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Sebastian & Priscilla’s Music-themed & Pantone-coloured Wedding

Sebastian and Priscilla are celebrated local musicians. The pair shares common roots – Sebastian plays the guitar in church performances while Priscilla, encouraged by Sebastian to take her singing public, sang at events and weddings and eventually became the worship leader in church.

When asked about the song that means the most to them, Priscilla shared this video with us:

“This is a studio recording of the first song we’ve ever performed in public together: “Everything has Changed” by Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran.”

Indeed, for this good looking pair, everything changed the moment they set eyes on each other and bonded over their love for music.

Credit: Antelope Studios

Sebastian and Priscilla are often invited to perform at friends’ weddings and it’s easy to see why. The duo is always in sync with each other, and the music they create with their perfect chemistry never fails to win (and warm) hearts.


Credit: Bittersweet Photography

For the cheerful pair, it’s a must to have music on their road trips. The spontaneous pair would even break into silly dances when they hear a favourite song. That’s the extent of how much they love music.

When it came to visualising a theme for their wedding, Sebastian and Priscilla immediately settled on a music-themed one, in a serenity blue and rose quartz pantone colour palette that caught Priscilla’s fancy.

As creatives at heart, they decided to have their invitations in the form of Sistic-inspired ticket stubs, branding them lovingly as Pristic instead. This was their ingenious way to make their wedding guests look forward to the celebration of their union, as they would to a wondrous highly-anticipated musical.

Their actual day wedding seamlessly weaved in musical visual cues and their favourite colours, making it iconic and memorable for the wedding entourage and guests alike.

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Details are everything. From the peeks of serenity blue in the bridal bouquet and sash to the hand-illustrated wedding invitations fusing visuals of the keyboard and guitar, the tiniest details kept Sebastian and Priscilla’s wedding hitting the high notes throughout.

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Congratulations on your marriage, Sebastian and Priscilla! May music always inspire you and feed your soul.

If you are inspired and would like to create a musical-themed wedding for yourself, we hope you’ve been taking notes!

Vendor Information

Photography/Videography: Antelope Studios

Gowns: Blessed Brides

Flowers: My Floral Loft

Hair: Sam Woo (samwooofficial) and Next @ Nassim

Makeup: Tangyong Hair & Makeup Artist – Singapore HMUA

Stationery: Miraculove

Bridesmaids dresses: Lollyrouge

Jewelry: Amanda W jewelry

Church venue: Kum Yan Methodist Church

Church decor: 8dec

Balloons: Balloon Blasters

Dinner venue: Marina Bay Sands

Dinner decor: Party in a Box

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