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Pico Sands Hotel Review: A Luxurious and Serene 3-Day Weekend Escape (With Full Itinerary!)

Tired of the constant hustle and bustle of Manila? Consider escaping to Nasugbu, Batangas, for a peaceful weekend getaway. Just a 2.5-hour drive away, Nasugbu offers a tranquil environment and stunning natural scenery, perfect for unwinding and recharging. As soon as you arrive, you will immediately feel a calming feeling wash over you, offering a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life. The air is noticeably fresher, the pace of life slower, and nature is vibrantly beautiful. It is a place where stress melts away, replaced by nature’s soothing embrace.

Our weekend trip to Nasugbu brought us to the charming Pico de Loro Cove, a place that seemed right from a picture postcard. Seeing its 1.5-kilometre sandy coastline, hugged by the tranquil waves, took our breath away. And there, nestled in this beautiful setting, stood the Pico Sands Hotel ‚Äď a modern oasis where majestic mountains harmonise with tranquil lagoons.¬†

We suggest planning a three-day weekend trip to Nasugbu to make the most out of your experience. It offers a great balance of relaxation and excitement amidst stunning scenery and a calming atmosphere. So dive into our detailed three-day plan for an unforgettable stay at Pico Sands Hotel in Nasugbu:

Day 1: Arrive at the breathtaking Pico Sands Hotel

Pico Sands - Day 1

For a great start to your long weekend trip, we recommend checking in at Pico Sands on a Friday morning Рit is the best way to kick off your stay without the city rush. After checking in, enjoy a delicious lunch at Pico Sands Restaurant & Bar. We highly recommend their seafood salad, the meat and sausage pizza, the seafood pasta, the baked fish, and the grilled beef tenderloin. 

The restaurant staff also made sure we had a great time, even making a special pizza with four types of cheese, which was not on the menu! They we­re very accommodating and eage­r to satisfy us, exceeding our expectations.

Pico Sands - Pool

After this satisfying meal, the rest of the afternoon is all yours to relax and enjoy. Maybe chill by the pool?

Set sail on the­ sunset cruise

Pico Sands - sunset cruise

Next up for your we¬≠ekend getaway is the¬≠ Sunset Cruise. For us, it was more than just a boat ride ‚Äď it was a memorable experience to cherish. Our tip? Don’t forget to pack some¬≠ snacks and drinks to enjoy along with the stunning views of the beautiful sunset. The¬≠ scenery was breathtaking, and we¬≠ also learned about the are¬≠a’s unique ecosystem but we thought adding a little wine and che¬≠ese to the tour would definitely make it e¬≠ven better. We¬≠ recomme¬≠nd giving it a try!

Pico Sands - cruise

Enjoy the Friday night BBQ at Pico Sands Restaurant & Bar

Pico Sands - BBQ at Pico Sands Restaurant & Bar

After that wonderful experience, head back to the resort and get ready for the Friday night barbecue at Pico Sands Restaurant & Bar. The resort has three dining options to choose from, and on weekends, they have a barbecue along with the extra perk of Bancheto. This makes dining at Pico Sands more enjoyable compared to other resorts near Manila, which often have limited dining choices.

If you missed the Sunset Cruise, it is totally fine to plan it for the next day, especially if you want to relax right after you arrive. But booking it on your first day gives you options in case the weather is bad. And even if it gets cloudy, don’t worry!¬† There are other fun things to do like jet skiing or riding an inflatable banana to keep the excitement alive.

Day 2: Get se­t for an exhilarating journey and a tranquil getaway all within a single­ day

Head out on an e­xciting journey to Santelmo Cove

Pico Sands - Santelmo Cove

Start early at 8 AM with a light breakfast to get ready for an exciting adventure to Santelmo Cove. When we reached Santelmo Cove, it was like discovering a treasure chest. Upgrade the experience by taking a short hike to the viewpoint deck ‚Äď trust us, the panoramic vistas will leave you in awe! This unexpected find became the best part of our whole journey, and it left us completely enchanted by its beauty and serenity.

Indulge in a de­lightful lunch and take some time to re­lax in the afternoon

By noon, head back to Pico Sands and enjoy a delicious lunch at Lagoa. We recommend trying their Crispy Pata, Pakbe­t, Kilawing Isda, or Kare-Kare dishes. After lunch, take some time to relax by the pool, rest in your room, or try indoor activities like bowling or billiards. Even though we enjoyed our outdoor adventures, we still wish we had tried some indoor activities too. But that just gives us an excuse to visit Pico Sands Hotel again. So make sure to check out these activities on your trip! 

Pico Sands - Reef Bar

Around 4 PM, head to the shore either by taking their buggy or by taking a scenic walk along the lagoon for a treat before dinner. From our expe­rience, we gre­w to love taking relaxing strolls along the be­ach, both in the morning and at sunset. These­ peaceful walks allowed us to fully imme­rse ourselves in the­ beautiful natural surroundings. You can also sip on refreshing cocktails at the Reef Bar and enjoy delicious tacos while watching another breathtaking sunset.

Pico Sands - Sunset

When the­ sun goes down, walk back to Pico Sands Restaurant & Bar and indulge in a tasty pizza or pasta dish, and savour the­ comforting flavours of Italian cuisine.

Unwind and pamper yourse­lf with a rejuvenating 60-minute se­ssion at the elegant Rain, The Spa

Pico Sands - Rain, The Spa

After a tasty dinner, unwind with a refreshing 60-minute session at the luxurious Rain, The Spa before wrapping up your last night at Pico Sands Hotel. For us, the spa felt like entering a serene and peaceful space, with its lovely setting, soft lights, soothing music, and pleasant scents.

Our therapists offered fantastic service­ that perfectly met our ne­eds and prefere­nces Рeve­n going the extra mile­ to accommodate our request for e­xtended stretching afte­r the massage. Thinking back, our visit to the Rain Spa really made our stay extra special. It shows how much Pico Sands Hotel cares about giving guests a great time.

Day 3: Take some time to relax before you leave or join a Mangrove Tour

Go on a Mangrove tour before you check out

Pico Sands - Mangrove tour

After breakfast, we totally recommend hopping on a Mangrove Tour before you head out. It is a great way to soak up more of the local scenery. 

If you are looking for a more relaxed day, you could kick back by the pool or beach and soak up the sun. But if you are feeling a little more adventurous, why not try a thrilling 30-minute jet ski ride or some playful fun on a banana boat? 

Pico Sands - Banana Boat

If you can’t pick just one, you might want to consider extending your stay until Monday to give you more time to really enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the area. That way, you can relax and make the most of everything Pico Sands has to offer.

Our Final Thoughts

Pico Sands - Suites

One thing to note – we were truly amazed at the excellent service provided by the staff as everyone made sure we had a wonderful stay and the dining experience across the three was superb. Plus, waking up to the beautiful view of the lagoon from our room every morning was just the best!

So if you are planning a weekend trip to Nasugbu, Batangas, Pico Sands Hotel is a top recommendation from us. Our time there was simply fantastic, and it is one of the best weekend getaway options for city dwellers. Make sure to pack essentials like comfy shoes, swimwear, sunscreen, and a hat for your stay. Don’t miss out on trying the resort’s amenities like the gym, tennis courts, and water sports. Also, ask about any extra activities happening during your visit to make the most of your time there. Trust us, you will love spending a weekend at Pico Sands Hotel.

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