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Noteworthy Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Malaysia (2024 Edition)

Wedding photography and videography plays a special part in every couple’s wedding – it can magically encapsulates your unending love and freezes your special romantic moments. In this issue, we shortlist our top picks of wedding photographers and wedding videographers, professionals who will be sure to capture your love beautifully. Before we get to the list, kindly note our disclosure located at the bottom of our post.

Noteworthy Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Malaysia (2024 Edition)

8. Aplind Yew Production Team

Aplind Yew Production - Noteworthy Wedding Photographers in Malaysia (2024 Edition)

Timeless treasures captured by a talented team

As the vibrant blooms of your wedding day bouquet wilt and your gown finds its place in storage once again, there remains a timeless treasure: your wedding photos. At Aplind Yew Production team, specialises in preserving these precious memories for eternity. Each photograph is not just a snapshot, but a timeless masterpiece weaving together the enchanting narrative of your special day—a tale destined to be passed down through generations. But their expertise extends beyond photography alone! Aplind Yew Production team also crafts heartfelt, cinematic wedding films that artfully encapsulate the essence of your celebration, showcasing the very best moments of your wedding day.

Understand the uniqueness of every wedding

Recognising that every wedding is unique, Aplind Yew Production team prioritises a personal meeting beforehand to truly grasp your vision and tailor their services accordingly. With over a decade of expertise refined since 2008, Aplind and his team refuse to confine your special day within a predetermined template instead, they allow it to unfold naturally, embracing its inherent beauty and delightful quirks.

Worried about feeling awkward or distant with the photographer? Rest assured, Aplind and his team excel in creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that you will feel entirely yourselves throughout the ceremony. Their warmth and professionalism are unparalleled! Just check the reviews from their happy couples – they will tell you how their dedication to preserving these cherished moments ensures that every frame and film echoes with the enduring power of love.

Check out Aplind Yew Production Team >

7. Munkeat Photography

Munkeat Photography
Image Source: Munkeat Photography

Capture the best moments of your life with Munkeat Photography. What is amazing about this photographer is he is recognised as one of the Top 10 Noteworthy Wedding Photographers in Malaysia and a Leica ambassador in 2021. This is evident in his artistry that showcases not just weddings but also fine arts, kids, and travel photography. In Munkeat Photography, you are welcome to craft stories with a personal touch thereby, celebrating uniqueness and individuality. His dedication does not stop with taking a good-looking photo. He invests so much care, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness into visualising your story. Aside from that, he immortalises the joyous milestones of your life or even the simple day-to-day activities with your loved ones through both digital and analogue methods. He also seeks to capture authentic moments in a natural and editorial style. With over 12 years in the industry, Munkeat Photography has established great relationships with its clients. Discover their impressive portfolio on their website and glowing testimonials from satisfied clients.

Check out Munkeat Photography >

6. acklicks

Image Source: acklicks – Noteworthy Photographers and Videographers in Malaysia

Looking for an Indian Wedding photographer based in Malaysia? Experience great service from acklicks, known as one of the noteworthy photographers and videographers in the country. What is great about these photographers is they aim to combine technical proficiency with aesthetic intuition, enabling them to produce rich, beautiful, and effective photographs. They also collaborate closely with their clients so they can understand and fulfil their unique vision. As you go through their website or Instagram page, you will be immersed in their stunning works. They excel in taking meaningful images, whether during traditional ceremonies or tender moments between the newlyweds.

Check out acklicks here >

5. Keda.Z Photography

Keda.Z Photography
Image Source: Keda.Z Photography

Led by photographer Kedaz, Keda.Z Photography is also known as one of the best wedding photographers in Malaysia. Similar to the other photographers mentioned, they go beyond taking mere images. They focus on capturing emotions and stories, resulting in captivating fine arts and portraits. What sets it apart is its commitment to excellence and creativity which is evident in its portfolio. In fact, they have earned various achievements including Double Fellowship of Photography UK, Double Master by ICON, International Hon.Master, Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians, and TEDx Speaker 2020. On their Instagram and Facebook page, you will see perfectly captured moments and authentic human expressions.

Check out Keda.Z Photography here >

4. Alextan Artworks

Alextan Artworks
Image Source: Alextan Artworks – Noteworthy Photographers and Videographers Malaysia

With a photography journey that began in 2008, Alex Tan established Alextan Artworks which is renowned for its classic, artistic, and dramatic style. He specialises in wedding, portrait, and high fashion photography. What is impressive about Alex Tan is he has garnered several recognitions including 2010 Photographing with A Cause Photo Competition 2010 – Grand Award, 2012 3x Bronze Awards – International Loupe Award Competition, 2013, International Loupe Award Competition (3x Bronze Awards), Asia Top 30 Photographer – Signature Wedding, January 2012 Issue, 2014 1st Placing Wedding Photojournalistic Of 1st Half Online Competition of Wedding Portraits Photographer International (WPPI), Top 10 Photographer of The Year – Wedding Portraits Photographer of Asia (WPPA),  and many others. He ensures that your love story is beautifully documented from a starting rate of RM 3,850 for photography and RM 1,500 for cinematography.

Check out Alextan Artworks here >

3. City Image Wedding Studio

City Image Wedding Studio
Image Source: City Image Wedding Studio – Noteworthy Photographer and Videographer in Malaysia

Meanwhile, City Image Wedding Studio was first established in 1995 as a makeover photography studio. With the leadership of Ms. Jackie Chan over the years, it has turned into a premier bridal photography destination in Malaysia. What you will love about this photography studio is its team that is committed to capturing lifetime memories with uniqueness and excellence. To add to that, they have an extensive selection of designer wear including brands like D&L, Keith Kee, and Carven Ong, offering a range of options to suit your preferences. Aside from wedding photography, they also specialise in personal, family, commercial, and event photography.

Check out City Image Wedding Studio here >

2. Ckvin Studio

Ckvin Studio
Image Source: Ckvin Studio – Noteworthy Photographers and Videographers in Malaysia

Another noteworthy photographer and videographer in Malaysia is Ckvin Studio. Founded by Calvin Ng in 2009, it offers a comprehensive range of services including family portraits, convocation/graduation portraits, corporate headshots, lifestyle portraits, and commercial/event photography. What is exceptional about this studio is its photography is recognised on an international level. Calvin Ng received notable achievements such as the Silver award in the Portraits category at PPAC and acknowledgement as one of Penang’s top 10 newborn photographers by Tallypress in 2019. But despite all these recognitions, Ng’s ultimate fulfilment stems from each client’s satisfaction.

Check out Ckvin Studio here >

1. My Little Moana Photography


My Little Moana Photography
Image Source: My Little Moana Photography – Noteworthy Photographer and Videographer in Malaysia

My Little Moana Photography specialises in destination wedding and lifestyle photography, transforming each moment into a masterpiece. What you will like about this is their wedding portfolio that showcases a diverse range of amazing scenes. They capture moments with elegance, from intimate to grand celebrations. Aside from weddings, My Little Moana also offers maternity, family, and lifestyle shoots.

Check out My Little Moana Photography here >

With this list, we hope that you find the wedding photographer and videographer that suit your preference and style. Once a moment is captured, it is already immortalised, so you should never settle for less, and look for the best one that does it right. Wherever you are in the world, may Malaysia be that place that will tug at your heartstrings as you celebrate the union of eternal love.

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With this list, we hope that you find the wedding photographer and videographer that suit your preference and style. Once a moment is captured, it is already immortalised, so you should never settle for less, and look for the best one that does it right. Wherever you are in the world, may Malaysia be that place that will tug at your heartstrings as you celebrate the union of eternal love.

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