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Style Coaching, Wedding Makeup & Hairstyling by StylebyJeann

[Advertorial] As you embark on your wedding preparations, an array of choices bombard you. Which gown to choose, what shoes to wear, which makeup look and hairstyle to go for… the overwhelming number of choices can leave you quite clueless on where to begin. On top of that, the tight timeframe, hectic schedule and long task list do not make choosing easier as well. As such, seeking professional help and expertise might save you a lot of time, effort and headache. Jeann Ng is a style coach for brides and women. Specialising in assisting ladies like yourself to look and feel beautiful, she uses her skills of personal styling and positive psychology to help women feel more confident about their appearance. With her expertise and experience, she can guide you on how to successfully select a suitable style for yourself, how to feel more positive, confident and be the best version of yourself. On your wedding day, she can help you sparkle with radiance and look your most striking self!

Style Coaching for your Wedding Day

Style by Jeann 3 Jeann plays the role of your personal stylist and coach. Through consultation sessions, she will do a body shape and skin tone analysis for you to find out which cuts, colours and accessories would look most flattering on you. Style by Jeann 9

When it comes to looking great, it is all about hiding flaws and accentuating your beautiful features. By first understanding what looks best for your face and body shape, your skin tone and even personality, you would be able to find the perfect style to match to it in the shortest amount of time! Not only will it best enhance your look on your big day, it can flatter your personality too!

Making Decisions for your Wedding Day

When it comes to your gown and shoes, there are so many designs and styles stocked in boutiques and stores for your choosing. Finding your dream gown among all the available options can be equivalent to searching for a needle in a haystack! You can spend hours trying on gowns alone. Jeann’s expertise can help to cut short the amount of time and frantic searching required when making your wedding day decisions. Based on your physique and preferences, she can narrow down the type of gowns that will look best on you. For example, a pear-shaped body would best go with ballroom gowns, hour glassed body-shapes are best flaunted with mermaid cuttings and skinny frames go best with A-line gowns.

Style by Jeann 8

As a professional makeup and hair stylist, Jeann can also help you create a look for your big day that will match your skin tone, face shape and outfit, and would leave you looking radiant and gorgeous! You do not have to spend hours flipping through Pinterest when you can leave it up to her! Jeann helped both my mothers with their makeup and hairstyling for my wedding day. As my mothers were more uncertain of what styles and colours they should choose, I felt that Jeann was the best person to help them.

Style by Jeann 6Style by Jeann 7

Jeann included a trial session for both my mothers so that they could have a chat with her to discuss their options and preferences before deciding which look to go forth with. My mum appreciated having a professional style coach to direct her questions to. Not only did Jeann’s advice make both my mothers feel more comfortable and confident about the choices, they looked stunning on my wedding day. It made me so pleased to know that my mothers were happy with their looks!

My Favourites by Jeann

Saves you Precious Time

Jeann’s service is perfect for the busy bride. Having Jeann first analyse your physique, tones, preferences and personality can help you to have a plan before choosing. It can save you a lot of time in your gown selection process. With the makeup and hair styling trial, you can cut to the chase instead of spending precious time experimenting with colours and looks.

Enjoyable Experience

Style by Jeann 1
Jeann doing my mom’s hair

Jeann was very patient throughout her interaction with my mothers. She was great at addressing their questions and offered them plenty of tips that they could use even after my wedding day. As both my mothers have short hair, they expressed worry and concern about which hairstyle they can have, but Jeann solved it quite easily for them!

True to Love x Colliding Luster 3
Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster
True to Love x Colliding Luster 4
Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster

Knowledge that goes beyond your Wedding Day

Apart from consultation sessions, Jeann can also accompany you on your personal shopping, to teach you tips and tricks of the trade. With her shopping advice, you can shop wisely and confidently, and save money in the long run by buying only items that you will actually look great in and wear more than just a couple of times. The knowledge that Jeann imparts is useful not only for your wedding day, but also for your everyday life whether you are dressing up for work, casual outings or special occasions. She can help you to build up your stylish wardrobe as well!

True to Love x Colliding Luster 5
My mom’s hairdo and makeup looking great during our tea ceremony! | Photo Credits: True to Love x Colliding Luster

If you are looking for a style coach to help you achieve more confidence in the way you dress and carry yourself, or if you want to save more time preparing for your wedding day, be sure to give Jeann a call. Her rates are very reasonable for makeup and hairstyling services too! For a limited time only, write in to get a free 15 minute consultation from StylebyJeann here.

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