4) Paper Tiger Press Logo
2 Soon Wing Rd Singapore 347893
+65 9643 7379
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3. The Fingersmith Letterpress, for Customised Designs

(3) Fingersmith Letterpress
Photo Credits: Singapore Brides

The Fingersmith Letterpress is a unique letterpress printing company that is based in Singapore. Jacqueline Goh, its director and designer, is very passionate about letterpress printing. She took up Bachelor of Arts in Design Communication, with a specialization of Image and Communication, in La Salle College of the Arts in Singapore. Specializing in hand lettering and illustrations, The Fingersmith Letterpress offers a wide-range of the world’s finest designs for wedding invitations – from the simplest ones down to the unique pieces. You will surely be in awe of their exquisite cards that are definitely made extra special for you.

(9) The Fingersmith Letterpress Logo
+65 9820 3648
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2. Pearlyn and Paper, for Whimsical Wedding Invites

(2) Pearlyn and Paper
Photo Credits: Pearlyn and Paper

Pearlyn, the lady behind Pearlyn and Paper, is a trained jewelry designer and a diamond grader. She is also an amazing wedding invitation designer who is initially for Seoul, Korea but is now based in Barcelona, Spain. With the help of watercolours, her chosen medium, she creates lovely designs with soft touches that are inspired by wonderful marriage and love stories. If you are looking for romantic and dreamy designs, she is surely your gal!

(2) Pearlyn and Paper Logo
Barcelona, 08015 Barcelona, Spain
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1. W for Wedding, for the Overall Package

(1) W for Wedding
Photo Credits: W for Wedding

At W for Wedding, your wedding invitation is their top priority. With them, you can have that one-of-a-kind stationery that you’ve always dreamed of. ¬†They are here to provide the best services to their clients. Did we mention that they can create customized designs as well? That, you will surely love.

(4) W for Weddings Logo
1 North Bridge Road #01-42, Singapore S179094
+65 9673 1199 | +65 9234 9635

We hope that this list of the 10 Best Places for your Wedding Invitations in Singapore was helpful in your pursuit of the best wedding invitations ever on your special day.

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