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Stunning Wedding Bridal Bouquets by Elly Floral Artistry

[Advertorial] Admittedly, florals are the essence of romance. No wedding is made perfect without beautiful flowers. Florals are the best way to achieve that romantic ambience and the sweet scent in the air for your wedding day! Previously well known in the wedding industry as Elly Weddings, Elly Floral Artistry was recently rebranded to focus on the passion of floral art and decorations. Today, Elly Floral Artistry is a boutique design and planning company that creates vibrant and exquisite visuals using fresh florals. Looking at their gorgeous portfolio of stunning floral arrangements, I was so excited to reach out to Elly Floral Artistry for my wedding.

elly floral artistry
Iyzan, founder of Elly Floral Artistry | Photo Credits: Marguerite Magazine

Izyan, the beautiful lady behind Elly Floral Artistry is the founder, brains and talent behind the impeccable work her team does. With a keen eye for beauty and style, Izyan is meticulous, passionate and dedicated with a heart-warming spirit – she is your definite go to when it comes to your wedding flowers. The weekend of my wedding, everyone seemed to be getting married that very same weekend. It must have been the date 16.01.16. Izyan had a very packed back to back schedule of weddings to style. Despite her preference on taking on a limited number of weddings to focus on doing the best work for them, Izyan knew how much I wanted to work with her and agreed to help out. It was the best news we had received that week! As I knew from her past works, she does not fall short from beautiful arrangements. For our wedding, she crafted stunning wedding bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages for me, the groom, our bridal party and family.

My Favourites by Elly Floral Artistry

Organized, Talented & Creative

Our beautiful bouquets | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

It was a pleasure to meet up with Izyan prior to the wedding day. She asked about our wedding theme and colours so she could envision what we had in mind for our wedding. First asking if we had any favourite flowers or preferences, she then followed up to give us her ideas. She also asked if we had any flower or colour objections so she could avoid including them. I really appreciated her taking into consideration our preferences, though I always prefer to leave it to the expert’s free hand. I showed Izyan a photo of pretty bouquets that I came across earlier. Keeping in mind that I wanted a classy and elegant look, she advised that the bouquet styles in the photo would be more suitable for a rustic wedding instead as it had many vines and leaves in them. Instead she suggested a cascading bouquet of phalaenopsis orchids to exude the classy elegance I wanted for my wedding. I really appreciated her advice. When I saw how incredibly beautiful it was on photo, I had to have that for my wedding! And on my actual wedding day I was blessed with the most beautiful bridal bouquet on earth!

My wedding bouquet by Elly Floral Artistry | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios
Intricate floral arrangements | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Our wedding colours were blue and gold. As blue flowers are rare and gold flowers do not exist, together with Izyan we decided on having shades of white, cream and blush to achieve the classy and elegant look we wanted. We sent Izyan our moodboard and outfits for the wedding and she took care of the rest for us! Prior to our wedding day, she sent us inspiration pictures for us to visualize how our bouquets and corsages would look like too! Our meet up with her went very smoothly as she took the lead on guiding us through the discussion. Her creative ideas had given us plenty to work with!

elly floral artistry 6
Walking into Tanjong Beach Club for our beach solemnization | Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster
elly floral artistry 12
Matt patiently waiting at the arch | Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster
Walking down the aisle with dad and my bouquet! | Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster

Friendly & Outgoing

elly floral artistry 8
My flower girl, Amanda, loving her bouquet very much! | Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster
elly floral artistry 5
Amanda waiting for solemnization to begin! | Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster

Izyan’s friendly and outgoing personality made chatting with her such a joy. She was really excited for us! I felt that she wanted the best for us for our wedding and was dedicated to make sure we had the perfect flowers. She made us feel so special and it left us with a warm sensation in our hearts. Not to mention, she got us super excited for our upcoming wedding too! Amidst all the rush, we often lose sight that we ought to be enjoying ourselves and soaking up the excitement while planning and preparing for the big day. Izyan reminded us not to lose sight of that!

Putting on the corsage for my page boy! | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios
elly floral artistry 3
Noah patiently waiting for solemnization to start! | Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster
My flower girl and page boy walking down the aisle with their bouquet and corsage by Elly Floral Artistry | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Generous & Goes the Extra Mile

Throughout the wedding preparations, Izyan was always very giving in her service. I was very touched by how she willingly added elements to accommodate to our preferences. Phalaenopsis orchids were expensive and not easy to source for but she went the extra mile to ensure that we got the best. We requested at the last minute, whether she could do up bouquets for our mothers. Izyan managed to rush out a beautiful orchid and tulip bouquet for us! In our practical society, it is difficult to find vendors like Izyan who genuinely want the best for their clients. I really appreciated Izyan’s generosity and kindness to us and I am so glad to have gotten to know her through our wedding.

My bridesmaids & their pretty bouquets | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

The delivery of the flowers was a tricky one as our wedding was at Sentosa. Our wedding day kick started with the gatecrash at 6am, followed by a photo shoot. Izyan wanted to make sure that we had our florals on time, yet at the same time wanted them to be fresh, so she arranged for them to be delivered to us at 12am at Sentosa! I could not imagine any vendor making deliveries at such odd timings to an inconvenient location, but Izyan really goes the extra mile for her clients. She even had the flowers sprayed to help them last the entire day!

Our groomsmen looking good in their suits & corsages | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Flexible and Resourceful

Husband & Wife | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Let’s face it. Fresh flowers are costly. But beauty does not always have to come at such a high price. With Izyan’s extensive knowledge on flowers, she knows how to replace costly flowers with other alternatives yet not compromising on the style and beauty of the floral arrangement. If you have specific needs, I know she will try her best to cater to them for you. On the other hand, despite our rough ideas, Izyan was able to conceptualize a plan for us and execute it well. When the florals arrived the night before our wedding, we were blown away by its beauty!

Our Bridal Party | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Having done many weddings before, Izyan has experience to guide you on the different styles of flowers and bouquets to complement the theme, venue and your personality. The size of your wedding is also of no question to Izyan. Having done several Malay weddings with over 1000 guests, she has the experience to handle both intimate and large scale weddings.

Our parents corsages | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Passionate and Dedicated to the Craft

elly floral artistry 7
Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster

I was very inspired by Izyan’s passion and energy to her work. Unfortunately she was hospitalized prior to our wedding, but she made sure to get our flowers completed and delivered on time! Knowing that we had a lot of last minute errands to worry about, she did not want to add on to that worry, so she did not let us know of her situation, but instead continued creating my florals from the hospital. I was so touched by her consideration and her dedication to her clients.

elly floral artistry 9
My dad & I| Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster

Fun, Personable & Worry-Free Experience

Getting ready to throw the bridal bouquet to the ladies! | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios
Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Working with Izyan was one of the best moments leading up to our wedding. She is a very hands on person and showed us that when she commits to a project, she will do her best to make it as beautiful as she can. She also took care of everything for us so we did not have to worry.

elly floral artistry 11
Elaine caught the bouquet! | Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster

If you are looking for a professional to take care of your wedding florals, I recommend that you reach out to Elly Floral Artistry. You can be assured of a fun, personable and worry-free experience!

Elly Floral Artistry | Contact For

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