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A Stunning Beach Wedding Venue at Tanjong Beach Club, Sentosa

[Advertorial] Every couple dreams of getting married at a beautiful venue with stunning scenery and picturesque backdrops. For our wedding, we were looking for a place that was special, unique and memorable. As fans of the outdoors and beach, we were on the hunt for the perfect beachfront venue. Admittedly when it comes to beautiful beaches, Sentosa has the best to offer in Singapore!

tanjong beach club
Photo Credits: Tanjong Beach Club

Commonly known to be the “Potato Head” (famous beach venue in Bali, Indonesia) of Singapore, Tanjong Beach Club is a private and exclusive venue situated on the Tanjong Beach of Sentosa. Located on the edge of the island, it offers a quieter and calmer setting for a wedding, as compared to the busy and crowded Siloso and Palawan beaches. The tranquil sunset setting of Tanjong Beach Club simulates the beauty of a beach destination wedding without having to travel all your family and friends out of the country! We have always dreamed of a beach destination wedding, but the cost and logistics involved were impossible as we wanted to invite as many of our loved ones to celebrate our big day. Tanjong Beach Club’s stunning scenery made it possible to create that magical dream right at home! Beach, sunset and poolside view, you have it all at one place.

The Pool at Tanjong Beach Club | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios
The Pool at Tanjong Beach Club | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Tanjong Beach Club is a beach paradise to hold an initimate wedding. The best part was the capacity of accommodate bigger scale weddings as compared to other venues. Our final guest count summed up to 350 guests!

A Dreamy Sunset Beach Solemnization

What could be dreamier than this? | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios
Exchanging our Vows | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

As more couples opt for unique venues, intimate weddings are getting increasingly popular. To top it off, the charming venue of Tanjong Beach Club presented us with a beautiful sunset beach solemnization that we could only dream of having.

Our beach solemnization by the sea with a beautiful bamboo arch. | Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster
Saying I Do by the sea & sunset | Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster

Watch our beach solemnization wedding video by 50nFifty Productions.

My Favourites by Tanjong Beach Club

An Intimate & Relaxing Setting

Poolside Dining | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios
Lounging by the Poolside | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Having a wedding venue like Tanjong Beach Club definitely made our wedding more unique and memorable. Having attended many ballroom and banquet weddings, we wanted our guests to enjoy a different experience. We wanted our guests to not be confined to their tables and have the chance to roam around freely in a relaxed setting where they could easily catch up with each other over good food and conversation. We were so happy that many of our guests enjoyed the unique, open and relaxing setting of our wedding!

Outdoor Dining at Tanjong Beach Club | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

In addition, Tanjong Beach Club has a indoor and outdoor section, so we had a section each dedicated to family and friends. As both groups of family and friends are made up of very different people and age group, having an area exclusively dedicated to each group was a nice option to have.

Chilling by the main bar | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Tanjong Beach Club gave us a modern new age setting with a westernized feel, with architecutre that had a classy touch to it. The restaurant area is largely sand-free as well, if you are worried that the older folks might not like having sand in their shoes.

Indoor Dining | | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios
Indoor Dining | | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Delicious Food and a Great Menu Selection

The fish – one of the most popular dishes that night! | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

After our food tasting session at Tanjong Beach Club, we knew our guests would be in for a big treat. We were right, as there were so many compliments about how good the food was that night!

Delicious servings | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Tanjong Beach Clubcaters both set menus for intimate weddings of below 100 persons, and buffet menus for larger scale weddings. For our wedding of about 350 pax, we opted for the buffet style serving, and was presented with various Western menus to choose from. Their menus were an amazing selection with variety of good dishes like fish and steak – food perfect for a classy celebration! Many of the dishes, especially the steak was well loved by our guests. Despite the classy menu of expensive dishes, I was surprised that the menus were priced very reasonably too!

The Bar | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

For drinks, you could opt for alcoholic or non alcoholic free-flow packages for your guests. Beer could be purchased in barrels or bottles. We opted for bottles so that guests could get their beer without having to wait too long! It was great! Imagine having a beer in your hand as your enjoy the sunset and cooling breeze – what a perfect day.

Beach Dining Area | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios
Beach Dining Area | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Great Service and Goes the Extra Mile

Our walkway into Tanjong Beach Club | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Apart from the good food, booze and beautiful scenery, another thing you can be certain of at Tanjong Beach Club is a great team that will support your wedding planning from start to finish to the best of their ability. The dedication that their team shows to the events they host is very impressive!

Our album display table | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios
Reception Sign In | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

We are thankful to have gotten to know Gladys as a friend through our wedding preparations as she was the key to making our wedding a huge success. As events manager of Tanjong Beach Club, she takes care of all of Tanjong Beach Club’s events, big or small. Having experience in all types of events from weddings, corpoarte events to large scale parties and festival celebrations, Gladys offered a tremendous amount of help to our wedding.

Indoor Dining Table Decor by Fabulation | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Throughout our wedding journey, Gladys was very warm, friendly and welcoming to us each time we visited Tanjong Beach Club, whether for site recee, discussions or vendor meet ups. She showed us kind and generous hospitaility each time we went to her venue and always made us feel at home.

Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios
Indoor Dining Decor by Fabulation | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Despite handling many events simultaneously, Gladys was very prompt in her follow ups with us, which made it so much easier for us to plan our wedding. Venue coordination sometimes can be a headache, but Gladys made it a breeze for us. She was also very patient and open to answering our questions and assisting us any time of the week!

Outdoor Dining Decor by Fabulation | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

On our actual wedding day, her assistant, Debra was also very helpful to coordinate our vendors delivery and set ups, as Gladys helped us to ensure that everything ran smoothly with no major hiccups. Pulling off the wedding together felt like a big mission accomplished! I appreciated that Gladys always gave us great service and went the extra mile for us to make our wedding as perfect as it could be.

True to Love 1
Cutting our wedding cake by Winifred Kriste Cake | Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster

Check out how beautiful our wedding banquet was in the banquet highlights captured by True to Love x MisterJL Productions.

Accomodates Large Scale Weddings & Events

Cheers! | Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

The tricky part about intimate venues is limited capacity and bandwidth constrains. However, Tanjong Beach Club having done huge events and parties before, can easily cater to weddings of even up to 500 guests with tentage set ups. Your outdoor wedding is now a dream come true.

Thank you Gladys and team for the perfect wedding ever. We could not have possibly asked for more. Thanks for the heartwarming service, wonderful place and delicious food!

In addition, they have backup from Sentosa for things like staging, lighting, projector, generators and equipment, so having a large scale event there is not a prior. They also can refer you to other vendors as well. If you are looking for a stunning wedding beach front venue for your big day, be sure to check out Tanjong Beach Club!

Tanjong Beach Club - Logo
Tanjong Beach Club
120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 098942
+65 9750 5323

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