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    12 Magical Things to Do on Your Yangon Honeymoon in Myanmar

    Still heralded as an untouched paradise, Myanmar is unlike its neighbouring countries when it comes to tourist fare. Having opened its doors to the world less than a decade ago, the former British colony retains its wondrous natural beauty – unspoilt, untouched. From exploring the busy streets of Yangon, to wandering around majestic stupas and pagodas in ancient Bagan, or taking a well-deserved breather at the serene Inle Lake, Myanmar is simply breathtaking. And that’s only 3 of the many cities which we visited! Not to mention the locals whom are probably one of the nicest people in all of Southeast Asia. Highly due for a second Yangon honeymoon visit…

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    15 Enchanting Experiences for Your Bagan Honeymoon in Myanmar

    Twilight. Darkness all around. As you breathe in the fresh morning air, you eagerly watch as the slit of light in the horizon expands throughout the sky, revealing emerald green plains and beautiful glittering pagodas as far as your eyes can take you. This is the ancient town of Bagan in Myanmar, one of Southeast Asia’s gems. This wondrous region boasts thousands of temples and pagodas steeped in Myanmar’s rich history. Take time to explore off the beaten path after visiting the main attractions, and who knows, you may be rewarded with your own one-of-a-kind Instagram shot. Can’t wait to get started? Get ready to try these 15 Enchanting Experiences for…

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    Top 16 Majestic Things to Do for your Myanmar Honeymoon

    Looking for an extraordinary destination for your honeymoon? With its temple city, Bagan, recently awarded UNESCO World Heritage status, Myanmar is increasingly becoming a popular choice for tourists. A beautiful country with the friendliest and most authentic of people, Myanmar offers stunning, picturesque sceneries while tantalising tastebuds with its unique food delicacies. In this issue, we explore the top 16 Majestic Things to Do for your Myanmar Honeymoon. Before that, let us kick things off with a short film production of our own – The Beauty of Myanmar. [Last updated: 14 Aug 2019] Read more of our in-depth guides here: 7 Reasons to Include the Enchanting Inle Lake in Your…