Top 16 Majestic Things to Do for your Myanmar Honeymoon

Looking for a romantic place to travel together with your partner for an extraordinary honeymoon experience? Well, then Myanmar is the impeccable place for you because this is a rich country that offers a lot of activities, experience, and authentic must try food too! See below how Myanmar can make you board a plane immediately.

Top 16 Majestic Things to Do for your Myanmar Honeymoon

1. Start your journey to the sacred Golden Rock Pagoda


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A pilgrimage is travelling to a place which consists of shrines and other holy places. If you want to go to a place, Kyaiktiyo is the one for you. Kyaiktiyo is also known as Golden rock pagoda which is a popular pilgrimage site in Mon State, Burma. Kyaiktiyo means “Pagoda upon the Hermit’s head” and as a sign of devotion, Buddhist pastes a golden leaf to it. Aside from stories, legends also states that the person who journey to this sacred place by trekking from the kinpun base camp thrice successively in a year will be prosperous.

2. Take a flight in Hot air balloon in Bagan

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Want to have a peek from the ancient ancestral city of Bagan? If yes is your answer, be sure to take a ride in a hot air balloon. It will allow you to see Bagan as a whole. Myanmar’s economy is tourism based so Bagan Hot Air Ballooning is one of the main attractions here. You also don’t have to be afraid because well-trained pilots are there to assist you.  Don’t miss this picture perfect and once in a lifetime experience for your extraordinary honeymoon!

3. Relax your mind and body in Mandalay Hill Resort
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Mandalay Hill Resort is a European style hotel located at the base of Mandalay Hill. This royal palace offers fitness center, spa, outdoor pool, free wifi, bar with live music, breakfast buffet, etc. Every room is spacious and has a garden view. They also have rooms for business meetings and other facilities for gathering. From October to March there are a traditional dance held there and if you want to climb to the Mandalay hill it takes just 10 minutes to get there. So be sure to choose the perfect date for your honeymoon!

4.  Take some underwater selfies at Dee Doke Fall

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Dee Doke Fall offers a natural swimming pool that is perfect for underwater selfies. In fact, Dee Doke Fall is a body of water that is still intact which means it is not renovated. The water was also filtered naturally by the roots of the plants beside it which means it doesn’t have any chemical content like chlorine and other toxic substances. After enjoying the bluish water, you can extend your exploration on the road through motorbike renting.

5. Taste French cuisine at Le Planteur

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Photo via Asia Travel Gate

Finding a restaurant which offers two thumbs up foodgasm is like finding a hidden treasure. Le Planteur is a restaurant in Myanmar and it offers an exquisite and excellent quality of food. Take note that Le Planteur was leading in terms of culinary treats in Yangon. They offer different French delicacies and some dishes with Asian touch like Indo-Chinese recipes. There are also cultural dance and performances can be held in the garden. Be sure to enjoy a romantic dinner with beautiful landscape or sparkling stars

6. Experience the Reflective View at Kandawgyi Lake Yangon

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Your Honeymoon will never be completed without visiting Kandawgyi Lake, one of the two major lakes in Yangon. This artificial lake is also known as Great Royal Lake. It was created to supply clean water to the place during British Colonial Administration because the water that flows into the Kandawgyi Lake is from Inya Lake. You can enjoy conference room, theatre, buffet restaurant and reception halls inside. But as soon as you step your foot outside a huge golden boat that floats in the lake will welcome you. There’s also an entertainment last for 2-3 hours composed of a puppet show, elephant dance, and their also traditional Burmese dance. Do also note that Kandawgyi Lake is more attractive during sunset because of the Shwedagon reflects on the water.

7. Catch the stunning sunset view at the holy mountain

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36Alex St.
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Want to take a picturesque look from one of the Holy mountains of Myanmar? Go to Mt. Swegabin, a holy mountain with 723 meters high. It is a holy place because there is a pagoda on the top of it and there is 1,080 Buddha image sculpted on the rock at the foot of it. You will take two hours to get to the top whether you go from east or west are paths to climb Mt. Zwekabin. And don’t miss the stunning sunset view!

8. Enjoy a romantic stroll at Myanmar’s beaches
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Ngapali was named under the Italian city of Naples and it is one of the tourist beach destinations in Myanmar. Ngapali is also the primary choice of every beach lover because of the white sand and the quietness. Foreigners are not allowed to ride a motorbike even they have an international driving license because only the Burmese driving license is permissible. When it comes to food, the most common menu are seafood but each has a unique delicious taste. You can also enjoy different water sports, or just simply enjoy relaxation time under the palm tree.

After traveling around Ngapali, take time to relax and enjoy the wonders of Ngwe Saung Beach. It is not as exclusive as the Ngapali beach but it’s less expensive when it comes in renting a house. You can also hire a boat to visit different islands near the place where you can see and experience the clear fresh water. Every night you can watch the fire dancing show while eating a delicious Asian and Japanese food. There is also an elephant camp between the Pathein and Ngwe Saung.

9. Try incredible watersports activity in Malikha River

19White Water Asia

20White Water Asia
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Malikha river is a perfect place if you want to experience the most incredible water activities. Rafting in Putao one of those activities. You can also enjoy different rock formation. After that you can also try kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving. Embrace the attractive beauty of the Malikha river!

10. Play with monkeys as you hike up at Mount Popa
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Mount Popa is an extinct volcano located in Burma. It is 1518 meters above the sea level and is technically known as Taung Kalat. Its monastery has 777 steps to climb to reach the top. You can play with monkeys that often come in the large part of the residence in the mountain. It is also a place where Burmese makes an offering. This place is also known for its myth spirits known as Nats. People said that great Nats are an almost human being who suffer violent deaths and there are 37 of them depicted in their human forms.

Try also to visit the largest city in Myanmar and it is known for its eco-tourism. Shan State has three sub- states, the north, east and south Shane state. From 14 administrative subsection by land, Shan state covers almost a quarter of the total area of Burma. Taunggyi is the capital of the shan state and some ethnic armies are living in the place. Furthermore, some parts of the Shane state is open to foreigners for hiking. The Inle Lake, Pindaya cave, floating villages are some of the tourist attraction located in the Sha State.

For more exciting activities, visit Kalaw and Hsipaw. These are the two popular villages in Shan state and it is the most popular trekking place in Myanmar. It is an old hill station with an adorable scenery and welcoming climate. Most of its buildings are remains from the colonial- era and known as Myanmar’s trekking mecca. Remember that trekking is the most popular activity is this place. You can do that for three days, enough time to bond with your partner.

11. Take a wild adventure in Myanmar’s zoological Gardens
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If you want to explore Myanmar’s wildlife, head straight at Yangon Zoological Garden, the second largest and the oldest zoo in Myanmar. Here, you can witness a hundred collections of species and thousands of animals. Every year there are approximately 2 million people who visit the Yangon Zoological Garden. The main attraction is the white elephant of King Thibaw which was transfer by the British to India 2 decades ago. There are also animal shows conducted every weekends and holiday. Then after enjoying with animals, you can also extend your tour to the museum of natural history, amusement park and an aquarium are some of the places inside it.

12. Buy affordable items at Bogyoke Aung San Market
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Buying a souvenir for your honeymoon in Myanmar is the most sentimental experience for honeymooners. You can actually have a hush in the buzz of the cheap-good marketplace of Bogyoke market. This market was built in 1926 and became the central of Yangon Myanmar. Bogyoke market is also a recommended place for people who are looking for antique, handicraft, clothes and other products. Enjoy shopping all day to over 2000 shops here!

If you want some Burmese traditional product as your honeymoon memorabilia, head to Thein Gyi Market. Thein Gyi Market is the widest traditional market place in the central of Yangon, Myanmar. In Burmese language Theingyi literally means “great ordination hall”. It is a good place to buy both wet and dry products. It actually has five building namely building A, B, C, D, and E. Aside from other common product sold in the center market of Yangon, herbals and other medicines are also available in the Theingyi market.

13.  Breathtaking exploration in Gokteik Viaduct

47active travel
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Gokteik is a railway in a western shan state and the highest bridge in Myanmar. The bridge was built in 1899 and finished in 1900 and the materials were transported from the United States. Gokteik also serves as the way for the British Empire to widen their influence to the place. You can enjoy riding in a train with a railway that is 689 metres long and approximately 250 metres high. That was really an exciting and breathtaking experience!

14. Take a four-night tour from Bagan to Malanday

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The Strand
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Strand Cruise ship a relaxing place to enjoy your honeymoon as it offers the stunning, placid, and wondrous Ayeyarwady River. Lately, cruise ships were used to attacks by pirates forcing the passengers to give their money and jewelry, the reason why cruise ship here in Myanmar takes place in terms of security and the safeness.

In line with the security, the cruise has a high standard with it. Having high- pressure fire hoses, a sonic cannon used as a successful defense. The cruise ship also used a metal detector, x-ray scanner, and explosive trace detection portal machines to avoid contraband and weapons on board. Aside from the detectors, they also give a specific ship identification card that must be worn and shown by the passenger to get off the ship. The identification card will serve as their room key.

Furthermore, the tour will last for four nights from Bagan to Mandalay wherein you can enjoy relaxing massage and swimming time while watching the sunset. You can also drink a wide variety of wines. Then when it is time to sleep, the comfortable and relaxing cabin is all yours. The tour also includes a trip to Ayeyarwady also known as the Elephant River, Myanmar, Mandalay, Royal Cities, Tant Kyi Taung, and Ava.

If you have a tight schedule to do day tours, you can actually explore Bagan in a romantic way. You can take a romantic horse cart ride! Most horse carts commonly have two to four wheels. Though people commonly use automobiles as their means of transportation, you can still experience riding on this in Myanmar. Rather than renting a bicycle, it is more comfortable to ride in a horse cart because you will no longer get tired of pedaling. Do note that Bangan will bring you back to the old times so prepare yourself for a true historical adventure.

15. See thousand images inside Pindaya Cave

31Anne Dirks
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Pindaya cave is one of Myanmar’s pilgrimage site and tourist destinations. This is actually a giant cave that contains more than 8,000 Buddha figures and statues. There are also inscription in some of the statues indicating that it was made in the late 18th century. Do note that the Pindaya has three caves but only one is open to the public.

16. Join in the famous Fire Balloon Festival

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Photo via Al Jazeera
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Photo via Mekong Responsible Tourism

Fire Balloon Festival is one of Myanmar’s famous annual gatherings in Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State and it is the fifth largest city in Myanmar. People said that the releasing of the balloon is an offering to the heaven and to depart evil spirits. It is held during national holiday and end of the rainy season. Different balloon designs and fireworks are participating because there are also competitions for different styles and achieved elevation. Be sure to catch almost a hundred of fireworks at night!

Best time to visit Myanmar

Myanmar is the most adventurous place to be and must place to visit in your honeymoon for it offers you more than you ever imagine. The best time to visit Myanmar must always come up with the choice of the both of you:

• October to May is the Dry season of Myanmar perfect for activities such as hiking trekking.
• From June to early October are the wet season.
• The hottest season is from March to June, the temperature might get 40’c
• November to February are the high season of Myanmar.

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