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9 Best Pre and Post Natal Massages in Singapore | Best of Mom 2023

Pregnancy is a crucial life’s moment that needs to be treated in special ways. Pre and postnatal massage are one of the treatments to help you get through pregnancy time in a good and healthy way. They offer abundant health benefits to you and your baby both physically and mentally. And lucky for you who live in Singapore, there are already so many choices to get the treatment. Of course, you’ll think that you need to do extensive research to find the right one that is professionally qualified and to choose the treatment that suits your needs. Rest assured, we have curated the 9 Best Pre and Post Natal Massages in Singapore, each with its own speciality. But before you choose the one that suits you, let’s get to know why pre and postnatal massage are very important for you. So, read on!

This article was last updated on 21 April 2023.

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9 Best Pre and Post Natal Massages in Singapore

1. Pamper Me Jamu Wellness

Pamper Me Jamu Wellness - Best Pre and Post Natal Massages

Relaxing and restorative in-home postnatal massages using natural products

Born out of founder Chloe Tan’s unwavering passion for massage and wellness therapy, Pamper Me Jamu Wellness is on a mission to help new mothers and mothers-to-be in their journey to recovery. They strive to provide the highest quality of prenatal and postnatal massages in Singapore by using only natural ingredients and premium quality organic massage oils. Each product is meticulously crafted in small batches at Bali Spa Lab, ensuring maximum freshness and effectiveness. Not only that, they also provide a customised cotton batik binder to be worn during your postnatal sessions. These binders are available in various sizes to accommodate all mums, and are made with 100% batik cotton for unparalleled comfort during 6 to 8 hours of wear.

What truly sets Pamper Me Jamu Wellness apart is how they let you enjoy your massage sessions in the comfort of your home. This way, you no longer have to worry about travelling all the way to the spa, allowing you to focus solely on your recovery and relaxation

Wide range of massages offered to aid your recovery

While Pamper Me Jamu Wellness specialises in Balinese Jamu Postnatal Massages, they also offer slimming, lactation, and hot stone massages to further help you with your post-natal journey. Every massage package is thoughtfully tailored by their team to ensure you receive the best possible treatment. Among them, what we highly recommend is their signature Jamu Postnatal Massage with Hot Stone Therapy, which effectively assists in eliminating toxins, releasing wind, and breaking down blood clots in your abdominal, pelvic, and sacrum regions. 

Jamu Postnatal Massage with Hot Stone Therapy

Moreover, you may opt for a slimming massage that targets specific cellulite areas. During this massage, a therapist applies a combination of rubbing and pressing techniques to break down cellulite into smaller molecules while stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation throughout your body.

Dedicated team of certified massage therapists

Currently, Pamper Me Jamu Wellness has a team of talented WSQ-certified massage therapists, ensuring that you receive only quality massages tailored to your recovery. The massage therapists are not only skilled but also maintain a positive attitude throughout the session. They are professional and friendly, plus they check up on you constantly to ensure that you are always comfortable. Do not just take our word for it – check out their outstanding reviews on Facebook and Google to see how satisfied their clients are with their top-notch services.

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2. Post Natal Massage Singapore

Post Natal Massage Singapore

Just like its name, Post Natal Massage Singapore specializes in postnatal recovery. It’s the most popular in Singapore, with more than 18,000 likes on Facebook and a perfect 5 star Google review from more than a thousand customers. Rest assured you don’t need to leave your house for the service; instead, their professional masseur will happily come to your home. Furthermore, their treatment is complete and top-notch that many are satisfied with.

The postnatal massage will begin with warming up to help you relax and continue to other treatments from leg massage, full body massage, specific care on the abdomen area, breast massage, relaxation, binding session, and ended with Pilis application on the forehead that helps prevent migraine, blurry vision, and headaches. These treatments not only will help you recover physically, but also will improve your womb recovery.

Post Natal Massage Singapore

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3. Auriga Spa

auriga spa pre and post natal massage singapore

Located within Sentosa’s Capella Hotel, Auriga Spa is one of the most luxurious in Singapore. On top of its popularity, Auriga Spa was the first one to be awarded 5 stars by Forbes Travel Guide. Their top-notch Mother Wellness package will help you relax during your prenatal period. They use the traditional technique as well as organic and natural products to help you stay healthy and regain your power and energy.

If you’re looking for a perfect place to relax and enjoy tranquillity during your pregnancy, rest assured at one of its 9 treatment rooms, each has a private outdoor garden, or at the infinite pool surrounded by natures. Auriga Spa price might be a bit high, but it promises one of the best pre and post natal massages in Singapore.

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4. The Outcall Spa

the outcall spa pre and post natal massage singapore

The Outcall Spa was founded in 2016 and is already known as one of the best pre and post natal massages in Singapore. No travelling is needed with The Outcall Spa. Unlike any other, they will transform a room in your house, your bedroom, or your hotel room to be a full spa service designed to give you all the sensations like in a luxurious spa room ambience. As the smooth music goes on, you will enjoy its special therapeutic technique to provide instant relief from any discomfort during your pregnancy. Also, their massage will help you regain energy and feel relax facing the time of giving birth.

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5. La Source Spa

La Source Spa

La Source Spa is an award-winning luxury spa that uses its own line of skincare products – INNI. Using a top-notch holistic approach, they are expert in term of pregnancy treatment. Mommies like all of their treatments from prenatal massage that helps to rejuvenate your body and raise your mood, postnatal breast therapy to relax your muscle and improve blood circulation, and La Womb Therapy to boost your womb recovery. Impressively enough, they also have beauty treatments to help you get back in shape after a pregnancy period.

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6. Nimble/Knead

nimble knead pre and post natal massage singapore

Nimble/Knead is an affordable option for prenatal massage in Singapore with a good treatment quality. You will enjoy and amaze their unique industrial-chic interiors as they are housed in a shipping container designed to provide comforts. For a pregnant mother, they specialize in prenatal massage to relieve any tensions of your body. After enjoying its treatment, you’ll be allowed to relax on their Jacuzzi bath and sip a ginger tea in their little yet tranquil garden. Many are satisfied with their service that they gained a staggering number of more than 16,000 likes on their Facebook page.

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7. Mummy’s Massage

mummys massage 2 pre and post natal massage singapore

Mummy’s massage is a professional, specialist, and experienced. Their dedicated teams are healthcare professionals that specialize in women’s health, and all their therapists are certified with at least 8 years of working experiences. Rest assured with your recovery after the pregnancy period as they specialize in postnatal massage to help you recover from the trauma and pressure of pregnancy and childbirth.

If you want a more traditional treatment, the Malay Jamu Massage offers authentic therapy from local Malay masseur. Furthermore, they also can help you get back in shape with their slimming massage. Also, specific pregnancy issues are accommodated with miscarriage care and womb care. However, they also have a prenatal service that ensures to help you relax before giving birth to your baby.

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8. So SPA

So Spa pre and post natal massage singapore

Located in Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa, So SPA is one of the most luxurious pre and postnatal massages in Singapore. Rejuvenate your senses with a tropical setting at their tranquil and pictures pool garden. Not only massage and spa, but their treatment is also extended to the Yoga session and a top-notch lunch at their Garden restaurant. As a finishing touch, you can soak in their Moroccan Rhassoul clay, bath in a heated Jacuzzi, enjoy a cold pool and steam room.

In So SPA, once you book a minimum of 1-hour massage, you’ll get free access to other spa facilities that will make you enjoy it even more.

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9. AFOND Spa

affond spa pre and post natal massage singapore (1)

With more than 16 years of experiences in the industry, AFOND Spa knows best when it comes to helping the mother relax and gain quick recovery from pregnancy. Although they offer pre and postnatal massage, their prenatal massage is an award-winning. You’ll also have an opportunity to consult their advice on pregnancy care and program as well as getting emotional support before or after the massage session.

For maximum benefit, take the package of treatment after 1st semester, one session a week during the 2nd trimester, and twice a week during the 3rd trimester. With extensive knowledge on the matter, rest assured you’ll feel more relax and ease of any discomforts and pain caused by the pregnancy.

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Why do you need a pre and post-natal massage? 

While pregnancy is a blessing and brings happiness to you and your family, pregnancy time can be uncomfortable for your body. As a pregnant mother, not only you will experience mental fatigue and stress, you’ll also experience uncomfortable discomforts such as backache, nausea, morning sickness, headache, sweating, and a weird feeling in your breasts. And after giving birth, you’ll also feel tired while at the same time you need to recover quickly to be able to take care and breastfeed your baby.

These discomforts are natural and not a sickness. It’s normal for you to experience it. But of course, you’ll feel better if you can have a treatment that can help you ease all of the discomforts and pains quickly. And that’s what either pre or postnatal massage does to you.

Prenatal massage will help you cope well during your pregnancy time. It helps you recharge your power and energy, reduce any discomforts and pains, and decreasing nausea and morning sickness. Your body will feel better, and as your blood circulation improved. Most importantly, you’ll also feel more relaxed, and that’s very beneficial for your baby. Also, enjoy a better sleep that you can hardly experience during pregnancy.

On the other hand, postnatal massage focuses more on helping you recover after 9 months of pregnancy and the birthing process. After enjoying the special postnatal massage, rest assured your mood will become more stable, and you’ll feel happier, your tiredness will slowly reduce, and most importantly it’s also beneficial for the breastfeeding improvement and womb recovery.

Don’t worry, prenatal massage will not cause miscarriages, early deliveries, or other bad impacts on your baby and womb. Of course, you have to go to a skillful masseur that knows it well who has been trained professionally. The curated list below will help you find it without the need to do more extensive research. All of them are not only qualified to do the treatment, but also among the best in Singapore. And do note that you’ll get a consultation before the treatment to see whether your condition is good for the massage or not.

We hope that these 9 Best Pre and Post Natal Massages in Singapore will help you to find the best pre or postnatal massage for you. Please share this with your family and friends if you have found it useful. 

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