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8 Reasons to fly SilkAir for your Honeymoon

When it comes to a honeymoon, it is no surprise that most couples hope for an enjoyable yet hassle-free vacation. After all, planning for the wedding alone took months of hard work. For some, maybe even some sleepless nights! Now, whether you are dreaming of that laid back resort honeymoon or an adventurous exploration as newlyweds, we found a way to get you there without having to worry about the frills! 

SilkAir is a premium full-service carrier that will have you flying to over 50 destinations from Singapore alone. This premium, short to medium-haul regional carrier operates over 300 flights each week so you don’t have to worry about a lack of flights or awkward timings.

As SilkAir is the regional wing of Singapore Airlines and as Asia’s top awarded regional airline, we were very eager for our flight. Our smooth ride with SilkAir was complemented with delicious meals, a full bar service, and attentive cabin crew. What more could we ask for? And not forgetting the awesome in-flight entertainment that made the ride way more enjoyable! Read on to why a SilAir flight is a Joy to Fly.¬†

8 Reasons to fly SilkAir for your Honeymoon Trip

1. Jetset to over 50 exotic honeymoon destinations

I remember when it came to our honeymoon, we wanted to fly to a special destination. We chose Maldives for its surreal beauty and it was an incredible experience. When you choose to fly SilkAir, you open yourself up to many exotic destinations of your choosing, many of which are off the beaten path. Did you know that SilkAir flies to 12 cities in Indonesia, 8 cities in China and 8 cities in India? 

Starting 8 April this year, SilkAir starts flying 3 times a week to Colombo, Sri Lanka! It’s time to start packing!¬†

2. Fuss-free bookings

A joy to fly does not always mean you have to go through stressful planning and booking. The SilkAir mobile app makes bookings fuss-free. Furthermore, you get cheap flights right at your fingertips, thanks to their handy promotional alerts. When we used SilkAir to book our flights to Yogyakarta, we¬†found the interface very user-friendly. It also keeps your flight booking in the app, so¬†I did not have to print out my booking confirmation slips like I usually do. You also get prompt check-in reminders so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your flight timings.

3. Savour delicious meals in the skies

Photo via Miss Tam Chiak

Ever since I discovered the airlines that serve up delicious food, I soon became a fan of flying. I get on the plane excited for when the meals are about to be served!¬†With the airlines that I’ve flown with, I would definitely recommend SilkAir’s on board meals. The taste and quality of the meals they serve you are as good, if not even better than what you taste on land!

p.s If you have any dietary requirements, do feel free to let the airline know 48 hours prior to departure and they will be happy to make preparations for you. 

4. Be entertained with SilkAir’s wireless¬†entertainment system

We know¬†why full fledge carriers are such popular options. Apart from food,¬†you get endless entertainment to accompany you throughout your flight. SilkAir’s wireless entertainment system allows you to connect your mobile or iPads directly to their studio and you can enjoy streaming of movies, television shows, and music! Best yet, there is no additional cost for this service.¬†

If you are an Apple user, you can download SilkAir Studio app from Apple Store to view more than 100 movies while connected to the onboard wifi. Then for the Android users, you can download the app via the onboard wifi!

On the other hand, if you want less screen time on your vacation, SilkAir provides you Silkwinds, their in-house magazine for your reading pleasure. Aimed to inspire with exciting travel stories and stunning photography, you can check out their magazine here.

5. Enjoy spacious seating and more legroom

Photo via Miss Tam Chiak

When it comes to flying, comfort is key. The human body was not made for flying and it can take a toll on some of us. Cabin pressure can affect your circulation and more leg room will give you that extra comfort. Try taking off your shoes during the flight for extra comfort! We were happy to find that SilkAir’s seats are comfortable and spacious, with great legroom space. Their seats also come with an adjustable headrest so you do not necessarily need to have a travel pillow with you.¬†

For those looking to spruce up their honeymoon vacation, you can opt to upgrade to business class. Enjoy enhanced personal space and luxurious comfort with their ergonomic leather-upholstered seats. Also, prior to your flight, relax in the SliverKris lounge and enjoy complimentary refreshments. Click here to find out more about SilkAir’s cabin classes.¬†

6. Great cabin crew service

Photo via Fly Gosh

When boarding the plane, we were greeted with happy smiles from the SilkAir cabin crew. It was no surprise that SilkAir was ranked among the Top 10 Airlines for Best Cabin Service Worldwide from 2009 to 2016 by Smart Travel Asia! Not only did we enjoy the flight, but the welcoming atmosphere got us really excited for our destination. Throughout the flight, the SilkAir cabin crew provided us with attentive and friendly service, which was much appreciated! 

7. Enjoy promotional prices

Photo via Great Deals Singapore

If you like me, regularly stalk airlines for their promotions to find a reason for your next vacation, you will be happy to hear that SilkAir is well known for giving some of the best promotional rates for full-fledge flights. In fact, as we speak, SilkAir is featuring promotional flights to many destinations here! Fly to Langkawi and Phuket from just S$139! 

7. A Joy to Fly

Photo via Super Adrian Me

We found our experience with SilkAir a true Joy to Fly. We enjoyed generous baggage allowance of 30kg! Business class gets 40kg. With this allowance, you do not need to worry about how much shopping you do on your vacation! For shopping lovers, you can even start right when you board the plane with Skyshop! 

SilkAir is committed to providing travelers a reliable flight schedule, which ensures that you can reach your destination to kickstart your vacation promptly. Best yet, flying with SilkAir allows you to earn KrisFlyer miles. If you are looking for a smooth and fuss-free honeymoon, be sure to check out SilkAir for your flights! 

Click here to book your honeymoon via SilkAir now!

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