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Top 10 Reasons to Honeymoon in Maldives

Always wondered why Maldives is termed as “paradise on earth”? We could give you a million reasons why it is the undefeated champion of honeymoon destinations, but here are the Top 10. Read on and get ready to fly for your honeymoon in Maldives! 

1. You can now fly to Maldives for as low as $150.

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Thank god for budget airlines. Tiger Airways just opened up routes to Maldives and they fly directly to Male (capital city of Maldives) with a one-way ticket going as low as $150. That is incredible. We snagged a round trip for $250* in 2015 on a promo deal and our honeymoon trip in 2016 was $300+ per pax. *Insider Tip: How do you get low fare tickets? Search for fares in advance, go for off-beat seasons, await promotions and fly to and fro on days that have lesser demand.

2. Spend lesser than a trip to Hong Kong or Korea

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Trust me when I say this is true. We have been to Maldives twice. We found a super deal for our flights and accommodations on our first trip and only spent about $700+ per pax (5D4N)! This was inclusive of all our meals, light activities and even souvenirs! Our second trip to Maldives was for our honeymoon. Despite not being able to find promotions as good as our first trip and combined with the fact that we splurged like crazy, we only spent about $1,750 per person (this was for 7D6N in Maldives). I have traveled to both Hong Kong and Korea before and for just a short 4D3N trip, I had already spent more than $1,500+. 

How is this possible?

Local tourism has picked up in Maldives and no longer does it cater only to fat wallets! Budget travelers now have the option of staying at newly opened guest houses and boutique hotels on local islands like Maafushi and it is a way better experience as you get to immerse yourself in the unique local culture of Maldives.

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Each night will probably only cost you somewhere between $150 – $200* for a deluxe room, as compared to a few hundred on a resort. Our favourite hotels on Maafushi island are Kaani Village & Spa, Velana Beach and Crystal Sands. They are new with modern amenities, making for a very comfortable stay. *Insider Tip: How do you get cheap accommodation? Use and to stay tuned to promotions that are released by the hotels.

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3. The Glowing Beach

Maldives glowing beach
Photo Credits: Independent

In Maldives, there are seas that glow like stars. Thanks to organisms called ostracod crustaceans / phytoplankton that emit a blue glow, the entire beach glistens in the night. Spotted at Vaadhoo Island and Mudhdhoo Island before, you probably should check with the locals where to find this beach. It periodically and according to one of the locals we asked, only happens on a full moon. Find out at the Tripadvisor forum where others have seen it before.

4. Idyllic blue skies, clear waters and almost perfect weather 

Photo Credits: Viridi
Imagine waking up to this incredible scenery everyday.

Enjoy a view of vast skies and an endless sea of blue. All this while relaxing on a sunbed under the tropical sun, palm trees swaying in the background, a book by your side and a drink in your hand. That is life in Maldives. Spending our honeymoon here was not only an exciting adventure with new places to visit everyday, but we could slow down our pace of lives to just relax and enjoy each day to the fullest. Do literally nothing and be fascinated by what nature has in store for you. The view of the world looks amazing from Maldives. Be sure not to miss the beautiful sunsets and stars too! 

5. An Underwater Heaven

Reef Snorkelling
Photo Credits: Chinese Tourist Agency

Maldives houses one of the most exclusive and spectacular underwater life in the world. I’m talking about whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, turtles and thousands of different species of fishes. If you both are avid fans of scuba diving, there is no question that Maldives is the place for you. For non-divers like us, snorkelling was an eye-opener to just the beautiful marine life and coral reefs living just under the surface of the waters. You get to swim around fishes, dolphins and turtles in their natural habitat! 

6. Houses the most beautiful resorts in the world

Photo Credits: Maldives Beach Resorts

The resort islands in Maldives are incredible. There are water-bungalows with open access to the ocean, beach villas giving you a stunning view of the ocean and even pools over the oceans. In Maldives you will find out what true luxury means.

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7. Secluded luxury is of no question

Photo Credits: Travelers Corner

Though Maldives is a very popular place for tourists, you get to still enjoy seclusion, peace and tranquility on over 1,000 islands. The islands each have their own charm for you to enjoy. Not to mention whether it is lying in soft sheets or enjoying delicious cuisine at romantic beachfronts, luxury is at every corner. It’s a great place for a digital detox too, and you both can focus on having the intimate and romantic getaway you deserve.  And of course, there are always ways you can splurge in Maldives.

Maldives Conrad Rangali Island
Photo Credits: Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives
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8. Sensational spas

Maldives11 When it comes to indulgent spa treatments and pampering, no place does it like Maldives. The luxurious treatment rooms, professional massage therapists and impeccable service will leave you wanting more.

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9. Everyday’s an adventure

Photo Credits: Hidden Gem Travel Agency

Spend everyday on a different island or learning a new water sport. You can go island hopping to visit inhabited islands and sandbanks in the middle of the ocean, or resort-hopping to enjoy more luxurious modern amenities, private beaches and delicious menus. Otherwise, have a blast doing watersports like parasailing, waterskiing, jetskiing, banana-boating and more. The choice is yours! Plus you also get to sit in sea planes or speed boats like an it is everyday thing. ;)

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10. It might disappear soon!

Photo Credits: Narnia Maldives

If the above reasons are not enough, what about the fact that it might no longer be around in decades to come? Sadly to say, due to our lack of concern for the environment, climate change, global warming and rising sea levels have lead to some islands in Maldives slowly disappearing. Find out more about this here. There is no doubt that Maldives makes for one of the most exotic and breathtaking spots in the world that makes for a magical honeymoon experience. On top of that, the locals are really friendly, warm and hospitable.  If we’ve convinced you that Maldives is the place to head to, be sure to check Our Insider Honeymoon’s Guide to Maldives. It’s a must-read, as you don’t want to miss out on the inside scoop and tips on traveling to Maldives. If you like this article, we’d appreciate a share on Facebook or a comment down below! If you need any help on planning for your honeymoon travel, feel free to drop us a message at and we will help in any way we can! maldives bp image

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