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Speedy & Hassle-Free Wedding Guest Registration by Guestday

[Advertorial] One of the biggest worries when it came to planning my wedding is whether guests will come on time. You will need your guests to arrive to start your solmenization ceremony or dinner reception. In order to start your programme on time, efficient wedding guest registration is key. Most guests tend to arrive on the dot, forgetting to leave ample time for sign in, which results in a jam at the reception table, and your programme pushed back. For our wedding, we had over 350+ guests, so getting them registered quickly was definitely a priority. When searching for ways on how to achieve this, we got introduced to Guestday Рa wedding guest registration application that had our guests registered in no time. 

Take less than a minute to Register your Guests

Guestday aims to solve your wedding guest registration problem by offering a smooth, easy and fuss free sign in for your guests. Say good bye to long queues, messy print outs and stressing out on your wedding day. Guestday offers you everything you need to make guest registration a breeze ‚Äď the Guestday sign in application, mobile ipads, as well as desktops that can display the information for your guests on a large screen. guestday 4 The interface of the Guestday application for you to sign your guests in is sleek, intutive and easy to use. Your sign in updates are in real-time and across all devices so you can have several receptionists helping to sign in your guests without worry that you are not looking at the master sheet with the latest updates. No worries about needing a master sheet at all! Having real time syncing is especially crucial for large-scale weddings or¬†events as you will need more than one receptionist to sign your guests in. guestday 6 In addition, the Guestday app shows you useful information that you otherwise will not have if you use Excel or print outs, such as how many tables have been filled and what is the percentage of guests that have arrived. You can simply peek at any screen to make decisions like when to go ahead and start the ceremony, or to delay it a while longer to wait for more guests to arrive. Checking back on attendance has never been such a breeze. guestday 7

How does it work?

It’s simple! First, import your guest list into their excel format and it will be uploaded into the application system. On your wedding day, guests just need to provide their name and you can search it in the Guestday application easily. The app takes less than 1 second to provide guests the details they need. Not only does the app inform the guest of their table number, it higlights exactly where the table is in the seating plan, so guests can easily locate where it is on the map. guestday 9 From the Guestday app, guests can see who they are also seated with and who at their table has arrived. If guests that are seated together arrive at the same time, you can check them in together as a group, so it saves you the effort and them from waiting.

QR Codes ‚Äď The faster way to check in

Want an even faster way to check in? Guestday has an express check in service using QR codes. Have a QR code printed on your guests invitation card or send it to their mobile for them to present upon arriving. All you need to do is scan the QR code and your guest will be signed in Рan absolute breeze! IMG_0725

My Favourites by Guestday

Flexible interface accommodates last minute changes

guestday 8 Regardless of how prepared you are for your wedding, there will inevitably be some unexpected issues popping up on the actual day. Stress alert! We had guests who initially RSVPed that they were not coming yet they turned up. Some guests requested to change tables and some guests brought a plus one that was intially not mentioned. Most of these tricky issues could only be advised by the bride or groom as it involved shifting people around. Having a good interface like Guestday that was flexible to such changes was super helpful. Thankfully for us, Guestday saved us a lot of time, effort and stress as it allowed us to solve the above hiccups in the shortest time possible. At a glance, we could see which tables had spaces remaining and with the swipe of a finger we could easily switch seats. It was a breeze.

Guests were piling up closer to the arrival time. Thanks to Guestday, these guests have all been registered!

Fast & Efficient Signing in

The entire process of registering our guests was so quick and smooth that we had all our guests seated and ready for our solemnization way earlier than we had predicted. My guests were really impressed by how fast it was.

My bridesmaids, Abby and Felly (in blue) signing in our guests at the registration table. Photo Credits: Simplifai Studios

Check out my bridal party Abby & Jake signing our guests in at 0.47 and 1.17 of our banquet highlights video by MisterJL Productions.

I really liked the ‚Äúmobile‚ÄĚ factor of the iPads, because then we could have the same person sign in as well as usher the guest to the table. It not only saves manpower, but ensure a smoother flow. Desktops are also available for guests viewing.

Simple & Elegant

¬† Guestday’s¬†cool and techy interface was simple yet elegant. It definitely enhanced the classiness that we wanted to have at our wedding. The¬†Guestday app also allows you to feature your own wedding monogram and photos on the tablet. It was a beautiful touch and way of branding your event.

Efficient Service & Delivery

Prior to our wedding, we corresponded over email and the Guestday team was very helpful in ensuring that we had our guest information uploaded into the system. On the actual day, their team delivered the iPads and charges, and also gave our bridal party a 5 minute briefing, which was really quick and proof to how simple it was to operate. They collected the iPads the morning after our wedding day. The entire journey with Guestday was as smooth and efficient as signing a guest in with their application.

Guestday Wedding Guest Registration 1
Actual day briefing at Tanjong Beach Club
Guestday Wedding Guest Registration 2
Teaching us how to use the app. I could not believe that it only took only 5 minutes!

By saving you time on administrative tasks and headaches, you get more time to spend and enjoy with your family and loved ones. Guestday is an essential tool to have especially for large weddings with many guests. Our 350+ guests were all registered in a jiffy! If you are looking to give your guests a smooth registration experience and also save the time and hassle spent on registration, be sure to check out Guestday! TWV would like to than and give photo credits to Guestday for the photos in this post. 

guestday logo
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*This article is a sponsored review. 

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