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10 Best Sports Massage Services in Singapore (2021 Guide)

Sports massage is an effective way to ease muscle aches, unlocking stubborn knots, and promoting recovery and rehabilitation. It can help to prevent injuries and improve sport performance. While it is recommended for athletes to get sports massages regularly, you do not have to be an athlete to enjoy sport massage benefits. Getting a sports massage will deeply massage your muscles to realign the fibres and connective tissue and flush toxins. It is good for maintenance, promoting recovery and regular sessions can increase your joint mobility and flexibility. If you want to reduce your downtime or simply solve that chronic ache, check out the best sport massages in Singapore you can head to. Let’s begin!

This article was last updated on 8 June 2021

1. FHYSIO, for professional, personalized massages designed for your needs

FHYSIO - Best Sports Massage Services in Singapore

Professional, personalised wellness experience with great reviews

FHYSIO is a one-stop specialist wellness centre providing holistic care to patients. They provide an extensive range of services ranging from personalized massage therapy, professional physiotherapy, to providing courses for sports massage and even the unique art of Myofascial Release with FHYball. What we especially like about FHYSIO is their excellent reviews on Google and Facebook, in which clients highlight that the therapists are very knowledgeable, meticulous, and highly effective.

At FHYSIO, their personalised massage therapy begins with a consultation with their in-house physiotherapist who assesses your condition and designs the right treatment plan for your exact needs. For first time customers, you get to enjoy a 40% off promotion on your first massage therapy session too.

3 types of personalised massage therapies

What’s great about FHYSIO is that they offer 3 types of personalised massage therapies, drawing references from eastern and western modalities – namely Functional, Hala (håla), and Ya (压). Functional massage therapy focuses on targeting specific areas to alleviate pain and release tightness, while Hala (håla) focuses on deep stretching techniques for efficient recovery. Ya (压), on the other hand, combines the best of ancient Chinese Tui-Na and Swedish sports massage techniques to release tension and to balance the Qi and blood in your body for better health.

Professional physiotherapy for an extensive range of injuries and conditions

Graduating with a Bachelor (Hons) in Physiotherapy at Trinity College, Dublin, and later headhunted by Raffles Hospital, Shaun Toh, a registered physiotherapist in Singapore, specialises in acute care, sports and musculoskeletal injury management. He treats an extensive range of conditions including sports injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation, lower back and neck pain, women’s health and paediatric physiotherapy. Then, a rehabilitation plan will be customised for you to get back on track.

Best yet, FHYSIO offers a Sports Massage Course, internationally accredited by International Sports Science Association (ISSA). The course reconciles the latest sports massage techniques with a functional understanding of muscle anatomy and physiology, and is available at both Basic and Advanced levels.

Check out FHYSIO for sports massage and physiotherapy >
Address: Delfi Orchard 402 Orchard Rd, #02-01/02 Singapore 238876
Tel: (+65) 6970 7257
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2. Aylwin Sports Therapy, for pocket-friendly student prices

Source: Aylwin Sports Therapy

Founder Aylwin was a competitive track and field runner in his younger days, but due to an unfortunate incident, tore his hamstring and his knee cartilage suffered wear and tear from the vigorous training. Due to insufficient funds for rehabilitation, he had to give up his dreams. Now, his goal is to provide targeted physical therapy for anyone. Whether you are experiencing stiff necks from long office hours, or a sports injury, Aylwin Sports Therapy offers sports massage and other therapies such as clinical dry cupping.

Before qualifying for a sports massage, a therapist will assess your condition. He will ask questions about your medical history and health issues you are experiencing. Then, you will need to point out specific body areas where you experience chronic ache. The therapist will also ask you to perform certain body postures and stretches to evaluate your mobility and flexibility.

Aylwin Sports Therapy also offers a combination of services at an affordable price. For example, you can book a 45-minute session of Instrument-assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) with Sports Massage at $110. There’s also a special promo for students which is a 45-minute session of IASTM, dry cupping and sports massage. And this costs at a much lesser price of only $80!

Garnering a 5-star rating out of 73 Google Reviews, Aylwin Sports Therapy has the services you can count on to get rid of those aches.

Check out Aylwin Sports Therapy > 
Address: 9 Scotts Road
Scotts Medical Center #12-01
Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210
Tel:  9380 1268
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3. heal360 Physioclinic, for customised one-on-one care

Source: heal360 Physioclinic

Houses a team of physiotherapists and physical rehabilitation experts, heal360 is a therapy clinic that provides a range of personalised services. From consultation to actual rehabilitation program to after-care advice, patients can count on their one-on-one rehabilitative care to identify specific issues that may have resulted from strenuous activities or bad falls and accidents, relieve injuries and chronic pain, and educate themselves on the crucial areas of aftercare to prevent possible injuries in the future.

Sports massage is included in some of their comprehensive and specialised 360 programs like the Sports360 and PainRelief360. Sports360 is an all-in-one training program that is tailored according to an athlete’s sport-specific needs or an individual’s exercise-specific essentials. So, whether you’re a swimmer, runner, football player, dancer or just someone whose routine includes the strenuous gym life, Sports360 will help you improve your strength, power, flexibility, agility, balance and coordination among many others. You’ll get a restorative sports massage to prevent and avoid injuries and chronic pain. And finally, you will learn the right stretches designed for your sport, exercise or lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the PainRelief360 program is designed to provide expert treatment of persisting body aches, chronic pain and recurring sports injury. If you’re experiencing chronic pains related to health issues such as scoliosis, slipped disc, sciatica, or even migraines and insomnia, PainRelief360 is a great program for you.

One of the highly rated sports massage services in Singapore, heal360 garners an average rating of 4.9 out of 222 reviews.

Check out heal360 Physioclinic > 
Address: 46 Tras Street S078985
Tel:  6224 4178
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4. Healing Touch Spa, for regular deep tissue massages

Source: Healing Touch Spa

While physiotherapy and chiropractors specialise in injury rehabilitation and athletic performance, their rates can be pretty steep for sports massage. If you are planning to go for a sports massage regularly, you can consider Healing Touch Spa’s deep tissue massage. Healing Touch is a spa that offers relaxation massages, spas and facials, but we have to shine the spotlight on their award-winning deep tissue massage. It effectively helps to bust muscle aches and tightness. The massage strokes are comparatively slower, deeper and mainly concentrated on areas where you are feeling tension and pain.

You can also choose for how long you want the massage to last. The choices include: 60 minutes for $55, 90 minutes for $82.50 and 120 minutes for $110. It’s perfect for every need and budget!

Check out Healing Touch > 
Address: Yishun OCC Branch, 1 Orchid Club Rd,
#01-33A Orchid Country Club, Singapore 769162
Tel: +65 6715 1515
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5. Health2U, for individualised approach

Source: Health2U

Health2U has a sports massage service that aims to help people (not just sports athletes) recover from existing injuries and prevent new injuries. Depending on your needs and pain level, the therapist will individualise the massage and strokes to cater to your condition and pain tolerance. The goal is to improve your health, posture, flexibility and connective tissues surrounding the muscles that are experiencing tension or pain. Their sports massage session can include trigger point release rolling, stretching, and deep stroking movements.

What’s unique about Health2U is they have a Health2Mama arm, where they cater specially to mums for pre and post natal physiotherapy and massage (45-minute session for $150). If you are a mum suffering from back aches and muscle pains due to childbearing, be sure to check out Health2U. They also have breastfeeding relief treatments, and a FITMama Programme that can help you reach optimal health, strength and fitness during pregnancy and after birth. Check out their pricing here.

Check out Health2U > 
Address: 101B Telok Ayer Street, 03-01,
Singapore, 068574
Tel: +65 6255 5250
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6. Heartland Rehab, for expert sports physiotherapy

Source: Heartland Rehab

Heartland Rehab is a group of allied health professionals who aim to increase health standards through mobility and exercise. Their physiotherapists are all fully registered with Singapore Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) and are experienced in sports rehabilitation, occupational rehabilitation and spine rehab.

While their focus is on physiotherapy, they do offer sports massage services that help to release tight muscles and optimise movement for activity.

Heartland Rehab’s sports massage includes trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, assisted stretches and proprioceptive neural facilitation (PNF) stretching. The therapists will employ any or a combination of these techniques depending on what your condition requires.

Rated 4.9 from 145 Google reviews, Heartland Rehab is a trusted, go-to place for various chronic pain conditions, from sports injuries to gout attacks.

Check out Heartland Rehab > 
Address: 11 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-4454,
Singapore 150011
Tel:  +65 94247154
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7. Physioactive, for extensive experience and wide range of treatments

Source: Physioactive

Featured on Shape Magazine, Physioactive has been providing physiotherapy, rehabilitation and clinical sport massage since 2006. They have served over 15,000 customers and have been awarded with the Promising SME 500 2015 recognition. Their therapists have years of extensive experience and they offer a wide range of treatments, personalised to your needs.

They treat various conditions and injuries that include but not limited to your neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee and more. Physioactive’s services cater to various kinds of situations and conditions. So, whether it is sports rehabilitation you’re after or corporate health and ergonomics, they offer the right therapy services that will help your body functioning at its best for whatever your lifestyle demands.

For every 30-minute session, you’re going to pay $90. And if you’re up for a good deal, they also offer a 10-session package which costs $850. The package will enable you to save $50 if you need to undergo 10 sessions. A physiotherapy session, on the other hand, costs $110 for every 30 minutes. See prices here for a complete list of their services.

You can find Physioactive in multiple locations. They have five outlets in Orchard, Raffles, East Coast, Novena and Jurong. Book an appointment here on the branch that’s most convenient to you.

Check out Physioactive > 
Address: Orchard Branch at Camden
Medical Centre #11-05 , Singapore 248649
Tel: 6235 2647
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8. Singapore Pain Solutions, for a combination of chiropractic care and sports massage

Source: Singapore Pain Solutions

Singapore Pain Solutions was founded in 2015 by two professional chiropractors with years of experience in the field. While their main focus is helping patients manage their chronic back pain and spine issues by providing various chiropractic treatments, they also offer deep tissue sports massage which is perfect for athletes, gym goers and desk job workers who are prone to suffering from muscle stiffness, numbness and chronic pain issues.

They also offer special service packages such as the chiropractic care and sports massage combination. This treatment tackles targeted areas and focuses on these to aid in speedy recovery from injury, alleviate pain and improve posture and mobility. A full body sports massage is available upon request. It will last for about 90 minutes and will be subjected to additional fees. Note that one of their chiropractors will need to do a thorough assessment of your case. After that, he will determine the right package for you.

Singapore Pain Solutions garners an average rating of 4.6 from 59 Google reviews, and 4.9 from 36 Facebook reviews.

Check out Singapore Pain Solutions > 
Address: 116 Lavender Street
Pek Chuan Building #01-02
Singapore 338730
Tel: +65 6384 7385
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9. Singapore Physio, for workplace-related pain issues

Source: Singapore Physio

Singapore Physio offers various kinds of massages ranging from relaxation, sports to pregnancy massages. They also do paediatric care for various orthopaedic conditions in children and ergonomic consultations for various workplace scenarios.

Their sports massage is also tailored for workers experiencing different kinds of stresses that result in headaches, back pain and injuries among many others. They use a combination of Swedish, remedial and sports oil massage techniques to alleviate these issues. So, if you’re having constant neck pain, back pain or any kind of body ache because you’re stuck at your desk job five days a week, this sports massage can help provide recovery.

Singapore Physio charges $110 for every 60-minute full body sports massage. But if you plan on having regular sessions, you can take advantage of their 10-session package which costs $1,000. That’s $100 less than if you’ll book one 60-minute session every time.

Check out Singapore Physio > 
Address: 282B River Valley Rd, 238323
Tel: 6887 4190
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10. UFIT, for a one-stop solution

Source: UFIT

Founded in 2011, UFIT is a team of experienced trainers, health coaches, therapists, and nutritionists. So, whether your needs have to do with training, nutrition, rehabilitation, UFIT can tailor programs and solutions for you. Their sports massage therapy includes an assessment of your issues and objective charting of your movement, pain and function. Their mission is to aid in optimising performance, promote recovery and avoid injury.

As physical trainers themselves, they understand how athletes move, think and train. They also hold cross fit and group classes if you are keen to get fit.

In addition to sports massage, they also offer stretch therapy. Stretch therapy involves deep, assisted stretches that can relieve not just sports-related body aches but common issues as well. Whether your body aches are a result from hunching over a laptop, taking long-haul flights or running a marathon, stretch therapy can help alleviate the issues and aid in better mobility.

UFIT has 4 outlets at Club street, Orchard, One-North and Bukit Timah. You can simply book a free health consultation with them to diagnose the root cause of your issues and find out if sports massage is suitable for your condition.

Check out UFIT > 
Address: Click here to to see multiple locations
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I hope our article on the best sports massage services has helped you to find the right therapist for your needs. If you’ve found this useful, please do share it with your family and friends, thank you!

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