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10 Reasons why The Fullerton Hotel Wedding remains the Grandest of our Century

Ask any Singaporean which is the grandest hotel in Singapore and many will not fail to mention The Fullerton Hotel. It presents you one of the grandest and most lavish wedding venues one dreams of for their wedding celebration. If Prince William and Kate Middleton had their royal wedding in Singapore, The Fullerton Hotel would be it.

The Fullerton Hotel is a work of art. Its infrastructure is simply breathtaking. Its monumental Palladian architectures exude a timeless and unparalleled grandeur. Its interiors are exquisitely designed by world-renowned architects Bedner & Associates, furnished to provide you an opulent experience with warm hospitality. It is no wonder that many raves about wedding celebrations at this iconic heritage building. 

Recognised as one of the Top 10 Hotels in Singapore by DestinAsian‚Äôs Readers‚Äô Choice Awards 2017 and one of the Top 1% of Hotels in Singapore by TripAdvisor Travellers‚Äô Choice Awards 2017, let’s find out what a royal wedding looks like in today‚Äôs 21st Century.

10 Reasons to have your Royal Wedding at The Fullerton Hotel

1. The perfect venue for a 21st Century royal wedding

Fullerton Wedding - Night View

As a child, I’ve always dreamt of the day I would meet my prince charming and have a fairytale wedding. It might be Disney working its magic on us, but nonetheless, it was a beautiful dream to look forward to. Now¬†that you have met your other half, there is no better time than to dream big!

The Fullerton Hotel is our modern interpretation¬†of a royal wedding. This grand and iconic neoclassical landmark is not only posh but is richly filled with heritage and historical significance. Once home to Singapore’s General Post Office, then known as the ‚ÄúMost Important Post Office in the East‚ÄĚ, The Fullerton Hotel has transformed into a 400-room 5-star luxury heritage hotel. This very building witnessed the incredible journey and transformation of Singapore from a colonial outpost into the¬†present day first-world metropolis. Today, The Fullerton Hotel is gazetted as a National Monument and continues to carry an inspiring legacy as Singapore‚Äôs pride.

Standing majestically at the mouth of the Singapore River, The Fullerton Hotel overlooks the colourful Clarke Quay and classy Marina Bay district. Talk about a fine venue indeed.

2. Enjoy an intimate & romantic solemnisation

Fullerton Wedding - Roof Garden
The Roof Garden
Fullerton Wedding - East Garden
East Garden

Your solemnisation is the most memorable part of your wedding day, as it marks the very moment you both from two individuals get wed as one. For your ‘I Dos’,¬†The Fullerton Hotel presents two beautiful solemnisation venues – The Roof Garden and East Garden.

The roof garden is a connecting bridge that overlooks the atrium of the hotel. It also faces the beautiful interior infrastructure of the hotel. With natural light streaming into the area, you will have the perfect romantic ambience for your ceremony.

For outdoor lovers like myself, The East Garden is a great spot. Tucked away and surrounded by lush greenery, you get to enjoy privacy and exclusiveness as you exchange your vows. The area is covered by a beautiful white canopy with a chandelier centerpiece. Not only does the canopy provide you and your guests’ shade and shelter, it also exudes a luxurious ambience for your solemnisation.¬†It can also serve as an area for your cocktail reception!

3. A Grand Ballroom entrance for your fairytale wedding

Fullerton Wedding Photography
Photo via Eirik Tan Photography
Fullerton Wedding - The Ballroom
The Ballroom | Photo Credits: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

A fairytale wedding starts with a grand entrance. Walk down a fine staircase into the pillarless Grand Ballroom, which is lavishly designed with an ellipse-shaped chandelier that holds over 380,000 crystals. The Grand Ballroom exudes elegance and grandeur for your wedding celebration. Packed with a state-of-the-art theater and sound system, you get an unparalleled experience for your wedding day. The Grand Ballroom can host up to 480 guests for banquet.

4. Have a charming celebration at the contemporary Straits Room

Fullerton Wedding - The Straits Room
The Straits Room | Photo Credits: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

If you fancy a contemporary British style wedding, The Straits Room presents a perfect setting. With its lofty height, unique coffered ceilings, white-washed walls and crystal chandeliers, The Straits room exudes a classy atmosphere with an English flair. The Straits Room can host up to 12 tables for banquets or 200 persons for receptions. For a cosy and intimate setting, it is a great option.

5. Savour a delicious wedding menu, paired with fine wine

Fullerton Wedding - Town Restaurant

Good food is one of the most important elements of any celebration. Apart from being a fine and elegant wedding venue, getting to wine and dine at The Fullerton Hotel was a gastronomic experience. We tasted their five-course Western menu and it proved to be a top choice. Each dish was delectable and beautifully plated, paired with opulent house wine that was rich and smooth. Needless to say, the scrumptious meal was delightful and we can only imagine your guests having good things to say about your banquet.

I personally have attended several weddings at The Fullerton Hotel. How they manage to achieve very good consistency in their dishes has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on me. Their Chinese menu is also equally appetising.

Fullerton Wedding - Town Restaurant
Town Restaurant

As brides and grooms are often busy hosting their guests during the wedding, it is common that they do not get to fully enjoy the banquet food. At The Fullerton Hotel, you can wake up the next morning to enjoy a gourmet breakfast right by the Singapore river at the Town Restaurant!

6. A gorgeous location for your wedding day photos

Fullerton Wedding - Wedding day Photoshoot - Groupon

Your wedding celebration may only last a day, and hence photos play an important role in preserving memories. Not only is The Fullerton Hotel a majestic backdrop for your wedding day shots, the interiors are also posh and harbours many great photo spots! For more options, the nearby Clarke Quay and Marina Bay area also has tons of beautiful backdrops for your photoshoot.

Fullerton Wedding - The Ballroom Staircase

7. Watch a breathtaking sunrise right from your bedroom window

Fullerton Wedding - Fullerton Suite Balcony
Fullerton Suite Balcony | Photo Credits: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Fullerton Wedding - Landscape
Photo Credits: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

The fine view at The Fullerton Hotel gets even better during sunrise. For the ultimate romantic experience, spend your first wedding morning admiring the beautiful sunrise right from your bedroom window or balcony. We are certain that the stunning scenery will take your breath away!

8. Stay in a luxurious Loft Suite

Fullerton Wedding - Loft Suite Living Room
Loft Suite – Living Room
Fullerton Wedding - Loft Suite Bedroom
Loft Suite – Bedroom

For a unique stay, The Fullerton Hotel presents Loft Suites that feature high ceilings, double story French doors, a private balcony area and an in-room spiral staircase that leads up to a luxurious bed. The suite faces the beautiful Marina Bay district which lights up in the evenings, giving you a dramatic and spectacular view from your bedroom window. Every room comes packed with luxurious amenities such as fancy toiletries and plush robes, providing you endless comfort during your stay. 

Photo via The Wedding Scoop, credits to Andriods in Boots

With the double-storey layout, you can even have your gate crash at your suite. Having your gate crash at your wedding venue saves you a lot of time and convenience and also ensures your photos look great!

9. Revel in luxurious comfort on your post-wedding day

Fullerton Wedding - The Fullerton Spa
The Fullerton Spa | Photo Credits: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Getting wed at The Fullerton Hotel means luxurious comforts are in store for you. Enjoy a private buffet breakfast and VIP treatment at the Straits Club Lounge where you can enjoy afternoon tea and evening cocktails. Pamper yourself more by indulging yourself in a therapeutic spa experience at The Fullerton Spa, a well-known spa that features an enticing selection of treatments. We highly recommend trying their 90-minute Asian Heritage Signature Treatment. Spa products from Aromatherapy Associates are all natural, paraben free, made with pure extracts and essential oils. After your treatment, relax in their private lounge area where you will be served hot ginger tea.

10. Be given the royal treatment

Fullerton Wedding - The Team
Photo Credits: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

There were many things about The Fullerton Hotel that left us impressed – its grand atmosphere, authentic history, luxurious rooms, delectable food, delicious wine… the list goes on.¬†But what left a lasting impression on me was their warm hospitality and personal touch. How they managed to make their guests feel so welcomed and at home was remarkable.

I am hugely appreciative of great service. I believe that factor is why guests will choose to return to you. And needless to say, for a hugely significant and personal event such as your wedding day, providing a personal touch makes a big difference. During our stay, there were 3 weddings being organised that very day. The hotel was bustling with guests. Despite having so many guests to attend to, the staff was very genuine in making their guests feel special and important. We saw guests being welcomed and greeted with friendly smiles, and this was consistent throughout the hotel. The concierge was friendly and helpful, the receptionist was meticulous and even the bellboy and housekeeping staff were very courteous.

Grand luxury hotels sometimes might portray a cold atmosphere but definitely not The Fullerton Hotel. They showcased the beauty and warmth of Asian hospitality and their thoughtful service is why I believe many guests choose to return to this luxury hotel. For a special and memorable wedding celebration, be sure to reach out to The Fullerton Hotel.

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