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Cherished Memories for a Lifetime, Wedding Photography & Videography by Truetolove

[Advertorial] Months of hard work that you put into preparing for your wedding will be condensed into one single day for you to enjoy. It’s key to enjoy it to the fullest! Do make it a point to intentionally slow yourself down to enjoy and soak up each moment. For our wedding day, as we were rushing from place to place, it was hard to keep track of what was going on. Precious moments just slipped past us as the day zoomed past in a flash. Thankfully, we had a talented crew to capture each and every moment of it on camera, so we could savour these moments on replay after the wedding. Getting to see these wonderful memories unfold again is an amazing feeling…

A One Stop for your Wedding Photography and Videography

Truetolove is a one-stop for all your wedding photography and videography needs. Founded by a duo of talented artists, Benny (photographer) and Jialiang (videographer), built Truetolove to offer couples a convenient one-stop service backed by quality and expertise. True to Love 1 Having both been in the wedding industry for several years under their well known individual brand names, Colliding Luster and MisterJL Productions, Benny and Jialiang are very experienced in what they do. Your wedding day is in good hands! True to Love 2True to Love 3 I would certainly recommend one-stop services for your wedding. Compared to having to source for two separate teams for your wedding photography and wedding videography, having one team that is competent and experienced in both fields would save you precious time and money, yet at the same time not compromising on quality. You do not have to waste time on coordination as well as both your photographer and videographer would be very familiar with each other’s working and shooting style. True to Love 10 Watch my wedding video (SDE) by Jialiang below! 

A Well-Coordinated Team

It is vital that your crew members are well coordinated, as on the wedding day filming and shooting might have to be done in very tight spaces. Having a team of crew members who are familiar and comfortable with each other will ensure no clash in terms of shooting angles and and blocking of lenses. True to Love 5 “The tricky part about actual day weddings is that we cannot retake the shot. We want the wedding day to be natural and unposed so couples can focus on enjoying the moments rather than having to intentionally act them out.” Benny explains the importance of a well-coordinated crew, “Hence we have to ensure each shot we take is the shot we need.” True to Love 6 In addition, Truetolove will cover your wedding in their similar trademark style, so your wedding photos and wedding videos will complement each other to bring out the beauty of your wedding day. As such you will not end up with two “separate stories” from your wedding day. True to Love 7

Capturing Weddings in a Spontaneous Fashion

Having both worked closely together for the past three years to cover many weddings, not only is Benny and Jialiang well synced with each other, they both share the common goal to capture your wedding moments in a spontaneous fashion. True to Love 8 “Our shooting style is to be in background to capture the candid and spontaneous moments. Those moments are the ones that reveal the truest of emotions and make the best memories.” Benny enthusiastically shares their approach in their shooting approach, “We do not want to be intrusive and interruptive. We want our couples to fully immerse themselves in their wedding day to enjoy and savour every moment. Our job is to ensure that these moments are captured on camera so that our couples can have them as keepsakes for life.” True to Love 9 True to Love 31

My Favourites by Truetolove

An Experienced Team

True to Love 12 It is a true blessing to be able to leave your wedding in the hands of experts. You can leave everything to the professionals and not have to worry at all. You can simply focus on enjoying your wedding day! Knowing that Benny and Jialiang have over 6 years of experience capturing and filming weddings was very reassuring. They are more than familiar with the fast pace of weddings, hectic and tight schedules, space constrains, good angles and lighting. elly floral artistry 9 It was wonderful to have Truetolove capture my wedding – they had much knowledge on the technical aspects of shooting, equipment and gear. An experienced crew like them is also more aware of the trends and styles that are currently popular amongst couples. “Wedding videography evolves over time, and I love to experiment with the different styles”, Jialiang shares, “The storytelling concept is now very popular among couples and I love conceptualizing it. Essentially I get a few minutes to tell a full love story that could be years long. I have to find a way to condense all their best moments together.” Truetolove3 True to Love 14

Creativity in Motion

True to Love 15 I loved that both Benny and Jialiang are so creative in their own ways. Despite their extensive knowledge in wedding photograhy and videography, they were very open to our ideas. They also accommodated to our preferences. We asked Benny if he could take photos of certain elements of our wedding such as florals and décor and we told Jialiang about our music preferences, and they both were very obliging. True to Love 16 True to Love 17 Jialiang is constantly keeping ahead of trends, in terms of his equipment, angles, style and conceptualization and editing. In order to bring a storytelling concept to our wedding, he added a pre-wedding shoot for us so that we could have scenes of our love story embedded into our actual day scenes! He also came up with the idea for us write a card to give to each other on the actual wedding day, so that we could have a more meaningful wedding video. His creativity made it the shoot fun and the video really amazing. True to Love 30 True to Love 11

A Talented & Dedicated Duo

As we were finding locations for our pre-wedding shoot, we suggested seeking out Lazarus Island and Jialiang adventourously agreed! We got a yacht from White Sails and he shot amazing aerial footage for us with his drone. That really added the element of WOW into our wedding video! Unfortunately Lazarus Island was infested with mosquitoes, leaving us with many bites… but throughout the entire time Jialiang was so focused on his work and he did not complain at all! Plus, he had to keep super still in order to capture the footages. If that is not dedication, I do not know what else is! On the other hand, I was squealing and trying to keep moving. The mosquitoes were huge and looked deadly. Watch our pre-wedding trailer video below!  Benny is great at experimenting with different angles, positioning and lighting to bring out the subtle beauty of moments. His eyes are constantly peeled and on the lookout where these moments present themselves, as well as good angles and backdrops. His artistic approach of slunted angles is pretty stylish! True to Love 19 Benny’s outgoing personality makes him a really good fit with energetic wedding vibes. He was a big help on our wedding day as he helped to make it flow smoothly. He is incredibly efficient at taking group photos and organizing people. He also gave us tips for our tangyuan ceremony as we were not too sure how to conduct it. Plus, Benny was also the one to wake Matt up! His presence was a huge bonus to our wedding and we were very grateful for his help! True to Love 27

Efficiency at its Best

The entire process with Truetolove was very smooth. Ross was our main point of contact and it made the planning and coordination with very efficient. Despite their busy schedules of back to back weddings, Jialiang did a 15 sec trailer after our pre-wedding shoot on the same day itself, plus a same day edit for us! Benny released sneaks of our wedding photos in that very week so we could relive the moments in the hype of our wedding. We were thankful for their godlike speed! True to Love 23 True to Love 22 True to Love 21  

Going the Extra Mile

True to Love 33 My wedding was an extremely tiring one. An entire full day at Sentosa kickstarted at 5am and ended at 10pm. Despite the long hours, Benny and Jialiang arrived promptly and stayed throughout the entire day to cover my whole wedding though the pre arrangement was a fixed number of hours. They spent the long day either busy shooting or editing, with hardly any breaks. Their day was ten times busier than ours! True to Love 29 It was incredible to see how dedicated and passionate they were at work. Seeing Jialiang work so hard to rush out our same day edit (SDE), his eyes was glued to the screen the entire time like he was in another world altogether. When asked if they were tired or hungry they always gave a smile to ask us not to worry about them. It was very inspiring to watch them at work as they really enjoyed what they do, despite the crazy and tiring schedule. True to Love 34 After the wedding, Benny and Jialiang worked very hard on my wedding edits and gifted us with a surprise parcel. Packed in a tote bag was a bottle of wine with a message, and a jar that contained our wedding video and photos. We were so touched by their kindness! Enjoying the wine as we reminicsed on our wedding day moments was one of our most significiant post-wedding experiences. Watch our Banquet highlights captured by Jialiang. Jialiang even gave us the footage of our gate crash and singing! It was an unexpected surprise, and was really precious to receive this! Most videographers would not give you any footages, only the final video, but Jialiang was really generous to give these treasured moments to us. Check the videos out below! 

A Personable, Fun and Enjoyable Experience

True to Love 28 It was so much fun working together with Truetolove. During our meetups and discussion, our conversations were always so enjoyable. Not only did we end up with amazing photo and video memories, we made two great friends too! True to Love 26 It was so nice to have Benny and Jialiang at our wedding as they were very supportive of us throughout. Our bridal party too enjoyed their company very much. They were a big part of our wedding and fitted in very well. The energy and passion they gave made our wedding a very fun and enjoyable day!

True to Love 31True to Love 32

Thank you so much Benny & Jialiang, for all the hard work and effort you guys put into making our wedding a magical success! We really appreciate you guys putting in your 200%, and we absolutely enjoyed every minute spent with you guys. Keep up the amazing work that you guys do! :)  If you are looking for a talented, passionate and dynamic team to cover your wedding photography and videography, I recommend you seek out Truetolove! You can be assured of great times and amazing memories.

TWV would like to thank and give photo credits of all wedding photos in this post to Benny from Truetolove x Colliding Luster. 

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