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Your Complete Guide to Si Dian Jin in Singapore 2020

While I heard of Si Dian Jin (四点金) before, I never knew or understood what it meant exactly. Si Dian Jin was made known to me by my mother and mother-in-law when it was my turn to get married. I soon learned that it is a beautiful, wonderful Chinese tradition that is to be cherished and preserved. Si Dian Jin is usually a gift given from the groom’s mother to the bride, to symbolise giving her blessings and her welcoming the bride into the family. My mother also passed down to me her own Si Dian Jin set that she received from her mother in law when she got married, and it symbolises a family heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation.  I feel that it is important for younger generations to know about the Si Dian Jin custom, to preserve it and keep it alive with their own children in the future. Here is our Complete Guide to Si Dian Jin. We share the symbolic meaning behind Si Dian Jin and also where are the best places to buy Si Dian Jin in Singapore.  

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Table of Contents:

Your Complete Guide to Si Dian Jin in Singapore

What is Si Dian Jin?

Si Dian Jin (四点金) means ‘four touches of gold’ in Mandarin. It is a traditional Chinese betrothal gift that comprises of a necklace, bangle, ring and a pair of earrings made from Gold (金). It is gifted to the bride from the groom’s mother. The key message the groom’s mother wishes to send with this betrothal gift is to give her blessings and welcome the bride into the family and household. 

What is the tradition behind Si Dian Jin? 

Traditionally, the houses back in the days had a 4-point curved rooftop (like you see in Chinese dramas). It resembles very much like the “Jin” (金) character in 四点金. Back in the past, as brides used to marry into the groom’s family, this betrothal gift shares with the bride (and her parents) that she will always have a roof over her head, and she will be well taken care of by the groom and his family. 

The Si Dian Jin jewellery set is also considered to be an heirloom, that can be passed down from generation to generation. This is why my mother also passed down her own set to me. I find this a beautiful tradition and something I will want to practice with my own children as well.

While Si Dian Jin is practiced by most Chinese families, the practice may differ between dialects. For example, Teochew families would prefer to gift a 4-piece jewellery set, whereas Cantonese and Hokkien families may focus only on the bangle.

What is the modern take on Si Dian Jin? 

The Si Dian Jin set is a 4-piece jewelry set that is traditionally made from gold (金, ‘jin’). The old-school designs tend to be chunkier and heavier. Back in the old days, more is more. The bigger and heavier the necklace is (like the design below). Bigger jewelry pieces will use more gold and shows opulence and generousity. 

A more traditional design for Si Dian Jin | Source: Carousell

Fast forward to today, brides would prefer their Si Dian Jin to be more modern. Previously, brides would keep their gold in the safety of their own home and not wear it again after their wedding, but today, brides will choose to wear their Si Dian Jin and have it match with their fashion style. Hence you will find that jewelers now provide many more options for Si Dian Jin. Popular choices include yellow gold but extend to white gold, jade, pearls, diamonds, and gemstones. Some jewellers also beautifully combine elements to give a fresh, modern take on Si Dian Jin. You will find stylish and modern Si Dian Jin jewellery for the modern-day bride. 

Beautiful Jade Bangle & Earrings by Carat 55

What do the designs of Si Dian Jin symbolise? 

You will find Si Dian Jin jewellery to incorporate one or more of the following into their designs. This is what they symbolise.

  • The Dragon and Phoenix symbolises a perfect match made in heaven. It represents a balanced harmony between the bride and groom and sends blessings to the marriage to last and withstand the test of time.
  • Flowers represent the bride’s elegance and beauty. They also symbolise a lifetime of blissful happiness for the couple.
  • The character Shuang Xi (双囍, which means “double happiness”) is incorporated into the Si Dian Jin design to symbolise bliss and happiness.
  • If your Si Dian Jin design incorporates a pig, it symbolises fertility and auspicious blessing.

How much does Si Dian Jin cost? 

Like with all gifts, there is no real fixed cost to Si Dian Jin. It ultimately depends on the budget of your mother/mother-in-law.  The eventual Si Dian Jin cost will also depend on the chosen type of materials and design, as well as the jeweller you purchase from. That said, on average, a 4-piece jewellery gold or white-gold set can range between $3,000 to $4,000. Diamonds will cost more, but if you choose a very simple design can fall within that price range as well. Elaborate pieces go up to $5,000 and upwards to $10,000 or more.

Should I practice Si Dian Jin?

My quick (and personal) answer would be yes! While I did not know the meaning of Si Dian Jin before I got married, I am blessed to have learned about it through my mothers. It was touching to receive those gifts and blessings from my new mother. It was also beautiful to know that the Si Dian Jin pieces passed down from my mum was from Grandma and my mother wore them on her own wedding day. Nothing comes as precious as family heirlooms that can withstand the test of time.

A tradition as beautiful as sending blessings and happy wishes to the couple deserve to be practiced and preserved. This is regardless of your budget. You can opt to have very simple (even non-gold pieces) to serve as your Si Dian Jin. The idea behind using gold is because gold is seen as a valuable and lasting element that you can pass on for generations, but a modern take on Si Dian Jin gives more flexibility with what you prefer to wear. That said, this will ultimately depend if your mother-in-law practices the Si Dian Jin custom as well.

Where to Buy Si Dian Jin in Singapore

1. Choo Yilin

Choo Yilin Sakura Si Dian Jin Set
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2. Carat 55

3. Michael Trio

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4. Carrie K

Si Dian Jin Singapore

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5. SK Jewellery

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6. Poh Heng Jewellery

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7. Goldheart Jewellery

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I hope that our Si Dian Jin guide has helped you to learn more about the Si Dian Jin tradition, and the meaning behind it. If you need any help or recommendations, please drop us a message at [email protected]. Kindly share this Si Dian Jin guide with your friends and family if you have found it useful.

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