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New level of entertainment with Sharp’s latest DL1X Series

When the pandemic hit the world, many of our usual routines were disrupted. What were the usual Friday night outs became movie nights at home. And now, with Sharp’s latest range of AQUOS THE SCENES 4K TVs, the 4T-C70DL1X and 4T-C60DL1X, truly, entertainment at home is taken on a whole new level. Whether you are binge-watching the latest family movie on Netflix, or trying out a newly-bought game, the amazing visuals from these Sharp television sets are guaranteed to improve your quality time spent at home.

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If there’s one thing that we are sure of on TVs, is that there are just too many models of them in Singapore. It can be overwhelming to choose from so many options because each has their own specifications and pricing. Especially when you don’t know much about tech and all the TV jargon. No worries because in this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about these all-new Sharp TV models, and whether they are worth their price or not. 



Basically, your new lifestyle starts with Sharp’s AQUOS 4K THE SCENES TV sets. The latest models, the 4T-C70DL1X and 4T-C60DL1X, also known as Sharp’s DL1X series, is everything you are looking for in a brand new TV. Both models take pride in their impressive 4K resolution, amazing audio quality, a multitude of family entertainment-friendly features, and many other characteristics that are sure to take your home entertainment to the highest level. Read on to know more.  


Impressive 4K resolution

One of the main advantages of choosing AQUOS TVs is really its 4K resolution. This feature will then let you watch your favourite shows in 4K Ultra HD or 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Such a quality will transport you into a whole new world! And combined with the TVs’ wide colour gamut and Deep Chroma Display, the images displayed won’t just be sharp, but also show colours that exist naturally in the world. Imagine the TV as a super clear window, through which you can see the outside world in deeper green and blue tones – that’s how realistic the colours are! There are actually 1 billion colours available to you on these Sharp TVs, which will surely kindle your emotions while watching.

In addition, the Deep Chroma Display enables the TV’s enhanced backlight, paired with Sharp’s UV2A panel, to maximize colour purity and match the light sources. It also comes with an anti-glare surface, allowing users to enjoy clear TV images even when you decide to binge-watch in the middle of a sunny afternoon.


Countless entertainment options

And when your TV is in 4K, it’s no surprise when one (or all!) of your family members turn into couch potatoes. Fortunately, the DL1X series adopts the latest AV1 format for 4K streaming and makes it absolutely easy to enjoy a variety of apps for videos, news and games from the internet. All you have to do is connect the TV to your WiFi! You may also connect and mirror your laptop to the TV, so you can see your work on a much larger screen and experience greater work flexibility.


Needless to say, all kinds of streaming services are truly within your reach: YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, you name it! The TV will also let you spend less time browsing and more time watching with personalised recommendations that appear automatically on the home screen. 

If it’s your first time getting a really fancy TV set, don’t worry, the DL1X series won’t eat you alive. We really love how it comes with Sharp’s latest all-in-one smart remote, allowing users to get back into their show in just one single press of a button. That huge, white Netflix button will definitely be one of your most-pressed buttons on this remote!


A close second (or maybe even your top 1) would be the Google Assistant button, which then provides users with a smarter viewing experience. You can quickly access entertainment, get answers on-screen, control smart devices around your home, and more by just using your voice. You may also take advantage of this feature to get recommendations on which Netflix show should you watch to cap the day – simply ask away! Essentially, the DL1X series is designed for your utmost convenience.



What’s more, is that the DL1X series can be connected to your mobile phones. Though this is already something that’s pretty common in smart TVs, we really like how the DL1X series comes with the unique AQUOS 4K Contents Downloader, which allows users to enhance the entertainment of 4K. Through Google Drive, your smartphone’s 4K photos and videos can be wirelessly shared and viewed on the TV without losing resolution. Using this feature, users can share 4K content with their loved ones from anywhere. 


The DL1X series also has this Sharp COCORO Album feature which allows users to manage their memories smartly with AI. So, when you load photos on the TV, it will automatically create memory folders based on the person, the place, and the time. This is actually a really great idea for quality time at home with the entire family! Additionally, when you have family members overseas, you can participate in face-to-face video calls with them on a much larger screen. Sure, it won’t be the same as having them right by your side, but the large display combined with impressive resolution and audio make a whole lot of difference.


Smooth gameplay

TVs in the DL1X series also double as gaming TVs, which are perfect if you have gamers at home. They feature the newly-improved X4 Revelation Processor, so expect smoother gameplay with 145% faster CPU performance and 10x faster graphics. The gaming experience will be so immersive, especially when you take into account the realistic and deep-coloured images that the TVs can handle.


Caring to users’ eyes


Higher TV resolution may mean more time spent in front of the TV as our eyes get glued to the amazing entertainment options. Fortunately, the DL1X series comes with Sharp’s eye comfort mode, which is a really helpful feature for kids at home. With this mode, the emission of blue light is significantly reduced, thereby minimising the negative effects of blue light on users. Though, of course, it’s still better if you lessen everyone’s screen time at home.


Slim and modern design

With all these really helpful specs, it’s really hard to say no to these Sharp 4K TVs. And to make things even better, they look visually appealing as well! A full-flat slim bezel, the TVs are designed to enhance the sense of immersion. The 70” model even has a bottom bezel with a silver line done through diamond cutting for slim and comfort. Hence, the perfect addtion to your modern home.

Although the TVs are on the slimmer side, the sound is still pretty good. The TVs have a unique sound reflector, which helps to bring all the sound frontward, letting viewers enjoy clear and dynamic sound even from a distance.



Value for money

Innovation comes with a price, but for the 4T-C70DL1X and 4T-C60DL1X, their prices are still pretty value for money. Available at Sharp’s authorized retailer stores islandwide, the 70” model is priced at $2,999 while the 60” model is at $2,039. With all the features, the prices are really reasonable. 



In a nutshell, the all-new DL1X series is a great investment for home entertainment. With more time spent at home, quality time is indeed better with a large screen in 4K resolution, amazing audio quality, and every other feature we discussed above. We highly recommend getting the 70” model (4T-C70DL1X) if you have the budget to spare, though make sure that they are the perfect fit for your living room. Make sure to check our TV buying guide here as well. If looking for a more affordable option, the 4T-C60DL1X is also a pretty great buy. 

We hope that this review on Sharps’s Latest DL1X Series gave you an idea of whether you should get one for your new TV set. If you have found this review on Sharp TVs to be useful, please do share it with your family and friends!


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