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6 Noteworthy Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Malaysia (2019 Edition)

Wedding photography and videography plays a special part in every couple’s wedding – it can magically encapsulates your unending love and freezes your special romantic moments. In this issue, we shortlist our top picks of wedding photographers and wedding videographers, professionals who will be sure to capture your love beautifully. Before we get to the list, kindly note our disclosure located at the bottom of our post.

6 Noteworthy Wedding Photographers and Videographers in Malaysia (2019 Edition)

6. Terence Tan Photography, for priceless wedding photography

Award-winning photographer Terence Tan has spent his last 10 years capturing wedding moments and honing his photography skills. His love and passion for photography have driven him to capture precious and intimate moments shared between couples on their special day. Despite having vast experience with weddings and photography, Terence strives to improve his skills and continuously educate himself, ensuring that the love stories of couples are well and beautifully documented to the best of his abilities. With no two weddings ever being the same, Terence and his team aim to bring out each couples’ personalities in their works. Check out his actual-wedding and pre-wedding works.

Based in Malaysia, Terence has covered weddings and photo shoots in several destinations like Italy, France, Australia, and Holland, giving him a broader perspective on angles and landscapes. His love and empathy for people have driven his works to encapsulate the emotions and feelings shared between couples through the years of being together. Whether it’s happiness, tears of joy or blissful romance, with Terence Tan Photography, your priceless moments will be captured forever in photography. His clients recommend him for his experience, quality works, and personable service. Read his reviews here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

Check out Terence Tan Photography for your wedding >

Terence Tan Photography
Facebook | Instagram

5. RC Studio, capture your best moments with captivating stills and motion pictures

As one of Malaysia’s Top Wedding Photography and Cinematography Studios, RC Studio has 10 years and counting of industry expertise to their name. With a long-lasting passion for stills and motion, the team at RC Studio constantly seek interesting and fresh breakthroughs to deliver captivating wedding photography and cinematic videography for couples. Based in Penang, Malaysia, the team not only documents weddings and pre-wedding shoots in Malaysia, but their works also include international destinations. Check out their portfolio of pre-wedding photography, actual-day wedding photography and wedding videography.

Aiming to deliver only the best to their clients, RC Studio strives to always provide professional images and high-quality footages of your wedding memories captured. Combining their skills, experience, and equipment, they will capture your real moments in the best settings. RC Studio Cinematography & Photography team shall incorporate their broad range of artistic and photographic experience to your wedding photo and video. Their approach insists on making each couple’s journey memorable by producing stunning work, but also in providing a quality service that is committed and responsible. Read their customer reviews here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Full day Wedding Videography – RM3,800 (10 hours)
  • Full-day wedding Photography & Videography Combo Package – RM4,800 (10 hours)
  • Half day Wedding Videography – RM2,600 (5 hours)
  • Half day Wedding Photography & Videography Combo Package – RM3,399 (5 hours)
  • Cinematic Pre-Wedding start from RM1,500

Check out RC Studio for your wedding >>

RC Studio
Website | 0164943380
Facebook | Instagram

4. ABC Studio, for storytelling wedding photography and videography

Gales of laughter. Tears of joy. Captured with a click, these are the magic moments that make your love story unique, by ABC Studio. Under the guidance of Cy Te, who was awarded the Best Director at dir8tor awards 2014, ABC Studio not only excels in photography but videography through the filmmaking experience of Ola Bola. Highly sought after for their quality service, the team is dedicated to taking great creative strides in producing only the very best, heartwarming photos and amazing short-film videographies that unfold layers of stories to be told and remembered for generations to come.

The team had traversed across the pond from Europe to Japan. Within a span of 8 years, ABC studio developed a strong portfolio covering over 400 weddings, not including the production of corporate videography. For their expertise and dedication, they were recently awarded AsiaWPA’s top 10 Videographers of the Year 2018. Your stories serve as a huge inspiration to the team and play a crucial role in reflecting your personalities into everlasting photos and videos. Do you have your own stories to tell? Drop them a message here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Wedding Actual Day Photography – starts from RM5,000
  • Wedding Actual Day Cinematography – starts from RM 7,800
  • Pre-Wedding Photography – starts from RM6,800
  • Pre-Wedding Video / Love story – starts from RM8,800

Check out ABC Studio for your wedding >

ABC Studio
No A-107, Block A, Perdana Exclusive
No 15, Jalan PJU8/1, Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Office: +603-76202563
Mobile:+6016-7839489, +6011-20169027
Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo

3. AndrewKoe Studio, for wedding photography that memorialises beautiful moments

AndrewKoe Studios came to life when Malaysian-born founder, Andrew Koe, fell in love with photography while searching for the perfect photographer for his own engagement. Coming across many timeless moments being captured on camera kindled an inspiration in him to start capturing moments of happiness. Believing that a picture is worth a thousand words, his philosophy is to use photography as a way to reminisce key moments in life and as a way to cherish friendship and family. Combining the artistic beauty of fashion photography, the timelessness of still life, and the grace of portraiture, Andrew’s portfolio is filled with everlasting images, each encapsulating a beautiful moment in time. His photos are human-centric, and his focus is to capture candid emotions and natural interactions between loved ones, yet at the same time not forgoing the beautiful setting that surrounds them.

Andrew has a gift to make couples feel at ease in front of the camera, allowing him to capture the laughter and joy shared between them, setting his work apart from others. Andrew’s passion and skill have made him achieve awards like Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and the Masters Photographers Association (MPA). A moment whether big or small does not escape Andrew, so you can focus on dancing your heart out during your wedding night. When your big day comes to a close, you can then look back on your wedding photos and remember each laugh, each joyful tear, every warm embrace, and remember the first chapter of your story together. Andrew’s signature charm has led him to become one of Malaysia’s most sought after wedding photographers. His work extends to wedding portraiture and even street shots. Send him a message here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Documentary Wedding Day Package – starts from SGD2,000 (5 hours), SGD2,800 (10 hours)
  • Overseas Pre-Wedding Package – starts from SGD2,600 (1 day), SGD3,200 (2 days)
  • Please contact them to know more about the inclusions.

Check out AndrewKoe Studio for your wedding >

AndrewKoe Studio
Website | +60 12-450 6308
Facebook | Instagram

2. Aplind Yew Production, for romantic wedding photography and videography

Aplind Yew and his team posses a unique set of characteristics: a crazy passion for both photography and videography plus a remarkable sense of humour! It’s not all fun and games for these guys, though—aside from being International Award Winner, Aplind Yew Production is a proud member of Wedding Portrait Photographer International (WPPI) and Wedding Portrait Photographer Asia (WPPA). From romantic proposals to your wedding day, these guys will cover your special moments in their signature cinematic style and create a short film that is beyond the spectacular realm. You can also let them take care of your wedding photography, for their romantic captures will leave you reminiscing your special day even in years to come.

Armed with their expertise honed since 2008, Aplind and his team will not try to fit your wedding into a box; they will let it be what it is in all its natural beauty and quirk junctures. This team works quickly and discreetly so as not to add stress to the couple on their big day. With the speed of how they work, the level of creativity and detail of the photos and videos produced never fail to leave their clients in awe. Read their reviews on Facebook here.

Wedding Packages and Rates:

  • Packages available for pre-wedding photography, destination shoots, actual-day photography,
  • Please contact them for rates and full inclusions.

Check out Aplind Yew Production for your wedding >

Aplind Yew Production
No 60-1, Jalan Tasik Utama 5, The Trillium, Lakefields, 57000 Sg.Besi, Kuala Lumpur
Website | +60 16-3482161
Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo

1. MJKPhotography, for heartwarming, photojournalistic wedding photography

MJKPhotography started with a simple mission – to document special and meaningful milestones in life. Since 2012, Chief photographer and founder Jason Koong has used his inspiring photojournalistic style to capture authentic and candid moments in each couple’s relationship. His belief is that these genuine, intimate moments are integral in showing the true magic of their love story. Rather than having systematic poses for couples to portray, he creates a relaxing, comfortable environment for couples to be natural and be themselves. As a passionate visual storyteller, Jason strives to capture raw emotion and heartwarming interactions, gathering these snippets and editing them perfectly to complete the romance tale in beautiful imagery. Check out his portfolio here.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, MJKPhotography services are also available for pre-wedding shoots and destination weddings worldwide. Couples rave about MJKPhotography’s friendliness, attention to detail and priceless shots and you can read their testimonials here. Their hair, makeup, and bridal studio partner will provide a seamless experience for you. If you envision your wedding photography to be captured in a candid and authentic photojournalistic fashion, be sure to drop them a message here.

Check out MJK Photography for your wedding >

MJK Photography
F-3-8 Pusat Komersial Jalan Kuching
No.115, Jalan Kepayang off Jalan Kuching
51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Website | +6019-326 0268
Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo

With this list, we hope that you find the wedding photographer and videographer that suit your preference and style. Once a moment is captured, it is already immortalised, so you should never settle for less, and look for the best one that does it right. Wherever you are in the world, may Malaysia be that place that will tug at your heartstrings as you celebrate the union of eternal love.

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